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One common mistake that many bettors make is that they only utilize one sportsbook when making their smart sports picks. This is a critical mistake that can be the difference between a winning and losing season. Spreading money across several different sportsbooks allows bettors to shop for lines as well as shop for prices. The difference between placing a bet in one sports book instead of another can quite often be the difference between going big or going broke.

“Shopping for lines” simply means that a sports bettor can compare the point spreads between different online sportsbooks. For example, assume that the Broncos are playing the Colts and the line is Broncos -3. If Pinnacle Sportsbook is taking a lot of action on the Broncos -3, they will probably bump the line to Broncos -3.5. If Bodog, on the other hand, is taking a lot of action on the Colts +3, they will probably bump the line down to Colts +2.5. So what happens if the Broncos end up beating the Colts by 3 points? What happens is that someone who had shopped for the best line between several different sportsbooks would win the bet whereas someone who only had one sportsbook would lose the bet if it didn’t have the right line.

To illustrate, assume a person had only one account with JustBet Sportsbook because they just wanted the Bankroll Sports exclusive 100% bonus that we offer our visitors. If they had wanted to take the Broncos, they would lose the bet they spent so much time researching. Why? Because they did not want to spend the five minutes to diversify their money across various sportsbooks after making their sports picks. This individual did not lose his wager because of faulty information, miscalculations, or an unexpected performance by his team; he lost his wager simply because he did not shop for the best line when making their football and other smart sports picks.

Another reason the intelligent investor will open various different sportsbooks is to take advantage of all the different aspects that each different book offers. For instance, Diamond Sportsbook (30% bonus when clicking here to signup and contacting us after depositing) offers -105 on select college football and NFL football games. This is a huge advantage over the course of a season. Instead of losing $110 for every $100 wagered, you will only lose $105 for every $100 wagered. Over the course of an NFL, assuming $1,000 was wagered on 50 different reduced juice games, with 25 wins and $25 losses, using DSI Sportsbook instead of a sportsbook with -110 line pricing would save the bettor $1,250. This could very well be the difference between a profitable season and a losing season.

A bettor might also want a very large sports book with fast payouts, good customer service, as well as a large casino and its own poker room. A sports book like this would allow the bettor who not only bets on sports but also plays poker and bets on horses to solve all of his problems with one sportsbook. For instance, Bodog as well as 5Dimes (50% match play bonus) offers all of these luxuries at no extra charge. Therefore, instead of needing to transfer money between a sportsbook and a poker room, the bettor can solve all of his needs with one sportsbook.

The fact is that every different sportsbook offers something uniquely different. Whether their strength be low vig, great lines, early lines, in-game-wagering, fast payouts, great customer service, or a variety of different options, no two sportsbooks are the same. This is why it would be impossible for a bettor to take advantage of all the great options out there if they had only one sportsbook.

The reasons are obvious of why it is a vital component of every bettor’s game plan to spread their money throughout various sportsbooks. With all the time and effort spent researching trends, statistics, and X’s and O’s, it is a sin to have a sub-par season simply because of not spreading money into different sportsbooks. Why spend five hours researching a game and not spend five minutes putting money into various sportsbooks? It simply does not make any sense. So the next time you are mulling over your card, make sure to consult various sportsbooks before making their sports picks. It makes a bigger difference that you could imagine.

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