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Listed below are some very basic, but important handicapping tips & strategies to remember for successful NFL betting this season.

Winning Tips For NFL Handicapping

The NFL is one of of the most popular sports in the country, and for good reason. There are a number of things about the game that appeals to an overwhelming majority, but one of the best features of football is the great amount of betting possibilities associated with the game. Some people bet on football in a more casual way with friends and family members, while others approach their sports betting from a more serious angle, which includes betting higher amounts of money with major offshore sportsbook operations. 95% of sports bettors do not follow the basic fundamentals of football handicapping and as a result, the betting public mostly loses. The key to being successful when betting on the NFL is having the best information in your hands or in front of your eyes before you place your bets. Information is king in a number of industries and pursuits in the world. and the same fact of life holds true when it comes to sports betting. Generally the person with the best source of quality information will be more successful in the end. With that in mind, here some football betting tips that will bring you better results:

  • Consistency In Your Bet Amounts- When it comes to betting on a number of football games, don't give one game more weight than all your other wagers.  Many experts claim that bettors who bet on games for emotional reasons, or based on strong feelings, are actually less successful than those that bet without emotion involved.  By being consistent in the amount wagered on all games being bet on, you limit your potential losses on games that you might have an emotional attachment to. Sure, you can have your highest rated play, but do not ever go over your cap limit and stay as consistent as possible when doing your NFL betting.

  • Read the Injury Reports - Understanding who is injured and how that injury affects a team can go a long way in making you a more successful bettor.  Many public bettors only focus on injuries to the so-called "talent positions", while disregarding the impact that other players have to the game.  The truth is though that injuries to key offensive linemen can affect the output of the running back, and then a sub par performance from the running game can negatively affect the passing game.  In football, it takes all 11 guys to make a winning performance. Everything is connected and affects everything else.  Don't underestimate the impact that an injury to a right tackle or left cornerback might have on a team's performance. You can get all the latest injury reports my checking out our NFL matchups page.

  • Pay Attention To Bad Teams Too - Many amateur handicappers, which includes many guys that run consulting services, like give themselves a great amount of credit for being able to pick the winners and losers in the big games that are hyped all week.  Winners in big games does not matter as much when majority of the time you are betting a game where one team is good and the other team is average or below average. Majority of NFL games will have a 3-4 point spread or more.  It is relatively easy to say that the best teams in the league will win a game over teams that are not in their class. The real skill and financial rewards come when you can determine which mediocre or bad team is good enough to cover the point spread against a very talented team. If you aren't able to handicap and gauge teams that have losing records, then you will never be a successful football handicapper.

  • Learn From History, Don't Rely On History - A very large percentage of bettors lose money every week during the football season by betting money based on a particular team's performance from the previous season.  While there are certainly lessons that can be learned from year-to-year on how a team or player performs, remember that very rarely is a player or team's performance exactly the same every single season.  Players get better or see their skills diminish due to injuries and aging.  Teams acquire new players via trading, drafting, and the free agent market.  Teams also lose players regularly and see different amounts of turnover in their coaching staffs.  All of these factors impact how a team performs in the next season, and usually create a different result than the team or player had during the previous season.

  • Filter Out The Hype - In the world of 24-hour sports news, there are times when a story related to football, whether positive or negative, can be blown completely out of proportion.  Television networks air stories and features based on one thing, getting better ratings.  The better ratings they have, the more they can charge their advertisers.  If a hot story comes along, even though it may only have minimal impact on a particular game, a television network may build it up and play it seemingly endlessly in an effort to attract viewers interested in it.  This can make that story seem like it will have a bigger impact on a game than it actually will.  A successful sports bettor can filter out the hype and objectively see how the facts of the story will impact the team's performance.

  • Do Your Line Shopping - This has been said over and over again and is one tip that should be repeated more often. One of the most common mistakes made by the betting public is that they only use one sportsbook and always bet the game there regardless of the spread. For some reason, the betting public never seems to grasp the importance of this. Simply put...10 to 15 total points can be the difference between the average $50 bettor being up $1,000 on the season and being down $1,500. If you are a regular player, you should always keep least two or three funded sportsbook accounts active during the NFL season. Check out our sportsbook reviews and pick a trusted sportsbook or two to add to your betting arsenal.

Becoming successful at football bettor is reliant on a number of important factors, but first and foremost is knowing the basics and making sure that you have all of the needed information right in front of your eyes. The better that your information is, the better your knowledge as to what information will in fact impact a game, and as a result, the better your betting results will be. We hope these tips will guide and assist you an a winning season of NFL football handicapping. If all of this is overwhelming, then you may want to consider purchasing the expert sports picks from the professional handicappers at Bankroll Sports. As always, we wish you the best of luck.


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