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2012 Presidential Election Odds: Barack Obama 2012 Reelection Odds

October 30th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in Entertainment & Exotic Odds   Comments Off on 2012 Presidential Election Odds: Barack Obama 2012 Reelection Odds
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With a little more than a week until Election Day, presidential betting action has been heating up as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney battle it out to see who is the next President of the United States of America. Romney and Obama have been ramping up their campaigns in the homestretch with each making several stops per day in key battleground states in hopes of reaching the magical number of 270 electoral votes needed to become the next POTUS.

The betting odds for the president have been in favor of President Obama since his Inauguration Day in 2009. Although he had a momentary scare with his poll numbers and betting odds free-falling after his first performance of the debate season, his last two debate showings helped stop the Romney momentum and has helped the presidential betting lines remain relatively static over the last few weeks. Currently, President Obama is a -200 favorite and Governor Romney is a +170 underdog at GT Bets Sportsbook.

One of the more interesting subplots of the political betting spectrum this election cycle has been that the betting sites have shaded more in favor of Romney than reputed polling sites like FiveThirtyEight. As of Sunday night, FiveThirtyEight gives President Obama a 73.6% chance to win, equivalent to making Obama a -279 favorite. Perhaps this could mean that a slight majority of gamblers prefer Romney to Obama or that gamblers don’t put much weight in the calculations that these sites make.

What’s certain is that President Obama has a much clearer route to remaining in the Oval Office than Governor Romney does. Obama has more solid electoral votes than Romney and thus does not need to win as many of the swing states in order to secure re-election. Of utmost importance to both parties with regards to these swing states, is the Buckeye State. Romney would be extremely hard-pressed to claim victory in this election without winning Ohio as Obama would have the election all but locked up if Ohio went blue. Both parties have rapidly mobilized their resources in this state and by November 6 it is unlikely that any Ohio voter has not been robo-dialed, e-mailed or snail mailed in hopes of securing their vote. Other than Ohio, Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida, Iowa, and Wisconsin are the important swing states in this one and voters there can expect to be harangued heavily over the next eight days.

For the fourth straight presidential election, heading up to Election Day there is not a clear winner between incumbent President Barack Obama and challenger Governor Mitt Romney. Even though Romney is still trailing, he still has a very sizeable chance to win the election according to both the presidential betting odds and the prognostication websites dedicated to determining who the next president will be. Once again, the presidency will come down to a handful of swing states that have the power to decide who will be America’s next president.

Anyone who has paid even cursory attention to the election, knows that Ohio and its 18 electoral votes is of the foremost importance of any swing state. Currently, Barack Obama is seen as a -170 favorite per the state of Ohio betting lines with Mitt Romney being a +130 underdog. However, respected political site FiveThirtyEight is much more bullish on President Obama’s odds, giving him a 73.5% chance to win the state. Both candidates will be doing much of their campaigning in this crucial key state over the next week, highlighting its importance in the election. No Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio, so this race is Mitt Romney’s top priority in order to succeed Barack Obama.

Although it is only worth 9 electoral votes, the race in Colorado is an intriguing one because it is as close to a toss-up as any other state battle. Mitt Romney is listed as a -145 favorite to win the state according to GT Bets Sportsbook despite the fact that FiveThirtyEight gives Obama a 57% advantage in the state. Recently released polls from PPP, Grove, Keating Research, Marist, and Purple Strategies all also give the advantage to the sitting president and Obama has recent history on his side as well, winning the state handily over John McCain during the 2008 election.

Pennsylvania isn’t much of a battleground state this election, but the fact that it has 20 electoral votes makes it very valuable in getting to the magical number of 270. Obama is listed as a heavy favorite (-600) to take the Keystone State and Romney is a sizeable underdog (+400). Unlike these other states though, Pennsylvania has been de-centralized with neither candidate running a campaign ad on either the state’s television or radio waves during the election cycle and neither candidate has made more than a few campaign stops in the state with none coming during the month of October.

The mecca of American sports betting is up for grounds in this election despite Obama coasting to a victory in Nevada in 2008, winning the state by 12.5%. This time, the state is projected to only be decided by a few percentage points one way or the other. Obama is a -300 favorite to take the state by the individual state betting lines with Romney listed as a +220 underdog.

It may be an undercard to the presidential race, but senate betting odds are now up for gamblers to wager on. Democrats currently control the Senate and are expected to retain control of the upper house of Congress in 2012, even though 21 Democratic Party candidates have their seats on the line compared to only 10 Republican seats up for grabs. GT Bets Sportsbook currently has the odds on Democrats gaining control of the Senate at -300 with Republicans listed as a +220 underdog to either gain control or split control. Before this election, Democrats held 51 seats in the US Senate compared to only 47 seats for the Republicans with 2 seats being held by independents. Democrats are heavy favorites in most of the races and are expected to keep the majority.

Some individual senate races have garnered a lot of publicity, possibly none more so than the race in Missouri between Claire McCaskill (D) and Todd Akin (R). Todd Akin set off a political firestorm earlier in the race when he claimed that women could not get pregnant from “legitimate rape” because the female body had hormones that would cause her to be infertile. This humongous gaffe immediately swung the race for McCaskill who has been a strong favorite ever sense and was a big blow to the Republicans who saw Missouri as a winnable state for the GOP. Akin resisted calls from Republican leadership to bow out of the race but is very unlikely to win the seat as a +450 underdog per the Senate betting lines compared to McCaskill with her -750 favorite status.

Virginia has been the center of some controversy as well and there is a much more open race going on between Tim Kaine (D) and George Allen (R). Kaine is the favorite right now with GT Bets Sportsbook listing him as a -265 favorite and Allen placed as a moderate +185 underdog. Allen has gotten a recent boost in spending though with casino magnate Sheldon Adelson recently donating $1.5 million to one of Allen’s super-PACs. Expect to see a flood of ads on local television stations due to the influx of money in Allen’s warchest.

Massachusetts may be one of the most liberal states in the nation, but they have had success recently with Republicans moving toward the center and stealing seats away from Democrats. Scott Brown (R) hopes to continue this trend, but is a +310 underdog to Elizabeth Warren (D) -430. Warren appears to be pulling away in polls with the latest PPP poll showing here with a 9 point lead, but anything can happen in the run-up to Election Day.

2012 Presidential Election Update (Current Presidential Election Odds) @ GT Bets (as of 11/5/12):
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Politics Other Sports Money Line
2012 US Presidential Election
Tue 11/6 1001 Barack Obama wins 2012 election -340
10:00AM 1002 Mitt Romney wins 2012 election +280

Tue 11/6 1103 Barack Obama wins Colorado -150
10:00AM 1104 Mitt Romney wins Colorado +110

Tue 11/6 1105 Barack Obama wins Florida +215
10:00AM 1106 Mitt Romney wins Florida -295

Tue 11/6 1109 Barack Obama wins Iowa -260
10:00AM 1110 Mitt Romney wins Iowa +180

Tue 11/6 1111 Barack Obama wins Maine -4500
10:00AM 1112 Mitt Romney wins Maine +1500

Tue 11/6 1113 Barack Obama wins Michigan -750
10:00AM 1114 Mitt Romney wins Michigan +450

Tue 11/6 1115 Barack Obama wins Minnesota -1050
10:00AM 1116 Mitt Romney wins Minnesota +550

Tue 11/6 1117 Barack Obama wins Nevada -1500
10:00AM 1118 Mitt Romney wins Nevada +700

Tue 11/6 1119 Barack Obama wins New Hampshire -245
10:00AM 1120 Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire +175

Tue 11/6 1121 Barack Obama wins North Carolina +400
10:00AM 1122 Mitt Romney wins North Carolina -600

Tue 11/6 1123 Barack Obama wins Ohio -260
10:00AM 1124 Mitt Romney wins Ohio +180

Tue 11/6 1125 Barack Obama wins Oregon -4500
10:00AM 1126 Mitt Romney wins Oregon +1500

Tue 11/6 1127 Barack Obama wins Pennsylvania -530
10:00AM 1128 Mitt Romney wins Pennsylvania +350

Tue 11/6 1129 Barack Obama wins Virginia -140
10:00AM 1130 Mitt Romney wins Virginia +100

Tue 11/6 1131 Barack Obama wins Wisconsin -320
10:00AM 1132 Mitt Romney wins Wisconsin +240

2012 US Presidential Election – Electoral College
Tue 11/6 1221 Barack Obama electoral votes over 249½ -1200
10:00AM 1222 Barack Obama electoral votes under 249½ +600

Tue 11/6 1223 Barack Obama electoral votes over 259½ -530
10:00AM 1224 Barack Obama electoral votes under 259½ +350

Tue 11/6 1225 Barack Obama electoral votes over 279½ -260
10:00AM 1226 Barack Obama electoral votes under 279½ +180

Tue 11/6 1227 Barack Obama electoral votes over 289½ -145
10:00AM 1228 Barack Obama electoral votes under 289½ +105

Tue 11/6 1229 Barack Obama electoral votes over 294½ -115
10:00AM 1230 Barack Obama electoral votes under 294½ -125

Tue 11/6 1231 Barack Obama electoral votes over 299½ +115
10:00AM 1232 Barack Obama electoral votes under 299½ -155

Tue 11/6 1233 Barack Obama electoral votes over 309½ +210
10:00AM 1234 Barack Obama electoral votes under 309½ -290

Tue 11/6 1261 Electoral College to be tied 269-269 +2500
10:00AM 1262 Electoral College not tied 269-269 -5000

2012 US Presidential Election – Popular Vote
Tue 11/6 1303 Barack Obama popular vote -0.49999% -150
10:00AM 1304 Mitt Romney popular vote +0.49999% +110

Tue 11/6 1305 Barack Obama popular vote -0.99999% -105
10:00AM 1306 Mitt Romney popular vote +0.99999% -135

Tue 11/6 1305 Barack Obama popular vote -1.99999% +175
10:00AM 1306 Mitt Romney popular vote +1.99999% -245

Tue 11/6 1315 Barack Obama popular vote +0.49999% -230
10:00AM 1316 Mitt Romney popular vote -0.49999% +170

Tue 11/6 1391 Gary Johnson popular vote over 0.49999% -600
10:00AM 1392 Gary Johnson popular vote under 0.49999% +400

Tue 11/6 1393 Gary Johnson popular vote over 0.99999% +100
10:00AM 1394 Gary Johnson popular vote under 0.99999% -140

Tue 11/6 1395 Gary Johnson popular vote over 1.49999% +210
10:00AM 1396 Gary Johnson popular vote under 1.49999% -290

2012 US Presidential Election – Electoral College / Popular Vote
Tue 11/6 1451 Electoral winner to lose popular vote +290
10:00AM 1452 Any other result -410
2012 US Presidential Election – States Won

Tue 11/6 1501 Mitt Romney states won over 26½ +100
10:00AM 1502 Mitt Romney states won under 26½ -140

2012 Congressional Elections – post election control of the Senate
Tue 11/6 1901 Democrats control the Senate -420
10:00AM 1902 Republicans control Senate / Split +300

Tue 11/6 1903 Control of Senate a split +470
10:00AM 1904 Control of Senate not a split -810

Tue 11/6 1905 Republicans control the Senate +585
10:00AM 1905 Democrats control Senate / split -1155
a split = no action

Tue 11/6 1907 Democrats control the Senate -1050
10:00AM 1908 Republicans control the Senate +550

2012 Congressional Elections – post election Senate seats
Tue 11/6 1909 Republicans hold over 47½ Senate seats -145
10:00AM 1910 Republicans hold under 47½ Senate seats +105

2012 Congressional Elections – post election control of the House of Representatives
Tue 11/6 1911 Republicans control the House of Rep. -2750
10:00AM 1912 Democrats control House of Rep / split +1450

2012 US Senate Elections
Tue 11/6 1951 Richard Carmona (D) wins Arizona +500
10:00AM 1952 Jeff Flake (R) wins Arizona -900

Tue 11/6 1953 Chris Murphy (D) wins Connecticut -1350
10:00AM 1954 Linda McMahon (R) wins Connecticut +650

Tue 11/6 1955 Joe Donnelly (D) wins Indiana -310
10:00AM 1956 Richard Mourdock (R) wins Indiana +230

Tue 11/6 1957 Elizabeth Warren (D) wins Massachusetts -400
10:00AM 1958 Scott Brown (R) wins Massachusetts +280

Tue 11/6 1959 Claire McCaskill (D) wins Missouri -475
10:00AM 1960 Todd Akin (R) wins Missouri +325

Tue 11/6 1961 Jon Tester (D) wins Montana +180
10:00AM 1962 Denny Rehberg (R) wins Montana -260

Tue 11/6 1963 Heidi Heitkamp (D) wins North Dakota +750
10:00AM 1964 Rick Berg (R) wins North Dakota -1580

Tue 11/6 1965 Sherrod Brown (D) wins Ohio -1050
10:00AM 1966 Josh Mandel (R) wins Ohio +550

Tue 11/6 1967 Tim Kaine (D) wins Virginia -320
10:00AM 1968 George Allen (R) wins Virginia +240

Tue 11/6 1969 Tammy Baldwin (D) wins Wisconsin -165
10:00AM 1970 Tommy Thompson (R) wins Wisconsin +125

2012 State Gubernatorial Elections
Tue 11/6 1981 Maggie Hassan (D) wins New Hampshire -260
10:00AM 1982 Ovide Lamontagne (R) wins New Hampshire +180

After 2012 Elections – President & Congress Combinations

Democratic President + Democratic Senate + Democratic House
Tue 11/6 2001 Dem President + Dem Senate + Dem House +2700
10:00AM 2002 Any other result or split -5800

Democratic President + Republican Senate + Republican House
Tue 11/6 2003 Dem President + Rep Senate + Rep House +3000
10:00AM 2004 Any other result or split -7000

Democratic President + Democratic Senate + Republican House
Tue 11/6 2005 Dem President + Dem Senate + Rep House -290
10:00AM 2006 Any other result or split +210

Democratic President + Republican Senate + Democratic House
Tue 11/6 2007 Dem President + Rep Senate + Dem House +12500
10:00AM 2008 Any other result or split -62500

Republican President + Democratic Senate + Republican House
Tue 11/6 2009 Rep President + Dem Senate + Rep House +350
10:00AM 2010 Any other result or split -530

Republican President + Republican Senate + Republican House
Tue 11/6 2013 Rep President + Rep Senate + Rep House +800
10:00AM 2014 Any other result or split -1700

Republican President + Democratic Senate + Democratic House
Tue 11/6 2015 Rep President + Dem Senate + Dem House +17500
10:00AM 2016 Any other result or split -87500

Ballot Initiatives – Marijuana reform and legalisation
Tue 11/6 4001 Colorado Amendment 64 to be passed -900
10:00AM 4002 Colorado Amendment 64 won’t pass +500

Tue 11/6 4003 Oregon Measure 80 to be passed +550
10:00AM 4004 Oregon Measure 80 won’t pass -1050

Tue 11/6 4005 Washington Initiative I-502 to be passed -1200
10:00AM 4006 Washington Initiative I-502 won’t pass +600

2012-13 NBA Rookie of the Year Odds, Picks, & Predictions

October 28th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NBA Basketball   Comments Off on 2012-13 NBA Rookie of the Year Odds, Picks, & Predictions
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Full List of Odds To Win The NBA Rookie of the Year Below

NBA Rookie of the YearA fresh crop of rookies are here in the NBA, and this was considered to be one of the deepest classes that we have seen in quite some time. The depth is great for the league, but it makes it tough here for us to handicap the odds to win the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. However, here at Bankroll Sports, we are going to be picking out the top rookies this year, and making our 2012-13 NBA Rookie of the Year picks!

There clearly is nowhere else to start than with the man who was the top pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, the New Orleans Hornets’ Anthony Davis (Current Rookie of the Year Odds: 1.55 to 1 at BetOnline Sportsbook). The problem that Davis has this year is that he is going to be a defensive stopper, not necessarily an offensive star. Davis prides himself on his defense, and that is what the media is going to take into consideration quite a bit. The good news is that New Orleans is badly going to need to get itself some more offensive firepower, and the truth of the matter is that Davis isn’t exactly inept. In the event that Davis can pull down a dozen boards per game and can block four shots or so per game, the possibility is there that he can get into double digits in scoring as well. If he does that, Davis is probably going to win the Rookie of the Year Award.

The key this year is going to be which rookies are going to get enough playing time to put up some big time stats. After a great summer, the man that is going to be running the point this year the Portland Trail Blazers is Damian Lillard (NBA Rookie of the Year Lines: 5.50 to 1 at BetOnline Sportsbook). The Weber State standout was a Top 10 pick in the NBA Draft for a reason this year, and there really isn’t a heck of a lot standing in the way of him and a ton of minutes this year, knowing that Raymond Felton is gone and there isn’t much to keep him from being the starting point guard for a team that wants to run up and down the court. Over the course of four games in the Summer League, Lillard averaged 26.5 points, 5.3 assists, and 4.0 rebounds per game. It would be unrealistic to think that he can do that against the big boys this year, but in the end, he really could average over a dozen points and five or six assists per game, and if he ultimately does that, he is going to be a star for sure.

We’re also willing to take a bit of a shot with the Golden State Warriors’ Harrison Barnes (Current NBA Rookie of the Year Odds: 10 to 1 at BetOnline Sportsbook). Barnes is going to find scoring to be tough in Golden State if he doesn’t end up getting past the likes of Klay Thompson and Richard Jefferson on the depth chart, but he has made himself a great case for some big time playing time with a team that is going to score a ton of points this year. Barnes is an athetic freak, and he is going to be able to do a whole heck of a lot when push comes to shove in his NBA career. Built a bit like LeBron James, Barnes is able to shoot from the outside, rebound the basketball, and be a real pain defensively. Whether he starts the year as a sixth man or as a starter, it is only a matter of time until the North Carolina Tar Heel gets a ton of playing time as Jefferson gets phased out. Barnes averaged over 10 points per game and really looked sharp as he got more accustomed to the speed of the game in the preseason. If he can keep this up in the regular season, Barnes definitely has at least a 1 in 10 chance to claim Rookie of the Year honors.

NBA Rookie of the Year Odds @ BetOnline Sportsbook (as of 10/28/12):
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Andre Drummond 18 to 1
Andrew Nicholson 25 to 1
Anthony Davis 1.55 to 1
Arnett Moultrie 80 to 1
Austin Rivers 25 to 1
Bernard James 125 to 1
Bradley Beal 6.50 to 1
Damian Lillard 5.50 to 1
Darius Millers 50 to 1
Dion Waiters 13 to 1
Doron Lamb 65 to 1
Draymond Green 100 to 1
Even Fournier 100 to 1
Fab Melo 75 to 1
Festus Ezeli 125 to 1
Harrison Barnes 10 to 1
Izzet Turkyilmaz 100 to 1
Jae Crowder 100 to 1
Jared Cunningham 100 to 1
Jared Sullinger 20 to 1
Jeffrey Taylor 100 to 1
Jeremy Lamb 12 to 1
Joel Freeland 125 to 1
John Henson 15 to 1
John Jenkins 20 to 1
Justin Hamilton 150 to 1
Kendall Marshall 15 to 1
Kevin Murphy 125 to 1
Khris Middleton 150 to 1
Kim English 100 to 1
Kostas Papanikolaou 100 to 1
Kyle O’Quinn 100 to 1
Marquis Teague 15 to 1
Maurice Harkless 25 to 1
Meyers Leonard 28 to 1
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 6 to 1
Mike Scott 65 to 1
Miles Plumlee 125 to 1
Orlando Johnson 100 to 1
Perry Jones III 30 to 1
Quincy Acy 80 to 1
Quincy Miller 100 to 1
Royce White 15 to 1
Terrence Jones 25 to 1
Terrence Ross 20 to 1
Thomas Robinson 7.50 to 1
Tomas Satoransky 150 to 1
Tony Wroten 65 to 1
Tyler Zeller 30 to 1
Tyshawn Taylor 100 to 1
Victor Claver 125 to 1
Will Barton 80 to 1

2012 NFL Week 8 Lines – Week Eight Lines Breakdown

October 28th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2012 NFL Week 8 Lines – Week Eight Lines Breakdown
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Check Out The Current 2012 NFL Week 8 Lines Below This Article

Cardinals vs. 49ersThe Week 8 odds on the NFL lines are ready and raring to go, and here at Bankroll Sports, we are going to be taking a look at all of the games on the Week 8 NFL schedule.

The Minnesota Vikings continue to be arguably the most surprising team in the league this year, and they are going to be starting off this week on the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs have played well at times this year, but they just don’t feel like they are going to be stringing together wins all that often. This is a winnable game for Tampa Bay for sure, but that doesn’t mean that it is a game that is going to be won more often than not. The Vikes are laying 6.5 to start the week, but the game is bordering on a full touchdown as of Wednesday.

That number of ‘6.5’ is the most popular number on the board this week, as there are just an insane four games that are featuring teams that are favored by that number as of Wednesday afternoon.

Included in there are both the Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football games. We’ll start at the back of the week, where the Arizona Cardinals are going to be hosting the San Francisco 49ers. Though the defense for the Cards has continued to excel this year, the offense is really putting the team behind the eight-ball. It is clear that Arizona is starting to slip and slide its way right out of the playoff picture, and all of a sudden, Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt might be on the hot seat as quickly as he got himself off of it. QB John Skelton is really stuck as the team’s starter right now, and that’s bad news for the Birds, who are going against one of the most dynamic defenses that the NFL has to offer. San Fran is one of those 6.5 point favorites that figures to win this one relatively easily, and if that turns out to be the case, the NFC West might be turning into a runaway after all.

Sunday Night Football is a crucial one for both the New Orleans Saints and the Denver Broncos. QB Drew Brees and QB Peyton Manning are both amongst the best in the NFL at their craft, and they are going to be hooking up in a big time high flying affair. New Orleans is back within two of the postseason again, and at least the whole NFC isn’t still there to hop. Meanwhile, Denver is 3-3 and sitting atop the AFC West, but it has a lot of work to do to be able to lock down a playoff spot in the crowded AFC. Denver is laying the 6.5 in this one at home at Mile High.

The fourth 6.5-point favorites are the New England Patriots. They have really underachieved this year, and they are very fortunate to not be 3-4 at this point. They have their longest roadie of the year when they travel to London to take on the St. Louis Rams, who are probably right on the verge of falling out of the playoff chase in the NFC. Both of these teams badly need this game to right their seasons, and New England, behind QB Tom Brady and his exciting offense, are the team favored by the TD at Wembley Stadium this year.

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Maybe the biggest game of the day pits the Atlanta Falcons against the Philadelphia Eagles in the City of Brotherly Love. This is one of those games that might separate the contenders from the pretenders. Philly, armed with a new defensive coordinator after its bye week, is going to be letting QB Michael Vick go against the team that drafted him, but Vick knows that he really needs to keep control of the football if he is going to keep his job. If he turns it over near the three times that he is averaging per game this year, Vick and the Eagles won’t be justified as 2.5 point favorites against the only undefeated team left that the NFL has to offer.

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The biggest road favorite of the week is San Francisco, and it is the only team aside from the San Diego Chargers and New York Giants that are laying points as visitors. The G-Men are giving a point and a half to QB Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys in the rematch of the very first game of the season when New York was beaten at home by Big D at MetLife Stadium. The Chargers are visiting the surging Cleveland Browns, who have all of a sudden won two straight games and could be on the verge of getting back in the conversation for the playoffs in the incredibly weak AFC. The Browns are catching 2.5.

Two teams are favored by more than a touchdown on the week. The Green Bay Packers are one of the biggest favorites of the year when they take on the Jacksonville Jaguars, who probably won’t have RB Maurice Jones-Drew or QB Blaine Gabbert. That’s why the Jags are +13 on the road in a game in which they really have very little of a chance. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears are -7.5 against the Carolina Panthers at Soldier Field in a game that the Panthers figure to really have to have if they want to be in the postseason discussion and out of the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft discussion instead.

The highest ‘total’ of the week is not surprisingly the 55.5 on the board between the Broncos and the Saints. The lowest is the 37.5 of Monday Night Football between the defensive minded 49ers and Cardinals.

2012 NFL Week 8 Lines @ Diamond Sportsbook (as of 10/24/12):
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Week 8 NFL Odds for Thursday, October 25th
103 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +5
104 Minnesota Vikings -5
Over/Under 43

Week 8 NFL Lines for Sunday, October 28th (1:00 ET Kickoffs)
219 New England Patriots -7 (-105)
220 St. Louis Rams +7 (-115)
Over/Under 47

221 Indianapolis Colts +3.5 (-115)
222 Tennessee Titans -3.5 (-105)
Over/Under 46.5

223 Jacksonville Jaguars +14.5
224 Green Bay Packers -14.5
Over/Under 45.5

225 San Diego Chargers -3 (+100)
226 Cleveland Browns +3 (-120)
Over/Under 43.5

227 Atlanta Falcons +3 (-120)
228 Philadelphia Eagles -3 (+100)
Over/Under 42.5

229 Seattle Seahawks +2.5
230 Detroit Lions -2.5
Over/Under 42.5

231 Miami Dolphins +2
232 New York Jets -2
Over/Under 38

233 Carolina Panthers +7.5 (-115)
234 Chicago Bears -7.5 (-105)
Over/Under 42.5

235 Washington Redskins +4
236 Pittsburgh Steelers -4
Over/Under 44.5

NFL Week 8 Betting Lines for Sunday, October 28th (4:00 ET Kickoffs)
237 Oakland Raiders +1
238 Kansas City Chiefs -1
Over/Under 42

239 New York Giants -2.5
240 Dallas Cowboys +2.5
Over/Under 48

Sunday Night Football Week 8 Lines for Sunday, October 28th
241 New Orleans Saints +6.5
242 Denver Broncos -6.5
Over/Under 55

Monday Night Football Week 8 Lines for Monday, October 29th
243 San Francisco 49ers -7 (-105)
244 Arizona Cardinals +7 (-115)
Over/Under 38.5

Thursday Night NFL Picks: Buccaneers vs. Vikings Props & Picks 10/25

October 25th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on Thursday Night NFL Picks: Buccaneers vs. Vikings Props & Picks 10/25
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Full Buccaneers vs. Vikings NFL Prop Sheet Listed Below

Christian Ponder VikingsThe Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are set to continue the 2012 NFL season, and as a part of our analysis of the Week 8 betting lines, we are taking a look at some of the best NFL props on the board for this crucial Thursday Night Football matchup.

Christian Ponder Touchdown Passes Over/Under 1.5: When you look at the Tampa Bay secondary, you immediately think that this unit is atrocious, allowing 323.0 yards per game. However, if you take out QB Eli Manning and QB Drew Brees, who threw for over 900 yards and seven scores against this unit, what is left is a group that has allowed a grand total of just one touchdown pass this year. Ponder has nine touchdowns on the season, but he is more likely to turn around and give the ball to RB Adrian Peterson on the goal line than he is to try to throw the ball. This just doesn’t feel like a great matchup for the Minnesota passing game, and the ground game probably is going to find more success. Barring WR Percy Harvin busting a short pass for a long gainer, we don’t see many other ways that Ponder is going to have a shot at getting to two touchdown passes more often than not. Christian Ponder Under 1.5 Touchdown Passes (-110)

Minnesota Vikings Total Points Over/Under 24.5: Again, we’re back to supporting the Tampa Bay defense in this one. This unit was scorched by Brees and Manning, but no other team has scored more than 24 points against this unit on the campaign. The Minnesota offense looks like it is averaging 23.9 points per game this year, but when you take out the three defensive or special teams touchdowns, that number plummets down to just 20.9 points per game. Only three games this year have the Vikes reached 25 points, and this doesn’t figure to be another one of those games when push comes to shove. Minnesota Vikings Under 24.5 Points (-115)

Vincent Jackson Over/Under 4.5 Receptions: Jackson is getting a lot of play right now thanks to the fact that he just had seven catches for 216 yards and one touchdown (and one should have been touchdown) last week against the Saints. However, we have to remember that Tampa Bay is a run first team, not a throw first team. Jackson has had a number of games this year in which he hasn’t even gotten six targets, and with the way that QB Josh Freeman throws the football, it is like going to take at least six or seven for him to get to five receptions. Last week’s game aside, Jackson has been a relatively average receiver that is putting up WR2 numbers, not the numbers of a bona fide No. 1. Jackson Under 4.5 Receptions (+120)

Blair Walsh Over/Under 8.5 Points: The rookie out of Georgia has a huge leg, and there isn’t much in the way of a field goal attempt that he wouldn’t hit significantly more often than not. However, the Tampa Bay defense has allowed just two kickers to account for more than five points this year. We’re not saying that Walsh can’t be the exception to the rule, especially knowing that both K Dan Bailey and K Lawrence Tynes did this against Tampa Bay with the Bucs on the road, and this is only their third road game of the season. However, scoring 8.5 points is a ton, and it is going to take probably three field goals for it to happen more often than not. Blair Walsh Under 8.5 Points (-115)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Minnesota Vikings NFL Props @ JustBet Sportsbook (as of 10/25/12):
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Score in the First 7 Minutes of the Game -135
No Score in the First 7 Minutes of the Game +105

Buccaneers Score First +130
Vikings Score First -160

First Score a Touchdown -160
First Score Not a Touchdown +130

Longest Touchdown of the Game Over 41.5 Yards -115
Longest Touchdown of the Game Under 41.5 Yards -115

Josh Freeman Completions Over 19.5 -130
Josh Freeman Completions Under 19.5 +100

Josh Freeman Longest Completion Over 39.5 Yards -115
Josh Freeman Longest Completion Under 39.5 Yards -115

Josh Freeman Touchdown Passes Over 1.5 -150
Josh Freeman Touchdown Passes Under 1.5 +120

Josh Freeman To Throw an Interception -220
Josh Freeman To Not Throw an Interception +170

Doug Martin Rushing Yards Over 65.5 -115
Doug Martin Rushing Yards Under 65.5 -115

Doug Martin Scores a Touchdown +130
Doug Martin Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -160

Vincent Jackson Receptions Over 4.5 -150
Vincent Jackson Receptions Under 4.5 +120

Vincent Jackson Receiving Yards Over 80.5 -115
Vincent Jackson Receiving Yards Under 80.5 -115

Vincent Jackson Scores a Touchdown +120
Vincent Jackson Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -150

Mike Williams Receptions Over 3.5 -150
Mike Williams Receptions Under 3.5 +120

Mike Williams Receiving Yards Over 58.5 -115
Mike Williams Receiving Yards Under 58.5 -115

Dallas Clark Receptions Over 3 -115
Dallas Clark Receptions Under 3 -115

Dallas Clark Scores a Touchdown +190
Dallas Clark Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -250

Mason Foster Total Tackles Over 7.5 -115
Mason Foster Total Tackles Under 7.5 -115

Lavonte David Total Tackles Over 7.5 -140
Lavonte David Total Tackles Under 7.5 +110

Ronde Barber Intercepts a Pass +270
Ronde Barber Doesn’t Intercept a Pass -350

Connor Barth Total Points Over 7.5 +100
Connor Barth Total Points Under 7.5 -130

Christian Ponder Completions Over 20.5 -130
Christian Ponder Completions Under 20.5 +100

Christian Ponder Longest Completion Over 33.5 Yards -115
Christian Ponder Longest Completion Under 33.5 Yards -115

Christian Ponder Passing Yards Over 222.5 -115
Christian Ponder Passing Yards Under 222.5 -115

Christian Ponder Touchdown Passes Over 1.5 -120
Christian Ponder Touchdown Passes Under 1.5 -110

Christian Ponder Throws an Interception -200
Christian Ponder Doesn’t Throw an Interception +160

Adrian Peterson Rushing Yards Over 90.5 -115
Adrian Peterson Rushing Yards Under 90.5 -115

Adrian Peterson Receptions Over 3 -115
Adrian Peterson Receptions Under 3 -115

Adrian Peterson Scores a Touchdown -160
Adrian Peterson Doesn’t Score a Touchdown +130

Percy Harvin Receptions Over 6.5 -130
Percy Harvin Receptions Under 6.5 +100

Percy Harvin Receiving Yards Over 85.5 -115
Percy Harvin Receiving Yards Under 85.5 -115

Percy Harvin Scores a Touchdown +105
Percy Harvin Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -135

Chad Greenway Total Tackles Over 8.5 -125
Chad Greenway Total Tackles Under 8.5 +105

Antoine Winfield Total Tackles Over 7.5 -105
Antoine Winfield Total Tackles Under 7.5 -125

Antoine Winfield Intercepts a Pass +270
Antoine Winfield Doesn’t Intercept a Pass -350

Blair Walsh Total Points Over 8.5 -115
Blair Walsh Total Points Under 8.5 -115

NFL Prop Picks: Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears Predictions 10/22/12

October 21st, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on NFL Prop Picks: Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears Predictions 10/22/12
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Full Lions @ Bears NFL Prop Sheet Listed Below

Lions vs. BearsThe Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions are set to continue the 2012 NFL season, and as a part of our analysis of the Week 7 betting lines, we are taking a look at some of the best NFL props on the board for this crucial primetime fight.

Robbie Gould Total Points Over/Under 9.5 : Are we really reading this properly? 9.5 points for a kicker in a game is absolutely insane, knowing that is going to take at least three field goals for the job to get done (unless Chicago plans on scoring four touchdowns or the kicker plans on scoring a touchdown or something absurd like that). We understand that the Bears’ kicker has had games this year of 11, 4, 11, 10, and 11 points, but let’s be realistic. First off, Gould is going to miss a kick every now and again, something that he has yet to do all season long, and if you think that Chicago is going to score four touchdowns or more in 60% of their games as they are doing this year, you’re out of your skull. This is just an insanely high number, especially knowing that this game is likely going to be played in rainy conditions and on a wet field. Robbie Gould Total Points Under 9.5 (-130)

Brian Urlacher Total Tackles Over/Under 5.5: We aren’t so sure whether we like Urlacher’s ‘under’ better or LB Lance Briggs ‘over’. Odds have it, both are going to be sound plays. Urlacher is clearly a step behind where he used to be, and he really looks like nothing more than a “pretty good” middle linebacker. He has to spend more plays on the sidelines now than he has had to do in the past, and as a result, he doesn’t have a single game this year in which he has more than five tackles. Sure, the time is going to come when Urlacher has an eight-tackle game or something of the sorts, and this very well could be that game. But we have to remember that this is all about playing the percentages, and the percentages most certainly say that Urlacher is going to be stuck at five tackles or fewer a whole heck of a lot more often than not. Brian Urlacher Total Tackles Under 5.5 (-130)

Kellen Davis Receiving Yards Over/Under 25.5: Davis might get some more publicity this week for two reasons for the Bears. For starters, he is one of the three people on the team that are expected to be active that have at least eight receptions on the season. One is WR Brandon Marshall, who is going to draw all sorts of attention, and one is RB Matt Forte. The rest of the massive receivers that QB Jay Cutler have to work with are out of the fold, namely WR Johnny Knox and WR Alshon Jeffrey, but in the end, Davis might emerge as a legitimate threat. In each of the last four games this year, Davis has had at least 20 receiving yards, though he has struggled to reach this threshold. Our argument is that there should be at least a couple more pass attempts thrown his way on Monday, and if that turns out to be the case, Davis should be able to get to at least 30 yards receiving more often than not. Kellen Davis Receiving Yards Over 25.5 (+100)

Jason Hanson Total Points Over/Under 9.5: Here we go again with these insane kicking props. We’ll keep this brief, as the explanation really is the same for Hanson as it was for Gould. Yes, Hanson has three games this year with at least four field goals made, but the time is coming that that is just going to stop. He is on a pace to boot 51 field goals this year, and that would smash the NFL record by seven field goals. Last year, Hanson only had 24 field goals and 29 field goal attempts in 16 games. He just won’t be able to keep up at this pace for the whole campaign under any circumstance. Jason Hanson Total Points Under 9.5 (-115)

Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears NFL Props @ BetOnline Sportsbook (as of 10/22/12):
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Score in the First 6 Minutes of the Game -115
No Score in the First 6 Minutes of the Game -115

Lions Score First +130
Bears Score First -160

First Score a Touchdown -175
First Score Not a Touchdown +145

Longest Touchdown of the Game Over 45.5 Yards -115
Longest Touchdown of the Game Under 45.5 Yards -115

Matthew Stafford Completions Over 25.5 -125
Matthew Stafford Completions Under 25.5 -105

Matthew Stafford Longest Completion Over 39.5 Yards -115
Matthew Stafford Longest Completion Under 39.5 Yards -115

Matthew Stafford Passing Yards Over 280.5 -115
Matthew Stafford Passing Yards Under 280.5 -115

Matthew Stafford Touchdown Passes Over 1.5 -140
Matthew Stafford Touchdown Passes Under 1.5 +110

Matthew Stafford Throws an Interception -240
Matthew Stafford Doesn’t Throw an Interception +180

Mikel Leshoure Rushing Yards Over 62.5 -115
Mikel Leshoure Rushing Yards Under 62.5 -115

Mikel Leshoure Scores a Touchdown +150
Mikel Leshoure Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -190

Calvin Johnson Receptions Over 6.5 -115
Calvin Johnson Receptions Under 6.5 -115

Calvin Johnson Longest Yardage Receptions Over 33.5 -115
Calvin Johnson Longest Yardage Receptions Under 33.5 -115

Calvin Johnson Receiving Yards Over 95.5 -115
Calvin Johnson Receiving Yards Under 95.5 -115

Calvin Johnson Scores a Touchdown -115
Calvin Johnson Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -115

Nate Burleson Receptions Over 4.5 -115
Nate Burleson Receptions Under 4.5 -115

Nate Burleson Receiving Yards Over 48.5 -115
Nate Burleson Receiving Yards Under 48.5 -115

Tony Scheffler Receptions Over 2.5 -115
Tony Scheffler Receptions Under 2.5 -115

Ndamukong Suh Solo + Assisted Tackles Over 2.5 -115
Ndamukong Suh Solo + Assisted Tackles Under 2.5 -115

Jason Hanson Total Points Over 9.5 -115
Jason Hanson Total Points Under 9.5 -115

Jay Cutler Completions Over 20 -130
Jay Cutler Completions Under 20 +100

Jay Cutler Passing Yards Over 250.5 -115
Jay Cutler Passing Yards Under 250.5 -115

Jay Cutler Touchdown Passes Over 1.5 -150
Jay Cutler Touchdown Passes Under 1.5 +120

Jay Cutler Throws an Interception -200
Jay Cutler Doesn’t Thrown an Interception +160

Matt Forte Total Rushing + Receiving Yards Over 108.5 -115
Matt Forte Total Rushing + Receiving Yards Under 108.5 -115

Matt Forte Scores a Touchdown -140
Matt Forte Doesn’t Score a Touchdown +110

Brandon Marshall Receptions Over 6.5 -115
Brandon Marshall Receptions Under 6.5 -115

Brandon Marshall Receiving Yards Over 90.5 -115
Brandon Marshall Receiving Yards Under 90.5 -115

Brandon Marshall Scores a Touchdown -125
Brandon Marshall Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -105

Alshon Jeffrey Receptions Over 2.5 -115
Alshon Jeffrey Receptions Under 2.5 -115

Alshon Jeffrey Receiving Yards Over 33.5 -115
Alshon Jeffrey Receiving Yards Under 33.5 -115

Kellen Davis Receiving Yards Over 25.5 +100
Kellen Davis Receiving Yards Under 25.5 -130

Lance Briggs Total Tackles Over 5.5 +100
Lance Briggs Total Tackles Under 5.5 -130

Brian Urlacher Total Tackles Over 5.5 +100
Brian Urlacher Total Tackles Under 5.5 -130

Julius Peppers Total Tackles Over 2.5 -140
Julius Peppers Total Tackles Under 2.5 +110

Charles Tillman Intercepts a Pass +240
Charles Tillman Does Not Intercept a Pass -320

Robbie Gould Total Points Over 9.5 +100
Robbie Gould Total Points Under 9.5 -130

Count Down of the Top 25 NCAA Football Matchups in 2012

October 21st, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on Count Down of the Top 25 NCAA Football Matchups in 2012
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2012 Season’s Top 25 NCAA Football Matchups

NCAA FootballHere at Bankroll Sports, college football picks aren’t just our experts’ specialty. Our writers and bloggers are also massive NCAA football junkies and fanatics.  There’s a slew of exciting matchups on the 2012 college gridiron schedule.  In becoming a successful football handicapper, being prepared and taking advantage of early line mistakes is extremely vital.  Our bloggers are ready to help you get a look at the best games of 2012.  We’ll help you break them down and get a look at the early NCAA football odds for these big matchups in 2012.  Check out the links below as our writers break down and rank the Top 25 NCAA Football Games of 2012. In the August weeks leading up to the 2012 season, we’ll be counting down the Top 25 college football games on the 2012 schedule. Check back as we update this page & count down 2012’s Top 25 NCAA football matchups!

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The Top 25 College Football Matchups of 2012
Click The Links Below For Odds & Previews on These NCAA Football Games
#25: (Oct 27) – TCU Horned Frogs @ Oklahoma State Cowboys (-7.5)

#24: (Dec 8) – Army Black Knights vs. Navy Midshipmen (-3.5)

#23: (Aug 31) – Boise State Broncos @ Michigan State Spartans (-7)

#22: (Nov 24) – South Carolina Gamecocks @ Clemson Tigers (-2.5)

#21: (Nov 24) – Oklahoma State Cowboys @ Oklahoma Sooners (-10)

#20: (Nov 24) – Florida Gators @ Florida State Seminoles (-6.5)

#19: (Sep 15) – Alabama Crimson Tide (-6) @ Arkansas Razorbacks

#18: (Sep 8) – Georgia Bulldogs @ Missouri Tigers (-4.5)

#17: (Sep 22) – Michigan Wolverines @ Notre Dame Fighting Irish (-2.5)

#16: (Oct 27) – Michigan State Spartans @ Wisconsin Badgers (-5)

#15: (Oct 6) – West Virginia Mountaineers @ Texas Longhorns (-6.5)

#14: (Sep 3) – Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets @ Virginia Tech Hokies (-7)

#13: (Oct 6) – LSU Tigers (-4.5) @ Florida Gators

#12: (Sep 29) – Arkansas Razorbacks (-3.5) @ Texas A&M Aggies

#11: (Nov 24) – Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ USC Trojans (-13)

#10: (Nov 8) – Florida State Seminoles (-3) @ Virginia Tech Hokies

#9: (Sep 15) – USC Trojans (-11.5) @ Stanford Cardinal

#8: (Nov 24) – Michigan Wolverines @ Ohio State Buckeyes (-4)

#7: (Oct 13) – Texas Longhorns vs. Oklahoma Sooners (-7)

#6: (Nov 23) – LSU Tigers (-3.5) @ Arkansas Razorbacks

#5: (Oct 6) – Georgia Bulldogs (-2) @ South Carolina Gamecocks

#4: (Sep 29) – Wisconsin Badgers @ Nebraska Cornhuskers (-3)

#3: (Sep 1) – Michigan Wolverines vs. Alabama Crimson Tide (-12.5)

#2: (Nov 3) – Oregon Ducks @ USC Trojans (-3.5)

#1: (Nov 3) – Alabama Crimson Tide @ LSU Tigers (-2.5)

2012 College Football Week 8 Lines – NCAA Football Week Eight Lines

October 19th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on 2012 College Football Week 8 Lines – NCAA Football Week Eight Lines
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All of the Current Week 8 College Football Lines Are Posted Below

Steve Spurrier South CarolinaThe 2012 college football schedule rolls on this week, and we are set to take a look at the Week 8 college football odds and all of the great games that are on tap for this coming week.

This is the first time that we are going to be seeing a Tuesday night game this year, and of course, a pair of Sun Belt teams are going to be in action. The North Texas Mean Green and Louisiana Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns are the two teams that will have at it, and they are hoping to win a big game in front of a national audience to help woo a bowl game. The Cajuns are clearly the better of these two teams, and the oddsmakers recognize that, making them 3.5-point favorites, but we know that the Mean Green are going to want to show that they have an offense that can keep up with that of ULL.

Thursday night could be a bit of a dangerous moment for one of the top teams in the country. The Oregon Ducks are going on the road to take on the Arizona State Sun Devils in a battle of teams that are in the thick of the fight for the Rose Bowl. This is a game that Arizona State has had circled on its calendar for quite some time, and it is going to be hyped up to try to prove to the rest of the country that they can duke it out with the big boys. This is a rare road game for the Ducks, who haven’t really had to venture all that far away from Autzen Stadium this year. The oddsmakers are insinuating that this could be remotely close, knowing that the Sun Devils are only getting 10.

Elsewhere over the course of the start of the week, the SMU Mustangs are +5 at home against the Houston Cougars on Thursday to start the weekend, while the Syracuse Orange have opened at -3.5 against the Connecticut Huskies.

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There are some huge games this weekend on tap, as there always are this time of year. The South Carolina Gamecocks have to go on the road for the second straight week, and they have to play against a team that is ranked in the Top 10 in the country for the third straight week. This week’s foe is the No. 2 team in the initial BCS standings, the Florida Gators. The last time the Gamecocks came to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Head Coach Steve Spurrier was able to log his very first win in this stadium since leaving the Gators for the Washington Redskins. South Carolina is +3, but it definitely is good enough to win this game, which would really shake up the BCS rankings.

This isn’t nearly the only game this week that is incredibly close, and it isn’t even the ony one in the SEC. The LSU Tigers are going on the road to take on the Texas A&M Aggies. The loser of this one can kiss their SEC Championship hopes goodbye, as both of these teams already have one loss in conference play. Going into College Station is as tough of a task as there is in the country, and this noon kickoff should be interesting. QB Johnny Manziel and the Aggies are three-point home underdogs at Kyle Field.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are going to be involved in one of their last major games of the year at Notre Dame Stadium, and they have a stingy BYU Cougars team coming to town. The Cougs are one of the few teams in the land that play defense as well as the Fighting Irish do, and that could make this is a great one to watch. The Golden Domers are laying 14.5.

In primetime this week, the Alabama Crimson Tide are favored by 20 on the road at Rocky Top against the Tennessee Volunteers. The Florida State Seminoles also figure to be favored by the Miami Hurricanes when that college football point spread comes out, though that line opens the week off the board until the status of QB Stephen Morris for the Canes is figured out.

Another Top 5 team is going on the road as well this week when the Kansas State Wildcats face off with the West Virginia Mountaineers. WVU was a Top 5 team last week going on the road against the Texas Tech Red Raiders, and it was knocked off in a big time way. Now, the Mountaineers are out of the Lone Star State for the first time in a few weeks, and the Cats have a tough test in Morgantown. There isn’t much in the way of confidence here for the men in purple and silver, as they are underdogs by a field goal. However, we have to remember that Kansas State was a huge dog on the road in Norman just a few weeks ago. Winning this game would go a long way towards proving that the Wildcats are a legit BCS Championship contender.

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It has been quite some time since we have seen a team favored by even 30 points, but this week, we have something even more rare and more remarkable: A team favored by 41.5. That title goes to the USC Trojans, who are taking on the worst team in the Pac-12 this year, the Colorado Buffaloes. No one figures that the Buffs stand even half of a chance of coming on the road to the LA Coliseum and putting up a fight, and this seems to be a game that will be over by halftime. Four other teams are favored by at least 28 points as well, and that came on the heels of a week in which there wasn’t a team favored by more than four touchdowns.

Don’t feel like there aren’t going to be a number of close games this week, though. There are a tremendous 18 games that featured college football spreads of four points or fewer on the opening lines of the weekend. The closest of the bunch sees the TCU Horned Frogs favored over the Texas Tech Red Raiders by just a field goal in this clash in Fort Worth.

2012 NCAA Football Week 8 Odds @ 5Dimes Sportsbook (as of 10/19/12):
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Week 8 College Football Betting Odds for Tuesday, 10/16/12

301 Louisiana Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns -4.5
302 North Texas Mean Green +4.5
Over/Under 56.5

Week 8 College Football Betting Lines for Thursday, 10/18/12

305 Oregon Ducks -8
306 Arizona State Sun Devils +8
Over/Under 68.5

307 Houston Cougars -3.5
308 SMU Mustangs +3.5
Over/Under 57.5

NCAA Football Lines for Week 8 for Friday, 10/19/12

309 Connecticut Huskies +4.5
310 Syracuse Orange -4.5
Over/Under 43.5

Week 8 NCAA Football Odds for Saturday, 10/20/12

311 Nebraska Cornhuskers -7
312 Northwestern Wildcats +7
Over/Under 61

313 Minnesota Golden Gophers +17
314 Wisconsin Badgers -17
Over/Under 45.5

315 Army Black Knights -2
316 Eastern Michigan Eagles +2
Over/Under 61

317 Ball State Cardinals -3.5
318 Central Michigan Chippewas +3.5
Over/Under 65

319 Bowling Green Falcons -18
320 Massachusetts Minutemen +18
Over/Under 50.5

321 Northern Illinois Huskies -17
322 Akron Zips +17
Over/Under 66

323 Georgia Bulldogs -26
324 Kentucky Wildcats +26
Over/Under 58

325 Wake Forest Demon Deacons +3
326 Virginia Cavaliers -3
Over/Under 52.5

327 North Carolina Tar Heels -10.5
328 Duke Blue Devils +10.5
Over/Under 63.5

329 NC State Wolfpack -3
330 Maryland Terrapins +3
Over/Under 43.5

331 Cincinnati Bearcats -5
332 Toledo Rockets +5
Over/Under 64.5

333 Boston College Eagles +14.5
334 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets -14.5
Over/Under 63

335 Rutgers Scarlet Knights -4
336 Temple Owls +4
Over/Under 42

337 New Mexico Lobos +11.5
338 Air Force Falcons -11.5
Over/Under 56.5

339 San Jose State Spartans -11.5
340 Texas San Antonio Roadrunners +11.5
Over/Under 55.5

341 New Mexico State Aggies +31
342 Utah State Aggies -31
Over/Under 56.5

343 Virginia Tech Hokies +7.5
344 Clemson Tigers -7.5
Over/Under 62

345 UNLV Runnin’ Rebels +27.5
346 Boise State Broncos -27.5
Over/Under 54.5

347 BYU Cougars +13
348 Notre Dame Fighting Irish -13
Over/Under 40

349 Alabama Crimson Tide -20
350 Tennessee Volunteers +20
Over/Under 55

351 Stanford Cardinal -2.5
352 Cal Golden Bears +2.5
Over/Under 48.5

353 Washington Huskies +7.5
354 Arizona Wildcats -7.5
Over/Under 64.5

355 Purdue Boilermakers +18.5
356 Ohio State Buckeyes -18.5
Over/Under 62

357 Michigan State Spartans +9.5
358 Michigan Wolverines -9.5
Over/Under 42.5

359 Indiana Hoosiers +2.5
360 Navy Midshipmen -2.5
Over/Under 61

361 Texas Tech Red Raiders -1.5
362 TCU Horned Frogs +1.5
Over/Under 55

363 Colorado Buffaloes +40.5
364 USC Trojans -40.5
Over/Under 57.5

365 Florida State Seminoles -21
366 Miami Hurricanes +21
Over/Under 57.5

367 Utah Utes +9.5
368 Oregon State Beavers -9.5
Over/Under 46.5

369 Kansas State Wildcats +2.5
370 West Virginia Mountaineers -2.5
Over/Under 73

371 LSU Tigers -3
372 Texas A&M Aggies +3
Over/Under 52.5

373 South Carolina Gamecocks +3.5
374 Florida Gators -3.5
Over/Under 41

375 Auburn Tigers +7
376 Vanderbilt Commodores -7
Over/Under 44.5

377 Western Michigan Broncos +3.5
378 Kent State Golden Flashes -3.5
Over/Under 53.5

379 Marshall Thundering Herd +3.5
380 Southern Miss Golden Eagles -3.5
Over/Under 65

381 Central Florida Knights -22.5
382 Memphis Tigers +22.5
Over/Under 50

383 South Florida Bulls +5.5
384 Louisville Cardinals -5.5
Over/Under 54.5

385 Idaho Vandals +30.5
386 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs -30.5
Over/Under 73.5

387 Iowa State Cyclones +14
388 Oklahoma State Cowboys -14
Over/Under 60.5

389 Kansas Jayhawks +34.5
390 Oklahoma Sooners -34.5
Over/Under 57.5

391 Baylor Bears +8.5
392 Texas Longhorns -8.5
Over/Under 79.5

393 Pittsburgh Panthers -8.5
394 Buffalo Bulls +8.5
Over/Under 54

395 East Carolina Pirates -2.5
396 UAB Blazers +2.5
Over/Under 56

397 Penn State Nittany Lions +2.5
398 Iowa Hawkeyes -2.5
Over/Under 42

399 Rice Owls +21.5
400 Tulsa Golden Hurricane -21.5
Over/Under 63.5

401 Tulane Green Wave +16.5
402 UTEP Miners -16.5
Over/Under 52

403 Wyoming Cowboys +16.5
404 Fresno State Bulldogs -16.5
Over/Under 62.5

405 San Diego State Aztecs +6.5
406 Nevada Wolf Pack -6.5
Over/Under 66

407 Louisiana Monroe Warhawks +3.5
408 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers -3.5
Over/Under 52.5

409 Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders +19
410 Mississippi State Bulldogs -19
Over/Under 56

411 Florida International Golden Panthers +6.5
412 Troy Trojans -6.5
Over/Under 56

413 Florida Atlantic Owls +4.5
414 South Alabama Jaguars -4.5
Over/Under 44