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Our always helpful writers discuss other ways to be successful when betting on football and provides some general football betting advice.

Keys To Success When Betting on Football

When it comes to succeeding when betting on NFL and NCAA football, there are a number of things that can be done to increase the chances of positive results. There is an extremely large number of regular bettors that go into football and other sports betting situations thinking that they will be successful based solely on the fact that they are fans of the sport and refuse any sound advice from people that are in a position to give it. It is these people that make the people who own and run online sportsbooks and bookie services very wealthy. There are two key factors that separate a successful football bettor from an unsuccessful one; The first, is that to be successful, one must have access the best information available. The second factor, is that one must know how to use the information properly and put it to good use. Combining these two important factors is the best way for anyone to be successful when betting on football, as well as betting on other sports. Here is some additional and general advice on becoming more successful when betting football.

  • Pay Attention To All The Games, Including The Ones You Don't Bet:
    Generally speaking, a successful football bettor usually bets on the games that they are most comfortable with.  A mistake is made when no attention is paid to the games that were not chosen to be bet on.  Just because no bet is placed on these games, a bettor wishing to be successful should still handicap and choose winners based on the point spread just like they would have if they had bet on them.  These games are usually the harder games to pick and by going through the process, handicapping and betting skills are learned and enhanced.

  • Take Advantages Of The Networking Options Available To You:
    Thanks to the internet, there are a number of online forums that are devoted to football handicapping and betting available to the general public.  A bettor should never assume that they are the best at what they do in the world, there are a number of great sports minds out there and it is always possible to learn something by interacting with them.  There may also just be a much needed tip or important advice waiting in an online forum that a bettor had missed in the news or through normal channels but may change the way a bet should be placed. Simple things can mean the different between a winning season of football betting and a losing one.

  • Ditch The Secret Systems & Other Sports Betting Scams
    As long as there has been people betting on sporting events there have been people selling a system that is "guaranteed" to work.  None of these systems have ever been proven to work over the long term.  If they did, the authors of these systems would never let their secrets out.  Either that or there would be a lot more successful sports bettors than there are in reality.  The only system that truly works is good analysis and smart decision making.  If choosing professional advice from a sports handicapping service, choose wisely.

  • Performance Tracking & Keeping Good Records
    By tracking the previous bets won and lost over the course of a season, half season, or quarter season, it can be figured out which kind of bets a bettor is more successful at and which type of bets a bettor is not up to par on. This information can be used to the bettor's advantage later on by concentrating on making bets that they are historically good at and continuing to study and learn about making the types of bets that they are not particularly good at.

Through following these and other sports betting tips, plus getting the best information available and learning how to properly use it, a sports bettor will have a much better chance at success.  A sports bettor that succeeds is one that approaches the games they are betting on impartially, has a great deal of information to back up their decision, and makes the best betting decision based only on the factual information they have.


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