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      Bankroll Sports Picks is anchored by two professional sports handicappers.  Unlike many of the non-legitimate handicapping sites on the net, the expert sports handicappers here work together to bring you consistent winning.  We are offering you plays that are developed by more then one handicapper.  These cappers are major players in the sports betting industry.  Both of these professionals have solid sources for information and are sharp as a tack when it comes to developing systems and strategies for finding consistent winners. 

      Henry Ness - Known as "old reliable" around the Bankroll Sports office, Henry Ness doesn't put his money on the same old stats from the paper.  Henry is a savvy handicapping wiseguy with a solid set of key sources throughout the country.  Henry has been handicapping sports and consistently making money as a professional gambler for over 20 years.  This is someone who easily has the knowledge and understanding of the process to be a Vegas Oddsmaker, but Henry chooses to stay on the better end of the spectrum.  We couldn't be more grateful to have him heading up our handicapping crew. Has friends in the sports and betting industry and knows how to keep the information pipeline flowing.

      Wade Sterling - People who have see him work know how serious Wade is about his work.  Wade has a serious compulsion when it comes to details.  He will never place a bet without knowing every last detail of the game and the entire situation/landscape of the game.  From the quarterback's completion percentage down to the linebacker's social life, the man will look for every last piece of information he can find on a game before he makes any moves or advises a client to bet on a game.  Any lack of information, by his standards, make the game a scratch.  But with his 10-years of experience combined with his professional relationship with our Henry Ness, a lack of information is not an issue.. 

      Bankroll Sports Picks is a comprehensive, intelligent approach to sports investing. Our sports consulting firm of handicappers believes in consistent sports handicapping leading to gains made in the long run, over the course of a season.  Patience and money managing skills are just as important as having the sports pick in a game. Get rich quick types usually are the biggest losers in sports speculating, because they lack the discipline required to make smart choices. Bankroll Sports Picks doesn't advocate chasing bad results, because confidence in our analysis leads to better days.  

      Even the best advisor will have an off day occasionally, just as the best athletes don't perform at peak efficiency always. But, as the great quarterback Ken Stabler once said, when you've got good horses, you ride them.  Our team will steer you in the direction of continuous progress, which is defined by being ahead over an extended period of time. You've found yourself a good horse in the handicappers at Bankroll Sport Picks, now climb aboard and start winning today!

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