Want To Freelance Write For Bankroll Sports Picks ?

Bankroll Sports is always looking for new, talented, young freelance & beat writers to add to their blogging and news staff, particularly during football season as well as March Madness.  If you are looking to become a sports writer (or are already one looking for work), you have an interest in sports betting as well as a passion for sports, Bankroll Sports Picks may be able to offer you the kind of freelance work that will not only be seen by tens of thousands of people daily, but you can also make a little bit of money.  If you are able to write interesting and insightful articles on the topics of sports betting, college and nfl football, ncaa & nba basketball, Bankroll Sports may be able to pay you for your services.  Please fill out the form below and provide some information about yourself along with your knowledge of sports, sports betting, your main areas of interest, and links to any samples of your work.

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