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NCAA & NFL Football Pleaser Odds

What is a Pleaser Bet & What Are Pleaser Odds For Football Pleasers

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NCAA & NFL Football Pleasers & Pleaser Odds

Many people enjoy sports betting and like to bet on parlays and teasers. Other's just enjoy straight bets with regular -110 vig for their usual wagers. There are a verity of different ways to bet with regular odds and ways to get extra points with teasers, but the payouts are always even or lower. If you are the type of better that wants to make a high payout bet with 2 or more teams, but don't think parlays pay enough to be worth the risk, then may find betting pleasers are for you. Some people would rather sacrifice some points in the point spread and get a bigger payout. You can do this by betting a pleaser. Pleasers are very popular amongst sharps because the payouts are big for small risk. If you find two (or more) games where you think the lines are skewed and the oddsmakers are way off, then you can get a huge payout for just a 2-team pleaser bet. Sharp bettors always look for ways to take advantage of high payout bets with point spreads, while more of the betting public focuses on teasers because they like getting the additional points as they think they are reducing the risk.

What is a pleaser bet: A basketball or football pleaser wager is simply teaser bet where you "give up" the extra points instead of you "getting" the additional points. You can also describe a pleaser bet as as simply "a parlay bet that pays better then regular parlay odds because you give up points on the point spread for every team in the pleaser". You must win every game in the pleaser or you lose the overall bet.

When to bet a pleaser: You should bet a pleaser if you find two or more games where you think your team will win in a blowout and cover the number by more then 7 points. If you are looking for hugh payout wager and are willing to take a big risk in order to get that high payout, then a pleaser is for you.

What are the odds for pleasers? Below are the standard NFL and college football pleaser betting odds at most major sportsbooks and local bookmakers. A lot of local bookies don't accept teaser bets because of the high payouts.

College & NFL Football Pleaser Odds (& Points Given)

No. of Teams 6-Point Pleaser 6.5 Point Pleaser 7 Point Pleaser 7.5 Point Pleaser
2 Team: 6 to 1 13 to 2 7 to 1 8 to 1
3 Team: 17 to 1 19 to 1 21 to 1 26 to 1
4 Team: 45 to 1 55 to 1 63 to 1 80 to 1
5 Team: 120 to 1 150 to 1 180 to 1 241 to 1

How would I make a pleaser bet with my bookie? When betting a pleaser with a bookie or local bookmaker, you simply would say:

"Give me a (No of Teams) Team, (Points) Point, Pleaser on (Team #1), (Team #2), etc for (Amount of Bet)"

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