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Alabama vs. Texas A&M Predictions & CFB Prop Picks 9/14/13

September 14th, 2013 by Jack Wilshire (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on Alabama vs. Texas A&M Predictions & CFB Prop Picks 9/14/13
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There is a heck of a lot that has been made out of the game on the Week 3 college football schedule between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Texas A&M Aggies. Today, we’re going to be breaking down some of the college football props for what should be one of the very best games of the season here in the SEC.

All Alabama vs. Texas A&M Prop Bets Are Courtesy of Bovada Sportsbook

AJ McCarron Passing Yards Over/Under 235.5 – Last season, McCarron threw the rock for 309 yards in the game against A&M, though without a 54-yard touchdown pass to WR Amari Cooper, it’s anyone’s guess as to what would have happened. A&M’s defense has been shoddy thus far this season, and though the passing yards really aren’t there, teams are averaging 6.79 yards per pass attempt. Heck, Sam Houston State averaged nearly 10 yards per attempt just last week. McCarron didn’t look good in his first game of the season, going just 10-of-23 for 110 yards with a TD and a pick, but he is probably going to have to do a lot more offensively in this game to succeed. Remember that last season, the junior threw for an average of just 209.5 pass yards per game, but there were a few examples when he really had to, that he threw for over 250 yards, including when he went off for 264 yards in the National Championship Game against Notre Dame. It’s going to be an interesting one, but we think behind a sometimes shaky looking offensive line, McCarron is going to get to this number. AJ McCarron Over 235.5 Passing Yards (-115)

Bovada BonusAJ McCarron Over/Under 2.5 Touchdowns + Interceptions: Though we do tend to think that there are going to be some yards thrown for in this game, we aren’t so sure what the oddsmakers are thinking by planning on McCarron scoring a combination of at least three TDs and INTs in this game. The senior was only picked off three times all of last season, and two of those came against the Aggies. Think that he is going to be making those mistakes again? We certainly think not. McCarron did make it past this 2.5 TDs + INTs six times last season in 14 games, but we just don’t know if this is going to be one of those examples where that happens. The oddsmakers are blowing this up. RB TJ Yeldon might get to three scores, but we aren’t so sure that McCarron will. AJ McCarron Under 2.5 Touchdowns + Interceptions (-110)

TJ Yeldon Over/Under 104.5 Rushing Yards: Again, we have some major questions that we have to ask about the Texas A&M defense. The team allowed Sam Houston State to rush for 240 yards on the ground last week, and it gave up 306 yards to Rice. And the oddsmakers think that the Tide are going to end up with less than 200 yards on the ground? Asking Yeldon to carry half the load isn’t all that unfair by any stretch of the imagination, and we think that he is going to get the job done with flying colors. In fact, with RB Eddie Lacy out of the way, we wouldn’t be all that shocked if Yeldon managed to double this rushing total in this game if the Aggies are going to struggle this badly up front along the defensive line. Alabama’s offensive line isn’t nearly as good as it was last season, but it isn’t going to have to be against a much weaker Texas A&M defensive line to boot. TJ Yeldon Over 104.5 Rushing Yards (-115)

Johnny Manziel Over/Under 93.5 Rushing Yards: Wow that’s a darn big number! Manziel was great last season, accounting for 92 yards on the ground, but we can’t imagine that he is going to flirt with triple digits again this year. Remember that sacks count against his rushing total, and now the Tide know just how fast he is to the outside when he gets on the loose. Manziel simply has to play a more contained version of his game from last season, and accounting for all those rushing yards is going to be really tough against a team that isn’t going to allow 93.5 rushing yards per game on average this season, let alone to just one quarterback. Johnny Manziel Under 93.5 Rushing Yards (-115)

Johnny Manziel Rushing + Passing Yards in 2013 (-27.5) vs. Johnny Manziel Rushing + Passing Yards in 2012 (+27.5): Essentially, that puts the over/under at the total number of yards that Johnny Football is going to come up with in this game at 372.5 all by himself without any progress by any of his other teammates. Wow. Alabama’s defense is going to possibly give up half of that per game this year. This unit held down an experienced QB Logan Thomas to 5-of-26 passing for 59 yards two weeks ago, and only two passes went for more than six yards. Now, we know that Manziel will do better than that, but we don’t see him just running up and down the field the whole game by any stretch of the imagination. This is a really tough one to try to get to, and Manziel isn’t going to do it against the Crimson Tide. Johnny Manziel 2012 Rushing + Passing Yards in 2012 (+27.5) vs. Rushing + Passing Yards in 2013 (-115)

MLB Baseball’s Top 5 Home Run Hitters 2011 with MLB Odds

July 9th, 2011 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on MLB Baseball’s Top 5 Home Run Hitters 2011 with MLB Odds
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The Major League Baseball Season has taken over the spot light in the sporting world. The 2011 MLB season is nearing its All-Star Break, and we are starting to get a great idea of what to expect through out the rest of the year. One of the always interesting aspects of professional baseball is the league’s home run hitters. The guys who have been able to hit the long ball have always packed the stands and provided excitement for viewers. In today’s modern day game, nearly every player has the ability to hit a 400 plus foot home run during any game. However, there are still those who continuously find ways to knock the ball into the stands putting fear into opponents with every swing of the bat. One very interesting MLB Prop Bet for 2011 is which player will finish the season with the most home runs? We break down and rank the top power hitters in Major League Baseball while providing some insight on who may possibly end the season with the most home runs.

You will find odds next to each homerun hitter which are the current futures odds for that particular player to finish the season with the most home runs on the year. These are the current odds at Oddsmaker Sportsbook as of July 9, 2011.  Oddsmaker Sportsbook offers Bankroll Spots readers and customers a Free $100 Bet when you use any Oddsmaker link on the Bankroll Sports blog.

Top Home Run Hitters In Baseball

Jose Bautista (29)
Curtis Granderson (25)
Mark Teixeira (25)
Lance Berkman (24)
Matt Kemp (22)
Prince Fielder (22)
Paul Konerko (22)
Jay Bruce (20)
Mark Reynolds (20)
Nelson Cruz (20)

Top 5 Home Run Odds Picks Picks

No. 1 – Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays (1 to 4 at Oddsmaker Sportsbook)

A year after hitting 54 homers, Bautista is back on a clip to hit well over 50 bombs once again this season. We’re just puzzled as to where all of this power suddenly came from for the 30 year old out of the Dominican Republic. Bautista only had a grand total of 59 home runs under his belt in his entire career before last year. Now, he has 83 in his last 243 games, and he is probably the only man that can threaten the 60 home run mark this year.

No. 2 – Jay Bruce, Cincinnati Reds (50 to 1 at Oddsmaker Sportsbook)

We just love the MLB odds here on Bruce even though he is nine off of the pace of the league lead in homers. This is a towering man to say the least. Bruce is 6’3″, and he is only 24 years old with plenty of bright days in front of him. This is going to be his best home run production season of his career, and he’ll surely end up at least in the 30s, and probably closer to the 40s by the time the season is over with. If there is a man that has the home run stroke that can get back into the thick of things in a hurry, this is it. Bruce has a great lineup around him in Cincinnati as well, and he isn’t often pitched around. Sure, he’s got 82 strikeouts and has fanned far more than we’d like to see, but we know that Bruce is the type of man that really can get on fire in a hurry and start blasting balls out of the Great American Ballpark at a ridiculous clip.

No. 3 – Mark Teixeira, New York Yankees (Even Money at Oddsmaker Sportsbook)

Maybe Big Tex shouldn’t be even money at this point to lead the league in homers, but when push comes to shove, would you want to bet against him? Teixeira just hit the 300 home run mark for his career back on June 30th, and though he has been cool as a cumcumber in terms of home runs since that point, he could heat up at a moment’s notice again as well. Tex has a great swing for hitting homers at Yankee Stadium, and we know that he is going to take full advantage of his surroundings for the rest of the year and will post his third straight 30+ home run season with the Bronx Bombers.

No. 4 – Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals (100 to 1 at Oddsmaker Sportsbook)

At 100 to 1, how can we pass on Pujols? Yeah, sure. He’s a dozen homers off of the pace and only has 17 for the season, and yes, he hasn’t hit a home run since coming back to the lineup after recovering from his wrist injury. However, this is a man that has hit 40+ home runs six times in his career and has never had a season with fewer than 32 home runs. As long as Pujols gets healthy over these next couple of weeks, we’re not totally throwing out his chances of leading the league in home runs this year, which makes that 100 to 1 a very tempting price even though it is an incredibly long shot.

No. 5 – Curtis Granderson, New York Yankees (Field, 2 to 1 at Oddsmaker Sportsbook)

Like him or lump him, Granderson just continues to get balls to fly out of Yankee Stadium. With 25 homers, we can’t discount the ability of Granderson to cash in on the field this year to lead the league in dingers. He doesn’t have the prettiest swing in the world, but we know that in his 221 games played in a New York uniform, he has 49 home runs to show for his work. A dozen of those homers have come at home this season, and with a ton of home games still on the slate, we aren’t counting out Granderson from maybe even reaching 50 home runs on the campaign.

2011 Home Run Odds @ Oddsmaker Sportsbook (as of 7/9/11):
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Albert Pujols 100 to 1
Miguel Cabrera 50 to 1
Prince Fielder 3 to 1
Ryan Howard 20 to 1
Mark Teixeira Even Money
Adam Dunn 1,000 to 1
Jose Bautista 1 to 4
Adrian Gonzalez 20 to 1
Joey Votto 300 to 1
Carlos Gonzalez 200 to 1
Mark Reynolds 15 to 1
Josh Hamilton 300 to 1
Nelson Cruz 8 to 1
Ryan Braun 20 to 1
Alex Rodriguez 30 to 1
Jay Bruce 50 to 1
Evan Longoria 750 to 1
Kendry Morales 10,000 to 1
Mike Stanton 25 to 1
Jason Heyward 750 to 1
Justin Morneau 10,000 to 1
Robinson Cano 200 to 1
Carlos Pena 10 to 1
Dan Uggla 750 to 1
Troy Tulowitzki 40 to 1
Adam Lind 100 to 1
Jayson Werth 1,000 to 1
Paul Konerko 10 to 1
Pedro Alvarez 1,000 to 1
Buster Posey 10,000 to 1
Tyler Colvin 100 to 1
Chase Utley 1,000 to 1
Ian Kinsler 500 to 1
Shin Soo Choo 1,000 to 1
Carlos Lee 1,000 to 1
Adrian Beltre 80 to 1
Chris Young 250 to 1
Matt Kemp 30 to 1
Hanley Ramirez 1,000 to 1
David Wright 1,000 to 1
Carlos Quentin 25 to 1
David Ortiz 60 to 1
Justin Upton 200 to 1
Colby Rasmus 1,000 to 1
Andre Ethier 1,000 to 1
Ryan Zimmerman 10,000 to 1
Kevin Youkilis 1,000 to 1
Matt Holliday 1,000 to 1
Travis Snider 1,000 to 1
Field (Any Other Player) 2 to 1

NBA Finals Props Picks – Game 1: Dallas Mavericks @ Miami Heat

May 30th, 2011 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NBA Basketball   Comments Off on NBA Finals Props Picks – Game 1: Dallas Mavericks @ Miami Heat

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Dirk Nowitzki Over/Under 26 Points – It’s no real surprise that the ball is running through the hands of Dirk when the Mavericks have possession. In the Western Conference Finals, he had three games with more than 26 points, one with less than that, and one with exactly 26 points. Nowitzki has really been incredibly dominating at times, especially down the stretch in close games. There is no way that Head Coach Rick Carlisle is going to take the ball out of his hands as long as the game stays competitive, and as long as you’re a believer that this one will be interesting down to the wire, there is no way that you can do anything but go with Nowitzki Over 26 Points -115 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook

Tyson Chandler Over/Under 16.5 Points + Rebounds – Chandler had a heck of a tough battle in the second round of the playoffs against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Even still, he had at least 13 rebounds in two of the five games, and he had no fewer than eight in the series. Offensively, thing were tough with Kendrick Perkins and Nazr Mohammed on his backside, and his point production was slashed. Sure, we know that Chandler isn’t one of the top options on the floor, but he does have a lot easier time going into the paint against Joel Anthony and some of the other Miami bigs than he did in the last series. He had at least 18 points and rebounds combined in three of the final four games against the Thunder, and there is no way that we can see him not going past this number. Our NBA prop picks on this one are calling for Chandler Over 16.5 Points + Rebounds -115 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook

Shawn Marion +7.5 Points vs. Chris Bosh – This is quite the interesting prop, because we know that Bosh has had a ton of consistent games over the course of these playoffs, whereas Marion has really been hit or miss. But let’s dig just a tad further. We have seen Marion get to at least seven points in the last six games in the postseason, and we know that he averaged over a dozen points per game in the regular season. Bosh has had at least 20 points in four out of five games, and at home in these playoffs, he has really been absolutely remarkable. The difference here though, is that he is going to have his hands full with the likes of Chandler and Nowitzki in the paint. We do tend to believe that Bosh will outscore Marion, but if the vet starts to catch fire from the outside, Bosh stands no chance on this NBA prop pick. Go with Marion +7.5 Points vs. Bosh -125 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook

Free NFL Picks: List of 2010 Regular Season NFL Props

August 28th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on Free NFL Picks: List of 2010 Regular Season NFL Props
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The NFL betting season is nearly here! As always at Bankroll Sports, we’ve got you ready for this year’s season by analyzing some of the NFL props available to you at our premier sportsbooks!

Find a Slew of NFL Props Available at BetUS Sportsbook

Player to Have the Most Passing Yards in Regular Season (Available at BetUS Sportsbook): Virtually every quarterback that has a chance at being the top passing QB is on this list at BetUS, but the man that we are focusing in on is the favorite, Drew Brees (+375). Brees has the potential to flirt with 5,000 passing yards again this season, and we love his chances of being able to cash in once again as the top passer in the NFL.

Player to Have More TDs in the Regular Season (Available at BetUS Sportsbook): BetUS has a whole allotment of Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco props for you to dig into. The first prop to watch is whether TO or Ochocinco will have more touchdown receptions. The bottom line is that we think the artist formerly known as Chad Johnson has a better rapport going with QB Carson Palmer, and the end result is probably going to be #85 doing a ton of creative celebrating in opposing end zones this year. Cash in on Chad Ochocinco (-130) on this prop.

Division to Win Super Bowl XLV (Available at BetUS Sportsbook): Check out the options to win the Super Bowl by division at BetUS ! The worst part about trying to sort through this is that there really aren’t a ton of teams from the same division that can legitimately win the Super Bowl. However, the AFC South (+450) at least has one of the biggest favorites to win it all in the Indianapolis Colts and two real dark horses in the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans.

Complete List of NFL Props Can Be Found at JustBet Sportsbook

Player to Have the Most Rushing Yards (Available at JustBet Sportsbook): Almost 20 running backs are available for this prop at JustBet! Don’t be so shocked to see Pittsburgh Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall (+1200) pull off the big upset here. The Steelers are going to have to run the football quite a bit, particularly early in the season without the suspended QB Ben Roethlisberger, but even when Big Ben is back, WR Santonio Holmes is gone. There will be a lot of pressure to return to the running roots that this team had for years and years.

Player to Have the Most Receiving Yards (Available at JustBet Sportsbook): JustBet has a plethora of wide receivers that could lead the NFL in receiving this year. Larry Fitzgerald (+650) of the Arizona Cardinals no longer has Anquan Boldin to deal with, so he is going to be a fantastic choice to be the league’s top receiving target. QB Matt Leinart is going to have to build a rapport in a hurry with a big wide out, and it doesn’t get much bigger than Fitzgerald. Expect at least 1,500 receiving yards this year, which will at least be enough to keep him in consideration for this prop.

Some Of The Best NFL Props On The Web Can Be Found @ Hollywood Sportsbook

Player to Record More Passing Yards (Available at Hollywood Sportsbook): Hollywood has a boatload of different passing matchups for the most passing yards on the season. The one that has caught our eye is the one between New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and his former backup, current Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel. The bottom line is that Cassel could potentially be benched at some point over the course of the year, especially since the Chiefs probably aren’t going anywhere on the season. The Pats obviously aren’t replacing Mr. Brady. Even though we have to lay a ton of yards, we’ll take our chances that Tom Brady (-650.5 yards) is the right choice, since Brady will probably flirt with at least 4,000 yards, while we aren’t so sure that Cassel can reach the 3,000 mark.

Player to Record More Receiving Yards (Available at Hollywood Sportsbook): Hollywood also has a bunch of running back props as well. We aren’t so sure why DeAngelo Williams is considered a favorite over Frank Gore this year. Gore is clearly going to be in a one back system, especially after the San Francisco 49ers lost out on Glen Coffee during the preseason. Williams will be splitting plenty of time with Jonathan Stewart for the Carolina Panthers. Thus, the proper choice is clearly Frank Gore (+25.5) over either Carolina back.

Some Free Super Bowl XLIV Prop Picks

January 31st, 2010 by Bankroll Sports Staff | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on Some Free Super Bowl XLIV Prop Picks

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One of the greatest things about the Super Bowl from a betting standpoint is the enormity of betting opportunities for sports bettors.  The Super Bowl has always been the single most popular game in the world when it comes to sports betting. Just to give you an idea of the money involved, Nevada is expecting nearly 100 million in wagering just within the state’s borders for this year’s Super Bowl. As a result, online bookmakers have taken advantage offering countless proposition and exotic betting lines for side action. For this year’s Super Bowl, bettors can literally wager on anything from the outcome of the coin flip to what color top Kim Kardashian will be wearing at the game.  In a previous post below, Rodney recently shared some tips for betting props along with some of the top prop odds and Super Bowl betting bonuses. With so many lines available, bettors can easily get caught up in all the excessive action in all the wrong ways. Since there are so many betting opportunities available, many bettors will wager money with a “careless” attitude and risk money on many chance bets. I spent some time breaking down some of these prop lines and to provide some predictions that will increase your chances of ending the season in the black.  Below are a few prop that I believe deserve some attention heading into the Super Bowl. All of the prop odds below can be found at Bodog Sportsbook (10% Bonus – Accepting Credit Card deposits for the Superbowl)

Prop Bet #1 – Will the Indianapolis Colts score every quarter?

Yes  +130
No  – 160

The Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints are two offensive powered teams that will collide with a lot of points expected. The Saints secondary has been questionable all season and that throws up red flags for many reasons against Peyton Manning’s offense. In fact, the Colts have scored in 3 of 4 quarters in both postseason match-ups. While history may tell us that a team scoring all 4 quarters is unlikely in a Super Bowl, the Colts have a great chance. The reason is they have to keep the pressure on the Saints and their offense will not let up with the lead. The Saints hung 45 on the Cardinals and 31 on the Vikings. Therefore, Manning should get plenty of opportunities with the football and it’s doubtful the Saints defense will have an answer for the fast pace Colts offense. With some profitable juice, this is a great risk to consider.

Pick – Yes

Prop Bet #2 – The first 1st down will be either a passing or rushing play?

Passing -200
Rushing  +160

Unless there is a 1 yard conversion, a passing play should be the result of the first 1st down in the game. Neither offense has much confidence in their running game. In fact, both teams use their running games to control the clock rather than looking for success on the ground. Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are two of the top quarterbacks in the league and it is no secret that both offenses heavily favor the pass. Both offenses will keep the ball in the hands of their star quarterbacks and hope they both get into a rhythm early. Unless there is a early short yardage situation, the passing game will be used nearly every down especially early in the game. Consider this a high percentage play that a passing play will result in opening first down of the game.

Pick – Passing

Prop Bet #3 – Total receiving yards – Robert Meachem

Over 45 ½  +105
Under 45 ½  -135

Robert Meachem has played a solid role in contributing to the Saints lethal passing attack this season. However, in recent weeks Meachem has been nearly ineffective. Over the last 3 games, Meachem has caught just 4 passes totaling 31 yards. The reason may be because the Saints have run the ball better and have gotten help from a ton of outside passing options. Whatever the case may be, Meachem has not even been targeted by Drew Brees but very rarely in the past few games. Running backs Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas have been used more frequently catching balls out of the backfield taking some of those outside options away from Meachem. Wide outs Devery Henderson and Marques Colston will remain the primary targets in the passing game. If the Saints continue to use their backs in the passing game with effectiveness, Meachem may be left out of the picture once again.

Pick – Under 45 ½

Prop Bet #4 – Who will throw more interceptions?   

Drew Brees  -105
Peyton Manning -125

All eyes will be on both quarterbacks this Sunday and rightfully so. The Colts have Peyton Manning who before it is all said and done could go down as the greatest quarterback every. The Saints have Drew Brees who has absolutely mastered the New Orleans air attack. While most may agree that Manning is the better of the two, he is also the most vulnerable to giving up an interception. Manning threw 16 interceptions during the regular season while Brees threw just 11 total. In fact despite the Saints secondary that lacks respect against the pass, they actually picked off 26 interceptions during the regular season equaling the 3rd most in the NFL. Safety Darren Sharper tied for the most picks in the NFL with 9 and the Saints defense will need those turnovers this weekend to pull off the victory. Even if the Colts prevail, Manning normally gives up at least one interception and that may be one more than Brees will throw this Sunday.

Pick – Manning

Prop Bet #5 – Team to receive the opening kickoff 

New Orleans Saints  -115
Indianapolis Colts  -115

This particular betting line is offered every year, but nearly always seem to go the opposite direction from what the betting public expects. However, we believe we got this year’s decision for both team’s figured out. The perceptions here is that both teams want to put their offenses on the field first which is why the line is considered a toss up. However, the Colts may elect the alternative if they do happen to win the toss. The Colts defense has played extremely well at times this year and their momentum tends to set the tone for the offense. I believe the Colts will put their defense on the field first to try and force a quick change of possession putting the advantage to their offense. On the other side of the coin, I just do not see how the Saints could put their defense on the field first allowing Peyton Manning the first opportunity to score. If the Saints win the toss, they will accept the ball and look to make an opening statement.

Pick – Saints

2009 Final Four Prop Bet Picks & Predictions

March 31st, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NCAA Basketball   Comments Off on 2009 Final Four Prop Bet Picks & Predictions

The stage for the Final Four is set and we anxiously await one of the most famous spectacles in sports that will take place in Detroit, Michigan this Saturday. The road was definitely long and tough for the remaining teams left competing for a National Championship. Here at Bankrollsports, we nearly predicted all four teams in this year’s Final Four. The Louisville Cardinals were our pick out of the Midwest, but they fell one game short against Michigan State in the Elite Eight. However Connecticut, North Carolina, and our surprise team Villanova pulled through giving us a pretty impressive run. We will now turn the attention to the Final Four outlook and all the betting odds to take advantage of from the major sportsbooks like BetUS, Bodog, Justbet, and more. Take advantage of the final games of the season and close out the college basketball season by adding a few dollars to your wallet with considering some of these exciting prop bets.

Prop Bet #1 – Player to score most points

This prop bet is one that could be taken advantage of from many angles. Breaking down the way the Final Four is expected to unfold is that Michigan State and Connecticut could be in for a low scoring type game. While just on the other side, Villanova and North Carolina are extremely fast pace high scoring offenses that will likely rack up a lot of points. The game between North Carolina and Villanova is definitely best suited for a player to have a big night in scoring. While both teams have many weapons on offense, their guard play on both teams is extremely strong. We will take Tyler Hansbrough to be a big difference on the inside for the Tarheels. After all Hansbrough was the Player of the Year in 2008 and returned for his senior season to win a National Championship meaning now would be the perfect time for a veteran player to have a breakout performance.

Pick – Tyler Hansbrough (+200)
(Line @ BetUS Sportsbook100% Bonus Using This Link)

Prop Bet #2 – Team to score first 10 points first? (North Carolina or Villanova)

Here is a simple analysis of how both teams’ get started in basketball games. North Carolina tends to get off to slow starts despite their explosive potential. Villanova has really gotten off to strong starts the entire tournament outside of their very first game in round 1 against American. The Wildcats really play tenacious defense and fly around the ball. Villanova speed will be difficult for North Carolina to anticipate especially coming out of the gates. Take consideration that everyone is expecting the Tarheels to win the game and they are receiving heavy favoring odds in this prop bet. However, Villanova likely comes out surprising North Carolina with their quickness and gets to the 10 point mark first. North Carolina just may need some time to adjust and we believe they will lose the battle to 10, but may win the war.

Pick – Villanova (+120)
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Prop Bet #3 – 10 three pointers Over/Under? (Connecticut vs. Michigan State)

Looking at the numbers on paper the under bet perhaps may look the most intriguing. Connecticut attempts less 3 point shots than any team left in the tournament while Michigan State is known to drain a few every outing. However, this match-up is expected to be a grudge match especially on the inside. Think about what usually happens in these types of game and that is the 3 point shot becomes the difference maker in the contest. Expect Michigan State to make their share of shots behind the arc, but also expect Connecticut to drain a lot more than normal as well.

Pick – Over 10 (-120)
(Line @ Bodog Sportsbook10% No-Commitment Bonus Using This Link)

Prop Bet #4 – Total Points for Kalin Lucas 13.5 O/U?

Goran Suton has been the most consistent performer for Michigan State throughout the tournament. Suton has posted right at 20 points against Louisville and Kansas in march to the Final Four. However, Suton will be meeting the 7’3 Hasheem Thabeet inside the paint in this particular match-up. While both players are extremely talented and can have big nights, expect them to make it difficult for the other. Without Suton posting big numbers, Michigan State will desperately need someone to step up. Kalin Lucas has led the team all year in scoring and this will be a perfect scenario for him to score some points. The question here is not if he will score over 13.5 points, but will he be able to score enough to get the Spartans the victory.

Pick – Over 13.5 -120
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Prop Bet #5 – Odds to win the 2009 NCAA Tournament MVP

The final prop bet left on the board is likely the most exciting as well although difficult to predict. The Tournament MVP usually comes from a member from a team competing in the Championship game if not the National Championship team. Then you have to look at who is best suitable to be in the National Championship, who has played really well so far, and who is likely to play well in the Final Four. One name comes to mind that gives a check mark for all scenarios and this is Ty Lawson. Remember Lawson came into the Tournament hampered with an ankle injury. However, Lawson has really been the X factor for North Carolina in March and nobody has been able to defend the talented junior guard. Lawson is averaging 20 points per game in his 3 outings in the Tournament despite missing the first round. This pick revolves around a few expectations. First we are banking that the Tarheels overcome Villanova and make it to the Championship game. Second up to this point their has not been anyone more impressive than Lawson and who is playing better basketball at this point in the season. With that combination, Lawson should be fit for the MVP.

Pick – Ty Lawson 7/2
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Three Free Superbowl Prop Bets

January 31st, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on Three Free Superbowl Prop Bets

Everyone knows Superbowl Sunday is the single biggest betting event every year. The sportsbooks around the nation offer unlimited amounts of unusual and exciting bets for the Superbowl considering the extremely large amount of bettors eagerly anticipating a final chance to win some money to close out the football season. This year you can bet on anything from how long it will take Jennifer Hudson to sing the national anthem to who will win the coin toss. If you looking for some ways to win some money on some other aspects of the game consider a few of these prop betting picks we have established.

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Team to receive the opening kickoff?

Steelers +145
Cardinals -175

This bet is as simple as it gets. Arizona always wants the ball when they win the coin flip so they can put their high power offense on the field. The Arizona offense leads the team and definitely not the defense which gave up nearly 27 points on the board every game this season. The Cardinals offense will be eager to get on the field if they win the toss and possibly make some big plays early and not allow the Pittsburgh defense to dominate like they have all season. Pittsburgh on the other hand is definitely going to put their defense on the field if they win the toss. The Steelers have the best defense in the NFL and they will definitely want to shut down the Arizona offense right off the bat to make a statement. The Steelers defense ranks first in 3 of 4 major defensive categories and 2nd in the other major category which is rushing defense. The Steelers will definitely be trying to prove early that they can shutdown the Cardinals offense and control the pace of the game. Throw some extra money on this prop if you have the chance. The odds may not be favorable to making a big win, but this is a certain winner.

Pick: Arizona -175

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Will there be a score in the first 7:30 of the first quarter?

Yes -170
No +140

I know a lot of people are jumping on the over total for the game due to the fact both offenses have performed really well through the playoffs and many are anticipating for their to be a good bit of points scored. However while that may or may not happen, teams less likely come out of the gates with a bang on offense in the Superbowl. A lot of times the defenses control the first minutes of the games and the play calling is a bit conservative until the tempo picks up. Going back to the first prop bet, I believe Arizona gets the ball and will attempt to move it up the field through the air. I like to think Pittsburgh defense will at least win the first battle against the Arizona offense on the field. Predicting that the Pittsburgh offense will then take over and then move the ball rather slowly as they usually do with a good bit of running plays with a pass thrown in here and there. The first few minutes usually fly by and believe it will again. Place a wager that there will not be any points scored in the opening minutes on this game and get some good odds as well.

Pick: No +140

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First team to be penalized for pass interference?

Steelers -140
Cardinals +110

This is a bet like other prop bets that are simply by the trend of the game. Arizona will be throwing the ball all over the field while Pittsburgh will throw the ball more sparingly. Expecting that the Steelers get many more chances to make a pass interference and the difficulty they may have covering the Arizona receivers I would place my money on Pittsburgh. Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin have been unstoppable all year long with over 25 combined touchdowns grabs. Fitzgerald caught 3 touchdown passes in the first half of the NFL Championship and has also broken a postseason record with 419 receiving yards. It is safe to say that the Pittsburgh defense will have a tough task in trying to control these playmakers that lead one of the best air attacks in the NFL. Not to mention how the NFL has gotten fairly absurd with their pass interference calls over the last few years. It seems like the defender is to a big disadvantage with the rules and the first touch they make on a receiver the yellow flag flies. Again the odds may not be what you would like on a winning bet, but follow the likelihood of what will happen and place this wager with Pittsburgh.

Pick: Pittsburgh -140