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NFL Week 8 / NCAA Football Week 9 Pre-Game Links Cycle

October 30th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   1 Comment »

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2009 NFL Week 8 Lines; Quick Breakdown

October 28th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   1 Comment »

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Note: The week 8 NFL lines (sides and totals) from BetUS Sportsbook (100% signup bonus when you click here) are located at the bottom of this post if you do not wish to read our breakdown of the lines.

Last week should have been a profitable week for the NFL betting public as it was a big week for the favorites in week 7. The favorites were a solid 9-3-1 ATS over underdog teams as a few of the high power offenses beat up on some of the weaker teams. Over the course of the weekend the highly favored teams by 7 points or more cashed in big with a mark of 4-1 ATS. The away teams last weekend proved that home field may not be much of advantage after all going 8-5 against the home teams. Also, the over total finally broke through with a 7-5-1 mark after a few weeks of splits. However, this is the time of the year when the over usually has the edge before defenses take control during the latter of the season. As we look over the opening week 8 NFL lines, there are a few interesting game that jump out. If you like betting on home teams, the week 8 spreads may be the best week for your taste; considering there is only 1 away team favored this week compared to 11 home favorites. Another interesting fact that is obvious is the number of overwhelming favorites from this week’s NFL spreads. The week 8 NFL lines contain five games with favorites of 10 point or more and that total could easily reach to 6 if the Dallas line moves up another ½ point as they are 9½ point favorites over Seattle. A few of the close week eight lines include the undefeated Broncos who will are 3 point underdogs in Baltimore, Houston over Buffalo, Miami over New York Jets, and Jacksonville over Tennessee are all around field goal favorites. Another 3 point favorite is the much anticipated rematch between Minnesota at Green Bay. Brett Favre got the win over his former team of 16 years earlier this season, but they will be 3 point underdogs this weekend. Another close match-up to keep on your radar includes the Giants (5-2) at the Eagles (4-2) for claims to top the NFC East. The Eagles are favored by just a single point, but the game will likely be even by game time. Be sure to catch all of week 8 NFL lines including sides and totals from BetUS Sportsbook below.

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2009 NFL Football Week 8 Lines From BetUS (as of 10/28 @ 4:00 pm ET):
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Week Eight NFL Lines For Sunday, Nov 01, 2009   
 207Denver Broncos+3  +105  41½O -110 
 208Baltimore Ravens-3  -125   U -110 
 209Cleveland Browns+13  -110  40O -110 
 210Chicago Bears-13  -110   U -110 
 211Houston Texans-3  -125  41½O -110 
 212Buffalo Bills+3  +105   U -110 
 213Minnesota Vikings+3  Ev  47O -110 
 214Green Bay Packers-3  -120   U -110 
 215San Francisco 49ers+12  -110  44O -110 
 216Indianapolis Colts-12  -110   U -110 
 217Miami Dolphins+3  +105  40½O -110 
 218New York Jets-3  -125   U -110 
 221Seattle Seahawks+9½  -110  46O -110 
 222Dallas Cowboys-9½  -110   U -110 
 223Oakland Raiders+16½  -110 41½O -110 
 224San Diego Chargers-16½  -110   U -110 
 225Jacksonville Jaguars+3  -110  45O -110 
 226Tennessee Titans-3  -110   U -110 
 227Carolina Panthers+10  -110  41O -110 
 228Arizona Cardinals-10  -110   U -110 
 229New York Giantspk  -110  44O -110 
 230Philadelphia Eaglespk  -110   U -110 
Week 8 NFL Spreads For Sunday, Nov 01, 2009   
 233Atlanta Falcons+10  -110  54O -110 
 234New Orleans Saints-10  -110   U -110 

2009 NFL Week 7 Lines; Quick Breakdown

October 20th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2009 NFL Week 7 Lines; Quick Breakdown

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Note: The week seven NFL lines (sides and totals) from BetUS Sportsbook (100% signup bonus when you click here) are located at the bottom of this page if you do not wish to read our rundown of the games.

Last week was not a great week for the football betting public and bookies did some damage in week 6. As we projected, the oddsmakers did their job in getting the underdogs to catch up with the favorites last week. Underdogs went a combined 9-5 in week 6 and favorites of 7 points or more went just 2-4 on Sunday. The two homedogs on the board split (1-1) and the biggest homedog in Oakland +14 vs. Philly won easily. Over/Unders split once again going 7-7 as that has pretty much been the trend all season. Of the week 7 NFL spreads, there are 5 favorites of 7 points or more and two favorites of 10 points. If you enjoy betting on homedogs then you will very much like the week 7 NFL spreads as 7 of the 11 opening lines are home underdogs. There are some interesting matchups including; the Chicago Bears who are getting 1½ points in Cincinnati vs. the Bengals and the (6-0) Minnesota Vikings heading to Pittsburgh as 4 point underdogs vs. the (4-2) Steelers. All of the totals are in the 40’s except for just two games (Jets @ Raiders & Eagles @ Redskins). The (3-2) Eagles are giving 7 points on the road to the (2-4) Washington Redskins in the week 7 Monday Night Football matchup. You can see all the week 7 NFL lines including sides and totals from BetUS Sportsbook below.

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2009 NFL Football Week 7 Lines From BetUS (as of 10/20 @ 11:00 pm ET):
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Week 7 NFL Lines For Sunday, Oct 27, 2009   
 413San Diego Chargers-5  -110  44O -110 
 414Kansas City Chiefs+5  -110   U -110 
 415Indianapolis Colts-13  -110  45O -110 
 416St Louis Rams+13  -110   U -110 
 417Chicago Bears+1½  -110  41½O -110 
 418Cincinnati Bengals-1½  -110   U -110 
 419Green Bay Packers-7  -110  41½O -110 
 420Cleveland Browns+7  -110   U -110 
 421Minnesota Vikings+4  -110  45O -110 
 422Pittsburgh Steelers-4  -110   U -110 
 423New England Patriots-14½  -110  45O -110 
 424Tampa Bay Buccaneers+14½  -110  U -110 
Game is being played at Wembley Stadium in London, England 
 425San Francisco 49ers+3  Ev  44O -110 
 426Houston Texans-3  -120   U -110 
 427New York Jets-6  -110  35O -110 
 428Oakland Raiders+6  -110   U -110 
 429Buffalo BillsOTB OTBO -110 
 430Carolina PanthersOTB  U -110 
 431New Orleans Saints-6½  -110  47O -110 
 432Miami Dolphins+6½  -110   U -110 
 433Atlanta Falcons+4  -110  47½O -110 
 434Dallas Cowboys-4  -110   U -110 
 435Arizona Cardinals+7  -110  46O -110 
 436New York Giants-7  -110   U -110 
Week 7 NFL Lines For Monday, Oct 28, 2009   
 437Philadelphia Eagles-7  -110  37½O -110 
 438Washington Redskins+7  -110   U -110 


2009 BCS Standings, Current Odds, & Initial Predictions

October 20th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on 2009 BCS Standings, Current Odds, & Initial Predictions

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Current BCS Standings (as of October 25, 2009):

   RKPoints%RKPoints% PrevAvg
7Boise State7-1522730.8046511520.7810.7440.775
11Georgia Tech7-11216440.5819118650.58640.6120.589
12Penn State7-11016990.6014109350.63390.52130.585
13Virginia Tech5-21413500.4779146910.46850.53140.492
14Oklahoma State6-11315220.5388138250.55930.25150.449
17Ohio State6-21511250.3982155690.38580.16190.315
19Miami (FL)5-2188580.3037184330.29360.15100.249
21West Virginia6-1206220.2202203650.24750.12230.196
22South Carolina6-2214750.1681212790.18920.21240.189
23Notre Dame5-2242360.083525820.05560.2200.12

2009 BCS Predictions (as of October 20, 2009):

Well let the controversy begin or at least that is what the BCS Standing major goal is to accomplish right? In case you missed it, the first BCS Standings were released this week for college football. Will this finally be the year we have such a catastrophe in the BCS Polls that it finally causes a playoff to be adopted in college football? We think it could be for a number of reasons. Most importantly is that one of the non major conference teams will be undefeated and when say non major we mean outside the SEC and Big 12. Boise State, Cincinnati, and TCU all have really good chances to end the season undefeated. Of course if any team ends the year undefeated they have the right to make their claim for a National Title especially after Utah thumped Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last year. All of this expectations and predictions may be a little premature. However rest assured in early December after all the Conference Title games have been played, the BCS will implode and cause some major disappointments for college football enthusiasts. Check out these big BCS Standings predictions.

BCS Standing Prediction #5 – TCU and Iowa will fade.

TCU is catching a lot of attention as there is a lot of people who think they can run the table. The Horned Frogs have a very talented defense that will keep them in every game they play this season. However, they have some big games left on the schedule against BYU and Utah. The TCU offense will have to step up if they are to run the table and quite honestly they do not have the firepower to keep up with those explosive scoring teams. TCU may get a win out of those two games, but they will lose at least one knocking their chances for a BCS Bowl out of the picture. Iowa is in a similar boat as well. The Hawkeyes keep winning in less than convincing fashion, but their momentum is running on thin ice. The Iowa offense is not moving the ball very well and they rank outside the top 75 in total offense with just 351 yards per game. In fact the offense has just produced 24 points per game this season as well. While the Big Ten teams are not known for huge offensive numbers, they are known for strong defenses. The Hawkeyes offense will be stopped in their tracks and it could be as early as this weekend on the road at Michigan State. If that does not knock them off track, the Buckeyes will get their chance to do the deed at the Horseshoe.

BCS Standings Prediction #4 – The SEC will sport two BCS Bowl Berths

Well this is a pretty easy prediction. Florida ranks number 1 in the standings and Alabama holds down the number 2 spot. In fact they are exactly vice versa in the AP Polls. It is a fair argument to say they are the best two teams in the country and are on a huge collision course for the Georgia Dome that will host the SEC Championship game. There is not any team left on either schedule that poses any big threats. Of course Florida has looked vulnerable while the Tide has rolled. Even if one falls to an upset they will meet in the SEC Championship. The winner will be fighting for the SEC’s 4th straight National Championship and the loser will still earn an at large berth in one of the other 4 BCS Bowl Games.

BCS Standings Prediction #3 – No. 20 Pittsburgh will earn a BCS Bowl Berth

The Pittsburgh Panthers may be well down the BCS Standings at this point in the season, but they will make a climb to the top. Despite being a fairly average team, the Panthers conference schedule sets up beautifully for them to win the Big East. Pittsburgh already suffered a loss to North Carolina State this year and will likely suffer another out of conference defeat when the Fighting Irish come to town in a few weeks. However, those losses will keep the in conference games in perspective and not allow any upsets. West Virginia and South Florida will both have a good chance to take down Pittsburgh, but the Panthers will have just one Big East loss when they host Cincinnati in their final game of the year. QB Bill Stull and freshman running sensation Dion Lewis provides Pittsburgh with plenty of weapons to take on Cincinnati. Plus Cincinnati star QB Tony Pike is questionable for his arm to stay healthy. Pittsburgh may have anywhere from an 8-3 to 9-2 record when they host the Bearcats in the season finale. However, there will only be one conference loss giving the Panthers the opportunity to win the Big East at home and they will get the job done.

BCS Standing Predictions #2 – USC quest for 5th straight Rose Bowl will end

USC has been to the Rose Bowl the last 4 straight season and 5 of the last 6 years as well. The Trojans have won 7 straight Pac-10 titles and have reached and has reached a BCS Bowl Game in every year of that impressive stretch as well. However, we are sticking to our early season prediction that USC will not win the Pac-10 title this season. The Trojans got a big win over California, but the Golden Bears are not the team we thought they would be. However, the Oregon Ducks will play the spoiler role. Oregon is still the only team left in the Pac-10 that has not suffered a conference loss and they control their own destiny in terms of a BCS Bowl Game. The Ducks also hold a big advantage as they will get USC at home on October 31st. That will be a huge game for both sides and we still like Oregon to pull out the victory. However even if USC wins and they experience another slip up as they are accustomed to experiencing, Oregon will still make it to the Rose Bowl ending the Trojans impressive run.

BCS Standings Prediction #1 – Boise State will shake up everything

If the other BCS Busters can not get the job done, the Boise State Broncos should throw a wrench into everything this year. Boise State faced one of their biggest remaining challenges towards perfection this past week with a 28-21 victory over Tulsa. Out of the remaining 7 games on the schedule, only Idaho owns a winning record. However, the Broncos are not likely to give into the upset bug like so many others will experience during the latter part of the year. QB Kellen Moore has the offense under control with 16 touchdowns to only 2 picks this season along with 1,404 yards. Hawaii and Nevada are potential teams that could pull of the upset along with Idaho. However, it does not seem things will work out so perfectly for the BCS as it has in year’s past. The Broncos offense will run the table against the weak pass defenses of the WAC and they will be undefeated when the BCS puts a 1 or maybe even a 2 loss team in the BCS Championship game instead.

BCS National Championship Odds From BetUS (as of October 20, 2009):
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Florida    11-4
Texas    9-2
Alabama    11-5
USC    11-2
Boise State    16/1
LSU    20/1
Cincinnati    10-1
Virginia Tech    20/1
Penn State    20/1
Miami Florida    12-1
TCU    25/1
Oregon    35/1
Oklahoma State    40/1
Iowa    20/1


2009 Top 5 BCS Bowl Teams

October 15th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in College Football   1 Comment »

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College Football action is just starting to enter the heart of conference play. This is normally the time of year when you really start to find out which teams are for real when the competition picks up on a weekly basis. Top teams are sure to fade and new faces are to emerge. Nearly everyone has Florida meeting up with Texas in the National Championship, but there is so much football left to play that nothing is certain especially since both teams are coming off rather sluggish performances. Judging by the amount of upsets this year, then how could you even think about a National Championship match-up just halfway through the year. The major conference teams are very vulnerable this time of year because they are facing top teams each and every week. We are not going to try and predict the National Championship match-up because it just seems to far fetch to think anything is a guarantee as crazy as college football turns out. However, we have taken the time to break down a few teams that will see BCS Bowls this season. Breaking down the way some of these talented teams are playing and their remaining schedules, we bring to you the Top 5 BCS Bowl teams for 2010.

#1. Florida Gators (5-0)

The Gators may not be the best team in the country, but who is going to beat them for the rest of the year? Florida captured its biggest win of the season in a 13-3 defensive battle last week over LSU. The Gators remaining schedule is very weak and they play just two teams with a winning record and only South Carolina is ranked in the top 25. The only logical room for an upset here outside of South Carolina, is a loss in the SEC Championship. If that happens, the Gators still got to a BCS Bowl even though it would not be the National Championship Game. The Gators defense is so good that an upset becomes highly unlikely until they square off in the SEC Championship. The Gators offense has not racked up the points as expected this year which could hold them back from repeating as National Champions. However, they are still 100% locks for a BCS Bowl Game.

#2. Alabama Crimson Tide (6-0)

The Crimson Tide is in an extremely similar situation in the SEC West. Alabama is not only perhaps playing better than anyone in the country, but have a manageable schedule from here out. Alabama has a solid test against South Carolina this week and LSU two weeks following. If they can win both those two games they will obviously have a perfect regular season record for the 2nd straight year in a row. Even if they lose one game they can still get to the SEC Championship with another LSU loss. In that scenario, the Crimson Tide still make a BCS Bowl even if they lose to Florida and that may be the worse case scenario for Alabama. The Crimson Tide would have a great chance at beating Florida if they were to play right now. The Alabama offensive and defensive lines are as big and strong as an NFL team. They have dominated on both sides of the ball and Nick Saban has the Tide rolling once again. All scenarios point to another BCS Bowl Game as well for the beast of the west in the SEC.

#3. Virginia Tech Hokies (5-1)

The Hokies were a bit unlucky to get a chance at Alabama in their opener this year, because their offense just was not clicking at the start of the season. However, quarterback Tyrod Taylor is starting to make a lot more plays with his arm and that is making the entire offense very dangerous. Freshman Ryan Williams is one of the best young guys in the nation. The Hokies running back has rushed for 734 yards and 9 scores this season to keep the running game going after losing star back Darren Evans before the season even started. The Hokies defense is strong as always, but their offense has become explosive. If Taylor continues to throw the ball well, Virginia Tech is the most dangerous one loss team in the country. The Hokies have more quality wins than any team in the Top 10 and they played Alabama tough when they were not even playing well. The Hokies square off with Georgia Tech this week and a win would all but guarantee a trip to the ACC Championship. However, more importantly there is not any other team in the ACC that can play with the Hokies if they keep pace meaning an automatic BCS Bowl Berth for the conference champions.

#4. Texas Longhorns (5-0)

The Longhorns appear to be on the path to fight for a National Championship and a Big 12 Title as well. However, both of those hopes face a huge test this Saturday when they take on rival Oklahoma. A loss would actually give the Sooners the lead in the Big 12 South considering both of Oklahoma’s losses have been outside the conference. Still the Longhorns are favorites to win the game and if they can edge out the Sooners, they will be in a BCS Bowl Game. The Longhorns have a much more difficult schedule than some of the other teams on our list with meetings with Oklahoma State and Kansas remaining. All Texas really has to do is beat Oklahoma this weekend to control their own destiny. A win over the Sooners means they can still suffer a loss and make the trip to the Big 12 Championship. It’s hard to think Kansas or Nebraska could beat Texas in the Big 12 Title Game and that gives the Sooners a ticket to a BCS Bowl despite what happens the rest of the year.

#5. Cincinnati Bearcats (5-0)

The Bearcats may be the most unlikely of BCS Bowl contenders heading into the season, but they have an offense that can contend with anyone in the nation. QB Tony Pike is receiving Heisman type attention after a wonderful start completing 67% for 1,493 yards, 13 touchdowns, and just 3 interceptions. The offense is among the best in the country averaging the 42 points per game. The Bearcats appear to have too much firepower which will make it tough for teams like South Florida and Pittsburgh to steal the conference crown away. Cincinnati goes on the road tonight in one of their biggest games of the season against South Florida and a win would make the BCS Bowl picture an instant reality. Pittsburgh has become a factor in the conference, but they don’t seem to have the talent to keep it together for another half of the season considering they really struggled last week against Connecticut. Cincinnati has all the opportunities to cash in here and make their way to one of the big bowls. However, a win tomorrow night would give the Bearcats a very considerable chance to win out. If that happens the BCS Standings will then again be a big factor as always in deciding who is worthy of competing for the National Championship. Would it let the Bearcats out of the Big East into the big game?

2009 NFL Week 6 Lines; Quick Breakdown

October 14th, 2009 by Richard Boyle (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2009 NFL Week 6 Lines; Quick Breakdown

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Note: The week six NFL lines (sides and totals) from BetUS Sportsbook (100% signup bonus when you click here) are located at the bottom of this page if you do not wish to read our quick breakdown of the games.

As we enter week six of the season and rundown the week 6 NFL lines, we take a quick look at how last week’s numbers panned out. The underdogs jumped back in the driver’s seat in week 5, as the favorites were 6-8. Home teams were 8-6 in week 5 and the over/unders were an even 7-7 split, as they have been most of the year. As we said they would, the home dogs showed a profit in week 5, going 4-2. Favorites still have an overall advantage this season and you can expect more underdogs to continue to catch up due to some big numbers. Favorites of 7 points or more went 4-2 and favorites of 10 points or more went 3-1 in week 5. Therefore, you can expect to see more big numbers once again the week 6 NFL spreads, making this another excellent week for underdog bettors. However, if you like the home dogs, this is not your week. There are lots of home favorites on the week 6 schedule and just two home underdogs. The only two home dogs of the opening week 6 NFL lines are the (3-1) Philadelphia Eagles, who are 14 point favorites on the road vs. the (1-4) Oakland Raiders, and the (1-3) Carolina Panthers, giving 3 points to the (0-5) Buccaneers in Tampa Bay. That’s it. The rest of the board features home favorites and quiet a few big ones. There six games on the board for week six with spreads of 9 points or more. The biggest number on the board is a 14.5 point spread, where the (3-2) Pittsburgh Steelers are 14½ point favorites at home vs. the (1-4) Cleveland Browns, who won their first game in week 5 over the Buffalo Bills. In the unanimous game of the week featuring two undefeated teams, the (5-0) New York Giants head to the Superdome as 3 point dogs, to take on the (4-0) New Orleans Saints who are coming off a NFL Footballbye week. The Sunday night matchup features the Falcons, coming off their drubbing of the (3-2) 49ers, as 3½ point favorites at home vs. the (3-1) Chicago Bears. The week 6 NFL spread for this week’s Monday Night Football matchup, is a 3½ point home favorite in (5-0) Denver @ (2-2) San Diego. One can only wonder how a 5-0 team is actually getting more then a field goal from a 2-2 team that has looked mediocre at best this season. Some other big spreads from the week sx NFL lines include; the winless Rams getting 10 points at (2-3) Jacksonville, the (1-4) Detroit Lions getting 13½ at (2-2) Green Bay, (1-4) Buffalo getting 9½ heading into New York to take on the Jets, who are coming off a tough Monday Night loss, and the Patriots who are 9 point favorites at home vs. the winless (0-5)Tennessee Titans.

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2009 NFL Football Week Six Lines From BetUS (as of 10/14 @ 8:00 am ET):
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Week 6 NFL Lines For Sunday, Oct. 18, 2009   
 209 Kansas City Chiefs+6½  -110  37½O -110 
 210 Washington Redskins-6½  -110   U -110 
 211 Houston Texans+4½  -110  45O -110 
 212 Cincinnati Bengals-4½  -110   U -110 
 213 Cleveland Browns+14  -110  38O -110 
 214 Pittsburgh Steelers-14  -110   U -110 
 215 Baltimore Ravens+3  -125  44O -110 
 216 Minnesota Vikings-3  +105   U -110 
 217 St Louis Rams+10  -110  41½O -110 
 218 Jacksonville Jaguars-10  -110   U -110 
 219 New York Giants+3  Ev  47½O -110 
 220 New Orleans Saints-3  -120   U -110 
 221 Carolina Panthers-3  -125  40O -110 
 222 Tampa Bay Buccaneers+3  +105   U -110 
 223 Detroit Lions+13½  -110  48½O -110 
 224 Green Bay Packers-13½  -110   U -110 
 225 Philadelphia Eagles-14  -110  40½O -110 
 226 Oakland Raiders+14  -110   U -110 
 227 Arizona Cardinals+3  -125  47O -110 
 228 Seattle Seahawks-3  +105   U -110 
 229 Buffalo Bills+9½  -110  37½O -110 
 230 New York Jets-9½  -110   U -110 
 231 Tennessee Titans+9  -110  43½O -110 
 232 New England Patriots-9  -110   U -110 
 233 Chicago Bears+3½  -110  46O -110 
 234 Atlanta Falcons-3½  -110   U -110 
Week 6 NFL Soreads For Monday, Oct 19, 2009 EST  
 235 Denver Broncos+3½  -110  44O -110 
 236 San Diego Chargers-3½  -110   U -110 

2009 College Football Top 5 Offensive Player Busts

October 12th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in College Football   1 Comment »

The thrill of college football thrives off the unexpected. The surprise teams, upsets, and breakout players compose the perfect package to real excitement. The always present “anything can happen” factor has become a motto for college football. Also, we love to cheer on players who have achieved great things. It’s hard not to applaud achievements by the likes of a Tim Tebow or a Sam Bradford. Each year you know there is going to be another group of athletes to make their mark among the top players in the nation. We give those players their respected spotlight and applaud their performances. On the other side of the story lines, there are just as many disappointment stories with each season of football. Those players who fail to reach the high expectations put forth by fans and the media. Often times these players are just forgotten and fall out of the limelight. However, we are going to change that as we bring some of those disappointment stories center stage. Take a look as we break down the Top 5 biggest letdown players for the 2009 season from the offensive side of the ball.

spiller#5. RB C.J Spiller (Clemson Tigers)

C.J Spiller shared carries during his first 3 years at Clemson with the talented power rushing back of James Davis. However, heading into the 2009 season Spiller was going to be the guy that got the work load which had Tigers fans with a ton of anticipation given Spiller game changing ability. The buzz out of the ACC and Clemson had built up a Heisman Campaign for Spiller in expectations of his big senior season. However, thus far in the season Spiller has yet to prove he has what it takes to be an every down running back. Spiller has made a bunch of big plays this year, but most of those have been from the kick and punt returns. Spiller has produced just 360 yards through 5 games and has failed to reach the century mark in all 3 ACC conference games. Actually most of the early success from the Clemson offense has come from the arm of freshman quarterback Kyle Parker, in result to Spiller’s struggles. The Tigers rushing attack has been just average after being advertised as one of the best the ACC has to offer. More importantly with Spiller receiving all the carries, it has really hurt him in the eyes of the NFL. He has yet to prove he can be an affective every down back and the only true danger he has presented to opposing teams this season has been as a return specialist. Spiller’s lack of productivity has just added to a growing list of disappointments coming out of Clemson in the last few years.

juice#4. QB Juice Williams (Illinois Illini)

Juice Williams had a breakout senior campaign for the Illini. The Illinois quarterback threw for 3,173 yards and 22 touchdowns in 2008 while rushing for another 719 additional yards. The big year gave many fans the indication that Williams would be an unstoppable force in his senior year. Those expectations had Illinois listed as one of the best offenses in the Big Ten entering 2009 with Williams at quarterback and WR Arrelious Benn. However, the Illini have been anything but explosive this season during their disappointing 1-4 start and the problem has been where they least expected on the offensive side of the ball. Outside of the Illini’s thrashing over an inferior Illinois State team 45-17, the team is 0-4. Williams has been a big disappointment completing just 54% on the season and only 628 yards after 5 games. After throwing for 3,000 plus yards a season ago, the Illini quarterback is on track to throw for less than 1,500 yards. Williams has 4 interceptions on the season to just 2 touchdowns and the Illinois offense has averaged just 10 points per game in their 4 losses on the season. The questionable performance by Williams has even caused the Illini to explore options with quarterback Eddie McGee as they continue to try to find some solutions for an offense that was suppose to be carried by Williams this season.

scott#3. RB Charles Scott (LSU Tigers)

The LSU Tigers were predicted to be among the top teams in the SEC this season and so far they have lived up to those expectations despite falling short to Florida in a big battle Saturday night. However, the main expectations on offense relied on the certainty of running back Charles Scott. The Tigers struggled offensively in 2008, but Scott was the lone bright spot on the team. Scott carried the offense racking up nearly 1,200 yards on the ground. Entering the season, LSU was expected to be among the best rushing teams in the SEC behind Scott in his senior season along with the help of Keiland Williams. However, the Tigers have failed to run the ball ranking near the very bottom of the SEC. Scott has produced just 276 yards in 6 games. The senior tailback had minimal expectations of reaching the 1,000 yard plateau again and there were many who predicted him to lead the SEC in rushing for 2009. However, Scott is on track to barely break the 500 yard mark. Outside of a big play to beat Georgia, Scott has provided absolutely nothing for the LSU offense to be cheerful about. Also if that does not change down the stretch, there is no way LSU will stay in the hunt for an SEC Championship because you have to be able run the ball in the SEC to contend.

blount#2.RB LaGarrette Blount (Oregon Ducks)

It did not take long for LaGarrette Blount to become one of the biggest disappointments of the season. Blount was poised to be a big threat to the Ducks rushing offense this season along side QB Jeremiah Masoli. However, in the Ducks opener to Boise State everything went wrong. Not only was Blount shutdown completely getting 8 carries for negative 5 yards, but the Ducks running back would never get a chance to redeem himself. The Ducks offense was embarrassed in their opener on the big stage falling to the Broncos 19-8. However, it was not till after the game till things really got out of hand. After being taunted in the post game celebration, Blount let his emotions get the best of him throwing a punch that landed on Byron Hout of Boise State. Blount then went on a rampage even making move towards fans on the exit ramps which was a completely embarrassing reflection on the Ducks organization. The outrage cost Blount his last year of eligibility considering he was suspended one day later for the rest of the season. Good news for Oregon fans is the Ducks have really come on strong since the shameful opener, but Blount still remains a huge disappointment.

snead#1. QB Jevan Snead (Mississippi Rebels)

Jevan Snead led the Mississippi Rebels on a scoring rampage to end the 2008 season displaying pinpoint accuracy while proving he had the talent to make all the throws on the field. The late season performance was so strong that it had the media and fans in Oxford raving over their new found superstar at quarterback. Snead was labeled as “the best pure quarterback in the SEC.” The media and college experts predicted great things and another big year from the Rebels quarterback in 2009. Snead’s praises even had him on preseason Heisman ballots and NFL scouts were already making plans to watch games live and get an up close encounter with possibly the next top quarterback to come out of the college ranks. However, things have been quite different in 2009. Not only has the Rebels offense struggled as a whole, but Snead has been anything but a leader behind center.

The Rebels quarterback got off to a mediocre start before SEC play got underway. However in Snead’s first big game of the year with all NFL scouts on hand, the Rebels star had the worse performance of his career going 7 of 21 for just 107 yards in a loss to South Carolina. The lackluster performance was though to just be a fluke, but since Snead has thrown 7 interceptions in the last 2 games including 4 yesterday against Alabama. In the Rebels two losses to quality SEC teams, Snead has thrown 18 for 55 and 247 yards. The Rebels who were once ranked as high as number 4 in the country have fallen outside the Top 25 with an offense that just can not move the ball. It is safe to say that Snead has easily been the biggest letdown of any single player in college football this season as the Rebels have went from an SEC offensive powerhouse a team that is averaging just 6.6 points per game in their first 3 SEC match-ups.