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NFL Betting Tip- Consistent Amounts

While doing your football betting, it's very important that you be consistent in the amounts that you play on each game.

Be Consistent In Your Football Betting Patterns

There are a number of tips and an endless amount of advice that can make an average or unsuccessful football bettor into a successful one.  Usually there are only minor adjustments that need to be made to make the transition from unsuccessful to successful in the case of NFL football betting.  Once some of these tips are mastered, they quickly become second nature and are automatically a regular part of the handicapping or analysis process.  The better the handicapping ability of a sports bettor, the better the results that bettor will see.

One of the most important tips that a football bettor can understand and follow through with is the principle of being consistent with their betting patterns. Many times a bettor will have a deeper emotional tie to one game over another. Often it will be because one of the teams involved is a favorite team, or even a hated team. Sometimes it will be because a favorite player will be involved. There are even times when a bettor will have an emotional tie to a game because they have convinced themselves that they have some inside information or see something in the match up that everyone else does not. The problem with this is that none of these are good reasons to give more weight to that game than to any of the other games that are being bet on.

Many times the handicapping or analysis done on games that there is no emotional tie with is much better and more logical than analysis done on games that the bettor has an emotional tie with. The problem is that some bettors are willing to bet more money on the games that they think they know something about that no one else does. This tends to have the reverse effect that the bettor is wanting. They end up losing the bigger bets and winning the smaller bets. Too much of this pattern will put any sports bettor into the poor house.

By having a consistent betting pattern and placing the same amount of money on all the games that are bet on, a bettor raises the chance that they are going to profit on the games they did solid analysis on and lessen the chance of losing too much money on games that they used less than logical reasoning to analyze.

In the end, it is best to eliminate betting on any games that there are emotional ties with. But, it is also possible to analyze objectively teams or players that a bettor has an emotional tie with and bet them anyway, even if it means betting against a favorite team. So, if it is not possible for a bettor to not bet on games they have a tie to, at least by betting them at the same dollar amount as the other games that are being bet on will lessen the bettor's losses and hopefully strengthen their winnings. And truly, anything that lessens losses is a good thing when it comes to betting on anything.


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