2019 College Football National Championship Odds

Last Updated: December 6th, 2018 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist)
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The college football regular season is complete (exception: Army/Navy game) and the BCS National Championship playoff bracket is set.  We’re down to just 4 teams; Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Clemson & Alabama.  The semifinal matchups (Cotton Bowl & Orange Bowl) will take place on November 29th @ 4pm & 8pm EST.  We take a brief look at the best available odds to win the National Championship for the four remaining teams.  We also list all the current odds from our favorite sportsbooks.

The best odds to win the 2018 National Championship for each of these teams (from our recommended sportsbooks) are as follows:

Alabama Crimson Tide (Best Odds: -225 @ Bovada Sportsbook) – Alabama showed a bit of vulnerability in the SEC Championship game.  They trailed for most of the game against Georgia but managed to escape with a win, even with an minor injury to their starting QB.  But, the question now: Is Alabama at all vulnerable against any of the three teams in the playoff?  They’re listed as two touchdown favorites in their semifinal matchup (Orange Bowl) against Oklahoma.  Had Alabama won handily against Georgia, you probably wouldn’t be able to get them at a price under -300.  However, I’m not sure if the SEC title game would’ve had an effect on the game line against Oklahoma.  Barring any major injuries or developments, you are unlikely to see Alabama at anything under -200 for the entire month of December.  If you are looking to roll with Tide, -225 at Bovada is likely the best you are going to do.

Clemson Tigers (Best Odds: 3 to 1 @ Bovada Sportsbook) – To nobody’s surprise, Clemson dominated in the ACC Championship game against a weaker Pittsburgh opponent.  Their 13-0 schedule has most pundits believing they are the clear second best team in the land.  Some Clemson fans might argue they should be the #1 team in the land right now.  If you go back through their schedule & also look at the final college football rankings, you might notice that Clemson failed to beat a single team that finished the season in the top 15.  However, this may be an unfair criticism, as they can only beat who they play.  They were also dominating teams in the second half of the season.  Clemson is currently listed as 11 to 11.5 point favorites over Notre Dame in their semifinal (Cotton Bowl) matchup.  Is this large number justified?  If it’s proven justified, and Clemson were to crush Notre Dame, a price of 3-1 will end up being a pretty good value.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Best Odds: 14 to 1 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook) – Obviously, the Irish didn’t have to play in a conference championship game; and they secured their BCS playoff spot the previous week.  Some fans of major conferences are claiming that the Irish don’t belong.  But, Notre Dame fans are pointing to their 12-0 resume which included a early season win over #7 Michigan.  Again, the question remains as to whether  or not they should be a double-digit underdog against Clemson.  There are some common opponents Between Notre Dame & Clemson.  These include Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Wake Forest, & Florida State.  Notre Dame recently dominated Syracuse while Clemson struggled with the Orange in September.  As the same time, Pittsburgh gave the Irish their toughest test of the season while Clemson recently trounced the Panthers in the ACC title.  If you believe Notre Dame can beat the Clemson in the semifinal game, 14 to 1 probably looks like a bargain to you.

Oklahoma Sooners (Best Odds: 14 to 1 @ JustBet Sportsbook) – If you bet on Oklahoma last week to win the National Championship at 25-1, you got some good value, as they are down to 14-1.  Oklahoma was tested vs. a formidable Texas Loghorns team in the Big 12 title, but their high-powered spread offense propelled them to a win.  Their win, combined with their 12-1 resume in the Big 12, was enough to get them a place at the table.  Their Big 12 title win earned them the 4th spot in the playoff over Georgia and Oklahoma.  Questions remain about the Sooner defense and how it will hold up in a game like this.  The total for the semifinal (Cotton Bowl) matchup against Bama is a giant number at 79.  The Oklahoma offense is clearly strong enough to put up points against anyone.  However, can they prevent the potent Alabama attack from scoring even once for the entire 60 minute game?

Check back after semifinal games and we’ll post the odds for the National Championship game from at least 5 or 6 books and share the best available number for the side and total.  The full list of 2019 college football National Championship odds from our recommended sportsbooks can be found below.

BCS National Championship Odds @ Bovada (as of 12/3)
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Alabama (#1) -225
Clemson (#2) +295
Notre Dame (#3) +1400
Oklahoma (#5) +1400

NCAA Football National Championship Odds @ 5 Dimes (as of 12/3)
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National Championship Odds off the Board

Odds To Win The BCS National Championship @ JustBet(as of 12/3)
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Alabama -250
Clemson +260
Notre Dame +1400
Oklahoma +1400

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