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Every week during the college football season, you will hear your friends, co-workers, even some clowns that like to hear themselves talk for a living and call themselves handicappers, all making college football predictions for the upcoming football season. They will all say things like, "I think LSU is the best team in the country and will go undefeated this year!" or "Ohio State will walk through the Big Ten competition again this year!" Usually, this average sports discussion will be done in a social setting or 'around the water cooler'. You will also hear endless ramblings from sports fans on the radio, on television, in the news etc., all making their own college football predictions. NCAA FootballWhile entertaining, most of this rhetoric is completely meaningless, has absolutely no bearing in successful sports handicapping, and most importantly will not make you a dime. When the averages sports fan or weekend football bettor hears the words, "college football predictions" they think of who will win the game, conference, or National Championship. There isn't any statistical analysis or historical systems or strategies involved when "Joe Public" makes his lackluster everyday predictions. They are just thinking about the end result without pondering what may happen during the game, in the middle of the season, or at even at the end of the season.

The difference between the college football predictions from Bankroll Sports Picks and the betting public is just that. When the handicapping team at Bankroll Sports sits down to discuss their college football predictions, there is nothing entertaining about it. It's not just business, but it is life to our experts. Even before the season even starts, without a single game being played yet, they are looking through databases of information dating back 25 years. They are running up the phone bill, calling their contacts in news organizations throughout the country, just to find out which teams look like they may have some injuries coming out of the gate and which teams look like they are being over-hyped or under-hyped. Every top 25 poll in the country, every news article, every last bit of information along with every last resource that is at their exposure which can be used to successfully predict the outcome of a college football game, week, or season, will used when making their ncaa football predictions.

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And these aren't just regular guys like Kirk Herbsteet, who do a little bit a research on a team to prepare for a 30 minute TV reel and then make a pick before the game. These are guys who have doctorates in statistics and some even in communications. These are guys who have been handicapping sports professionally for their entire life and have made an upper-class living betting sports for combined decades. We are talking about people that have piles of information and contacts across the country and know exactly how to use these resources. You may have heard people say that 98% of the average sports bettor loses money. Well, these guys are that other 2% that nobody thinks about, but at the same time, sportsbooks don't want anything to do with their action. Our handicappers would have a harder time trying to hit an average (losing) 50% then they would in trying to hit a (winning) 65% clip with their college football predictions. These are exactly the guys that you want on your side come football season and these guys are exactly who you want making your ncaa football picks for you every Saturday. It's time to try the professional handicapping services of the experts at Bankroll Sports Picks and see what it's like to experience not just one or two winning weeks, but an entire successful winning season of college football predictions.

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You will also be able to obtain free ncaa football predictions on our free picks page and our guest handicappers free picks also offer more free football picks.

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