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2013 NFL Week 5 Lines – Week Five Lines Breakdown

September 29th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2013 NFL Week 5 Lines – Week Five Lines Breakdown
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The Full List of Week 5 NFL Lines Are Listed At The Bottom Of This Article

Cowboys CheerleadersThe Week 5 NFL odds are out and ready to go, and here at Bankroll Sports, we are breaking down all of the NFL gambling odds for what should be another remarkable week of play on the gridiron.

Are there legitimately playoff teams that are huge underdogs on the Week 5 NFL betting lines? You bet there are! The biggest of those underdogs comes in what might be the best game of the week between the San Francisco 49ers and the Houston Texans. The Texans have dropped two games in a row, and they very well could be an 0-4 team at this point if not for a few breaks in the second halves of games. They haven’t had a game that this year in which they haven’t trailed in either the second half or overtime, and they are going on the road to take on the San Francisco 49ers. It’s a tough game for sure, but as proof as to how far these two teams have come of late… The last time these two met at Candlestick Park was in 2005, and the #1 pick in the NFL Draft was on the line in Week 17. Houston lost the game, won the #1 pick, and took DE Mario Williams, who has since left via free agency. The Niners did knock off the Rams last week, but is the sky still falling? For the losing team, dropping to 2-3 is going to leave a lot of questions to be answered. The Niners are giving a touchdown in one of the biggest NFL point spreads we have seen in a Texans game in quite some time.

Meanwhile, the favorites in the NFC East and the leaders in the clubhouse in the division, the Dallas Cowboys are going to be playing a tough battle against the Denver Broncos. Not only are the Cowboys also +7, but they are +7 at home! Denver though, has been mowing through teams, and it is on a pace to just shatter every single record known to man offensively. It’s really unreal to think of the numbers that QB Peyton Manning is putting up at this point with this team, and things are only going to get better and better as the second quarter of the season wears on. This is the first really tough road test of the season though, and it is one that many will be excited to see if the Broncos can figure out how to pass with flying colors.

And finally, the Detroit Lions, who are 3-1 through four games and sitting atop of the NFC North, are +6.5 on the road against the Green Bay Packers. Once again, this is a huge number, and it is one that is going to be tough to beat, even for a Green Bay team that took its bye week last week and is hoping to get healthy, especially at the running back position. With all three of its running backs getting banged up in the last couple of weeks, the Packers have some explaining to do in this one. We know that they’ll score some points through the air, but can they slow down QB Matthew Stafford and the gang? Stafford’s offense has looked fantastic thus far this year, and the Lions put up 40 last week against the high-octane Chicago defense.

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The biggest favorites of the weekend though, are the St. Louis Rams. It’s tough to think that a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in quite some time is actually capable of laying 13 points, but without us even saying a thing, you know that it is the Jacksonville Jaguars that are coming to town. The Rams are on a long week of preparation for this game, and they are getting a lame team that is seemingly destined to go 1-15 or worse this year. QB Blaine Gabbert is the worst starting quarterback in the NFL, and it really doesn’t matter whether it is Gabbert or QB Chad Henne, the title is likely the same. If St. Louis doesn’t bounce back from its bad loss to San Fran in this one, there’s no way to fix this team. This is a get well game in every sense of the word for this defense.

Aside from these games that we have mentioned though, there isn’t a single point spread that has opened up at bigger than 4.5 points on Thursday or Sunday. The San Diego Chargers are giving 4.5 on the road against an Oakland Raiders team that just handed the Redskins their first win of the season last week. Oakland’s quarterback situation is still murky. QB Matt Flynn started last week against Washington, but we have to think that it is going to be QB Terrelle Pryor that is getting the call once again to start off on the Week 5 odds as long as he finishes passing his concussion tests.

The next two biggest NFL points spreads in Week 5 are both in primetime games. The second biggest spread of the week thus far pits the New York Jets at +8.5 against the Atlanta Falcons, while the Cleveland Browns are -3.5 against the Buffalo Bills on Thursday Night Football. We have to think that this is going to be the third straight start for QB Brian Hoyer, who has led the Browns to a pair of wins thus far on the season, which is more than we can say for QB Brandon Weeden, who was 0-2 in his two starts before getting hurt, and perhaps Wally Pipped.

(Note: This article is written as of Sunday evening. The current NFL betting odds for Week 5 are below. The games between the Patriots and Bengals and the Chiefs and Titans are both off the board at the moment and will be expected to open up later in the week.)

There are definitely some more quirks about the Week 5 NFL schedule that are just completely off the wall. Two more playoff teams from last year, the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts are both underdogs. The Colts are three-point dogs at home against the Seattle Seahawks, while the Ravens are +3 at the Miami Dolphins. The Indy/Seattle game is the far more interesting contest. It’s the second straight week that Seattle is going to have to fly a long ways to play a 1:00 ET game on the road, and it is going to come with a lot of offensive linemen not on the field. The Colts have continued to soar, as they have now rolled to two victories in a row after losing to Miami at home in Week 2, a loss that really had fans screaming that perhaps something was really wrong with this team. This will be one of the better games on the docket.

But the biggest quirk? The winless New York Giants are actually favored by two points at home against the Philadelphia Eagles. Giants fans, fret not! Yes, the G-Men are 0-4 this year, but if they win this game and the Cowboys lose as they are supposed to against the Broncos, they are going to be just a game back five games into the season. Now THAT’S how you know your division is brutal. In fairness to New York, this is the first game this season that the team is going to be favored in by more than a single point. The Eagles have been a wreck since their first half of the season, and wonder is certainly there if the rest of the league has figured out Head Coach Chip Kelly and his offense (or whether they are just exploiting his defense!).

The New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears are meeting in a contrast of styles. The Bears would much rather play a slowed down game that features a lot of defense, while the Saints are going to race up and down the field. Chicago watched its perfect start to the season go by the boards when it was beaten by the Lions last week in a game that was nowhere near as close as an eight-point final score suggests.

To round out the card, the Carolina Panthers are -1 on the road against the Arizona Cardinals, who perhaps aren’t getting all that much respect at 2-2. The Panthers are coming off of their bye week though, so they might have a few new tricks up their sleeve after the long week of rest.

Even with two games off the board at the moment, there is very little doubt as to what the highest ‘totals’ and the lowest ‘totals’ of the week are going to be. No game is going to end up being lower than that Thursday nighter between the Bills and the Browns. Hoyer and QB EJ Manuel don’t exactly put a lot of confidence in bettors, especially with as badly as Buffalo has managed to protect the rookie in the pocket this year. The number to beat is 41.5, and we think that it is very interesting to continue to see how games played with teams on short weeks #1 tend to be unpredictable and #2 tend to feature lower scoring games. The only game that is going to remotely close to this number this week is the one between the Rams and the Jaguars, mainly because the Jacksonville offense has now gone over 30 first half drives without a touchdown. Do keep in mind that the game between the Chiefs and the Titans could end up with a number lower than this if QB Jake Locker, who was injured on Sunday, is indeed out for the game.

On the other end of the spectrum, nothing should be all that surprising. Once again, the Broncos have one of the highest ‘totals’ of the week. And oh, why not? The team already has 179 points scored this season, which we’d be willing to bet could end up being fewer points than the Jaguars will score for the entire season. Depending upon the number you got, all four Denver games could have ended in covers, and all four Denver games have gone past the ‘total’, so the 55 shouldn’t even seem like that high of a number at this point.

The highest ‘total’ of the week though, pits the Giants and their sieve of a defense against the Eagles and their sieve of a defense. These two teams have combined to give up 831 yards and 71 points per game this year, and those are just downright bad numbers. Philly’s offense is still putting up plenty of numbers, but the defense is really holding this unit back in a big time way. The number to beat is 56, and not surprisingly, this is the biggest ‘total’ of the weekend.

Remember when the Lions and the Packers would easily have the highest ‘total’ in any given week if they played against each other on the NFL betting lines? 52 is a high number, but this time around, it’s just third best.

Current NFL Week 5 Odds @ JustBet Sportsbook (as of 9/29/13):
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NFL Week 5 Betting Lines for Thursday, October 3rd (Thursday Night Football Odds)
301 Buffalo Bills +3.5
302 Cleveland Browns -3.5
Over/Under 41.5

Week 5 NFL Spreads for Sunday, October 6th (1:00 ET Kickoffs)
413 Kansas City Chiefs OTB
414 Tennessee Titans OTB
Over/Under OTB

415 Baltimore Ravens +3
416 Miami Dolphins -3
Over/Under 43

417 Jacksonville Jaguars +13
418 St. Louis Rams -13
Over/Under 42

419 New England Patriots OTB
420 Cincinnati Bengals OTB
Over/Under OTB

421 Seattle Seahawks -3
422 Indianapolis Colts +3
Over/Under 43

423 Detroit Lions +6.5
424 Green Bay Packers -6.5
Over/Under 52

425 New Orleans Saints +1
426 Chicago Bears -1
Over/Under 47.5

427 Philadelphia Eagles +2
428 New York Giants -2
Over/Under 56

NFL Week 5 Betting Lines for Sunday, October 6th (4:00 ET Kickoffs)
429 Carolina Panthers -1
430 Arizona Cardinals +1
Over/Under 42

431 San Diego Chargers -4.5
432 Oakland Raiders +4.5
Over/Under 44

433 Denver Broncos -7
434 Dallas Cowboys +7
Over/Under 55

Sunday Night Football Week 5 Odds for Sunday, October 7th (Sunday Night Football Odds)
435 Houston Texans +7
436 San Francisco 49ers -7
Over/Under 42.5

Monday Night Football Week 5 Lines for Monday, October 8th (Monday Night Football Odds)
437 New York Jets +8.5
438 Atlanta Falcons -8.5
Over/Under OTB

2013 Stanley Cup Odds, Predictions: Odds To Win NHL Championship

September 29th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in General Handicapping   Comments Off on 2013 Stanley Cup Odds, Predictions: Odds To Win NHL Championship

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Newest 2013-2014 Stanley Cup Betting Odds Posted Below

Stanley Cup TrophyIt’s a dawn of a new season in hockey, and that means that there are 30 teams that are joining the fight to beat the Stanley Cup odds. Realignment has messed with the whole course of the league this year, and that means you need expert NHL handicappers like us to get this right for you. The best betting opportunities are there for hockey, and we are going to show you some of the best bets on the Stanley Cup betting lines for 2014!

We would be remiss if we didn’t make mention of the Chicago Blackhawks (2013 Stanley Cup Betting Lines: 6.50 to 1 at JustBet Sportsbook) as the team that is probably most likely to win it all this year. Sure, the Penguins are the favorites (more on them in a second), but the Blackhawks have a team that has shown a lot of grit come playoff time, something that we haven’t seen out of many other teams in the sport. Corey Crawford continues to play well in big time situations, and he stood tall in the face of adversity against the Red Wings in the playoffs and turned out to be a dominating star in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Bruins as well. We can’t advise Boston this year because of all of the turnover that the team had, but the Blackhawks have remained as consistent as could be over the course of the last few years, and they are the overwhelming favorites on the odds to win the Central Division this year as well. Crawford and his stacked offense, which has now managed to win a pair of Stanley Cups together, could be the team to watch more so than any other.

But of course, we know that the team with the most talent on it is the Pittsburgh Penguins (Stanley Cup Odds Favorites: 6.50 to 1 at JustBet Sportsbook). We still question whether Marc-Andre Fleury really has it in him to lead a team in the playoffs. The club beat the Islanders in the first round of the playoffs last year in spite of what Fleury was mucking up, and eventually, Tomas Vokoun had to come in to relieve Fleury in the postseason. Can the man who has mined the Pittsburgh net for going on a decade really get back to his game at this point? If not, the Penguins are going to struggle. We’re sorry, but you’re not just winning games with Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby scoring a zillion goals. It’s not going to happen. The defense isn’t strong enough, and it lost Douglas Murray in the offseason, and Fleury still scares the heck out of us. The talent is there to score four goals a night if that’s what needs to be done, but come the postseason when it really matters, the Penguins aren’t nearly as good as most would think.

List Of Previous Stanley Cup Champions (Since 2000)
2013 Stanley Cup Champions – Chicago Blackhawks
2012 Stanley Cup Champions – Los Angeles Kings
2011 Stanley Cup Champions – Boston Bruins
2010 Stanley Cup Champions – Chicago Blackhawks
2009 Stanley Cup Champions – Pittsburgh Penguins
2008 Stanley Cup Champions – Detroit Red Wings
2007 Stanley Cup Champions – Anaheim Ducks
2006 Stanley Cup Champions – Carolina Hurricanes
2005 Stanley Cup Champions – None, Labor Dispute
2004 Stanley Cup Champions – Tampa Bay Lightning
2003 Stanley Cup Champions – New Jersey Devils
2002 Stanley Cup Champions – Detroit Red Wings
2001 Stanley Cup Champions – Colorado Avalanche
2000 Stanley Cup Champions – New Jersey Devils

There are a lot of teams right around that 10 to 1 range that we think are all overplayed at this point. The Kings don’t impress us. The Blues don’t have the offense to capitalize in spite of the fact that they have one of the best defenses in the game. The Red Wings are still old and had their shot last year. The Bruins had too much turnover and don’t have enough help on the back line at this point in the season either. And that brings us down to the New York Rangers (Odds To Win 2013 NHL Championship: 20 to 1 at SportBet Sportsbook). The switch the Head Coach Alain Vigneault might be laughed at by Vancouver fans, knowing that this man hasn’t been able to take one of the most talented teams to a Stanley Cup in all these years. However, unlike in Vancouver, Vigneault has a team that has a defense in front of a great goalie. The Rangers have one of the best defensive teams in the league at this point, and Henrik Lundqvist will make even the smallest of leads stand up more often than not. Still, averaging 2.6 goals per game isn’t going to cut it this year, and with Vigneault calling the shots, we expect that number to come up at least a quarter of a goal per game, which could make all the difference in the world.

Another team that doesn’t have the best playoff history in the world is one that is on our radar. We like the way that the San Jose Sharks (Odds To Win 2014 Stanley Cup: 25 to 1 at SportBet Sportsbook). You probably didn’t realize it, but Antti Niemi was a Top 5 goalie for most of last season. He has a team in front of him that can really score, and last year, it all came together in the opening round of the playoffs against the Canucks. The long layover really didn’t do anything to help out the team, but what might help this year is the division realignment and the postseason picture. The Sharks are good for sure, and if Niemi can continue to bring them a newly found sense of security at the back end, this is a team that can make it up to a #2 seed in the Western Conference, and if that turns out to be the case, there is no doubt that this is a team that is a contender. This is a great price on the Stanley Cup betting lines on a very good team that could be poised for greatness in 2013-14.
Up To Date 2013-14 Stanley Cup Odds @ SportBet Sportsbook (as of 9/29/13):
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Pittsburgh Penguins 5.50 to 1
Chicago Blackhawks 6 to 1
Boston Bruins 10 to 1
Los Angeles Kings 12 to 1
St. Louis Blues 12 to 1
Detroit Red Wings 17 to 1
Vancouver Canucks 18 to 1
New York Rangers 20 to 1
Anaheim Ducks 22 to 1
Montreal Canadiens 22 to 1
Edmonton Oilers 25 to 1
Minnesota Wild 25 to 1
Ottawa Senators 25 to 1
San Jose Sharks 25 to 1
Toronto Maple Leafs 25 to 1
Washington Capitals 26 to 1
Dallas Stars 30 to 1
Philadelphia Flyers 34 to 1
New York Islanders 35 to 1
Tampa Bay Lightning 35 to 1
Carolina Hurricanes 45 to 1
Columbus Blue Jackets 55 to 1
New Jersey Devils 55 to 1
Colorado Avalanche 60 to 1
Nashville Predators 70 to 1
Phoenix Coyotes 70 to 1
Winnipeg Jets 70 to 1
Buffalo Sabres 100 to 1
Florida Panthers 200 to 1
Calgary Flames 250 to 1

NHL Championship Odds 2013-2014 @ JustBet Sportsbook (as of 9/29/13):
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Anaheim Ducks 22 to 1
Boston Bruins 9.50 to 1
Buffalo Sabres 100 to 1
Calgary Flames 150 to 1
Carolina Hurricanes 36 to 1
Chicago Blackhawks 6.50 to 1
Colorado Avalanche 65 to 1
Columbus Blue Jackets 55 to 1
Dallas Stars 60 to 1
Edmonton Oilers 25 to 1
Florida Panthers 145 to 1
Los Angeles Kings 10 to 1
Minnesota Wild 25 to 1
Montreal Canadiens 22 to 1
Nashville Predators 60 to 1
New Jersey Devils 55 to 1
New York Islanders 33 to 1
New York Rangers 19 to 1
Ottawa Senators 26 to 1
Philadelphia Flyers 39 to 1
Phoenix Coyotes 80 to 1
Pittsburgh Penguins 6.50 to 1
St. Louis Blues 12 to 1
San Jose Sharks 18.50 to 1
Tampa Bay Lightning 46 to 1
Toronto Maple Leafs 24 to 1
Vancouver Canucks 17 to 1
Washington Capitals 30 to 1
Winnipeg Jets 70 to 1

2013 NFL Week 4 Lines – Week Four Lines Breakdown

September 25th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2013 NFL Week 4 Lines – Week Four Lines Breakdown
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All of the Week 4 NFL Betting Lines Are Listed Below!

Houston Texans CheeleadersA great week on the Week 4 NFL betting lines is already getting started here at Bankroll Sports, and we are zeroing in on the best and the brightest NFL betting lines that are on the board for the week ahead!

Note: All NFL betting lines listed for the purposes of this article were posted at 6:00 p.m. ET on Sunday, 9/22. For the most up to date Week 4 NFL Vegas odds, please check below

Week 4’s Thursday Night Football game is going to be a doozy of a battle, as the San Francisco 49ers are going to take on the St. Louis Rams. These two teams could go back and forth with each other in the NFC West all season long. This is a crucial one for San Fran especially, which already lost a road game in division once this year from just two weeks ago. QB Colin Kaepernick and the gang have still looked good aside from that game against the Seahawks, but this is a big test on the road against a team that is ready for a bounceback after losing two straight suspect games. If St. Louis is going to get back into the chase in the NFC West, this is a game that it has to win. However, the Week 4 odds suggest that the 49ers are going to end up being at their best in this one, as they are favored by 3.5.

Fast forwarding to Sunday, we see that there are plenty of games that are expected to be close. In fact, there is only one game on the NFL opening lines where one team is favored by more than 7.5 points over another team, and that’s the clash on the road when the Denver Broncos take on the Philadelphia Eagles. QB Peyton Manning and the gang have looked great through two games thus far this year, and this should merely be a bump in the road. We’ll have to see how Head Coach Chip Kelly can get his team ready with an extended week of practice. Remember that this is the first time this year that the Eagles are playing a game on more than just five days of rest plus a day of travel, and they could be much better because of it. That said, going all the way to Mile High isn’t going to be fun for anyone this year, and it’s not surprising that in spite of that fact, the Eagles are getting 13. It’s going to be tough for this offense to get going in the thin air unless it is appropriately trained, and this is one thing that Kelly and QB Michael Vick couldn’t possibly be getting ready for in the City of Brotherly Love.

The only other game featuring NFL point spreads of greater than 6 is when the Indianapolis Colts, who look much better offensively with RB Trent Richardson in the fold, head to the Sunshine State to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville has now been blown out by double digits in three straight games to start the season, and there is no turning back in this one. The Jags are +7.5, and this is a number that could get worse as the week goes on.

The one common thread that is apparent in Week 4 is the fact th that there are a ton of games that feature road favorites of varying degrees. We’ve already spoken about the Colts, but the Cincinnati Bengals are -5 at the Dawg Pound against the suddenly inspiring Cleveland Browns. Leave it up to Cleveland to trade its best player in RB Trent Richardson and find a way to win the next week with a backup quarterback. QB Brian Hoyer threw for 321 yards and three TDs last week, and that might create some real quarterback controversy for the Browns regardless of whether QB Brandon Weeden is healthy or not. Cincy is -5, but these divisional road games are always particularly tough, especially in the AFC North.

The Baltimore Ravens, fresh off of their upset over the Houston Texans last week, are going to be heading on the road this week to take on the Buffalo Bills, who badly need a win if they are going to stick around as potential contenders for the playoffs in the AFC. Baltimore is giving 4.5-points in spite of the fact that its offense really hasn’t done all that much impressive this year.

Perhaps the oddest spots for road favorites this week are on the West Coast against AFC West teams. Oh sure, the Dallas Cowboys have done everything that they can to deserve being -2 against the San Diego Chargers, but an 0-3 team traveling across the country is a favorite? That’s the situation that the Washington Redskins are in against the Oakland Raiders. Be very wary of this one, especially knowing that the buzzards are already starting to swarm around Head Coach Mike Shanahan.

The best game of the day on Sunday featuring a road favorite is the clash between the Seattle Seahawks and the Houston Texans. The Seahawks are looking the part of the best team in football right now, but this is a tough road trip against a Houston team that needs to prove that it can stick with the big boys. Remember last season when the Texans beat up the Ravens by 30 at home? This could be the same type of game if the Seahawks aren’t careful. That said, even on the road, Seattle is giving a field goal, and that could be a recipe for disaster for the visitors.

Elsewhere on Sunday on the NFL betting lines… The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are -3 against the Arizona Cardinals. The Kansas City Chiefs are six-point favorites to improve to 4-0 against the already 0-3 New York Giants. The Tennessee Titans are -5.5 at home against the New York Jets as well.

Sunday Night Football in Week 4 pits the New England Patriots up against the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons still don’t totally look right, but they are going against a New England team that really hasn’t faced any quality opponent this year. On the road in primetime is going to be quite the test for QB Tom Brady and the gang, though we fully expect to see TE Rob Gronkowski back in this game for the Pats. That could be the great equalizer. New England is just a pick ’em in this clash of two teams that were expected to challenge on the Super Bowl odds this year.

On Monday Night Football, the New Orleans Saints are giving 4.5 to the Miami Dolphins. These two teams both missed out on the playoffs last year, but there is no doubt that both teams are going to be in a position to challenge this year in their respective divisions. Points could be aplenty in this one, especially knowing that QB Drew Brees is just 300 passing yards away from tying the record for the most consecutive 300+ yard games in NFL history. Brees is currently at eight. The NFL record is nine.

2013 NFL Week 4 Odds @ BetOWI Sportsbook (as of 9/25/13):
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Week 4 NFL Point Spreads for Thursday, September 26th
101 San Francisco 49ers -3
102 St. Louis Rams +3
Over/Under 42

Week 4 NFL Spreads for Sunday, September 29th (1:00 ET Kickoffs)
199 Pittsburgh Steelers -2.5
200 Minnesota Vikings +2.5
Over/Under 42

201 Baltimore Ravens -3
202 Buffalo Bills +3
Over/Under 44.5

203 Cincinnati Bengals -4
204 Cleveland Browns +4
Over/Under 42

205 Indianapolis Colts -7.5
206 Jacksonville Jaguars +7.5
Over/Under 42.5

207 Seattle Seahawks -2.5
208 Houston Texans +2.5
Over/Under 41.5

209 Arizona Cardinals +2
210 Tampa Bay Buccaneers -2
Over/Under 41

211 Chicago Bears +3
212 Detroit Lions -3
Over/Under 47.5

213 New York Giants +4.5
214 Kansas City Chiefs -4.5
Over/Under 44

NFL Week 4 Betting Lines for Sunday, September 29th (4:00 ET Kickoffs)
215 New York Jets +3.5
216 Tennesese Titans -3.5
Over/Under 39

217 Dallas Cowboys -2
218 San Diego Chargers +2
Over/Under 46.5

219 Washington Redskins -3
220 Oakland Raiders +3
Over/Under 43.5

221 Philadelphia Eagles +11
222 Denver Broncos -11
Over/Under 57.5

Sunday Night Football Week 4 Odds for Sunday, September 29th
223 New England Patriots +2
224 Atlanta Falcons -2
Over/Under 49.5

Monday Night Football Week 4 Lines for Monday, September 30th
225 Miami Dolphins +6.5
226 New Orleans Saints -6.5
Over/Under 48

2013 Week 5 College Football Schedule, NCAA Football Week 5 Odds

September 25th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on 2013 Week 5 College Football Schedule, NCAA Football Week 5 Odds
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Complete List of Week 5 College Football Lines Can Be Found Below
This article is written based off of the NCAA football opening betting lines at 5:00 PM on Sunday 9/22.
Updated college football odds can be found at the bottom of this post.

Mike the TigerWeek 5 NCAA football odds are posted here at Bankroll Sports, and we are already set to break down some of the best games on the college football betting lines for the week ahead. Join us as we take our best shot at the NCAA football Vegas odds in Week 5.

First off, we can really be thankful over the fact that this isn’t a week in which there are a ton of dog games like there were last week. We have some real marquee battles all across the board, and there are a lot of Top 25 teams on upset alert, unlike last week, when the entire Top 25 managed to hold firm, save for Stanford and Michigan State losing games against other ranked teams. In fact, there isn’t a single game pitting an FCS and an FBS team against each other for the first time all season long, and that should make for much better football.

We’ll start on Thursday and Friday with all of the midweek games. Over in the ACC, there is a crucial game on Thursday, as the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets face off with one another. There is a good chance that this could act as an elimination game in the ACC Coastal Division race, especially if G-Tech, which has already beaten North Carolina and Duke, turns out to be victorious. Head Coach Frank Beamer and his Hokies haven’t looked all that sharp over the course of the last week or two, but they are winning games, something more than what we could say about a lot of other teams across the country, specifically in the ACC. Georgia Tech is giving 7.5 in this one, and that’s a heck of a lot of points to be giving in the ACC, especially in the Coastal Division where things couldn’t quite possibly be any tighter than they already are.

The Iowa State Cyclones have yet to win a game this year, but they are going to have a puncher’s chance in this one on the road against the Tulsa Golden Hurricane in a rare situation where a big time conference school has to go on the road to take on a Conference USA team. We haven’t seen a lot of luck for the big boys in this situation yet this year, especially out of the bottom of the Big XII, and the oddsmakers are quite aware of that. ISU is getting a field goal in this one against the Golden Hurricane, who in their own right, only have one victory

On Friday, there is a great game out of the MWC, as the San Jose State Spartans play host to the Utah State Aggies. San Jose State is a team that we remain high on in spite of the fact that it is only 1-2 on the season, and it has a chance to make a name for itself on national television on Friday night against Utah State. The Aggies have the names attached to them, including QB Chuckie Keeton, who figures to be one of the top players in the conference this year. Utah State is giving 9.5 on the road, but that could be a grossly overstated number, knowing that these two teams are very familiar with one another having played all those years in the WAC before transferring over.

In the final Friday nighter, the BYU Cougars are giving 21 to the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders.

NCAA Football BetDSIPerhaps the best news is the fact that the 21 points being laid in that game between BYU and MTSU is one of the higher spreads of the weekend. At least as of this point, the only team that is favored by more than four touchdowns is the Oregon Ducks. The Quack Attack is excellent and is running up the score against anyone and everything that it faces. Now, it gets to take on a very similarly constructed Cal Golden Bears outfit that doesn’t nearly have the same type of athletes on it. QB Marcus Mariota and the gang should be in for a big time day for sure against what should be a challenged Cal team defensively, and that’s why the Ducks are laying 35.5.

There are some big road favorites that deserve to be pointed out. The Florida State Seminoles, who have destroyed all of their foes this year, are -21.5 on the road in their second conference game against the Boston College Eagles, while the Oklahoma State Cowboys are -21 on the road against the offensively challenged West Virginia Mountaineers. Why are these two games so notable? They’re the only ones on the whole slate where road teams are favored by more than 18 points. There are also only a total of six games on the docket right now that feature double digit road favorites, though there are teams like the Texas A&M Aggies, Miami Hurricanes, and Fresno State Bulldogs who will all open up as double digit chalks in all likelihood on the Week 5 NCAA football betting lines.

Last week, the Top 25 teams were favored by an average of 19 points per game, and a ton of them were laying 30 and 40 points and successfully covering in doing so. This time around, there are a slew of Top 25 teams that have to go on the road, many of which are in very dangerous situations.

The UCF Knights are looking to win what might be the biggest game in their history when they host the South Carolina Gamecocks at Bright House Networks Stadium. In spite of the fact that UCF isn’t a Top 25 team at this point, it is still a club that is getting a lot of respect from the oddsmakers. The Gamecocks are only +7.5 and are already dropping as the week starts off, and we are very aware that this could be a game where a Top 15 team in the land is on upset alert. The #14 Oklahoma Sooners could also be in some trouble when they hit the road to take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, who have failed to cover two straight games here in South Bend. The boys from Norman are expected to win and are -3 in this one, but we know that this is a game that really could end up going either way.

But of course, when you’re talking about the games of the day, there is no doubt that there are two games that everyone is going to be talking about. In the evening, the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Wisconsin Badgers are going to have at it in the Big Ten Leaders Division. Most essentially figure that this is the Leaders Division title game at this point, and with the Penn State Nittany Lions ineligible for the postseason, there is no doubt that the winner of this game is heading to Detroit for the conference title game barring an epic collapse with multiple losses. Ohio State still might not have QB Braxton Miller, who has been battling a knee injury, but the oddsmakers obviously have the confidence that this team is no worse with QB Kenny Guiton calling the shots if that’s what it comes to. We have to think that Miller is going to be back under center for the biggest game of the year in what might be one of the few games separating OSU from a trip to the National Championship Game. The Buckeyes are -7.5 on the opening college football Vegas odds.

The other game of course, is the big one out of the SEC. The LSU Tigers are going on the road to take on the Georgia Bulldogs, and there is no doubt that this is a personal game. QB Zach Mettenberger was kicked out of Athens early in his collegiate career, and he found a home here in the Bayou. LSU has taken a meteoric rise through the rankings over the course of the first four weeks of the season, and it is a team that many think can win this one “Between the Hedges.” It’s a game that could be dangerous for the Dawgs, who can’t afford another loss if they think they are going to contend for the National Championship, but it is every bit as big of a game for LSU, a team that many think could win the whole enchilada this year. LSU is getting 3.5 at the open, but the college football betting lines in this one are going to be flying all over the place. FootballThese aren’t the only really important games of the day by any stretch of the imagination. The Alabama Crimson Tide aren’t expected to be tested until the Bayou Bengals come to Tuscaloosa, but they had better not overlook the Ole Miss Rebels. The Rebs are hungry and they have already proven that they can go on the road and win some games this year. Ole Miss is getting 17, and many think that this could be a game very similar to last season’s game against QB Johnny Manziel and the Texas A&M Aggies. QB Bo Wallace could be a dark horse Heisman Trophy candidate, and if he can pull off the upset in this one, you can bet that you’ll be hearing many talk about him throughout the weeks to come.

Over in the Pac-12, the Stanford Cardinal are -10 on the road against the Washington State Cougars in an important game, while the Arizona Wildcats are getting a touchdown on the road in Seattle against the Washington Huskies.

The lowest ‘total’ of the week is right off of the bat on Thursday night between G-Tech and V-Tech. The number of 43 is almost as low as any number that we have seen all season long. However, on the flip side of that, Oregon and Cal are featuring an 84 on the board right now, and that’s the highest ‘total’ that we have ever seen in a game.

2013 NCAA Football Week 5 Odds @ WagerWeb Sportsbook (as of 9/25/13):
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Week 5 NCAA Football Betting Lines for Thursday, 9/26/13
103 Virginia Tech Hokies +7
104 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets -7
Over/Under 43.5

105 Iowa State Cyclones +2.5
106 Tulsa Golden Hurricane -2.5
Over/Under 55

College Football Lines for Week 5 for Friday, 9/27/13
107 Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders +23
108 BYU Cougars -23
Over/Under 59.5

109 Utah State Aggies -9.5
110 San Jose State Spartans +9.5
Over/Under 61.5

NCAA Football Week 5 Odds for Saturday, 9/28/13
111 Virginia Cavaliers +5
112 Pittsburgh Panthers -5
Over/Under 51.5

113 Northern Illinois Huskies -3.5
114 Purdue Boilermakers +3.5
Over/Under 58

115 Troy Trojans +11
116 Duke Blue Devils -11
Over/Under 67.5

117 Connecticut Huskies pk
118 Buffalo Bulls pk
Over/Under 48.5

119 Toledo Rockets +2.5
120 Ball State Cardinals -2.5
Over/Under 67.5

121 Central Michigan Chippewas +23.5
122 NC State Wolfpack -23.5
Over/Under 52

123 Kent State Golden Flashes +2.5
124 Western Michigan Broncos -2.5
Over/Under 51.5

125 East Carolina Pirates +12.5
126 North Carolina Tar Heels -12.5
Over/Under 59

127 Florida State Seminoles -21.5
128 Boston College Eagles +21.5
Over/Under 52

129 UAB Blazers +19.5
130 Vanderbilt Commodores -19.5
Over/Under 55

131 Miami Redhawks +25
132 Illinois Fighting Illini -25
Over/Under 50.5

133 SMU Mustangs +19.5
134 TCU Horned Frogs -19.5
Over/Under 52

135 Arkansas State Red Wolves +21
136 Missouri Tigers -21
Over/Under 62.5

137 Iowa Hawkeyes -1
138 Minnesota Golden Gophers +1
Over/Under 46.5

139 UTEP Miners +13.5
140 Colorado State Rams -13.5
Over/Under 53.5

141 LSU Tigers +3
142 Georgia Bulldogs -3
Over/Under 61.5

143 Arizona Wildcats +10.5
144 Washington Huskies -10.5
Over/Under 64

145 Ole Miss Rebels +14.5
146 Alabama Crimson Tide -14.5
Over/Under 55.5

147 California Golden Bears +36
148 Oregon Ducks -36
Over/Under 84

149 USC Trojans +5.5
150 Arizona State Sun Devils -5.5
Over/Under 50.5

151 Army Black Knights -1.5
152 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs +1.5
Over/Under 55.5

153 Texas A&M Aggies OTB
154 Arkansas Razorbacks OTB
Over/Under OTB

155 Oklahoma Sooners -3.5
156 Notre Dame Fighting Irish +3.5
Over/Under 49.5

157 Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles +28
158 Boise State Broncos -28
Over/Under 55.5

159 Miami Hurricanes -18.5
160 South Florida Bulls +18.5
Over/Under 48

161 Wake Forest Demon Deacons +29
162 Clemson Tigers -29
Over/Under 58.5

163 Temple Owls -7.5
164 Idaho Vandals +7.5
Over/Under 57

165 Tulane Green Wave +14
166 Louisiana Monroe Warhawks -14
Over/Under 57

167 Houston Cougars -2.5
168 Texas San Antonio Roadrunners +2.5
Over/Under 63

169 Akron Zips +14.5
170 Bowling Green Falcons -14.5
Over/Under 53

171 Colorado Buffaloes +11
172 Oregon State Beavers -11
Over/Under 59.5

173 South Carolina Gamecocks -7
174 UCF Knights +7
Over/Under 53

175 Florida Gators -12.5
176 Kentucky Wildcats +12.5
Over/Under 46

177 Stanford Cardinal -10
178 Washington State Cougars +10
Over/Under 48

179 Wyoming Cowboys -11.5
180 Texas State Bobcats +11.5
Over/Under 55.5

181 Navy Midshipmen -3
182 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers +3
Over/Under 57.5

183 Florida Atlantic Owls +13.5
184 Rice Owls -13.5
Over/Under 52.5

185 South Alabama Jaguars +19.5
186 Tennessee Volunteers -19.5
Over/Under 53.5

187 Air Force Falcons +10
188 Nevada Wolf Pack -10
Over/Under 60.5

189 Oklahoma State Cowboys -18
190 West Virginia Mountaineers +18
Over/Under 57

191 Wisconsin Badgers +7
192 Ohio State Buckeyes -7
Over/Under 54.5

193 UNLV Runnin’ Rebels -3
194 New Mexico Lobos +3
Over/Under 54

195 San Diego State Aztecs -17
196 New Mexico State Aggies +17
Over/Under 54

197 Fresno State Bulldogs -18.5
198 Hawaii Warriors +18.5
Over/Under 58.5

Sharp Betting Tips: Sharp College Football & NFL Bets (9/21-9/22/13)

September 19th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in College Football, NFL Football   Comments Off on Sharp Betting Tips: Sharp College Football & NFL Bets (9/21-9/22/13)
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Sharp BetsLooking for some of the best bets on the NFL betting lines and college football betting lines this week? We have all of the best answers for you right here at Bankroll Sports, as we are breaking down all of the sharp plays that are on the docket that can help you win by betting on sports!

To qualify as a sharp bet, at least 70% of the betting public must be betting on the side of a play, and the line either has to be moving in the opposite direction, not moving at all, or in some cases, moving very little. Please note that these are not the official plays of Bankroll Sports. These are merely the plays that are considered to be sharp by definition and are for informational purposes only.

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Sharp NFL Bets For Week 3
The NFL Week 2 betting lines are out, and there are a number of plays on the card that are fitting the bill as tremendously sharp plays. Check out the list of the sharp NFL bets that can help you make money here at Bankroll Sports.

#398: Baltimore Ravens +2.5
#406: Cincinnati Bengals +2.5
#410: Miami Dolphins -1
#416: New York Jets -2

It’s interesting how these games parallel each other. The Ravens and the Bengals are both at home against teams that are projected to win their divisions this year, but both teams are going to be short underdogs in the games in spite of the fact that both have played extremely well at home over the course of the last few seasons. Meanwhile, both the Jets and the Dolphins are teams from the AFC East that are playing clubs that are supposedly at least slightly superior as well, and yet both are short favorites. These are all typical “sharp thought” games in the NFL where the supposedly inferior team is playing host to the supposedly superior team, and in the end, the home team generally wins these games outright.

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Sharp College Football Bets For Week 4
The Week 3 college football schedule is expected to be a tough one to beat, but here at Bankroll Sports, we have all of the sharp plays and sharp bets that the wise guys are betting in Las Vegas and at their offshore sportsbooks.

#322: Connecticut Huskies +17.5
#326: Eastern Michigan Eagles +10.5
#337: San Jose State Spartans +3.5
#378: Central Michigan Chippewas +13

It’s not surprising to see some very sharp teams in some very sharp spots. The Connecticut game is the exact same situation that Notre Dame and Purdue were in last week. We have a night game and a nationally televised game between a Top 25 team that is probably overrated (Michigan) and a clearly inferior squad that is treating this game like the Super Bowl (UConn). Meanwhile in the rest of the games that are particularly sharp this week, San Jose State is only getting around 30% of the betting action, yet the line is dropping quickly like a rock, while Eastern Michigan and Central Michigan, both of which are suspect teams in their own right, are both sharp and getting a lot of points in their respective games. Don’t be surprised if the two Directional Michigan schools at least manage to hang tight on Saturday afternoon.

2013 NFL Week 3 Lines – Week Three NFL Odds Breakdown

September 18th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2013 NFL Week 3 Lines – Week Three NFL Odds Breakdown
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All of the Week 3 NFL Betting Lines Are Listed Below!

Week 3 of the 2013 NFL campaign is going to get underway this weekend. Below you will find the current list of 2011 Week 3 NFL lines and spreads along with a breakdown of the Week 3 NFL odds. Be sure to check out the free NFL picks from the expert handicappers at Bankroll Sports this week…

There’s really a little something for everyone this week on the Week 3 NFL odds, knowing that there are some games that really could be blowouts and a ton of games that could be really close.

We’ll start though, with the 0-2 teams that are really in need of wins. There wasn’t a single team last season that started at 0-2 that made the playoffs, and history isn’t kind to teams that start off the campaign with a pair of defeats. It’s even less kind when you start 0-3, and it’s basically darn near impossible to get the job done from anything worse than that. That’s why the game between the Carolina Panthers and the New York Giants is so darn important. Neither team made the playoffs last season, and both need to get in this year if they want to ensure that their head coach will be back for next season. Both have been disappointing at 0-2, but in fairness, only one of the four games that were played between these featured one of them being favored. Carolina is giving 1 in the game, a clear sign that this one could go either way.

That’s a close call for sure, but the oddsmakers are having an insanely tough time separating most of these teams this week. Nine of the 16 games feature spreads of three points or fewer, and that’s as many as we ever see of the sorts.

5Dimes NFLFrom the top of the NFL rotation schedule, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are going to war on Thursday Night Football, and of course, that means the return of Head Coach Andy Reid to the City of Brotherly Love with his new team. It will be interesting to see how the fans in Philly react to Reid wearing a red polo on the sidelines for a change. What’s most important though, is that the winner of this one is going to have a huge leg up for the rest of the year. A 3-0 start would be crucial for the Chiefs, who are trying to turn around the worst team in football from a season ago. Meanwhile, a 2-1 start for the Eagles would be proof that the Head Coach Chip Kelly style is indeed working. Remember that this is the third game in just 17 days for Philly though, and for the way that it gets up to the line of scrimmage and goes, this is could be a real problem. The Eagles are -3, but we know that KC has a very good chance to take the spoils in this one.

The San Diego Chargers and Tennessee Titans are both 1-1, and both blew leads to the Texans this year that kept them from being 2-0. These two teams have high hopes for Wild Card bids this year, and at least one of them might end up getting it. This game could go a long way in deciding all of that. The Bolts are getting three on the road, and they have to be careful with this being their second straight trip all the way East.

Points could be flying all over the place for the Detroit Lions and the Washington Redskins, as two of the young gun quarterbacks in the league in QB Matthew Stafford and QB Robert Griffin III do battle with one another. Washington badly needs to a win to get out of that 0-2 rut that we spoke of earlier, and it is -1 to get that donut out of the win column. The Miami Dolphins are also -3 at home against the Atlanta Falcons in one of the bigger games of the day in the 4:00 ET hour, while another AFC East team, the New York Jets are -1 at home against the Buffalo Bills in another of the late games.

However, what we are seeing this week as well is the fact that a lot of teams are on the road and laying just a small number of points as well. Generally speaking, that’s bad news for the road teams, but in this case, there are a lot of those roadies that seem to perhaps be sharper plays than normal due to the fact that the teams that are at home are darn good.


They all also have something in common this week as well. All three teams that are home underdogs are from the AFC North. The Pittsburgh Steelers are playing on Sunday Night Football against the Chicago Bears and are +2.5 at home. The Cincinnati Bengals are getting 2.5 from the Green Bay Packers at Paul Brown Stadium. And finally, the Houston Texans are -2.5 at the Baltimore Ravens. Of course, in the AFC North, all of the teams are still in the thick of the fight, though Pittsburgh clearly looks the part of the worst of the three teams. Cincinnati looks the best of the bunch, but it probably has the toughest game this week against the Pack, who have a history of going on the road and winning these big games… as long as they don’t come against teams from the NFC West…

The New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots are both laying a touchdown this week against the Arizona Cardinals and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers respectively. If either one of those two favored teams lose this week, there could be some real questions to answer, especially if it is New England losing at home to a completely dysfunctional Tampa Bay outfit. In middlng games, the Dallas Cowboys are -3.5 against the St. Louis Rams, and the Minnesota Vikings are -5.5 at home against the Cleveland Browns in the other battle of 0-2 teams.

What’s left on the docket that has yet to be discussed are all games that figure to be blowouts when push comes to shove, and they’re all games that are going to be played later on in the day on Sunday and on Monday.

In the 4:00 ET hour on Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts head West to take on the San Francisco 49ers. Head Coach Jim Harbaugh is going to be battling it out with the team that he put on his shoulders in the playoffs time and time again to earn himself the moniker of “Captain Comeback.” His Niners are giving 10 in this one, but we know that QB Andrew Luck has the ability to win this game if he can play at his best.

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WagerWeb NFL

Meanwhile, the last two games that we have yet to talk about are the two biggest NFL point spreads that we have seen all season long. The Denver Broncos are -14.5 on Monday Night Football at home against the Oakland Raiders, while the Seattle Seahawks are -19.5 at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars. If Seattle can creep up to -20 in this game, it will be just the 10th time since 1985 that a team is favored by at least 20 points in a game, and a good chunk of the rest of those times belonged to the undefeated New England team that went 18-0 before losing in the Super Bowl to the Giants.

‘Totals’ have taken a bit of a step back this week. There is only one game lined in the 50s, and that’s the Thursday nighter between the Chiefs and Eagles. The number to beat is 50.5, which is the lowest ‘total’ thus far this year in a Philly game. We have to remember though, that the Chiefs have played two games that have come nowhere near the ‘total’, and if there is a man that knows all of the quirks of all of those high-flying players on offense, it’s Coach Reid.

There are some low ones this week as well, though none are lower than the 39 on the board between the Jets and the Bills, something that is to be expected from two teams that have two rookie quarterbacks under center. The Bears and Steelers are only featuring a ‘total’ of 40, while the Jags and Seahawks are lined at just 40.5. Jacksonville’s implied team total is just 10.5, which is the lowest number that we have seen on the board for any team this year.

2013 NFL Week 3 Odds @ SportBettingOnline Sportsbook (as of 9/18/13):
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Week 3 NFL Pointspreads for Thursday, September 19th
301 Kansas City Chiefs +3
302 Philadelphia Eagles -3
Over/Under 50.5

Week 3 NFL Spreads for Sunday, September 22nd (1:00 ET Kickoffs)
391 San Diego Chargers +3
392 Tennessee Titans -3
Over/Under 44

393 Cleveland Browns +5.5
394 Minnesota Vikings -5.5
Over/Under 40.5

395 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +7
396 New England Patriots -7
Over/Under 44

397 Houston Texans -2.5
398 Baltimore Ravens +2.5
Over/Under 45

399 St. Louis Rams +3.5
400 Dallas Cowboys -3.5
Over/Under 47

401 Arizona Cardinals +7
402 New Orleans Saints -7
Over/Under 48.5

403 Detroit Lions +1
404 Washington Redskins -1
Over/Under 49

405 Green Bay Packers -2.5
406 Cincinnati Bengals +2.5
Over/Under 48.5

407 New York Giants +1
408 Carolina Panthers -1
Over/Under 45.5

NFL Week 3 Betting Lines for Sunday, September 22nd (4:00 ET Kickoffs)
409 Atlanta Falcons +3
410 Miami Dolphins -3
Over/Under 44

411 Indianapolis Colts +10
412 San Francisco 49ers -10
Over/Under 46

413 Jacksonville Jaguars +19.5
414 Seattle Seahawks -19.5
Over/Under 40.5

415 Buffalo Bills +1
416 New York Jets -1
Over/Under 39

Sunday Night Football Week 3 Odds for Sunday, September 22nd
417 Chicago Bears -2.5
418 Pittsburgh Steelers +2.5
Over/Under 40

Monday Night Football Week 3 Lines for Monday, September 23rd
419 Oakland Raiders +14.5
420 Denver Broncos -14.5
Over/Under 49

2013 Week 4 College Football Schedule, NCAA Football Week 4 Odds

September 16th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on 2013 Week 4 College Football Schedule, NCAA Football Week 4 Odds
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Complete List of Week 4 College Football Lines Can Be Found Below
This article is written based off of the NCAA football opening betting lines at 5:00 PM on Sunday 9/15. Updated college football odds can be found at the bottom of this post.

Dabo SwinneyWeek 4 odds are posted here at Bankroll Sports, and we are already set to break down some of the best games on the college football betting lines for the week ahead. Join us as we take our best shot at the NCAA football Vegas odds in Week 4.

What’s really lacking this week are some marquee games. There are a couple games with Top 25 impacts, but neither are really those tremendous games that feel like they should be highlighted in primetime or in that coveted 3:30 p.m. ET timeslot. The best game of the bunch is probably the duel in the Pac-12 between the Stanford Cardinal and the Arizona State Sun Devils. ASU probably had no business hanging on to beat the Wisconsin Badgers last week, but it did so in the end, and that’s all that matters. The Sun Devils are talented for sure, but they are going to have their hands full trying to score on the Stanford defense. The Cardinal have an opportunity to make a statement in this one, but the oddsmakers have caught up with them after they have failed to beat the college football odds in each of their first two games of this season. Stanford doesn’t care at all, knowing that it is 2-0. The Cardinal are giving eight to Arizona State.

The other marquee matchup pits the Notre Dame Fighting Irish up against the Michigan State Spartans. Offense probably is going to be rather optional in this one, knowing that these two teams have their flaws in a big time way on that side of the ball. However, both clubs have excellent defenses that could end up putting up some big time points in this one. Sparty is 3-0, but it is the ugliest 3-0 team in America after taking down the South Florida Bulls, Western Michigan Broncos, and Youngstown State Penguins without very much in the way of glitz or glamor, but it has a shot to make a name for itself in what will be a Top 25 eliminator game in South Bend. Notre Dame is -7, and we expect that there is going to be a big handle in this game on the NCAA football Vegas odds.

NCAA Football BetDSIThe week though, starts off with two really good games that might be two of the best of the weekend. The Clemson Tigers and the NC State Wolfpack are going to be doing battle with one another in Raleigh. If you remember right last year, this was the place that the Florida State Seminoles were beaten by this same NC State team right here at Carter Finley Stadium. If you also remember correctly, this Clemson team feels like it loses a game just like this one on the road every single season. We haven’t seen much out of QB Tajh Boyd since beating the Georgia Bulldogs in Week 1, and we think that this is going to be another one of these games that could be very sneaky. Clemson is -14, but we know that all week long, we are going to be hearing about this team being on upset alert.

The Friday night college football odds involve the best game of the year in the Mountain West. The Boise State Broncos know that they are probably going to have to beat the Fresno State Bulldogs at some point this year if they want to win the conference, but they haven’t looked good at all over the course of the start of the campaign. QB Joe Southwick has some decent numbers, but now he has to stand toe to toe with the man that is going to end up leading the conference in most statistics in all likelihood in QB Derek Carr. The Bulldogs are still thinking about the BCS, as they cracked the Top 25 this week in the Coaches’ Poll. This is their chance to state their case if they can win this game and win it handily. The oddsmakers know what they’re doing for sure by lining Fresno at -4.5, as that’s the type of number that is likely going to draw in a lot of sharp action on the Bulldogs and a lot of square action on Boise State. That being said, the Broncos know that they have the goods and the reputation to back this one up, as they have won and covered a slew of games on the road in the past. This though, is a very tough one.

In the 3:30 ET hour, two teams from the SEC East that have underachieved are going to be meeting in Gainesville, as the Tennessee Volunteers take on the Florida Gators. This is an interesting one to us. We really don’t think that the Gators are capable of scoring enough points to be laying double digits on a regular basis, but the problem is that the Volunteers might be giving up far too many points to not be double digit underdogs every single week. This is a bitter rivalry game that generally goes the way of the Gators, and this year probably isn’t going to be all that much of an exception if you listen to the oddsmakers. UF is giving 14 points at the open, and it is going to be happy to be back at home at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium after the loss two weeks ago to the Miami Hurricanes. FootballAnd then of course, there are all of the games that are expected to be tremendous blowouts. The truth of the matter is that this is probably going to be a suspect week unless there are some tremendous upsets that we just don’t see coming. The biggest of the expected blowouts this week pits the Louisville Cardnals up against the Florida International Golden Panthers. These two teams are on two different planets this year. The Cards are hoping to challenge for a BCS National Championship. The Golden Panthers were just absolutely trashed by the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats, who were actually favored in the game by a field goal. The college football point spread in this one? Six touchdowns.

Next up are the UCLA Bruins, who stormed to 38 unanswered points last week to the beat the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Bruins now take on one of the worst teams on the West Coast, the New Mexico State Aggies, who have made a habit out of just getting obliterated in games like this one. The boys from Las Cruces are getting 39.5 points in this one.

The Alabama Crimson Tide, who you’d figure would be giving a tremendous amount of points to the Colorado State Rams, are obliging. The Tide are expected to roll in this one by 38 points. In fact, there are five games this week with spreads in the 30s, and there are three others that feature college football betting lines of four touchdowns or greater. Heck, there’s even a road team that is -32 this week, as the Vanderbilt Commodores are traveling to take on the Massachusetts Minutemen, who are sure to challenge as one of the worst teams in the FBS this year.

In FBS vs. FCS action, we have a lot of just ridiculous numbers. The Miami Hurricanes are the most ridiculous of the bunch, as they are laying 55 against the Savannah State Tigers. Then again, remember that Savannah State was beaten by 63 against the Troy Trojans earlier this year, and they were beaten 84-0 by the Oklahoma State Cowboys the year before. Miami is just one of three teams that are ranked in the Top 25 that are all favored by at least 50 points to open up the week, and it’s insane to think that that’s the case.

‘Totals’ finally opened up on Monday evening across the internet sportsbook scene, and we are impressed with some of the numbers. Of course, the most impressive of the bunch is the whopping 83.5 that came out for the Texas A&M Aggies and the SMU Mustangs. A&M clearly has a sieve of a defense this year, as the Aggies have allowed just gobs of points to everyone that they have faced. SMU isn’t afraid to try to outscore foes by putting 40 on the board either, and Head Coach June Jones surely isn’t shy about his scoring. A stunning seven games have ‘totals’ of at least 66, and that includes both the Thursday night and Friday night games. The ‘total’ on the other end of the spectrum is not surprisingly the one between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Michigan State Spartans. These two teams have a lot more defense than anything else, and it’s not a shock to see just a 42 on the board on the Week 4 college football odds.

2013 NCAA Football Week 4 Odds @ WagerWeb Sportsbook (as of 9/16/13):
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Week 4 NCAA Football Betting Lines for Thursday, 9/19/13
303 Clemson Tigers -13.5
304 NC State Wolfpack +13.5
Over/Under 66

College Football Lines for Week 4 for Friday, 9/20/13
305 Boise State Broncos +3
306 Fresno State Bulldogs -3
Over/Under 67.5

NCAA Football Week 4 Odds for Saturday, 9/21/13
307 North Texas Mean Green +32
308 Georgia Bulldogs -32
Over/Under 67

309 Florida International Golden Panthers +41.5
310 Louisville Cardinals -41.5
Over/Under 67

311 Western Michigan Broncos +17
312 Iowa Hawkeyes -17
Over/Under 50

313 Vanderbilt Commodores -32
314 Massachusetts Minutemen +32
Over/Under 52.5

315 Tennessee Volunteers +17
316 Florida Gators -17
Over/Under 47.5

317 Wake Forest Demon Deacons -3.5
318 Army Black Knights +3.5
Over/Under 49

319 Pittsburgh Panthers -4
320 Duke Blue Devils +4
Over/Under 50.5

321 Michigan Wolverines -17.5
322 Connecticut Huskies +17.5
Over/Under 52

323 Purdue Boilermakers +24
324 Wisconsin Badgers -24
Over/Under 47.5

325 Ball State Cardinals -11
326 Eastern Michigan Eagles +11
Over/Under 55.5

327 Kent State Golden Flashes +19
328 Penn State Nittany Lions -19
Over/Under 54

329 Marshall Thundering Herd +9.5
330 Virginia Tech Hokies -9.5
Over/Under 53

331 Cincinnati Bearcats -22
332 Miami Redhawks +22
Over/Under 54.5

333 North Carolina Tar Heels +5.5
334 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets -5.5
Over/Under 61

335 West Virginia Mountaineers +5.5
336 Maryland Terrapins -5.5
Over/Under 52.5

337 San Jose State Spartans +5.5
338 Minnesota Golden Gophers -5.5
Over/Under 51.5

339 Troy Trojans +14
340 Mississippi State Bulldogs -14
Over/Under 60

341 Louisiana Monroe Warhawks +28
342 Baylor Bears -28
Over/Under 74.5

343 Wyoming Cowboys -3
344 Air Force Falcons +3
Over/Under 63.5

345 Utah Utes +7
346 BYU Cougars -7
Over/Under 61.5

347 Hawaii Warriors +11.5
348 Nevada Wolf Pack -11.5
Over/Under OTB

349 Utah State Aggies +6.5
350 USC Trojans -6.5
Over/Under 51.5

351 SMU Mustangs +28.5
352 Texas A&M Aggies -28.5
Over/Under 79.5

353 Rice Owls +2.5
354 Houston Cougars -2.5
Over/Under 64.5

355 Michigan State Spartans +7
356 Notre Dame Fighting Irish -7
Over/Under 42.5

357 Kansas State Wildcats +3.5
358 Texas Longhorns -3.5
Over/Under OTB

359 Arkansas State Red Wolves -4
360 Memphis Tigers +4
Over/Under 54

361 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs +10.5
362 Kansas Jayhawks -10.5
Over/Under 49

363 Colorado State Rams +39.5
364 Alabama Crimson Tide -39.5
Over/Under 52

365 Arkansas Razorbacks OTB
366 Rutgers Scarlet Knights OTB
Over/Under OTB

367 Arizona State Sun Devils +7
368 Stanford Cardinal -7
Over/Under 49

369 Louisiana Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns -7
370 Akron Zips +7
Over/Under 64.5

371 Idaho Vandals +31
372 Washington State Cougars -31
Over/Under 57.5

373 Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders -4.5
374 Florida Atlantic Owls +4.5
Over/Under 48

375 Tulane Green Wave +14.5
376 Syracuse Orange -14.5
Over/Under 54.5

377 Toledo Rockets OTB
378 Central Michigan Chippewas OTB
Over/Under OTB

379 Texas State Bobcats +26.5
380 Texas Tech Red Raiders -26.5
Over/Under 57

381 Oregon State Beavers -11
382 San Diego State Aztecs +11
Over/Under 54.5

383 Auburn Tigers +17.5
384 LSU Tigers -17.5
Over/Under 56

385 Texas San Antonio Roadrunners +1
386 UTEP Miners -1
Over/Under 58

387 Missouri Tigers -3
388 Indiana Hoosiers +3
Over/Under 70.5

389 New Mexico State Aggies +42
390 UCLA Bruins -42
Over/Under 66

431 Jacksonville State Gamecocks -9
432 Georgia State Panthers +9

433 Savannah State Tigers +55
434 Miami Hurricanes -55

435 Bethune Cookman Wildcats +39.5
436 Florida State Seminoles -39.5

437 Maine Black Bears +30
438 Northwestern Wildcats -30

439 Florida A&M Rattlers +51
440 Ohio State Buckeyes -51

441 VMI Keydets +40.5
442 Virginia Cavaliers -40.5

443 South Dakota State Jackrabbits +26
444 Nebraska Cornhuskers -26

445 Austin Peay Governors +28
446 Ohio Bobcats -28

447 Northwestern State Demons +15
448 UAB Blazers -15

449 Murray State Racers +24.5
450 Bowling Green Falcons -24.5

451 Idaho State Bengals +49
452 Washington Huskies -49

453 Morgan State Bears +34
454 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers -34

455 Eastern Illinois Panthers +10.5
456 Northern Illinois Huskies -10.5

457 Western Illinois Leathernecks +11.5
458 UNLV Runnin’ Rebels -11.5