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With the falling of every autumn comes the hope for sports bettors everywhere; the hope that the upcoming NFL season will bring enjoyment, excitement, and most importantly of all…profit. But what many sports bettors fail to understand is that most money is not lost due to X’s and O’s; most money is lost due to poor money management in NFL betting. If just a few simple money management rules are followed, then the puzzle that is NFL betting will be easier to solve than you could ever believe.

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The first mistake that the average player makes is failing to realize that there is so much information out there that it is impossible to analyze all of it. They see a trend here or there, a few tips from people in the main-stream media, or a statistic or two about a game and think this instantly makes them experts in NFL football picks.

The simple fact is that there is entirely too much information out there to analyze all of it and be able to make educated NFL football picks on every game. This is the most obvious sign of an amateur player. Every game on the NFL board looks good to them and they don’t have the discipline to stay away. What they should be doing is limiting their bets to only a handful per week, and handicapping these games to the fullest. Instead of playing 10 games per week with minimal knowledge, they bet 2-3 games with a lot more knowledge, their percentage of winning NFL football picks will increase dramatically.

The next step to becoming a profitable sports handicapper is realizing what information is unknown and relying on people who do know it to become more knowledgeable. There are many sports gurus who analyze trends, statistics and other variables for a living. The problem is separating the good from the fraud. The problem with analysts such as those on ESPN and other main-stream networks is all they are trying to do is pick a winner. They analyze the game simply to predict who is going to beat who, not who is going to cover the point spread. The best bet is to find a sports service who analyzes games based on a betting point of view and offers their expert advice for a small fee. This is what Bankroll Sports Picks is here for. If the amateur sports bettor realized that being stubborn and believing they can pick games by themselves was costing them money, they would increase profitability dramatically. Just like an individual small investor on Wall Street single handedly can’t beat “The Street” without journals and analysts, no single sports bettor can beat Vegas without research and expert sports handicapping advice.

The most common flaw in the amateur bettor’s game plan is that they bet for enjoyment almost as much as they bet for profit. For instance, if there is a nationally televised game on ESPN, the amateur bettor will throw money down on a guess just to be entertained for a few hours. The problem with this is the Vegas sharps know this and spend extra time coming up with lines for game like these. A monkey has a better chance at hitting the bull’s eye than an amateur does being profitable for an entire NFL football picks season betting like a cowboy. Do not let enjoyment get in the way of the final goal…being profitable.

The final rule, and the most important rule of all, is NEVER to “chase” a bet. Chasing a bet means that when a bettor loses money on one game, he will bet more than usual on the next game to cover his losses on the previous bet and also make back a profit. People who chase are running a dangerously risky chance of becoming an addict and losing the farm. Always remember, betting is a marathon, not a race. Nobody is going to go undefeated throughout an entire season. Therefore, know that you ARE going to lose some of your picks throughout the season. Account for these losses and don’t let them cloud your judgment when making your NFL football picks. Move on and forget about them. If these few simple rules are followed, every amateur bettor will instantly become a much smarter sports handicapping investor.

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