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GT Bets Sportsbook Review

GT Bets Sportsbook Review - Bankroll Sports GTBets Review & Grade

We at Bankroll Sports would like to introduce you to GT Bets Sportsbook & Casino, a newly launched book which is a spin-off of some popular run brands in the past (including VIP Sportsbook & Bet Gameday). See the GTBets Sportsbook review below & see why we at Bankroll Sports are happy to say that this is a very safe place to to place your wagers this season. Take a look at the review below to see our official sportsbook grade for this excellent operation along with the bonus size, minimums & maximums, as well as the perks of playing at GTBets Sportsbook & Casino. Thanks for visiting!

GT Bets

Sportsbook Title: GT Bets Sportsbook, Casino, & Racebook

Site URL:

U.S. Players Allowed: Yes

GET Bets Sportsbook Bonus:

     100% Sign-up Bonus ($500 Max Bonus) when using This Link To Join!

Reload Bonus: 10% Reload Bonus - Automatic reloads based on action.

GT Bets Sportsbook Location: Costa Rica

Minimum Deposit: $25 Minimum Deposit

Maximum Deposit: $2,500 Per Deposit

Minimums on Sports Betting: $5 for online wagers

Maximums on Sports Betting:

       $5,000 for (Spread) NFL Football Bets (2K Totals / 1K Parlays & Exotics)
       $3,000 for (Spread) NCAA Football Bets (1K Totals / 1K Parlays & Exotics)
       $5,000 for (Spread) NBA Hoops Bets (1K Totals / 1K Parlays & Exotics)
       $3,000 for (Spread) NCAA Hoops Bets (1K Totals / 1K Parlays & Exotics)
       $3,000 for (Moneyline) MLB Baseball Bets (1K Totals / 1K Parlays)
       $2,000 for NHL Hockey Bets ($500 Totals / 1K Parlays & Pucklines)
       $500 maximum bet for other sports & events

Deposit Methods Available: Visa Card Deposits (@ an industry high, 97% Acceptance Rate) w/ no waiting, Western Union Deposits, Money Gram Deposits, Prepaid Visa, Wire Transfer, Cashiers Checks & Money Orders, Neteller deposits (for non-U.S. Players),

Recommended Deposit Method: Visa Card (or Money Gram)

GT Bets Sportsbook Perks: A Plethora of Outstanding Perks (see our complete review below for more details) - INSTANT VISA CARD DEPOSITS (w/ High Limits), Overnight lines in all sports, early week football lines, Las Vegas style comp points where you cash your rewards in for merchandise, cash, and sweepstakes drawings (excellent loyalty program), reduced (5%) vig for all NFL bets made on Friday between 4 & 9pm, reduced juice (5%) & guaranteed best line on all bets made on your favorite teams (Free 1/2 Point on your two favorite NFL teams & 1 full point on your two favorite NCAA football teams), progressive parlays, 15% cash back on all horse racing losses, 10% weekly casino cash back.

In-Game & Live Sports Betting: Yes, Live Betting Lines Available - New In-Game Betting System Coming Soon w/ New Software

Casino Available: Yes

Poker Room Available: No

Racebook Available: Yes

Mobile Betting Available: No, New Complete Mobile Software Coming Soon

Bankroll Sports Testing Grades;

Overall Sportsbook Grade: A
(Note: Our Grades are updated every six months.)

Book's Reputation: A-, Software: A-, Customer Support: A-,
Bonus: B+, Deposit Options: B+, Payout Speed: A-, Perks: A-

Why Recommended: We at Bankroll Sports are extremely excited and very proud to introduce GT Bets Sportsbook & Casino to the sports betting & casino gaming community. This is the type of operation that makes us very proud to be in the business of monitoring and reviewing online sportsbooks; a job & task that we do not take lightly at all.

GTBets can be considered a new book, but their owners and operators are not new to the gaming industry at all. This new brand (which has been around for just over a year) has a few of the same owners as the old VIP Sportsbook & Bet Gameday, which were long-time, long running books that had a very solid reputation and served their loyal players for year (left the industry on good terms). They also have a management staff that has been in the industry for a long time; good, hard-working people who have been around the block and know the online sports betting business well.

Our review staff had to take a very unique approach to reviewing & grading this book; and of course, considering them for endorsement at all. Our team really did their due diligence in anonymously testing this book (followed by checking out their operations) as they always do with books that we endorse. We have grown more tedious in our unbiased sportsbook testing then ever. In our testing they discovered a book that is diligently working hard to build a solid reputation by offering sizable bonuses, a lot of nice perks, timely payouts and rock solid customer service & support. They are paying players quickly (received payments within 10 days) and offering a free payout every month.

As we stated above in the perks & sportsbook bonus section, the number of promotions and perks that this book offers stands right up there with the best in the online betting industry. The 100% exclusive sportsbook bonus for new Bankroll Sports referrals is very sizable bonus. They are also offering a 50% reload bonus on all player reloads.

On top of the bonus, they other perks are outstanding. When you open an account, you tell them who your favorite sports teams are, including; two NFL football teams & two college football teams. They will guarantee the best line for your team & give you a free 1/2 point on both your favorite NFL teams and a free full point on both your favorite college football teams. On top of this, they have a fantastic loyalty program where you can receive cash, merchandise, along with their monthly drawings. That's not all! They offer the biggest cash-back on casino losses with a 10% cash-back on casino play as well as a huge 15% horse racing rebate.

Combine all the above with a book that has financial stability, takes good care of their players, offers prompt payments, and its looking to build themselves a solid reputation, and you undoubtedly have yourself an online sportsbook that is more then worthy of an A grade. Signup at GTBets today and get your exclusive 100% signup bonus by clicking here!

Latest Press Releases & News:

7/20/2011: (Positive) GT Bets players have new exciting sports, horse, and casino website software to look forward to.. GT Bets plans to implement new software in the coming weeks (before the 2012 football season). They are having their own software made which includes a full in-game wagering program and a sharp mobile betting platform. Keep on the lookout for a Software grade change when it's done; once we get a look at it. Stay tuned for more updates on GT Bets Sportsbook.

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