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2009 NFL Week 12 Lines; Quick Breakdown

November 26th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2009 NFL Week 12 Lines; Quick Breakdown

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Note: The week 12 NFL lines (sides & totals) from BetUS Sportsbook (100% signup bonus when you click here) are available at the bottom of this blog post if you would like to bypass our rundown of the lines.

Well Happy Thanksgiving first and foremost as we turn our attention to week 12 NFL lines. If you like betting on the underdogs, then hopefully you took advantage of week 11 lines as the underdogs were an impressive 10-5 ATS. The week got started with a home favorite in the Carolina Panthers going down to the Miami Dolphins and also ended with another home favorite in the Houston Texans falling to the Tennessee Titans. In the middle of those two outcomes, the trend continued throughout the week as the home favorites were just 2-7 ATS for the weekend. After the home teams took down a 9-6 mark ATS two weeks ago, they did a complete 180 degree turn going just 6-9 ATS last week. Home teams in general did battle to bring home a 9-6 SU mark. However, the away teams were still the most impressive especially in games that where predicted to be grudge matches. Away teams were 5-0 ATS in the 5 games with lines favoring teams less than 5 points differential. However, entering week 12, the home teams will be heavy favorites in the week 12 spreads as they have been nearly every week with the home teams being favored in 9 out of the 14 games featured in the upcoming week. As for the Thanksgiving Day NFL lines, the Cowboys will be the only home team favored to win as they will be near two touchdowns favorites over the Raiders. Turkey day will also kick off with Green Bay in a trip to Detroit and capped off by an interesting night time battle between the Giants and Broncos. The remaining week 12 lines feature 6 different matches that are favored by a field goal or less meaning there should be some interesting games to keep on your radar. The over/under battle finally took the low end turn we have been anticipating last week. Teams reached the under total in 9 of 14 games with one push. As a result, the over/under totals are down this week with the only total over 48 points coming from the heavily anticipated offensive collision featured Monday night when the Patriots try to take down Drew Brees and the unbeaten Saints. Enjoy some turkey and football on us this week while considering some of the betting lines below to take action towards for Week 12 brought to you courtesy of BetUS Sportsbook.

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2009 Week 12 & Thanksgiving NFL Lines From BetUS (as of 11/27 @ 12:00 am ET):
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Thanksgiving NFL Lines Thursday, Nov 26, 2009   
 103Green Bay Packers-11½  -110  47½O -110 
 104Detroit Lions+11½  -110   U -110 
 105Oakland Raiders+13½  -110  40O -110 
 106Dallas Cowboys-13½  -110   U -110 
 107New York Giants-6  -110  42O -110 
 108Denver Broncos+6  -110   U -110 
Week 12 NFL Lines Sunday, Nov 29, 2009   
 205Indianapolis Colts-3  -125  47½O -110 
 206Houston Texans+3  +105   U -110 
 207Cleveland Browns+14  -110  39½O -110 
 208Cincinnati Bengals-14  -110   U -110 
 209Chicago Bears+10½  -110  46½O -110 
 210Minnesota Vikings-10½  -110   U -110 
 211Washington Redskins+9  -110  40½O -110 
 212Philadelphia Eagles-9  -110   U -110 
 213Miami Dolphins-3  -125  40O -110 
 214Buffalo Bills+3  +105   U -110 
 215Arizona Cardinals+3  -115  47½O -110 
 216Tennessee Titans-3  -105   U -110 
 217Seattle Seahawks-3  -120  42½O -110 
 218St Louis Rams+3  Ev   U -110 
 219Tampa Bay Buccaneers+12  -110  46½O -110 
 220Atlanta Falcons-12  -110   U -110 
 221Carolina Panthers+3  -105  41½O -110 
 222New York Jets-3  -115   U -110 
 223Jacksonville Jaguars+3  Ev  41½O -110 
 224San Francisco 49ers-3  -120   U -110 
 225Kansas City Chiefs+13½  -110  45O -110 
 226San Diego Chargers-13½  -110   U -110 
 227Pittsburgh Steelers+2½  -110    
 228Baltimore Ravens-2½  -110    
Week 12 Monday Night Football Lines For Nov 30, 2009   
 229New England Patriots+1½  -110  56O -110 
 230New Orleans Saints-1½  -110   U -110 

Ranking The Best College Football Conferences

November 22nd, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in College Football   5 Comments »

It is time to spark up the ever going debate that consumes college football fans every year towards the end of each season in the age old question who is the best conference in college football? There is little doubt that the Southeastern Conference (SEC) has held their reign for at least 3 years running now considering they have won 3 straight National Championships with stacked talent in the conference. However, recently this debate has emerged again as the SEC is having a less than dominating season from teams top to bottom in the conference. There are many of the experts giving Pac-10 the new title of America’s top football confidence, but if you say that why is the ACC out of the picture since they have more teams ranked higher in the BCS Standings? All of this debate going on while the SEC still has the number 1 and 2 teams in the BCS Standings means it may be all irrelevant and we will explain as we break down the Top 5 conferences in college football.

#6. big ten

Despite having promising pre-season rankings each year, the Big Ten seems to disappoint year after year. This season has not been any different, but the Big Ten still holds 4 teams in the top 25. However, there is still nobody from the Big Ten that is an elite team and the way they stack up against the out of conference teams have been flat horrible. Ohio State has already clinched the Big Ten title, but even the top team in the Big Ten could not hold off the USC Trojans earlier this year. The Trojans are not even capable of keeping pace in their own conference in the Pac-10 which makes it look even worse for the Big Ten’s sake. The Buckeyes were beaten by Purdue of all teams this year as well which would translate in SEC terms in like Kentucky beating Florida and when is the last time you have seen that happen? Even Northwestern who holds down the middle of the Big Ten was beaten by Syracuse this year which is a team that has just 1 win in the Big East. Sure the emergence of the Hawkeyes could have helped this season, but they are just another team that can only stack up against opponents in the own conference. The Big Ten has famously been one of the most over rated conferences in America and last year’s 1-6 Bowl record is a testament to that claim. Expect similar results in the 2009-2010 Bowl Games again this year.

#5 Big 12

Outside of Texas is there anyone else in the Big 12 that can truly contend on a weekly basis? Oklahoma State was hyped as one of the most dangerous teams in the preseason but an out of conference loss to Houston set the Cowboys back and they have been truly to catch-up all season. The down year from Oklahoma may be the biggest fall of the conference this year with out of conference losses to BYU and Miami. To make matters worse, the Big 12 North is an embarrassment. Nebraska is a solid team with a defense that keeps them in all games they will take part in. However, the rest of the division is fairly terrible. Kansas State will finish at 2nd in the Big 12 North at 6-6 on the year that included a loss to Louisiana-Lafayette of all teams. Iowa State was completely crushed by Iowa and so was Texas A&M by Arkansas. The Big 12 has been fueled by their powerful offenses over the past few years that could overcome the average defenses from around the conference. However, the offenses have struggled as a whole while the defenses have still allowed giving up big numbers. There is still a ton of talent in the Big 12, but they simply do not have it together this season and it has showed outside the conference. At least there is still hope Texas can bring home a National Championship if they can manage to get by Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship.

#4 big east

The Big East is definitely having a better than expected season with the help of the Cincinnati Bearcats who are still undefeated holding down a 5th place ranking. Pittsburgh is also another top 10 team that is really developing into a solid team. The entire Big East is pretty solid from top to bottom. However, there is still not any team in the conference that has recorded a really huge type of win. Pittsburgh was knocked off earlier in the year by a North Carolina State team that is barely treading water in the ACC. West Virginia was taken down by Auburn who is also below averaging in the SEC. Outside of South Florida and Rutgers capture a pair of wins against the ACC, there is not much to brag about. However, the Big East has definitely shown that they can contend and have a lot of teams with promising futures. The Big East held a 4-2 mark in Bowl records last year and they will give opponents a tough time again this year. However, the entire conference still has a way to go before they will be strong enough to put an undefeated team into a National Championship over some of the other BCS conferences as will be an example when the Bearcats are left out of the title game this year if they can remain unbeaten.

#3 acc logo

There may be some passionate fans that try and put their beloved ACC above the rest of the nation’s conferences, but that is a far from accurate claim. The ACC may have more teams ranked higher in the top 25 BCS Standings than other schools, but breaking down some of their top teams is far from impressive. The Clemson Tigers clinched the Atlantic Division at 8-3 on the season, but this is the same team that was beaten by a 2-9 Maryland team who was also beaten by Middle Tennessee State. Boston College was beaten by 6-5 Notre Dame and Florida State has had plenty of struggles this season which included an out of conference loss to South Florida. The Coastal Division has some promising hope led by 7th ranked Georgia Tech who continues to tear opponents apart by the triple option attack. Virginia Tech and Miami have shown signs of strength this season, but have also shown signs of inconsistency at the same time. The high BCS rankings may be thanks to their own strides from the upper echelon teams over the inferior teams in the conference. If you put the ACC up against the Pac-10 or SEC top to bottom and had each teams square off against each other in a number 1 vs. number 1 to number 2 vs. number 2 scenario, there is no way the ACC would have a winning record against either conference. Until they can produce some consistent National Championship contenders they will not have a chance to have the best conference in America simply because the likes of Duke, Virginia, Maryland, and others dampen those chances each year.

#2 pac 10

The Pac-10 may have more teams from top to bottom that is as strong as or stronger than any conference in America. The majority of the teams in the conference can hold their ground with nearly anyone, However, the top teams in the Pac-10 have not stacked up well in their out of conference battles. Oregon has the chance to win the Pac-10 outright next week when they play Oregon State as the top team in the conference, but they were beaten by Boise State in the opener this season. Oregon State could still make claim towards a Pac-10 title, but they also were beaten by one of the nation’s top teams in Cincinnati out of the Big East. Stanford who has helped bring up the strength of the conference this season also suffered a less than stellar out of conference opponent to Wake Forest who has been fairly below average in the ACC. Of course there are 6 different teams that hold the top 15 most difficult schedules in America meaning they are much harder to keep teams from beating up on each other. However, even if you give the Pac-10 the edge with more talent top to bottom, they still do not have a National Championship contender. It is also very irrelevant to make the claim that they would have a National Championship contender if they did not beat up on each other because the SEC has been able to overcome that void for the last 3 years with the best conference in football. However if you stack up the entire SEC vs. Pac 10 in letting each team square off against each other, the Pac 10 will hold their ground and possibly even have the slight edge.

#1 sec

All of this debate can rage on as it will most likely through the media and fans from around the nation. However as the debate continues, the SEC will be locking down their 4th straight National Championship. There is not any other team on neither Florida nor Alabama’s level and until a conference can take the National Title Trophy away from the SEC the argument is pointless. Sure the conference as a whole may be down, but what is down when you are talking about the SEC. Having a down year in the SEC is not having 4 to 5 teams in the top 15 instead of just having 4 ranked in the top 25. Outside of Mississippi State and Vanderbilt who hold down the bottom in both divisions, the entire SEC has just 2 out of conference losses and both fell in the first two weeks of the season. The SEC may have found a way to equal out in terms of records this season, but they stack up plenty well against the other top teams around the country. Last year, the SEC ranked 2nd in Bowl Games at a 6-2 mark behind the Pac-10 which was 5-0. Not only did they put more teams in Bowl Games than any other conference in America, they proved how good they were against other teams around the country that were supposedly on an equal level. It is no different this season, but the top 25 polls that impacts popular perception simply does not have as many teams from the SEC as usual and that is why people think the SEC is no longer the best conference in college football. However, they will have another stellar record in the postseason and they will bring home a 4th consecutive National Championship which will again silence all other conference claims as the best in the nation yet again.

2009-10 College Basketball Early Season Predictions: Sleeper Teams

November 18th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NCAA Basketball   2 Comments »
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Well everyone it is that time of year again when the weather turns cold, leafs fall off the trees, college football is winding down the regular season, and the college basketball season is quietly getting under way. That’s right college hoops are here and time to put some focus on the hardwood. The college basketball season usually does not get the most attention until the majority of the football season is over, but for college basketball enthusiasts our time is here. Over the last 24 hours the first games of the regular season have been played as we anticipate the long exciting season so there is no better time to take a look at some of the teams to watch out for in 2009-2010 basketball season.

The Kansas Jayhawks young talented team has taken the top spot in the polls which should be a surprise considering how well the Jayhawks played in the NCAA Tournament with an inexperienced roster. However, our focus for this article is to shy away from the top 5 teams in America who are receiving all of the attention and spot the potential sleepers who will come on strong. Remember last year we nailed 3 out of the 4 NCAA Bracket winners including the big underdog in Villanova and we have a few teams on our watch that you should keep on your radar throughout the year. Take a look at a few teams that are not receiving a ton of attention, but could be shining brightly in the spotlight by season’s end.

West Virginia Mountaineers

The Mountaineers finished the regular season in 2008 at a mark of 21-10 despite being beaten up by the brutal conference play down the stretch. The fact is that West Virginia would have been a top 10 team all season long if they played anywhere outside the Big East considering how stacked the conference was last year. Coach Bob Huggins now enters his 3rd year in Morgantown and considering the difference he has made in his first two years the program is definitely headed in the right direction. Huggins now has most of his own players running his style of play which will make all the difference. The key player on the West Virginia roster will be sophomore forward Devin Ebanks. Ebanks got off to a slow start last year reaching double digits just 9 times through the first 25 games. However, the young talent really came on strong scoring at least 10 points or more in 13 of the final 15 games giving tons of promise for the 2009-2010 season. Leading scorer Da’Sean Butler will also be back after averaging 17 points per game a season ago. Butler gives the team the dangerous ability to get hot and is dangerous all over the court. If junior transfer Casey Mitchell can come in and give immediate help, the Mountaineers will have the best inside presence in the conference. Look out for freshman Kevin Jones who could make a similar big presence on the inside well with some time as well. If the Mountaineers can find one guy to become a big shooter on the outside to compliment the inside game, dare I say Final Four?

Butler Bulldogs

I know what most are thinking when they see Butler, but do not be fooled. The Bulldogs return everyone from the starting rotation a year ago that finished 25-4 on the season. Sure Butler plays a weak schedule, but their style of play proved to cause problems for many different teams last year. The Bulldogs took down Xavier and Davidson during the regular season and fell by a single basket to Ohio State who many had as preseason best in the Big Ten for 2008. Butler also fell just short of knocking off number 2 seed Tennessee who was the best team in the SEC keeping them out of the sweet 16. However, with everyone back things should only get better. This could be the only team in the nation that could put 5 guards on the court and get away with it. Matt Howard and Gordon Hayward will be critical youngsters for the team as veteran senior Willie Veasley will provide the leadership the team will need. How far could Butler go? Well that may be hard to tell, but they will be a team that is extremely difficult to guard and it would not be a big surprise if this shaped up to be a Cinderella Story.

South Carolina Gamecocks

The Gamecocks may be a stretch to make a ton of noise this season, but they deserve a lot more attention than they are getting. South Carolina currently is not even ranked, but they will change after a few short weeks. Senior guard Devin Downey is one of the most exciting players in the SEC to watch with tremendous hustle. Downey scored 19 points per game in 2008 and led the conference with 3 steals per game. The talented senior will be the key guy when South Carolina needs to pull out close wins as he did multiple times in 2008. However, the entire team is on the rise behind Coach Darrin Horn who is in just his 2nd year as head coach. The team may have its best years ahead, but that is not to say they can do some damage in the SEC this year. South Carolina took down Florida once and Kentucky twice in the regular season and they will match-up well with everyone again this year. The Gamecocks will need senior Dominique Archie to have an even bigger season this year especially on the boards. Archie averaged 16.5 points and 8 rebounds last season, but South Carolina really needs him to control the boards as they lack the single big man needed to be really strong. However, this is a quick team that will give everyone a hard time and we would put them ahead of some of the over hyped Big Ten teams already ranked in the top 25.

Purdue Boilermakers

One of those Big Ten teams that are not over hyped is the Purdue Boilermakers. While Michigan State is receiving the overwhelming attention in the Big Ten and rightfully so, Purdue will have every opportunity to be the dark horse that could steal the thunder. In fact, this is most of the same team that blew out the Spartans by nearly 20 points in late February of last season. The lethal weapon of the team will be forward Robbie Hummel who averaged 13 points and 7 boards last season. Hummel will be even better this year and the Boilermakers will be a force. Purdue as a team has all the players in the right positions to expect big things. JaJuan Johnson is the big guy in the middle and senior guard Chris Kramer will need to improve a bit. However, freshman guard D.J Byrd could be the biggest difference for the Boilermakers. It is usually not a good sign to place a lot of responsibility on a freshman, but Purdue really needs a consistent hot hand from the perimeter. Bryd could do that right away depending on how quickly he adapts at the next level. However, if he can knock down a few shots each game Purdue has all the making to contend in the Big Ten.

2009 NFL Week 11 Lines; Quick Breakdown

November 18th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2009 NFL Week 11 Lines; Quick Breakdown

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Note: The week 11 NFL lines (sides and totals) from BetUS Sportsbook (100% signup bonus when you click here) are located at the bottom of this page if you do not wish to read our quick breakdown of the games.

It was an exciting week of football in the NFL last week. The Colts and Patriots collided in one of the most exciting games of the year with a shocking turn of events that lead the Colts to a two touchdown comeback in the final 5 minutes of the game. Throughout the entire NFL there were many more close outcomes as 8 different games were settled by a score or less, but the most interesting numbers may be 9 and 6. Soon you will see why. The home teams really shined in week 10 winning 10 of the 15 games played. Those home teams were also a solid 9-6 ATS this week against the underdogs. The home underdogs were even more impressive going 4-1 ATS in their 5 match-ups. In the favorites vs. underdog’s category the race has been pretty even all year, but the underdogs conquered for the 3rd straight week going 9-6 ATS as well. After two straight 7-6 weeks taken advantage by the under totals, scoring soared this week as the over totals stood at yet another 9-6 mark on the week. We warned last week to look out for the under totals as weather cools off and defenses become a bigger factor. However, that was not the case last week as weather did not play much of a factor throughout the league. Entering week 11 there are plenty of interesting lines to consider. Week 11 will get started when two emerging hopefuls in Miami and Carolina collide this Thursday night. The Panthers will be 3 points home favorites as they seek to get back to the .500 mark. As a whole, the home teams out favor the away teams at yet another 9-6 mark for week 11. As you can see the numbers 9 and 6 seem to be a reoccurring theme. In fact there are 6 different teams that will be favored by 9 points or more as well this week which is the most lop sided the betting lines have been in many weeks. One of the key week 11 NFL lines that jump out is the Baltimore Ravens who are the slightest of favorites when they host the undefeated Indianapolis Colts. The Colts survived last week thanks to Patriots Coach Bill Belichick’s own personal mistake to go for it on 4th down and 2 from the Patriots own 28 yard line with about 2 minutes to go in the game. The Colts will now be slight underdogs for the first time this season as they hope to avoid any letdown performances. Surely plenty of action will be on that game, but check out all the other games that deserve some attention and the complete list of week eleven NFL lines from BetUS Sportsbook below.

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2009 NFL Football Week 11 Lines From BetUS (as of 11/17 @ 11:30 pm ET):
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Week 11 NFL Lines For Thurs, Nov 19, 2009    
 305Miami Dolphins+3  +105  42½O -110 
 306Carolina Panthers-3  -125   U -110 
Week Eleven NFL Lines For Sun, Nov 22, 2009    
 407Cleveland Browns+3½  -110  38½O -110 
 408Detroit Lions-3½  -110   U -110 
 409Buffalo Bills+8½  -110  42½O -110 
 410Jacksonville Jaguars-8½  -110   U -110 
 411Pittsburgh Steelers-10  -110  40O -110 
 412Kansas City Chiefs+10  -110   U -110 
 413Indianapolis Colts-1  -110  44½O -110 
 414Baltimore Ravens+1  -110   U -110 
 415Atlanta Falcons+6½  -110  46½O -110 
 416New York Giants-6½  -110   U -110 
 417San Francisco 49ers+6½  -110  42½O -110 
 418Green Bay Packers-6½  -110   U -110 
 419Seattle Seahawks+11  -110  46O -110 
 420Minnesota Vikings-11  -110   U -110 
 421Washington Redskins+11  -110  41½O -110 
 422Dallas Cowboys-11  -110   U -110 
 423New Orleans Saints-11  -110  50½O -110 
 424Tampa Bay Buccaneers+11  -110   U -110 
 425Arizona Cardinals-9  -110  46½O -110 
 426St Louis Rams+9  -110   U -110 
 427New York Jets+10  -110  45O -110 
 428New England Patriots-10  -110   U -110 
 429Cincinnati Bengals-9½  -110  36O -110 
 430Oakland Raiders+9½  -110   U -110 
 433Philadelphia Eagles-3  -105  45O -110 
 434Chicago Bears+3  -115   U -110 
Week 11 Monday Night Football Line    
 435Tennessee Titans+4½  -110  48O -110 
 436Houston Texans-4½  -110   U -110 

2009 NFL Week 10 Lines; Quick Breakdown

November 11th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2009 NFL Week 10 Lines; Quick Breakdown

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Note: The week ten NFL lines (sides & totals) from BetUS Sportsbook (Huge 100% Bonus When You click here To Join) are posted at the bottom of this post if you do not wish to read our week 10 NFL lines breakdown.

If you happened to place a few wagers on NFL Football last week, then hopefully your action sided with the underdogs. Week 10 was perhaps the biggest week for the underdogs this season as they were 10-3 ATS this week. It was perhaps one of the biggest lop sided weeks for the favorites vs. underdogs just proving that betting on favorites is not always best. The home teams also battled back in a big way this week against the books. Home teams were 9-4 ATS against the road teams. The home teams had big expectations entering week 9 as 10 of 13 teams were favored from teams at home. Those teams performed fairly well going 8-4 straight up, but as stated before the underdogs covered the points in most of those events. The under totals had the slight edge yet again this week going 7-6 for the second straight week. We mentioned last week the under totals were something to keep an eye on as the season progresses and that will be another interesting factor to keep on your radar for week 10. Looking at the week 10 NFL lines, there are some more interesting trends of the betting lines that can not go unnoticed. One common theme we have noticed in the week 10 NFL lines is the large number of home favorites, where home teams are favored in 10 of the listed 15 games. The home teams were heavy favorites last week despite getting dominated against the spread, but the bookies show liking to the home teams again. One thing that is expected is close games in week 10. There are 6 different match-ups with lines holding at a field goal or less. Also scoring is expected to be down this week as there is not one single game over the 50 point total as the over/under totals have steadily decreased in past weeks as a whole. Possibly the most interesting game of the week is the undefeated Indianapolis Colts who will host the New England Patriots for AFC supremacy on Sunday night. The Colts are 3 point favorites against their bitter rivals and that will be a game that deserves attention for sure as both appear to have Super Bowl potential. For the rest of the games, be sure to check out week 10 NFL spreads from BetUS Sportsbook below.

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2009 NFL Football Week Ten Lines From BetUS (as of 11/11 @ 11:00 pm ET):
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NFL Football Week 10 Lines For Thu, Nov 12, 2009   
 105Chicago Bears+3  -105  43½O -110 
 106San Francisco 49ers-3  -115   U -110 
Week Ten NFL Spreads For Sun, Nov 15, 2009   
 215Jacksonville Jaguars+7  -110  40O -110 
 216New York Jets-7  -110   U -110 
 217Denver Broncos-3½  -110  37O -110 
 218Washington Redskins+3½  -110   U -110 
 219Cincinnati Bengals+7  -110  42O -110 
 220Pittsburgh Steelers-7  -110   U -110 
 221Buffalo Bills+6½  -110  40½O -110 
 222Tennessee Titans-6½  -110   U -110 
 223Detroit Lions+16½  -110  47½O -110 
 224Minnesota Vikings-16½  -110   U -110 
 225New Orleans Saints-13½  -110  50O -110 
 226St Louis Rams+13½  -110   U -110 
 227Atlanta Falcons-1½  -110  44½O -110 
 228Carolina Panthers+1½  -110   U -110 
 229Tampa Bay Buccaneers+10  -110  44O -110 
 230Miami Dolphins-10  -110   U -110 
 231Kansas City Chiefs+1½  -110  36½O -110 
 232Oakland Raiders-1½  -110   U -110 
 233Seattle Seahawks+8½  -110  47½O -110 
 234Arizona Cardinals-8½  -110   U -110 
 235Philadelphia Eagles+2  -110  46½O -110 
 236San Diego Chargers-2  -110   U -110 
 237Dallas Cowboys-3  Ev  47½O -110 
 238Green Bay Packers+3  -120   U -110 
 239New England Patriots+3  -120  49½O -110 
 240Indianapolis Colts-3  Ev   U -110 
Week 10 Monday Night Football Lines For 11/16/09   
 243Baltimore Ravens-10½  -110  40O -110 
 244Cleveland Browns+10½  -110   U -110 

2009 Week 11 Heisman Update & Current Heisman Trophy Odds

November 10th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on 2009 Week 11 Heisman Update & Current Heisman Trophy Odds

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Heisman TrophyIt has been a few weeks since we have broken down the best college football players in the nation to provide the candidates with the best chances of winning the 2009 Heisman Trophy watch. However, even with about 75 percent of the season over the Heisman Trophy race is still up for grabs. One thing for certain is there are plenty of quarterbacks in the mix as expected for the 2009 season. However, there are some unfamiliar faces shakings things up. The only man that could steal the hardware from the quarterbacks this season appears to be Alabama running back Mark Ingram who has exploded onto the scene in the SEC this season. However, there is still a lot of football to be played and this year’s race could likely come down to the wire. Take a look as we break down the top 5 Heisman Trophy candidates after week 10 of the college football season.

Current Odds To Win The Heisman Are From (as of 12/7/2009):
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  • Colt McCoy 5/4
  • Mark Ingram  2/7
  • Ndamukong Suh 5/1
  • Tim Tebow  15/1
  • Toby Gerhart  3/1

Current Heisman Trophy Odds From JustBet Sportsbook (as of 12/6/2009):
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  • Odds Currently Off The Board – Will Update When Available

#5. QB Colt McCoy (Texas Longhorns)
Colt McCoy Current Odds To Win The Heisman Trophy: +200

I’m sure there are many fans in the state of Texas mad about ranking McCoy number 5 on the list. However, McCoy is not having the huge season that Longhorn fans might have anticipated. There is no doubt that Texas is National Championship contenders and they will likely play the winner of the SEC Championship Game for the chance at the title which will help McCoy’s chances. However, McCoy has not been that impressive this season. Sure, the completion percentage is outstanding at 72% on the season, but the Texas senior quarterback has also thrown 9 picks this season with his 17 touchdowns. McCoy has actually thrown at least 1 pick in every game outside of the Longhorns blowout victory over Oklahoma State. In Texas two closest games this season against Oklahoma and Texas Tech, McCoy has thrown for just under 200 yards per game with 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Considering how bad the Big 12 is down this season after all the expectations, those numbers are much less impressive. However, the Longhorns chance at a National Championship still may land him another Heisman Trophy Finalist recognition.

#4. QB Case Keenum (Houston Cougars)
Case Keenum Current Odds To Win The Heisman Trophy: +700

Most people will not give Case Keenum much respect since he resides out of the defenseless Conference USA. However, Keenum’s numbers can not be ignored and there is not many quarterbacks out there who have ever had the chance to post back to back 5,000 yard campaigns. Even more impressive is that Keenum leads the nation with 3,815 passing yards and that is nearly a 1,000 yards more than the next closest contender Tyler Sheehan. On the season, Keenum has thrown for 3,815 yards while completing 71% for 25 touchdowns and only 5 picks. In fact, the Cougars star has thrown for more than 500 passing yards in two straight contests and leads the nation’s top ranked scoring offense at 42 points per game. If only the Cougars were BCS type contenders, Keenum would be getting much more respect.

#3. QB Tim Tebow (Florida Gators)
Tim Tebow Current Odds To Win The Heisman Trophy: +300

Another one of the leading preseason candidates to win the Heisman Trophy is the Gators famed QB Tim Tebow who won the Heisman Trophy in his sophomore season. However, Tebow has not had the huge numbers the Gators offense may have expected as well. In fact, the Gators offense is not near as explosive all together this season. Tebow has just 11 passing touchdowns on the season with 4 interceptions for 1,531 yards. Tebow has not thrown for the type of yards a Heisman Trophy candidate would normally post. However, his legs have kept him in the race. Tebow has posted 9 additional touchdowns on the ground for just less than 600 yards. The Gators quarterback just recently broke all-time great Herschel Walker’s SEC touchdown record and that accomplishment in itself should rank right up there with his Heisman Trophy. The Gators appear to be the team to beat as they attempt to defend their National Championship and 3rd in the last 4 years. While Tebow is completely everything to the team, he may not have the numbers to grab his 2nd trophy. However, there is still a few opportunities that could change those perceptions.

#2. QB Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame Fighting Irish)
Jimmy Clausen Current Odds To Win The Heisman Trophy: +400

Perhaps this year we finally learned why Jimmy Clausen was at one time considered the most sought after recruit in college football history. Clausen has finally delivered in big ways for the Fighting Irish offense throwing for 2,770 yards this season. Clausen actually has an outside chance to reach the 4,000 yard plateau if he can string together a couple of 400 yard performances as he has already done this season. Clausen has completed 68% passing with 20 touchdowns and only 3 interceptions. The big thing that impresses many about Clausen is his ability to play big in the big games. If you take the Fighting Irish’s two biggest games of the season which both resulted in close disappointing losses to Michigan and USC, Clausen threw for just less than 300 yards per game with 5 touchdowns and 0 picks. The Fighting Irish junior quarterback even put up a career high 452 yards in their most recent loss last week to Army simply proving yet again a player who is Heisman worthy, but just not on the team that will help him win the hardware.

#1. RB Mark Ingram (Alabama Crimson Tide)

Mark Ingram Current Odds To Win The Heisman Trophy: +100

Ask anyone in Tuscaloosa, Alabama who their pick for the Heisman Trophy is and they will tell you running back Mark Ingram. Even outside the state of Alabama, Ingram may be the most widely accepted front runner for the Heisman. He has completely dominated on the ground for the Crimson Tide this year and is a huge reason Alabama has a chance at their 2nd straight perfect regular season. Ingram has really emerged in the latter part of the season racking up 801 yards in the last 5 games and all of those yards have been against SEC defenses. Having a player put up those kind of numbers against not only good, but some very good defenses is more than impressive. Ingram may only have 8 scores on the year, but he is carrying a stout 6.6 yards per carry ratio and has produced the most in the biggest games. In some of the Crimson Tide’s most important games featuring teams like: Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Tennessee and LSU (all defenses ranking in top 25) Ingram has averaged 160 yards per game which is simply ridiculous. There is no player in college football more worthy of this year’s Heisman Trophy than sophomore running back out of Alabama in Mark Ingram. Not only should he be the Heisman Trophy Winner, but he may be the force that brings the National Championship back to Tuscaloosa.

2010 NBA Finals Odds, Preview and Predictions

November 5th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NBA Basketball   7 Comments »

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2009-10 NBA Finals Odds, Preview & Predictions

List of Odds To Win The 2010 NBA Finals Can Be Found At The Bottom

Last year marked the Los Angeles Lakers return to glory as they recorded their 15th NBA Championship in franchise history just two behind the all-time leading Boston Celtics at 17 in total. The Championship marked Kobe Bryant’s 4th title in his career and for Coach Phil Jackson a record 10th championship. However despite the Lakers dominance especially over the Western Conference in recent years, it was their first championship in 7 years despite 2 failed NBA Finals trips during that period. Heading into 2010, the Lakers are once again favorites to take on the hardware at +180 favorites meaning Phil Jackson will have to start finding additional hands to carry those rings. However, as the NBA proved last year the competition is fierce and there will be many fighting for similar claims including Lebron James who is in search for his first NBA Championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers who are receiving +450 odds to win it all. Take a look as we list he odds to win the 2009 NBA Fianls, breakdown each Conference and what to expect from the NBA in 2010, and ultimately giving a prediction for this year’s 2010 NBA Championship.

2009-10 Eastern Conference Preview:

Last year in the Eastern Conference the “Big 3” dominated the conference consistently battling for the best overall record in the league. Those teams were the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Orlando Magic who ended up representing the Eastern Conference in the Finals. Orlando is receiving +700 odds for 2010, but they lost Hedo Turkoglu to free agency who landed with the Toronto Raptors. Orlando will still be a force just from the presence of Dwight Howard. However, shooting guard J.J Redick should be able to provide some more help this season and the Magic also landed a proven veteran in Vince Carter. There is no reason not to expect the Magic to be a force this year as Turkoglu really did not do much during the regular season. Orlando will still be playing catch-up early in the season, but they could be a force by playoff time.

The Cavaliers added Shaquille O’Neal to the roster to help down low. O’Neal has not produced a ton of points over the past few seasons, but he could definitely contribute a lot to the defensive efforts from Cleveland. The Cavaliers were among the best defensive teams in the league last year holding opponents to just 90.4 points per game and those numbers may get even better. Of course James will be Lebron like so there is not much worry with him. James averaged just less than 30 points per game last year 2nd best in the NBA behind Dwyane Wade. The player that may make the biggest difference for Cleveland is Mo Williams. Shaq gives the presence you need down low that teams will respect, and Lebron will draw all the attention. If Williams can be the shooter they think he can be, then the Cavaliers may very well have their shot at glory this season.

The last of the “Big 3” is the Boston Celtics who are receiving solid +300 odds to win the NBA Title. There was not a ton of change in Boston outside of the signing of Rasheed Wallace. Wallace spent the last 5 years in Detroit, but will find a place in the starting rotation for the Celtics. The problem Boston had last season is that injuries plagued the team down the stretch. Garnett missed a lot of the latter part of the season and guys were consistently banged up. If not for countless Paul Pierce clutch shots, the Celtics may not have made it out of the opening round of the playoffs last year. Boston will once again own the most talented lineup in the NBA as they can get huge numbers from any of their starters. The key will be staying together and staying healthy.

A few other teams that could get into the mix this season are the Atlanta Hawks and the Chicago Bulls. It has been some time since we seen the Bulls get on a level where they could be possible contenders for a championship. While that still may be a few years down the road, Chicago could make similar noise as they did in their opening round overtime thrilling playoff match-up with the Celtics. Chicago signed 2009 Rookie of the Year Derrick Rose to an extension and he should have a future in the windy city. The Bulls have the ability to contend on any given night, but possibly not the depth to contend in the long run. All in all, the Bulls are about 1 superstar away from being back in the NBA Finals contender category.

The Hawks signed rookie Jeff Teague out of Wake Forest who showed countless signs of brilliance in the college ranks. Teague should adapt well in Atlanta since they like to run a fast paced offense. Atlanta also acquired Jamal Crawford from the Knicks. Crawford averaged 20 points per contest last year and he should help make Atlanta even tougher on a nightly basis. The Hawks are sizeable +4000 underdogs, but are a team to keep on the radar with their style of play.

2009-10 Western Conference Preview:

The Lakers really controlled the West last season with just less than an .80 winning percentage. The only team that showed signs that they could slow the Lakers where the Denver Nuggets who got extremely hot on some late season runs. However, the Nuggets still dropped 3 of 4 regular season contest to the Lakers. Los Angeles also ended up taking Denver out in the Conference Finals going 4-2. In the Southwest division, things were wide open throughout the year. San Antonio ended up on the top spot and showed signs of late season magic, but they were destroyed by Dallas 4 games to 1 in the playoffs. In all reality this may be another year of wide open basketball in the Western Conference, but all will still be chasing the Lakers.

The Dallas Mavericks came on late in the year and also in the playoffs last year mainly behind Dirk Nowitzki. The Mavericks added some depth to the roster this season in Drew Gooden and Shawn Marion. Marion should help scoring efforts and Gooden with time will develop into a nice presence as well. Josh Howard battled injuries all last season and it is imperative that he stay healthy in terms of the Mavericks success. Dallas has the scorer’s to contend, but may still lack the down low presence needed. Erick Dampier just is not the big man in the middle you find on most championship teams.

The other contender out of the Southwest will be none other than the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs should take battle with Dallas in the southwest as Houston will likely suffer with the season long absence of Yao Ming whose career may be in jeopardy after foot surgery. However, the Spurs made some moves in the right direction. After campaigning for senior citizens benefits last year, the Spurs added youth with rookie DeJuan Blair and also added Richard Jefferson. San Antonio should be the most experience team in the league and Blair may give more help in his rookie campaign than most would expect. The Spurs should be able to contend, but we just not sold they have what it takes to return to the Finals spotlight.

Outside of the might Southwest, the Denver Nuggets have to be the team that challenges the Lakers for the top spot. Last year’s addition of Chauncey Billups proved to be astronomical for the team’s success. Of course Carmelo Anthony is the superstar, but Billups is a star as well and really gets the team to play together. If J.R Smith can have a similar season to 2009 much less improve, the Nuggets will be even better in 2010. Denver has the talent in the starting lineup to content with anyone, but this is another team that can not afford any injuries. If they stay healthy, they have every opportunity to take down the West. Denver is +1500 underdogs which is a line that may deserve a lot of attention.

The Lakers lost Trevor Ariza, but just when you think Los Angeles takes a step back they sign Ron Artest to the lineup. If you hated the Lakers before, you will hate them even more with Artest now on the roster. Like it or not, it should make Los Angeles even stronger. Kobe Bryant may just be the best player in the league and Pau Gasol has proved he is a good match with Bryant. The scary thing about this team is center Andrew Bynum is just going to get better and better. Hopefully for the rest of the league’s sake, Bynum does not have any huge breakout this season. If so call it checkmate for the defending Champions to repeat.

One final team to keep your eye on in the west includes first and foremost the Portland Trail Blazers. Portland has found their star in Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge is an equally effective helping hand. However, Portland strengthened their lineup over the off season with the additions of Andre Miller and Juwan Howard. Miller should definitely be able to help efforts and depth in the backcourt. Howard is a veteran whose performance will likely wane, but he can still provide some quality minutes. The Trail Blazers really need Greg Oden to step up and be the big inside threat. Oden is a rebounding machine, but has had trouble with injuries as well as foul trouble. If he stays healthy and stays on the court, good things will come for Portland who is receiving +1500 odds.

2009-10 NBA Finals Prediction:

If the Boston Celtics can stay healthy, their lineup is ridiculously talented. The Cavaliers may be even better this season, but the Celtics will be as well. Boston will take down the Eastern Conference and meet up with the Lakers who will again edge out Denver in the Western Conference. However the Lakers will not defend their title, as 2008 repeats itself and the Celtics will beat the Lakers 4-2 while taking home the hardware for the 18th time.

2010 NBA Finals Odds From JustBet Sportsbook (as of 11/5/2009):
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Atlanta Hawks – 40 to 1
Boston Celtics – 3 to 1
Charlotte Bobcats – 100 to 1
Chicago Bulls – 60 to 1
Cleveland Cavaliers – 9 to 2
Dallas Mavericks – 30 to 1
Denver Nuggets – 15 to 1
Detroit Pistons – 75 to 1
Golden State Warriors – 100 to 1
Houston Rockets – 50 to 1
Indiana Pacers – 100 to 1
Los Angeles Clippers – 100 to 1
Los Angeles Lakers – 7 to 4
Memphis Grizzlies – 100 to 1
Miami Heat – 40 to 1
Milwaukee Bucks – 100 to 1
Minnesota Timberwolves – 100 to 1
New Jersey Nets – 100 to 1
New Orleans Hornes – 50 to 1
New York Knicks – 100 to 1
Oklahoma City Thunder – 100 to 1
Orlando Magic – 7 to 1
Philadelphia 76ers – 75 to 1
Phoenix Suns – 70 to 1
Portland Blazers – 15 to 1
Sacramento Kings – 10 to 1
San Antonio Spurs – 7 to 1
Toronto Raptors – 100 to 1
Utah Jazz – 30 to 1
Washington Wizards – 50 to 1