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2019 College Football National Championship Odds

December 6th, 2018 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist) | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on 2019 College Football National Championship Odds
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The college football regular season is complete (exception: Army/Navy game) and the BCS National Championship playoff bracket is set.  We’re down to just 4 teams; Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Clemson & Alabama.  The semifinal matchups (Cotton Bowl & Orange Bowl) will take place on November 29th @ 4pm & 8pm EST.  We take a brief look at the best available odds to win the National Championship for the four remaining teams.  We also list all the current odds from our favorite sportsbooks.

The best odds to win the 2018 National Championship for each of these teams (from our recommended sportsbooks) are as follows:

Alabama Crimson Tide (Best Odds: -225 @ Bovada Sportsbook) – Alabama showed a bit of vulnerability in the SEC Championship game.  They trailed for most of the game against Georgia but managed to escape with a win, even with an minor injury to their starting QB.  But, the question now: Is Alabama at all vulnerable against any of the three teams in the playoff?  They’re listed as two touchdown favorites in their semifinal matchup (Orange Bowl) against Oklahoma.  Had Alabama won handily against Georgia, you probably wouldn’t be able to get them at a price under -300.  However, I’m not sure if the SEC title game would’ve had an effect on the game line against Oklahoma.  Barring any major injuries or developments, you are unlikely to see Alabama at anything under -200 for the entire month of December.  If you are looking to roll with Tide, -225 at Bovada is likely the best you are going to do.

Clemson Tigers (Best Odds: 3 to 1 @ Bovada Sportsbook) – To nobody’s surprise, Clemson dominated in the ACC Championship game against a weaker Pittsburgh opponent.  Their 13-0 schedule has most pundits believing they are the clear second best team in the land.  Some Clemson fans might argue they should be the #1 team in the land right now.  If you go back through their schedule & also look at the final college football rankings, you might notice that Clemson failed to beat a single team that finished the season in the top 15.  However, this may be an unfair criticism, as they can only beat who they play.  They were also dominating teams in the second half of the season.  Clemson is currently listed as 11 to 11.5 point favorites over Notre Dame in their semifinal (Cotton Bowl) matchup.  Is this large number justified?  If it’s proven justified, and Clemson were to crush Notre Dame, a price of 3-1 will end up being a pretty good value.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Best Odds: 14 to 1 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook) – Obviously, the Irish didn’t have to play in a conference championship game; and they secured their BCS playoff spot the previous week.  Some fans of major conferences are claiming that the Irish don’t belong.  But, Notre Dame fans are pointing to their 12-0 resume which included a early season win over #7 Michigan.  Again, the question remains as to whether  or not they should be a double-digit underdog against Clemson.  There are some common opponents Between Notre Dame & Clemson.  These include Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Wake Forest, & Florida State.  Notre Dame recently dominated Syracuse while Clemson struggled with the Orange in September.  As the same time, Pittsburgh gave the Irish their toughest test of the season while Clemson recently trounced the Panthers in the ACC title.  If you believe Notre Dame can beat the Clemson in the semifinal game, 14 to 1 probably looks like a bargain to you.

Oklahoma Sooners (Best Odds: 14 to 1 @ JustBet Sportsbook) – If you bet on Oklahoma last week to win the National Championship at 25-1, you got some good value, as they are down to 14-1.  Oklahoma was tested vs. a formidable Texas Loghorns team in the Big 12 title, but their high-powered spread offense propelled them to a win.  Their win, combined with their 12-1 resume in the Big 12, was enough to get them a place at the table.  Their Big 12 title win earned them the 4th spot in the playoff over Georgia and Oklahoma.  Questions remain about the Sooner defense and how it will hold up in a game like this.  The total for the semifinal (Cotton Bowl) matchup against Bama is a giant number at 79.  The Oklahoma offense is clearly strong enough to put up points against anyone.  However, can they prevent the potent Alabama attack from scoring even once for the entire 60 minute game?

Check back after semifinal games and we’ll post the odds for the National Championship game from at least 5 or 6 books and share the best available number for the side and total.  The full list of 2019 college football National Championship odds from our recommended sportsbooks can be found below.

BCS National Championship Odds @ Bovada (as of 12/3)
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Alabama (#1) -225
Clemson (#2) +295
Notre Dame (#3) +1400
Oklahoma (#5) +1400

NCAA Football National Championship Odds @ 5 Dimes (as of 12/3)
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National Championship Odds off the Board

Odds To Win The BCS National Championship @ JustBet(as of 12/3)
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Alabama -250
Clemson +260
Notre Dame +1400
Oklahoma +1400

Heisman Trophy Odds – Heisman Picks & Preview

November 28th, 2018 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on Heisman Trophy Odds – Heisman Picks & Preview
Current List of Odds to Win the Heisman Trophy (as of 12/5/2018)
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2018 Odds To Win The Heisman From XBet Sportsbook (as of 12/5/2018):
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  • WILL GRIER +2500

2018-19 College Football National Championship Odds

November 27th, 2018 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist) | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on 2018-19 College Football National Championship Odds
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With just the conference championship weekend to play in the 2018 football season, the latest odds to win the 2018 NCAA National Championship include just a few teams that have a possibility of making the four-team playoff.  The list includes: Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma.  Some books are offering odds on Central Florida, who may have an outside chance of getting into the playoff. 

The best odds to win the 2018 National Championship for each of these teams, from our recommended sportsbooks, are as follows:

Alabama Crimson Tide (Best Odds: 2 to 7 @ JustBet Sportsbook) – The Tide are the clear overwhelming favorites to win it all is currently being offered at odds ranging from -250 to -300.  Many believe that even if Alabama were to lose to Georgia in the SEC title that they would still be given a spot in the 4-team playoff. 

Clemson Tigers (Best Odds: 2.5 to 1 @ Bovada Sportsbook) – Clemmy still has to face Pittsburgh in the ACC Championship game on Saturday 12/1.  But, as 26-point favorites, oddsmakers are already writing them in the playoff.  How they fare against Pitt on Saturday could have an effect on their odds and their seed.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Best Odds: 12 to 1 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook) – With their win at USC on Saturday night, the Irish have completed their undefeated, 12-0 season and secured their spot in the 2018 BCS playoff.  What seed Notre Dame is given, and who they end up facing in the semifinal round, could have an major effect on their odds after the conference championships are completed.

Georgia Bulldogs (Best Odds: 15 to 1 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook) – It seems clear that in order for Georgia to get into the playoff, they must either beat Alabama or give them a test that would be worthy of a rematch.  A definitive defeat against Alabama will likely move Georgia out and open up a spot for someone else. So, how they fare against the Tide in the SEC title will clear up a lot with regard to the Dawg’s chances.

Ohio State Buckeyes (Best Odds: 18 to 1 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook) – The 11-1 Buckeyes are on the outside looking in at the moment, with regard to the playoff.  Buckeye fans will need some help in the form of an Alabama blowout of Georgia, or a less-likely upset in the ACC Championship.  The Buckeyes will also need to win the Big 10 Championship game over Northwestern in a convincing fashion.

Oklahoma Sooners (Best Odds: 25 to 1 @ JustBet Sportsbook) – Also on the outside looking, Oklahoma will need the same type of help that the Buckeyes need. However, they face the toughest test in their conference title.  The Sooners will face Texas in the Big 12 Championship.  A convincing win over the Longhorns will help their case for the spot in the playoff (over Ohio State) should Alabama make Georgia look unworthy in the SEC title.

Central Florida Golden Knights (Best Odds: 500 to 1 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook) – Most books aren’t even offering title odds on Central Florida.  Despite their undefeated season and their pleas for the selection committee to consider them, the Golden Knights play a fairly lax schedule in the American Athletic conference.  They only beat one marginal top 25 team this year in Cincinnati at home.  Pending some miracle scenario, Central Florida is unlikely to be given a spot in the playoff.  They also have to beat a formidable Memphis team in the American Championship game on Saturday, where they are only favored by a field goal. 

The 2018 BCS Playoff is less than week away from being set.  Check back after conference championship weekend, where we will update you with the best odds available.  The full list of 2018-19 National Championship odds from our recommended sportsbooks can be found below.  

BCS National Championship Odds @ Bovada (as of 11/27)
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Alabama (#1) -260
Clemson (#2) +350
Notre Dame (#3) +900
Georgia (#5) +1200
Ohio State (#10) +1500
Oklahoma (#6) +1800

NCAA Football National Championship Odds @ 5 Dimes (as of 11/27)
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Alabama -255
Clemson +325
Notre Dame +1200
Georgia +1500
Ohio State +1850
Oklahoma +2000
Central Florida +50000

Odds To Win The BCS National Championship @ JustBet (as of 11/27)
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Alabama -250
Clemson +350
Notre Dame +1200
Georgia +1400
Oklahoma +2500
Ohio State +1100

2017 BCS National Championship Odds – College Football Playoff Odds

December 21st, 2016 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist) | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on 2017 BCS National Championship Odds – College Football Playoff Odds
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With the 2016-17 BCS Championship playoff bracket officially set, we’d like to take a quick look at the current odds to win the 2017 BCS Championship from the reputable offshore sportsbooks on the web.  Note: When the National Championship game is set, this page will also feature the game-day spreads (lines from our top 3 most recommended sportsbooks)

Obviously, Alabama is the current favorite with 1 to 2 odds (even 1 to 3 odds at some books).  We see little-to-zero value (as far as future betting) with the latest price from all books.  However, if you love the Tide and think Bama is going to squash both teams they play, the best line being offered is now -230 at Bovada. With Washington playing the Tide in their semi-final game, they are obviously the long-shot in this four-team playoff.  If you like the Pac 12 Champion to pull off the first round upset, betting their future to win the title now, can give you a great hedge opportunity before the BCS Championship game.  You can get the Huskies at a price as high as 14 to 1 (+1385) at 5Dimes; which is an astronomical price for a semi-final playoff game.  The 2 & 3 seeds in Ohio State and Clemson are being offered at a mix of prices out there.  If you like Clemson, 5Dimes is offering the Tigers at hefty price of almost 8 to 1 (+750).  The best available price for the Buckeyes is currently a straight 5 to 1 (+500) at Bovada.  Check back after the semi-final game for an update on the best college football National Championship game spreads.  

Current Odds To Win The BCS National Championship @ JustBet 
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Alabama: 1 to 3 (-270)
Ohio State: 4 to 1
Clemson: 7 to 1
Washington: 13 to 1

Latest 2017 BCS National Championship Odds @ Bovada 
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Alabama: 1 to 2 (-230)
Ohio State: 5 to 1 (+500)
Clemson: 6 to 1 (+550)
Washington: 10 to 1 (+1000)

2016-17 College Football Championship Odds @ 5 Dimes Sportsbook 
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Alabama: 1 to 2 (-245)
Ohio State: 5 to 1 (+455)
Clemson: 8 to 1 (+750)
Washington: 14 to 1 (+1385)

2015-16 BCS College Football National Championship Odds

September 2nd, 2015 by Rodney James (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on 2015-16 BCS College Football National Championship Odds
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The college football season is approaching. With games in less than a month, it’s time to start looking ahead at the odds to win the National Championship. Remember, this is the second season for the college football playoff system. There are a bunch of teams that will be vying for those four spots. What teams can make it to the title game, and get over the top and win it all? Let’s take a look at some of the latest Vegas odds to win the National Championship for 2015?

The favorite to win the National Championship belongs to the defending champion Ohio State Buckeyes. Ohio State, led by Urban Meyer is listed at +300. The Big Ten favorite will have to contend with solid teams in Wisconsin, Michigan State and Michigan to get there, but with loads of talent on both sides of the ball, the Buckeyes are the heavy favorite. There are two teams tied for the second best odds to win the 2015 National Championship. Nick Saban and his Crimson Tide of Alabama and Gary Patterson and the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian University are listed at +700. The Crimson Tide, of course will have to contend with the rugged SEC, while TCU is the favorite out of the Big 12. Alabama should be solid on both sides of the football, but will hang their hat on the defensive side of the football. A season ago, the Horned Frogs were one of the top scoring teams. Patterson and his offensive attack certainly will be tough to stop throughout the season. Three other teams that are listed highly are the Auburn Tigers at +1400, Oregon Ducks +1400 and USC Trojans +1500. Auburn is the second team listed from the SEC, while the Oregon Ducks and USC Trojans are from the Pac-12.  Finally, the Baylor Bears, who were once of the top scoring teams a season ago is listed also at +1500.

Other teams that are listed as more of an underdog to win the 2015 National Championship are as follows: Clemson Tigers +1800, Florida State Seminoles +1800, Michigan State Spartans +1800, LSU Tigers +2000, Notre Dame Fighting Irish +2200 and UCLA Bruins +2400. The Clemson Tigers and Florida State Seminoles are the top Atlantic Coast Conference teams. The Tigers and Seminoles, if they can run the table in the conference could be a decent darkhorse to get into the final four. Florida State is one season removed from winning the national championship. Michigan State at +1800 is the second Big Ten team listed. As we mentioned earlier, the Spartans will contend with heavy favorites Ohio State, but will also see Michigan during the regular season. That rivalry game is never easy on either side. The Spartans take on Oregon the second week of the season. LSU is the third team listed out of the SEC. Les Miles and his team will need to find a spark offensively to get out of the conference with 1 or 2 losses. Notre Dame, of course is an independent. Their schedule is not as tough as year’s past, and Brian Kelly has shown the ability to recruit some studs to South Bend, so a good darkhorse possibility. Finally, UCLA is the third Pac-12 team listed. They of course are behind both Oregon and USC.

The season kicks off on September 3rd, so be sure to get into the action with NCAA Football Futures wagering, and bet on the National Championship for 2015. There should be some great action all over the country during the upcoming college football season.

Current Odds To Win The BCS National Championship @ JustBet 
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ARIZONA +97221
AUBURN +13024
BAYLOR +19883
BYU +300000
CLEMSON +28562
FLORIDA +73420
GEORGIA +25863
IOWA +500000
KENTUCKY +700000
LSU +22406
MISSOURI +165000
NC STATE +400000
NEBRASKA +145000
OREGON +20003
PENN STATE +130000
TCU +7227
TEXAS +80000
TEXAS A&M +51201
UCLA +31591
USC +14235
UTAH +135000

2015 Week 1 College Football Odds – 2015 Week 1 Odds

August 27th, 2015 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist) | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on 2015 Week 1 College Football Odds – 2015 Week 1 Odds
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5Dimes NCAA Football
The Latest Week 1 College Football Odds Can Be Found At Bottom of Post
Below you will find an article discussing the biggest week one NCAA football games and the lines
A Full list of all odds (spreads & totals) for all of the week 1 college football match-ups below.

The opening weekend of NCAA Football is quickly approaching. The oddsmakers have set the lines for all the week one games. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest games for this week along with all the current lines for them.  

The first game of the season features the old ball coach Steve Spurrier & his South Carolina Gamecocks.  SC is currently listed as a mere field goal favorite over the rivaled Tar Heels of North Carolina. This opener between two talented teams should prove to be an excellent opening matchup to kick off the season. Another game on Thursday September 3rd is the Michigan Wolverines and Utah Utes. The Utes are projected to be solid in 2015, while Michigan is looking at a bit of a rebuilding now with Coach Harbaugh taking over. The Utah Utes are -5.5 over the Michigan Wolverines. The TCU Horned Frogs are a two touchdown favorite over the Big Ten’s Minnesota Golden Gophers. TCU is the favorite to win the Big 12 this season, and get into the national championship picture.

On Friday, The Baylor Bears will go on the road, and take on one of the worst teams in the country a season ago. Baylor looks to be one of the best offensive teams in all of college football once again. Baylor is -34 over Southern Methodist University. The Michigan State Spartans are another team that goes on the road in week 1. The Spartans are making sure they do not look ahead to their marquee week 2 tilt against Oregon. Michigan State is -19 at Western Michigan in Week 1. The Fighting Illini of Illinois are another Big Ten team opening up on Friday night. They will also team on a MAC squad. Illinois opened at -15.5 for this game. The final game slated on Friday night is the Boise State Broncos and the Washington Huskies. This game will be played on the blue turf. The Broncos are looking to get back as an elite contender in college football. Boise State is -10.5 over Washington.

The first Saturday of the season sees several elite top 25 matchups. The UCLA Bruins are a 17 point favorite over the Virginia Cavaliers, Stanford goes to Northwestern and are a 12 point favorite in two games featuring Pac-12 teams. The Auburn Tigers host the Louisville Cardinals are come in as 10.5 favorites. Nebraska -6.5 over BYU, Notre Dame -9.5 over Texas, Alabama -10.5 over Wisconsin, USC -28.5 over Arkansas State and in the nightcap for Saturday September 5th, the Ohio State Buckeyes, who are the defending national champions are a 10.5 point favorite over the Virginia Tech Hokies.

Enjoy the opening week of college football & if you are looking for smart picks to put your money on, check out the premium service picks from the experts at Bankroll Sports (who are coming off a very strong football season last year)

2013 NCAA Football Week 7 Odds @ 5Dimes Sportsbook (as of 11/14/13)
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College Football Week 1 Lines For Saturday, 8/29/2015
Date & TimeRotation Numbers & TeamsSpreadMoneylineOver/Under
North Dakota State at Montana   
Sat 8/29293 North Dakota State  -14½ -120 -690 o46 -120
3:30PM294 Montana  +14½ -120 +430 u46 -120
NCAA Football Week One Spreads For Thursday, 9/3/2015
South Carolina vs North Carolina, in Charlotte   
Thu 9/3133 South Carolina  -3 -105 -150 o64½ -110
6:00PM134 North Carolina  +3 -115 +130 u64½ -110
Florida International at Central Florida   
Thu 9/3135 Florida International  +16½ -110 +570 o46½ -110
6:00PM136 Central Florida  -16½ -110 -975 u46½ -110
Oklahoma State at Central Michigan   
Thu 9/3137 Oklahoma State  -23 -110 -2575 o54 -110
7:00PM138 Central Michigan  +23 -110 +1300 u54 -110
Michigan at Utah   
Thu 9/3139 Michigan  +5½ -110 +180 o46 -110
8:30PM140 Utah  -5½ -110 -240 u46 -110
TCU at Minnesota U   
Thu 9/3141 TCU  -14½ -110 -800 o57½ -110
9:00PM142 Minnesota U  +14½ -110 +500 u57½ -110
Duke at Tulane    
Thu 9/3143 Duke  -9 -110 -365 o47 -110
9:30PM144 Tulane  +9 -110 +275 u47 -110
Ohio at Idaho    
Thu 9/3145 Ohio  -8½ -110 -350 o54½ -110
9:00PM146 Idaho  +8½ -110 +260 u54½ -110
Texas San Antonio at Arizona U   
Thu 9/3147 Texas San Antonio  +31½ -110 +4600 o52½ -110
10:00PM148 Arizona U  -31½ -110 -14500 u52½ -110
Western Kentucky at Vanderbilt   
Thu 9/3211 Western Kentucky  +1 -110 -102 o65 -110
8:00PM212 Vanderbilt  -1 -110 -118 u65 -110
Elon at Wake Forest   
Thu 9/3301 Elon  +28½ -120 +2600 
7:00PM302 Wake Forest  -28½ -120 -8200 
VMI at Ball State   
Thu 9/3303 VMI  +28½ -120 +2600 
7:00PM304 Ball State  -28½ -120 -8200 
Stony Brook at Toledo   
Thu 9/3305 Stony Brook  +26½ -120 +1900 
7:00PM306 Toledo  -26½ -120 -5700 
Alcorn State vs Georgia Tech   
Thu 9/3307 Alcorn State  +44 -120 +30000 
7:30PM308 Georgia Tech  -44 -120 -150000 
Villanova at Connecticut   
Thu 9/3309 Villanova  -3 -120 -160 
7:30PM310 Connecticut  +3 -120 +120 
Southern Utah at Utah State   
Thu 9/3311 Southern Utah  +32 -120 +4500 
9:00PM312 Utah State  -32 -120 -17500 
UC Davis at Nevada   
Thu 9/3313 UC Davis  +24½ -120 +1300 
10:00PM314 Nevada  -24½ -120 -3000 
New Hampshire at San Jose State   
Thu 9/3315 New Hampshire  +5½ -120 +170 
10:00PM316 San Jose State  -5½ -120 -230 
Abilene Christian at Fresno State   
Thu 9/3317 Abilene Christian  +21 -120 +850 
10:00PM318 Fresno State  -21 -120 -1750 
College Football Week One Spreads For Thursday, 9/4/2015
Colorado at Hawaii   
Fri 9/4149 Colorado  -8 -110 -350 o56½ -110
1:00AM150 Hawaii  +8 -110 +290 u56½ -110
Baylor at SMU    
Fri 9/4151 Baylor  -34½ -110 -21500 o74½ -110
7:00PM152 SMU  +34½ -110 +6500 u74½ -110
Charlotte at Georgia State   
Fri 9/4153 Charlotte  +6½ -110 +210 o74 -110
3:30PM154 Georgia State  -6½ -110 -250 u74 -110
Michigan State at Western Michigan   
Fri 9/4155 Michigan State  -18½ -110 -1370 o58½ -110
7:00PM156 Western Michigan  +18½ -110 +750 u58½ -110
Kent State at Illinois   
Fri 9/4157 Kent State  +16 -110 +550 o51½ -110
9:00PM158 Illinois  -16 -110 -925 u51½ -110
Washington U at Boise State   
Fri 9/4159 Washington U  +10½ -110 +320 o56½ -110
10:15PM160 Boise State  -10½ -110 -425 u56½ -110
Fordham at Army   
Fri 9/4319 Fordham  +7 -120 +210 
7:00PM320 Army  -7 -120 -290 
Rhode Island at Syracuse   
Fri 9/4321 Rhode Island  +33 -120 +5000 
7:00PM322 Syracuse  -33 -120 -20000 
Weber State at Oregon State   
Fri 9/4323 Weber State  +28 -120 +2250 
8:00PM324 Oregon State  -28 -120 -6750 
NCAA Football Week One Spreads For Saturday, 9/5/2015
Old Dominion at Eastern Michigan   
Sat 9/5161 Old Dominion  -6½ -110  
3:00PM162 Eastern Michigan  +6½ -110  
New Mexico State at Florida   
Sat 9/5163 New Mexico State  +36½ -110 +11000 o57½ -110
7:30PM164 Florida  -36½ -110 -35000 u57½ -110
Penn State at Temple   
Sat 9/5165 Penn State  -7 -110 -290 o39 -110
3:30PM166 Temple  +7 -110 +245 u39 -110
Florida Atlantic at Tulsa   
Sat 9/5167 Florida Atlantic  +7½ -120 +240 o62½ -110
3:30PM168 Tulsa  -7½ +100 -300 u62½ -110
Virginia at UCLA   
Sat 9/5169 Virginia  +17 -110 +575 o53½ -110
3:30PM170 UCLA  -17 -110 -985 u53½ -110
Stanford at Northwestern   
Sat 9/5171 Stanford  -12 -110 -485 o45 -110
12:00PM172 Northwestern  +12 -110 +350 u45 -110
Louisville vs Auburn, in Atlanta   
Sat 9/5173 Louisville  +11 -110 +330 o58½ -110
3:30PM174 Auburn  -11 -110 -450 u58½ -110
Arizona State vs Texas A&M, in Houston   
Sat 9/5175 Arizona State  +3 -110 +125 o66½ -110
7:00PM176 Texas A&M  -3 -110 -155 u66½ -110
BYU at Nebraska   
Sat 9/5177 BYU  +6½ -110 +190 o65 -110
3:30PM178 Nebraska  -6½ -110 -250 u65 -110
Troy at NC State   
Sat 9/5179 Troy  +25½ -110 +1500 o58 -110
6:00PM180 NC State  -25½ -110 -3750 u58 -110
UNLV at Northern Illinois   
Sat 9/5181 UNLV  +21 -110 +920 o62½ -110
7:30PM182 Northern Illinois  -21 -110 -1630 u62½ -110
Akron at Oklahoma   
Sat 9/5183 Akron  +31 -110 +4500 o55½ -110
7:00PM184 Oklahoma  -31 -110 -14000 u55½ -110
Bowling Green vs Tennessee, in Nashville   
Sat 9/5185 Bowling Green  +21 -110 +900 o60 -110
4:00PM186 Tennessee U  -21 -110 -1610 u60 -110
UL Monroe at Georgia   
Sat 9/5189 UL Monroe  +35 -110 +8000 o52 -110
12:00PM190 Georgia  -35 -110 -26000 u52 -110
UL Lafayette at Kentucky   
Sat 9/5191 UL Lafayette  +15½ -110 +500 o60½ -110
7:00PM192 Kentucky  -15½ -110 -800 u60½ -110
UTEP at Arkansas   
Sat 9/5193 UTEP  +33 -110 +6000 o49 -110
3:30PM194 Arkansas  -33 -110 -20000 u49 -110
Georgia Southern at West Virginia   
Sat 9/5195 Georgia Southern  +20 -110 +1025 o58½ -110
7:30PM196 West Virginia  -20 -110 -1550 u58½ -110
Texas at Notre Dame   
Sat 9/5197 Texas  +9½ -110 +295 o54½ -110
7:30PM198 Notre Dame  -9½ -110 -385 u54½ -110
Texas State at Florida State   
Sat 9/5199 Texas State  +30 -110 +4000 o58 -110
8:00PM200 Florida State  -30 -110 -12500 u58 -110
Alabama vs Wisconsin, in Arlington   
Sat 9/5201 Wisconsin  +10 -110 +300 o53 -110
8:00PM202 Alabama  -10 -110 -390 u53 -110
Mississippi State at Southern Mississippi   
Sat 9/5203 Mississippi State  -23½ -110 -2575 o55½ -110
10:00PM204 Southern Mississippi  +23½ -110 +1300 u55½ -110
Arkansas State at USC   
Sat 9/5205 Arkansas State  +29 -110 +3500 o67 -110
11:00PM206 USC  -29 -110 -10000 u67 -110
South Dakota State at Kansas   
Sat 9/5325 South Dakota State  +5 -120 +160 
12:00PM326 Kansas  -5 -120 -210 o64 -110
     u64 -110
Norfolk State at Rutgers   
Sat 9/5327 Norfolk State  +38 -120 +10000 
12:00PM328 Rutgers  -38 -120 -50000 o53½ -110
     u53½ -110
Illinois State at Iowa   
Sat 9/5329 Illinois State  +9 -120 +250 
12:00PM330 Iowa  -9 -120 -350 
Richmond at Maryland   
Sat 9/5331 Richmond  +20½ -120 +775 
12:00PM332 Maryland  -20½ -120 -1625 
Colgate at Navy   
Sat 9/5333 Colgate  +28½ -120 +2600 
12:00PM334 Navy  -28½ -120 -8200 
Tennessee Martin at Mississippi   
Sat 9/5335 Tennessee Martin  +40½ -120 +15000 
12:00PM336 Mississippi  -40½ -120 -75000 
Wofford at Clemson   
Sat 9/5337 Wofford  +38½ -120 +10000 
12:30PM338 Clemson  -38½ -120 -50000 
Youngstown State at Pittsburgh   
Sat 9/5339 Youngstown State  +12 -120 +320 
1:00PM340 Pittsburgh U  -12 -120 -460 
Maine at Boston College   
Sat 9/5341 Maine  +28½ -120 +2500 
1:00PM342 Boston College  -28½ -120 -7500 
Portland State at Washington State   
Sat 9/5343 Portland State  +28 -120 +2500 
2:00PM344 Washington State  -28 -120 -7500 
Gardner-Webb at South Alabama   
Sat 9/5345 Gardner-Webb  +22 -120 +1000 
6:00PM346 South Alabama  -22 -120 -2000 
Albany NY at Buffalo   
Sat 9/5347 Albany NY  +13½ -120 +370 
3:30PM348 Buffalo U  -13½ -120 -560 
Morgan State at Air Force   
Sat 9/5349 Morgan State  +32½ -120 +4750 
3:30PM350 Air Force  -32½ -120 -18250 
North Dakota vs Wyoming   
Sat 9/5351 North Dakota  +18½ -120 +600 
4:00PM352 Wyoming  -18½ -120 -1200 
Savannah State at Colorado State   
Sat 9/5353 Savannah State  +50½ -120 +60000 
4:00PM354 Colorado State  -50½ -120 -300000 
Presbyterian at Miami Ohio   
Sat 9/5355 Presbyterian  +9 -120 +250 
3:30PM356 Miami Ohio  -9 -120 -350 
Howard at Appalachian State   
Sat 9/5357 Howard  +32 -120 +4500 
3:30PM358 Appalachian State  -32 -120 -17500 
Wagner at Rice    
Sat 9/5359 Wagner  +29½ -120 +2750 
3:30PM360 Rice  -29½ -120 -9250 
SE Missouri State at Missouri   
Sat 9/5361 SE Missouri St  +41½ -120 +20000 
4:00PM362 Missouri  -41½ -120 -100000 
Southern Illinois at Indiana   
Sat 9/5363 Southern Illinois  +16 -120 +475 
4:00PM364 Indiana  -16 -120 -825 
Grambling State at California   
Sat 9/5365 Grambling State  +43½ -120 +30000 
5:00PM366 California  -43½ -120 -150000 
Bethune-Cookman at Miami Florida   
Sat 9/5367 Bethune-Cookman  +38 -120 +12500 
6:00PM368 Miami Florida  -38 -120 -62500 
Towson at East Carolina   
Sat 9/5369 Towson  +30½ -120 +3350 
6:00PM370 East Carolina  -30½ -120 -12450 
Southern U at Louisiana Tech   
Sat 9/5371 Southern U  +40 -120 +15000 
7:00PM372 Louisiana Tech  -40 -120 -75000 
Sam Houston State at Texas Tech   
Sat 9/5373 Sam Houston State  +15½ -120 +450 
3:30PM374 Texas Tech  -15½ -120 -750 
Florida A&M at South Florida   
Sat 9/5375 Florida A&M  +28 -120 +2500 
7:00PM376 South Florida  -28 -120 -7500 
Missouri State at Memphis   
Sat 9/5377 Missouri State  +23 -120 +1175 
7:00PM378 Memphis  -23 -120 -2525 
Jackson State at Middle Tennessee State   
Sat 9/5379 Jackson State  +38½ -120 +10500 
7:00PM380 Middle Tennessee  -38½ -120 -52500 
Alabama A&M at Cincinnati   
Sat 9/5381 Alabama A&M  +43½ -120 +30000 
7:00PM382 Cincinnati U  -43½ -120 -150000 
South Dakota at Kansas State   
Sat 9/5383 South Dakota  +36 -120 +8000 
7:10PM384 Kansas State  -36 -120 -35000 
McNeese State at LSU   
Sat 9/5385 McNeese State  +36½ -120 +8750 
7:30PM386 LSU  -36½ -120 -39250 
Eastern Washington at Oregon   
Sat 9/5387 Eastern Washington  +35 -120 +6750 
8:00PM388 Oregon  -35 -120 -28250 
Northern Iowa at Iowa State   
Sat 9/5389 Northern Iowa  +8 -120 +240 
8:00PM390 Iowa State  -8 -120 -320 
Tennessee Tech at Houston U   
Sat 9/5391 Tennessee Tech  +35½ -120 +5500 
8:00PM392 Houston U  -35½ -120 -21500 
Mississippi Valley State at New Mexico   
Sat 9/5393 Mississippi Valley State  +43½ -120 +30000 
8:00PM394 New Mexico  -43½ -120 -150000 
San Diego at San Diego State   
Sat 9/5395 San Diego  +38½ -120 +11500 
8:00PM396 San Diego State  -38½ -120 -57500 
Week 1 College Football Lines For Sunday, 9/6/2015
Purdue at Marshall   
Sun 9/6207 Purdue  +7½ -115 +225 
3:00PM208 Marshall  -7½ -105 -285 
College Football Week One Odds For Monday, 9/7/2015
Ohio State at Virginia Tech   
Mon 9/7209 Ohio State  -11 -110 -485 
8:00PM210 Virginia Tech  +11 -110 +350 



2014 NCAA College Football Bowl Breakdown

December 19th, 2014 by Chad A. Dawkins | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on 2014 NCAA College Football Bowl Breakdown

The 2014 bowl season is upon us, we’ll take a quick look at the bowl matchups and odds, this breakdown will be updated periodically throughout the bowl season. Lines courtesy of JustBet, all times Eastern. Best of luck and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Bankroll Sports!

Saturday, December 20th

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl    

Nevada (-2, 63.5) vs. Louisiana-Lafayette 11 a.m. ESPN

The 7-5 Nevada Wolfpack take on the Louisiana Lafayette Ragin Cajuns in the New Orleans bowl to kick off the 2014-2015 bowl season. The Wolfpack come in with a 7-5 record winning 3 out of their last 5, while the Ragin Cajuns boast an 8-4 mark. Louisiana-Lafayette is undefeated in bowls with a 3-0 record in postseason play.

Gildan New Mexico Bowl     

UTEP vs. Utah State (-10, 44) 2:20 p.m. ESPN

The 9-4 Utah State Aggies make their fourth consecutive bowl appearance when they take on the UTEP Miners from University Stadium in Albuquerque, New Mexico. These Miners will be familiar to their surroundings however, picking up their first win of the season in this stadium over New Mexico.

Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl         

Colorado St. vs. #22 Utah (-2.5, 57.5) 3:30 p.m. ABC

The Utah Utes, one of the more physical teams in the PAC-12 will take on the Colorado State Rams in the Las Vegas Bowl. The Utes have quite a few impressive victories on their resume, and the Rams will be without head coach Jim McElwain, who bolted for Florida.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl   

Western Michigan vs. Air Force (+2, 58) 5:45 p.m. ESPN

The 8-4 Western Michigan Broncos out of the MAC will look to finally get a bowl win against the triple option attack of Air Force, who have 10 bowl wins in their program’s history. The Broncos have been to five bowls in their history and have come up short in every appearance.

Raycom Media Camellia Bowl

Bowling Green vs. South Alabama (-2.5, 53.5) 9:15 p.m. ESPN

Bowling Green is coming off a loss to Northern Illinois in the MAC championship game. They’ll sure get a max effort from a South Alabama, who hasn’t made a postseason appearance since 2009.

Monday, December 22nd

Miami Beach Bowl

BYU vs. Memphis (-2, 56) 2 p.m. ESPN

The 8-4 BYU Cougars take on the 9-3 Memphis Tigers in the Miami Beach Bowl from Sun Life Stadium in Miami. The Cougars season was derailed after a season-ending injury to Taysom Hill, but rebounded nicely with a 4 game win streak to finish out the regular season. The Memphis Tigers improved greatly this season, and finished the season with 6 straight wins.

Tuesday, December 23rd     

Boca Raton Bowl

Marshall (-10, 67) vs. Northern Illinois 6 p.m. ESPN

The Conference USA champion Marshall Thundering Herd will take on the MAC Champion Northern Illinois

San Diego County CU Poinsettia Bowl

Navy (+2.5, 53.5) vs. San Diego State 9:30 p.m. ESPN

The San Diego State Aztecs will look to make it 7 straight wins over a service academy when they take on the Navy Midshipmen, who have won 4 out of their last 5.


Wednesday, December 24th

Popeyes Bahamas Bowl

Western Kentucky (-3, 67) vs. Central Michigan 12 p.m. ESPN

Western Kentucky became bowl eligible by winning the final 4 games down the stretch, including an upset win over Marshall. They’ll take on Central Michigan, who finished 4th in the MAC West.

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl

Rice (-2, 59.5) vs. Fresno State 8 p.m. ESPN

The Rice Owls closed the regular season on a sour note, being beat down by Louisiana Tech 76-31. They’ll take on Fresno State, who will look to do better than last years bowl performance, being beaten soundly by USC in the Las Vegas Bowl.


Friday, December 26th

Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas Bowl

Illinois vs. Louisiana Tech (-6, 58) 1 p.m. ESPN

Louisiana Tech is coming off a 26-23 loss to Marshall in the Conference USA game. They’ll take on Illinois, who got two big wins at the end of the season over Penn State and Northwestern to become bowl eligible.

Quick Lane Bowl      

Rutgers vs. North Carolina (-3, 67) 4:30 p.m. ESPN

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights are in a bowl in their first year in the Big Ten. They’ll take on the North Carolina Tar Heels, who finished 3rd in the ACC Coastal division.

BITCOIN St. Petersburg Bowl

NC State vs. UCF (-2, 49) 8 p.m. ESPN

The NC State Wolfpack ended their season on a solid note dominating intrastate rival North Carolina 35-7. They’ll look to get a bowl win against Central Florida, who defeated East Carolina in the AAC Conference championship.


December 27th

Military Bowl

Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati (-2.5, 51) 1 p.m. ESPN

The Virginia Tech Hokies out of the ACC take on the Cincinnati Bearcats out of the AAC. This will be the 22nd consecutive bowl appearance for the Hokies, who will have their hands full against a Bearcats squad that has won 7 straight games.

Hyundai Sun Bowl     

Duke vs. Arizona State (-7.5, 65) 2 p.m. CBS

In what could be one of the more intriguing matchups of the bowl season, the Duke Blue Devils take on the Arizona State Sun Devils. The Sun Devils were in the national championship hunt before falling to Oregon State. The Blue Devils have now been in consecutive bowl games for the first time in the schools history.

Duck Commander Independence Bowl    

Miami (Fl.) (-3.5, 61) vs. South Carolina 3:30 p.m. ABC

The Miami Hurricanes have gave fans a glimpse into what could be a promising future with freshman quarterback Brad Kaaya. The Gamecocks have had a disappionting season and will look to avoid the first losing season with Steve Spurrier at the helm.

New Era Pinstripe Bowl        

Boston College (-2.5, 40) vs. Penn State 4:30 p.m. ESPN

If you like tough hardnosed football, then you’re in for a treat when Boston College and Penn State lock horns in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl from Yankee Stadium. These two teams last met in 2004, with Eagles winning 21-7..

National University Holiday Bowl   

Nebraska vs. USC (-7.5, 62) 8 p.m. ESPN

The Nebraska Cornuhuskers will be without now former head coach Bo Pelini, who was fired after the regular season. They’ll take on a USC squad who was last seen getting demolished by UCLA, and will be looking to end the season on a positive note in Steve Sarkisian’s first year as head coach.


December 29 

AutoZone Liberty Bowl

West Virginia (-3.5, 67) vs. Texas A&M 2 p.m. ESPN

Two of the bigger surprises will meet in Nashville for the Autozone Liberty Bowl. The Mountaineers were a pleasant surprise at 7-5, while Texas A&M was a big disappointment finishing 7-5. West Virginia will be looking to cap off a nice bounceback season after going 4-8 in 2013.

Russell Athletic Bowl

Clemson vs. Oklahoma (-3.5, 52.5) 5:30 p.m. ESPN

The Clemson Tigers take on the Oklahoma Sooners in the Russell Athletic Bowl. The Sooners had asomewhat disappointing regular season ending with a loss to rival Oklahoma State. Clemson will be playing without the direction of offensive coordinator Chad Morris, who left for the SMU head coaching position.

AdvoCare Texas Bowl          

Texas vs. Arkansas (-6, 44.5) 9 p.m. ESPN

Texas will look to get their first bowl win for head coach Charlie Strong against an Arkansas team that played really strong down the stretch with wins over Ole Miss and LSU.


December 30  

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl

Notre Dame vs. LSU (-7.5, 52.5) 3 p.m.       ESPN

The Notre Dame fighting Irish struggled down the stretch losing their last 4 games. They’ll try to right the ship against a young LSU team that definitely improved throughout the year.

Belk Bowl

Louisville vs. Georgia (-7, 56.5) 6:30 p.m. ESPN

The Belk Bowl will be quite the intriguing matchup with Louisville’s defensive coordinator Todd Grantham going against his former team in Georgia. Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino isn’t the most popular guy in Georgia either.

Foster Farms Bowl

Maryland vs. Stanford (-14, 48) 10 p.m. ESPN

The Maryland Terrapins have had their fair share of struggles against physical teams. They’ll definitely be up against it when they take on Stanford, who will be playing in a non-BCS bowl for the first time in 4 seasons.


December 31

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl   

Ole Miss vs. TCU (-3, 56.5) 12:30 p.m. ESPN

The Ole Miss Rebels will take on the TCU Horned Frogs in a matchup of a top ranked defense against a top ranked offense. TCU might feel a little slighted after being pushed out of the national championship playoff and might be in an angry mood.

Vizio Fiesta Bowl      

Boise State vs. Arizona (-3, 68) 4 p.m. ESPN

The Boise State will look to continue their success in the Fiesta Bowl, where they are 2-0 all time. They’ll take on the Arizona Wildcats, who are coming off a loss to Oregon in the PAC-12 championship.

Capital One Orange Bowl    

Mississippi State (-7.5, 61.5) vs. Georgia Tech 8 p.m. ESPN

The Mississippi State Bulldogs certainly have had a lot of success this season being ranked in the top 5 for a better part of the season. They’ll take on the triple-option attack of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, who took Florida State to the limit in the ACC championship game.


January 1

Outback Bowl

Wisconsin vs. Auburn (-7, 63.5) 12 p.m. ESPN2

Two of the top rushing attacks will take the field in the Outback Bowl when Melvin Gordon and the Wisconsin Badgers take on Nick Marshall and the Auburn Tigers. Wisconsin will most certainly want to bounce back after being pummeled by Ohio State in the Big Ten championship game.

Goodyear Cotton Bowl         

Michigan State vs. Baylor (-2.5, 71.5) 12:30 p.m. ESPN

The Michigan State Spartans will look to slow down the Baylor Bears in the Cotton Bowl from Dallas, Texas. Baylor will look to improve on last years bowl performance, an upset loss to Central Florida.

Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl      

Minnesota vs. Missouri (-5, 47.5) 1 p.m. ABC

The Minnesota Golden Gophers out of the Big Ten take on the Missouri Tigers out of the SEC in a mathcup of two of the more surprising success stories this season.

Rose Bowl Game      

Oregon (-9, 58.5) vs. Florida State 5 p.m. ESPN

The first National Championship Semifinal will feature the defending national champion Florida State Seminoles taking on the PAC-12 champion Oregon Ducks. It will feature the last 2 Heisman Trohy winners Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota.

Allstate Sugar Bowl

Alabama (-9, 58.5) vs. Ohio State 8:30 p.m. ESPN

The second national championship semifinal will pit two old rivals in Nick Saban and Urban Meyer as the Alabama Crimson Tide take on the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Crimson Tide have been the #1 team in the nation since their win over Mississippi State. Ohio State leaped into the national championship playoff picture with their dominant win over Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship.


January 2

Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl

Pittsburgh (-3, 53.5) vs. Houston 12:00 p.m. ESPN

The Pitt Panthers will be without head coach paul Chryst who left for Wisconsin and Houston will be without their head coach Tony Levine, who was fired at the end of the season.

TaxSlayer Bowl       

Iowa vs. Tennessee (-3.5, 51.5) 3:20 p.m. ESPN

The Tennessee Volunteers showed signs of promise towards the end of the season and will look to get their first bowl win since 2007 against Iowa. Iowa closed the regular season on a sour note losing at home to Nebraska.

Valero Alamo Bowl   

Kansas State vs. UCLA (-1.5, 59) 6:45 p.m. ESPN

Kansas State was a surprise this season in the Big 12 while UCLA was one of the bigger disappointments after being talked about being a potential title contender.

Cactus Bowl

Oklahoma St. vs. Washington (-5.5, 56.5) 10:15 p.m. ESPN

The Oklahoma State Cowboys have had a down year but ended the regular season on a positive note with a win over Oklahoma. They’ll take on the Washington Huskies, who will be playing in their first bowl under head coach Chris Peterson.


January 3th   

Birmingham Bowl

Florida (-6.5, 56) vs. East Carolina 1 p.m. ESPN2

East Carolina was ranked in the top 25 for a better part of the season before falling to Temple and Cincinnati. They’ll take on Florida, who will be without the now former head coach Will Muschamp, who was fired and is now the defensive coordinator at Auburn.


January 4th   

Go Daddy Bowl

Toledo (-4, 67) vs. Arkansas State 9:00 p.m. ESPN

The Toledo Rockets out of the MAC will take on The Arkansas State Red Wolves out of the Sun Belt in the Go Daddy Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. The scoreboard operator might be busy as both teams are averaging almost 500 yards of total offense per game.

January 12th 

College Football Championship Game

Teams TBD 8:30 p.m. ESPN