Thursday Night NFL Picks: Buccaneers vs. Vikings Props & Picks 10/25

Last Updated: October 25th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist)
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Full Buccaneers vs. Vikings NFL Prop Sheet Listed Below

Christian Ponder VikingsThe Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are set to continue the 2012 NFL season, and as a part of our analysis of the Week 8 betting lines, we are taking a look at some of the best NFL props on the board for this crucial Thursday Night Football matchup.

Christian Ponder Touchdown Passes Over/Under 1.5: When you look at the Tampa Bay secondary, you immediately think that this unit is atrocious, allowing 323.0 yards per game. However, if you take out QB Eli Manning and QB Drew Brees, who threw for over 900 yards and seven scores against this unit, what is left is a group that has allowed a grand total of just one touchdown pass this year. Ponder has nine touchdowns on the season, but he is more likely to turn around and give the ball to RB Adrian Peterson on the goal line than he is to try to throw the ball. This just doesn’t feel like a great matchup for the Minnesota passing game, and the ground game probably is going to find more success. Barring WR Percy Harvin busting a short pass for a long gainer, we don’t see many other ways that Ponder is going to have a shot at getting to two touchdown passes more often than not. Christian Ponder Under 1.5 Touchdown Passes (-110)

Minnesota Vikings Total Points Over/Under 24.5: Again, we’re back to supporting the Tampa Bay defense in this one. This unit was scorched by Brees and Manning, but no other team has scored more than 24 points against this unit on the campaign. The Minnesota offense looks like it is averaging 23.9 points per game this year, but when you take out the three defensive or special teams touchdowns, that number plummets down to just 20.9 points per game. Only three games this year have the Vikes reached 25 points, and this doesn’t figure to be another one of those games when push comes to shove. Minnesota Vikings Under 24.5 Points (-115)

Vincent Jackson Over/Under 4.5 Receptions: Jackson is getting a lot of play right now thanks to the fact that he just had seven catches for 216 yards and one touchdown (and one should have been touchdown) last week against the Saints. However, we have to remember that Tampa Bay is a run first team, not a throw first team. Jackson has had a number of games this year in which he hasn’t even gotten six targets, and with the way that QB Josh Freeman throws the football, it is like going to take at least six or seven for him to get to five receptions. Last week’s game aside, Jackson has been a relatively average receiver that is putting up WR2 numbers, not the numbers of a bona fide No. 1. Jackson Under 4.5 Receptions (+120)

Blair Walsh Over/Under 8.5 Points: The rookie out of Georgia has a huge leg, and there isn’t much in the way of a field goal attempt that he wouldn’t hit significantly more often than not. However, the Tampa Bay defense has allowed just two kickers to account for more than five points this year. We’re not saying that Walsh can’t be the exception to the rule, especially knowing that both K Dan Bailey and K Lawrence Tynes did this against Tampa Bay with the Bucs on the road, and this is only their third road game of the season. However, scoring 8.5 points is a ton, and it is going to take probably three field goals for it to happen more often than not. Blair Walsh Under 8.5 Points (-115)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Minnesota Vikings NFL Props @ JustBet Sportsbook (as of 10/25/12):
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Score in the First 7 Minutes of the Game -135
No Score in the First 7 Minutes of the Game +105

Buccaneers Score First +130
Vikings Score First -160

First Score a Touchdown -160
First Score Not a Touchdown +130

Longest Touchdown of the Game Over 41.5 Yards -115
Longest Touchdown of the Game Under 41.5 Yards -115

Josh Freeman Completions Over 19.5 -130
Josh Freeman Completions Under 19.5 +100

Josh Freeman Longest Completion Over 39.5 Yards -115
Josh Freeman Longest Completion Under 39.5 Yards -115

Josh Freeman Touchdown Passes Over 1.5 -150
Josh Freeman Touchdown Passes Under 1.5 +120

Josh Freeman To Throw an Interception -220
Josh Freeman To Not Throw an Interception +170

Doug Martin Rushing Yards Over 65.5 -115
Doug Martin Rushing Yards Under 65.5 -115

Doug Martin Scores a Touchdown +130
Doug Martin Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -160

Vincent Jackson Receptions Over 4.5 -150
Vincent Jackson Receptions Under 4.5 +120

Vincent Jackson Receiving Yards Over 80.5 -115
Vincent Jackson Receiving Yards Under 80.5 -115

Vincent Jackson Scores a Touchdown +120
Vincent Jackson Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -150

Mike Williams Receptions Over 3.5 -150
Mike Williams Receptions Under 3.5 +120

Mike Williams Receiving Yards Over 58.5 -115
Mike Williams Receiving Yards Under 58.5 -115

Dallas Clark Receptions Over 3 -115
Dallas Clark Receptions Under 3 -115

Dallas Clark Scores a Touchdown +190
Dallas Clark Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -250

Mason Foster Total Tackles Over 7.5 -115
Mason Foster Total Tackles Under 7.5 -115

Lavonte David Total Tackles Over 7.5 -140
Lavonte David Total Tackles Under 7.5 +110

Ronde Barber Intercepts a Pass +270
Ronde Barber Doesn’t Intercept a Pass -350

Connor Barth Total Points Over 7.5 +100
Connor Barth Total Points Under 7.5 -130

Christian Ponder Completions Over 20.5 -130
Christian Ponder Completions Under 20.5 +100

Christian Ponder Longest Completion Over 33.5 Yards -115
Christian Ponder Longest Completion Under 33.5 Yards -115

Christian Ponder Passing Yards Over 222.5 -115
Christian Ponder Passing Yards Under 222.5 -115

Christian Ponder Touchdown Passes Over 1.5 -120
Christian Ponder Touchdown Passes Under 1.5 -110

Christian Ponder Throws an Interception -200
Christian Ponder Doesn’t Throw an Interception +160

Adrian Peterson Rushing Yards Over 90.5 -115
Adrian Peterson Rushing Yards Under 90.5 -115

Adrian Peterson Receptions Over 3 -115
Adrian Peterson Receptions Under 3 -115

Adrian Peterson Scores a Touchdown -160
Adrian Peterson Doesn’t Score a Touchdown +130

Percy Harvin Receptions Over 6.5 -130
Percy Harvin Receptions Under 6.5 +100

Percy Harvin Receiving Yards Over 85.5 -115
Percy Harvin Receiving Yards Under 85.5 -115

Percy Harvin Scores a Touchdown +105
Percy Harvin Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -135

Chad Greenway Total Tackles Over 8.5 -125
Chad Greenway Total Tackles Under 8.5 +105

Antoine Winfield Total Tackles Over 7.5 -105
Antoine Winfield Total Tackles Under 7.5 -125

Antoine Winfield Intercepts a Pass +270
Antoine Winfield Doesn’t Intercept a Pass -350

Blair Walsh Total Points Over 8.5 -115
Blair Walsh Total Points Under 8.5 -115

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