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Superbowl 47 Prop Bets: Joe Flacco Super Bowl Props

January 27th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on Superbowl 47 Prop Bets: Joe Flacco Super Bowl Props
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Super Bowl Betting

Joe FlaccoFor years and years, the debate has raged about QB Joe Flacco and whether or not he should be considered an elite quarterback or not. He doesn’t have the numbers of a truly elite star, but he has made it here to battle it out on the Super Bowl 47 odds, and this year, he has bested some of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. Check out some of the Joe Flacco Super Bowl props available at SportBet Sportsbook

Passing Yards Over/Under 235.5: Flacco threw for 240, 331, and 282 in his three respective playoff games, and he did show against some pretty darn good defenses. This time around, he gets a San Francisco ‘D’ that has looked shoddy at times in the second season, but generally has been awesome over the course of the whole year, ranking fourth in the league. This is a big hill to climb for Flacco, and we think that getting +130 on this number of yards seems to be a nice price.

Will Flacco Throw an Interception?: Flacco is playing the best ball of his career, and for all intents and purposes, it has been basically five full games worth of game time since he has thrown a pick. The 49ers haven’t been as ball hawking in the secondary as you might think this year, especially of late. -155 says that Flacco will toss one to a guy wearing the wrong color, but +135 seems to be the better of the options.

Flacco Throws a TD Pass or an INT first?: Again, we question as to whether Flacco really is going to throw a pick or not in this game. He has taken such good care of the football that we think we have to stick with him to toss a touchdown before a pick, though that -210 price is a bit steep for our preference.

Pass Attempts Over/Under 33.5: You have to think that the Ravens are going to play this game from behind at some point, just off of the NFL betting lines, and that would insinuate that Flacco is going to toss it at least 34 times. However, he threw it just 34 times against the Broncos, and there were over five quarters of football played in that game. With OC Jim Caldwell calling the shots, it’ll be more run and less pass in the Super Bowl.

Longest Completion Over/Under 41.5 Yards: We saw the Falcons tear this secondary up for big time passes in the NFC Championship Game, but that just isn’t going to be the case this time around. Flacco does throw some deep balls, but not as often as it seems. Plus, the likelihood that Flacco hits a pass like the one he did to Jacoby Jones that forced the game in Denver to overtime isn’t all that good. This is just too many yards to expect Flacco to uncork one.

TD Passes Over/Under 1.5: The 49ers are tough to throw on, and they’re tough to score on, too. However, the Falcons did the job in the NFC title game, and Flacco has just been absolutely on fire over the course of the last several weeks. It’s only +100 for him to throw more than one TD in this one, and we think that there’s a decent chance of greater than 50/50 that he does find the end zone through the air twice.

Rushing Yards Over/Under 3.5: Over the course of the last two games, Flacco has a total of 19 rushing yards, which sort of insinuates that he is going to get on the go at least a couple of times in this game. However, we’re really not all that sure that he is going to have the ability to do that. Remember that he had a negative number of rushing yards against five of his final six foes in the regular season, and he had -3 yards against the Colts, too.

Scores a Rushing Touchdown?: Let’s be realistic here about Flacco. He isn’t rushing for a touchdown in this game. He did so three times over the course of the season, and that now covers 19 games. However, do some quick math here. Three rushing touchdowns divided by 19 games means that Flacco has found his way into the end zone in one out of 6+ games. That +525 price doesn’t seem so bad when you look at it that way, and it seems better than a -750 price seems.

Superbowl 47 Prop Bets: Colin Kaepernick Super Bowl Props

January 27th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on Superbowl 47 Prop Bets: Colin Kaepernick Super Bowl Props
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5DimesQB Colin Kaepernick for the San Francisco 49ers is one of the most dynamic players in the entire league. Check out some of the Colin Kaepernick prop bets that are on the board right now to bet a 5Dimes Sportsbook

Passing Yards Over/Under 218.5: For all of the great things that Kaepernick has done over the course of the last three months or so, one of the things that he hasn’t always done well is throw the football. Sure, he threw for 233 yards against the Falcons and 263 against the Packers in his first two starts, but a lot of what he was doing was throwing the ball down the field to WR Michael Crabtree and TE Vernon Davis. In the end, he has only been asked to throw the ball a total of 52 times here in the second season. In spite of the fact that Kaepernick has been beyond this number in his last five games, we aren’t all that sure that this isn’t a 50/50 proposition. You can get the ‘under’ 218.5 at +135.

Will Kaepernick Throw an Interception?: Yes is a -120 proposition, while No chimes in at +100, essentially making this a 50/50 call. And that’s about right. Kaepernick has had four games in his last eight in which he has tossed at least one interception. It seems fitting to us that the ferocious Baltimore secondary is going to get at least one off of the youngster, and -120 is about the right price to make us want to bet on him to get picked off.

Kaepernick Throws a TD Pass or an INT first?: It’s not all that often that Kaepernick gets picked off, but if you’re a believer that he will in this game, you have to think that there is at least a one in three chance that he will get intercepted before he throws a touchdown pass. If this is what you believe, you have to take the INT first at +235.

Pass Attempts Over/Under 27.5: There really hasn’t been a heck of a lot that Kaepernick has been asked to do, and the fact that we can bet on him to average fewer than eight passes per quarter over the course of this game at +105 seems to be a great bet to us.

Longest Completion Over/Under 40.5 Yards: Kaepernick has taken plenty of shots down the field, and he makes a lot of that happen with his legs. We’ve seen this Baltimore secondary get nailed for some big ones over the course of the last several weeks, and we have to think that there will be at least a few passes, probably right at the beginning of the game, where Kaepernick goes for broke. At least one should cover at least 41 yards, and +105 says that that will happen at least half the time.

TD Passes Over/Under 1.5: With the way that Kaepernick runs the ball and the way that RB Frank Gore runs it near the goal line, it’s tough to think that there are going to be oodles of touchdowns to go around for the 49ers’ passing game. We definitely think that one is a good possibility, but a second touchdown pass seems to be asking for a lot from a man that is only going to throw it 20-25 times in our eyes in the game. ‘Under’ 1.5 at -125 feels like an awesome price.

Rushing Attempts Over/Under 6.5: It seems like a slam dunk to think that Kaepernick is going to run the ball at least seven times in this game, but remember that Atlanta forced him to only run it twice. The Ravens will be watching that tape over and over again over the course of the last two weeks to try to figure out keep him in the pocket.

Rushing Yards Over/Under 43.5: Don’t do it! It’s a trap! We said that last week when Kaepernick’s over/under was 63.5 yards, and we’re saying it again, especially since we can get +140 on him to not go beyond this number. Kaepernick hasn’t gotten beyond 31 yards rushing in four of his last five games.

Scores a Rushing Touchdown?: Here’s where the price is really right for us. Kaepernick had a rushing touchdown just twice as a starter prior to the playoffs, and he didn’t have a single rushing score in any of his final three games of the regular season. We know that he is capable of doing damage, but even at -160, we have to think that Kaepernick isn’t going to score.

Super Bowl Bets: Alicia Keys National Anthem Super Bowl 47 Props

January 27th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on Super Bowl Bets: Alicia Keys National Anthem Super Bowl 47 Props
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Alicia Keys Super BowlThe Alicia Keys National Anthem for the Super Bowl is one of the most talked about topics right now for entertainment junkies going into the week of the big game. She promises us a very special rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, and that could make for some interesting Super Bowl prop bets for sure.

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Alicia Keys National Anthem Over/Under 2:15: This is one of the awesome props on the board and is one to keep a very close eye on. Just naturally, one would think that this is the Super Bowl and that the performers get all amped up and hold some notes and words out a bit longer than normal. However, even as the performances have gotten more and more elaborate, the song is still designed to be sung in roughly 1:35. Over the course of the last several years, the Super Bowl National Anthem times have been 2:07, 1:54, 1:56, 1:33, 1:55, 1:40, 2:08, 2:10, 1:35, and 1:56, and the 1:56 was the Whitney Houston Super Bowl National Anthem. Going beyond that 2:15 mark is going to be a hefty order.

Will Alicia Keys Be Booed During or After the National Anthem?: There is only a “yes” option at Bovada, which really doesn’t do us a heck of a lot of good. If Christina Aguilera didn’t get booed when she left words out of the National Anthem, there’s very little chance that Keys is going to get booed unless she just totally screws the pooch.

Will Alicia Keys Forget or Omit at Least One Word of the Official National Anthem?: Thanks, Christina. If she didn’t blow an entire verse of the anthem, perhaps we wouldn’t be in this position where we would be talking about performers taking words out of the song. Of course, there’s something to be said about the fact that Keys is promising some sort of special rendition, the likes of which we have never heard before, and that might at least make this prop worth watching, though we have to think that there is a significantly better chance that she puts all the words in than leaves some of the words out.

Will Alicia Keys Add at Least One New Word to the Official National Anthem?: Here’s something that’s a little more interesting. Keys is a heck of a performer, and she has been known to cross the line every now and again to do some very interesting renditions of songs. We’re not all that sure where Keys would be adding a word, but who the heck knows with her?

Super Bowl Prop Sheet: Beyoncé Superbowl 47 Halftime Show Props

January 27th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on Super Bowl Prop Sheet: Beyoncé Superbowl 47 Halftime Show Props
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Beyonce Super BowlSuper Bowl 47 is almost here! Today, we’re making our Superbowl halftime show prop picks for all of the crazy things that Beyonce might ultimately do when she does her Super Bowl 47 halftime show in New Orleans.

Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show Prop Bets
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Will Beyonce Have Straight Hair (+100) or Curly/Crimped Hair (-140)?: What we have to remember about this prop is that this is just at the beginning of the show. If by chance, Beyonce has herself a makeover in the middle of the show, it’s not like both bets can win. This started off as a 50/50 proposition at the start of the week, and the action has moved on curly or crimped.

Will Beyonce Be Joined By Jay Z (+110) or Not (-150) During Superbowl Halftime Show?: The two lovebirds famously named their child Blue Ivy, but the oddsmakers don’t necessarily think that the two will be on stage together at any point during the show. We’re not all that sure. We have seen Super Bowl halftime shows feature one group and ultimately see another come on stage at some point before, and if there is anyone that is going to join Beyonce up there, it’s clearly going to be Jay Z.

What Will Beyonce’s Predominant Hair Color Be at the Beginning of the Super Bowl Halftime Show?: There are several options here. Black (9/4) is the decided favorite, but there are a number of other options as well. We really don’t put anything past Beyonce, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she puts on a number of different looks to her hair over the course of this show if she gets some time to slip to the back. Other options include Gold/Yellow (11/4), Silver/Grey (7/2), White (5/1), Red (13/2), Pink (15/2), Orange (12/1), Blue (15/1), and Green (15/1).

Super Bowl Prop Bets for Beyonce Halftime Show
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Will Beyonce Use a Microphone (+175) or a Headset (-250) First?: The explanation for this one is quite simple. Most halftime performers that are solo acts at the Super Bowl start from behind a prop or backstage and walk their way out to the forefront, rather than just starting there. Sure, there is a chance that Beyonce could be coming out from the back with a microphone in her hands, but with this type of technology, a headset seems a heck of a lot more appropriate.

Will Beyonce Be Showing Cleavage (-500) or Not (+300) During Her First Song?: This is Beyonce that we are talking about. This is one of the hottest girls on the planet, and it is a girl that has as banging body. There’s no way that she’s going to cover her girls when she comes onto the stage. None whatsoever. Even though this is a sucker type of bet at -500, we still think that it is clearly the right side to be on.

Super Bowl Live Betting Props: Bet the Super Bowl Prop Sheet

January 25th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on Super Bowl Live Betting Props: Bet the Super Bowl Prop Sheet
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Super Bowl 47There are a number of amazing Online Sportsbooks on the internet, and each of those books has their own set of Super Bowl lines and Superbowl props that they are offering. Check out some of the best Super Bowl props offered at each of our sponsor sportsbooks. Click on the links in this article to bet on the Super Bowl and take advantage of some great Super Bowl sportsbook bonuses! You can also check out the exclusive sportsbook bonus codes at these books that are only offered here at Bankroll Sports.

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Total Field Goals in Super Bowl 47
Total Field Goals Over 3.5 +124
Total Field Goals Under 3.5 -154

What Will The First Score of Super Bowl 47 Be?
First Score a Touchdown -165
First Score a Field Goal or Safety +135

First Baltimore Ravens Touchdown Will Be…
Touchdown Pass -183
Any Other Touchdown +153

First San Francisco 49ers Touchdown Will Be…
Touchdown Pass -115
Any Other Touchdown -115

Who Will Score the First Touchdown of Superbowl 47?
Anquan Boldin +1000
Anthony Dixon +2500
Bernard Pierce +2000
Colin Kaepernick +800
Delanie Walker +2000
Dennis Pitta +1000
Ed Dickson +2500
Frank Gore +500
Jacoby Jones +1800
Joe Flacco +2500
LaMichael James +1500
Michael Crabtree +800
Randy Moss +1500
Ray Rice +550
Ted Ginn Jr. +3000
Torrey Smith +800
Vernon Davis +1000
Vonta Leach +2500
The Field (Any OtherPlayer) +600
No TD Scored in the Game +12500

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Total Number of Lost Fumbles in Super Bowl 47
0 Fumbles +150
1 Fumble -200
2 Fumbles +190
3 Fumbles +350
4 Fumbles +650
5 Fumbles or More +1200

The First Punt of the Game Will…
Caught Clearly -350
Ball Hits Ground +250
Out of Bounds in the Air +800
Touchback +350
Blocked or Tipped +2500

First Accepted Penalty of the Game Will Be…
False Start +165
Offsides/Encroachment/Neutral Zone Infraction +250
Holding (Offensive or Defensive) +170
Pass Interference (Offensive or Defensive) +650
Any Personal Foul/Unsportsmanlike Conduct +600
Delay of Game +350
Field +350
No Accepted Penalty in Game +12500

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Who Will Score First in Super Bowl 47?
Baltimore Ravens +115
San Francisco 49ers -145

Team To Reach 14 Points or More First in Super Bowl 47?
Baltimore Ravens +135
San Francisco 49ers -165

Team To Commit First Turnover of Super Bowl 47?
Baltimore Ravens -130
San Francisco 49ers +100

Will Either Team Score Two Unanswered Times in Super Bowl 47?
Yes -3000
No +1500

Will There Be a Second Half Lead Change in Super Bowl 47?
Yes +180
No -220

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Super Bowl 47 Margin of Victory
Baltimore Ravens 1-6 Points +400
Baltimore Ravens 7-12 Points +600
Baltimore Ravens 13-18 Points +1000
Baltimore Ravens 19-24 Points +2000
Baltimore Ravens 25-30 Points +4000
Baltimore Ravens 31-36 Points +8000
Baltimore Ravens 37+ Points +8000
San Francisco 49ers 1-6 Points +300
San Francisco 49ers 7-12 Points +400
San Francisco 49ers 13-18 Points +600
San Francisco 49ers 19-24 Points +1000
San Francisco 49ers 25-30 Points +1600
San Francisco 49ers 31-36 Points +2500
San Francisco 49ers 37+ Points +2500

How Long Will It Take Alicia Keys To Sing the National Anthem?
Over 2:15 -120
Under 2:15 -120

Will Beyonce Be Joined By Jay Z on Stage During Superbowl 47 Halftime Show?
Yes +110
No -150

Beyonce’s Hair Will Be…
Straight -120
Curly or Crimped -120

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Will Colin Kaepernick Score a Rushing TD?
Yes +115
No -135

Joe Flacco Rushing Attempts
Over 2.5 +135
Under 2.5 -155

Will There Be a Missed Extra Point in the Game?
Yes +1125
No -1750

Will There Be a Score in the First 0:29 of Super Bowl 47?
Yes +4875
No -11700

Will Super Bowl 47 Go To Double Overtime?
Yes +3000
No -7000

2013 Superbowl MVP Odds: Odds To Win Super Bowl 47 MVP Award

January 23rd, 2013 by Jason Richards | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2013 Superbowl MVP Odds: Odds To Win Super Bowl 47 MVP Award
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Full List of Odds To Win The Super Bowl 47 MVP Can Be Found Below

Odss to win MVP Kaepernick FlaccoThe Superbowl MVP is one of the most commonly wagered prop/future bets for the big game each and every season. All the 2013 Superbowl MVP Odds for Sunday’s biggest game of the year are out at most books. Bankroll Sports has these lines listed for you below.

As for the lines, leading the way are 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (Best Colin Kaepernick Super Bowl MVP Odds: 1.75 to 1 @ 5Dimes) followed by Joe Flacco, starting quarterback of the Ravens (Best Joe Flacco Odds To Win Superbowl MVP: 2.5 to 1 5Dimes) and the bottom of the list features San Francisco Fullback, Bruce Miller (Superbowl MVP Odds: 400 to 1 @ 5Dimes) who is the lead blocker for running backs Frank Gore (MVP Odds: 8 to 1) and rookie LaMichael James (Odds to win the Superbowl MVP: 90 to 1). James could be a good value play, as he get a decent amount of carries and has also been returning kicks for the 49ers.

Some other value plays may include (that is if you think there is a remote possibility that the game’s winning quarterback doesn’t win the Superbowl MVP);
For The 49ers:
Michael Crabtree (16 to 1 @ 5Dimes)
Vernon Davis (28 to 1 5Dimes)
For The Ravens:
Ray Rice (11 to 1 @ 5Dimes)
Torrey Smith (30 to 1 @ 5Dimes)

Most of the books (both Offshore Sportsbooks & Vegas Sportsbooks) usually will not have a unanimous set of Superbowl MVP odds for the players, and they will be different at almost all books. One might ask why the players’ odds to win the MVP are different everywhere. The reason they aren’t the same everywhere is quite simple.

Some books will increase the size of the overall “field” (meaning the number of players from both teams that you can bet on). A bigger list of players that you can bet on allows the book to offer you more favorable lines (or better payouts) on all the players.

However, the books that have a smaller field offer less favorable lines (or smaller payouts). But, they will usually offer you a “Field Bet” option at the bottom of the list of odds. If you take the “Field Bet”, you are betting on every player that is not listed on the sportsbook’s sheet of players that you can bet on.

The best books for betting futures are books like 5Dimes which have a much larger field and will include back-up quarterbacks like Alex Smith or Special Teams players. The reason being is that you get the best odds on the guys you think have a likely shot at winning the Superbowl MVP.

Listed below, Bankroll Sports has the list of the best Superbowl MVP Odds from our trusted sponsor books. The best odds are listed below (first list) at 5Dimes. A smaller list of MVP odds (that offers a “Field Bet”) with not as good of a payout for the favorites is listed second; at Bovada.

2013 Super Bowl MVP Odds @ 5Dimes Sportsbook (as of 1/23/12):
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Colin Kaepernick QB (49ers) 1.75 to 1
Joe Flacco QB (Ravens) 2.5 to 1
Frank Gore RB (49ers) 8 to 1
Ray Lewis LB (Ravens) 8 to 1
Ray Rice RB (Ravens) 11 to 1
Michael Crabtree WR (49ers) 16 to 1
Anquan Boldin WR (Ravens) 25 to 1
Vernon Davis TE (49ers) 28 to 1
Torrey Smith WR (Ravens) 30 to 1
Aldon Smith LB (49ers) 50 to 1
Ed Reed FS (Ravens) 50 to 1
Randy Moss WR (49ers) 50 to 1
Dennis Pitta TE (Ravens) 66 to 1
LaMichael James RB (49ers) 90 to 1
Vonta Leach FB (Ravens) 100 to 1
Ted Ginn Jr WR (49ers) 100 to 1
Terrell Suggs LB (Ravens) 100 to 1
Jacoby Jones WR (Ravens) 100 to 1
Ahmad Brooks LB (49ers) 150 to 1 to 1
Haloti Ngata DE (Ravens) 150 to 1
Bernard Pierce RB (Ravens) 150 to 1
Justin Smith DE (49ers) 150 to 1
Patrick Willis LB (49ers) 150 to 1
Dashon Goldson FS (49ers) 175 to 1
Ed Dickson TE (Ravens) 175 to 1
Paul Kruger LB (Ravens) 200 to 1
Bernard Pollard SS (Ravens) 275 to 10
Tandon Doss WR (Ravens) 275 to 1
Bruce Miller FB (49ers) 400 to 1

Odds to Win The Super Bowl MVP @ (as of 1/23/13):
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Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco) QB 7/4
Joe Flacco (Baltimore) QB 5/2
Ray Lewis (Baltimore) LB 6/1
Frank Gore (San Francisco) RB 17/2
Ray Rice (Baltimore) RB 12/1
Michael Crabtree (San Francisco) WR 16/1
Anquan Boldin (Baltimore) WR 18/1
Torrey Smith (Baltimore) WR 20/1
Vernon Davis (San Francisco) TE 22/1
Aldon Smith (San Francisco) LB 25/1
Dennis Pitta (Baltimore) TE 33/1
Ed Reed (Baltimore) FS 33/1
Randy Moss (San Francisco) WR 40/1
Terrell Suggs (Baltimore) LB 50/1
LaMichael James (San Francisco) RB 50/1
Patrick Willis (San Francisco) LB 66/1
NaVorro Bowman (San Francisco) LB 66/1
Dashon Goldson (San Francisco) FS 66/1
David Akers (San Francisco) K 66/1
Bernard Pierce (Baltimore) RB 75/1
Justin Tucker (Baltimore) K 75/1
Delanie Walker (San Francisco) TE 75/1
Ted Ginn Jr. (San Francisco) WR 75/1
Alex Smith (San Francisco) QB 100/1
Field 22/1

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl 47 Predictions, Keys to Game, Picks

January 21st, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl 47 Predictions, Keys to Game, Picks
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Ravens Super BowlThey didn’t take the easiest road in the world to get here, but the Baltimore Ravens have made it to the Super Bowl for the second time in their franchise’s history. They’ll get a chance to claim their second ever Lombardi Trophy on February 3rd, but they have a long road to climb to be able to get to that point. Check out our Super Bowl keys to the game and what the Ravens needs to do to beat the San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans.

Click Here For The 2013 NFL Playoff Bracket, the 2013 NFL Playoffs Schedule, and all of our NFL Playoff Game Previews

#4 Baltimore Ravens vs. #2 San Francisco 49ers
Superbowl 47 Location: Mercedes Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA
Superbowl Date/Time: Sunday, February 3rd, 6:30 p.m. (ET)
Superbowl TV Coverage: CBS

Key #1: Joe Flacco has to come up with one more “elite” game
We’ve had this one drilled down our throats for weeks, months… and heck, even years! QB Joe Flacco isn’t an elite quarterback. We know this. All we have to do is look at the way that he stands in the pocket, the way that he ultimately plays under pressure from time to time, and his numbers, and we know that he isn’t the second coming of John Elway or Joe Montana. However, what Flacco is, is a winner. He has brought his team to the playoffs for five straight seasons, has won at least one playoff game for five straight seasons, has made it to the AFC Championship Game three times in the last four years, and now, he has his team just one game away from the Lombardi Trophy. Something different has happened this time around, though. Flacco is actually outplaying some of these truly “elite” quarterbacks. QB Tom Brady looked like a chump in the second half of the AFC Championship Game in comparison to Flacco, while the week before, Flacco was throwing big time passes, while QB Peyton Manning was busy getting picked off in overtime. The former first round pick of the Ravens has thrown for 853 yards and eight TDs over the course of his last games here in the postseason. Sure, some of it was luck, and sure, had that 70-yard floating pass not found its way into the hands of WR Jacoby Jones, we’d probably still be talking about Flacco as the man that has never won the big game in his career. But now, Flacco can say that he is a winner. He has been in the Super Bowl. And with one more game with the stats of an elite quarterback, there might be no way to avoid putting Joe Cool in the same discussion with Brady and Manning.

Key #2: Torrey Smith has to find space deep in the San Fran secondary
The 49ers can be had in their secondary, and we have seen it time and time again over the course of the last few weeks. They allowed WR Julio Jones to catch 11 passes for 182 yards and two TDs against the Atlanta Falcons, and he hasn’t nearly been the only receiver of late to make some big plays happen against these 49ers. Roddy White did it (7 catches, 100 yards). James Jones did it (4 catches, 87 yards, 1 TD). Michael Floyd did it with Brian Hoyer throwing him the football (8 catches, 166 yards, 1 TD). Brandon Lloyd did it, too (10 catches, 190 yards). Four of these five names all share the same thing in common: They aren’t No. 1 receivers on their own teams. In fact, short of the NFC Championship Game, there really aren’t any top targets that have beaten up the Niners. It’s always been the No. 2 or No. 3 guy in the pecking order. Smith is that type of receiver, and he is a man that can get up the field in a hurry. It isn’t a prerequisite for him to score, and he doesn’t even have to have one of these games where he catches 10 passes for 130 yards. Smith just needs to break through the 49ers in the back end a time or two over the course of the game, and the passing game could really open up.

Superbowl 47 Odds at Diamond Sportsbook
Baltimore Ravens +4
San Francisco 49ers -4
Over/Under 48.5
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Key #3: The offensive line has to keep Aldon Smith out of the backfield
The best games that the 49ers have had this year have seemingly all involved big outings from LB Aldon Smith. The man from Mizzou had 19.5 sacks this year, and in games in which he logged at least one sack, the team allowed 13.1 points per game. In games in which Smith doesn’t get a sack, which now includes five games in a row, the Niners have conceded 24.6 points per game, and they certainly have looked beatable. Of course, we know that there are some fallacies in there, as Smith is getting more attention and room is opening up for some of the other members of the front seven to get to the quarterback. However, this is a real key in this game. When the Ravens were struggling at their worst this year, they were allowing men like DE JJ Watt or DE Von Miller wreak havoc on Flacco and the offense. If the offensive line and the combination of tight ends and FB Vonta Leach can figure out how to put a hat on Smith, it’s going to make life a heck of a lot easier for this offense for the whole game.

Key #4: The defense has to confuse Colin Kaepernick
It is clear that the more time that QB Colin Kaepernick has to throw the ball and get into space, the more likely he is to make the big time play to burn the Baltimore defense. We have seen that time and time again. Teams just underestimate how fast this guy really is, and in the end, he has blown just about every unit he has faced up, especially here in the playoffs. However, Kaepernick isn’t without his struggles, and he has made some young mistakes. There isn’t a defense that has more ornate schemes than this Baltimore ‘D’, especially with two weeks to game plan for the mobile quarterback. Though the Atlanta defense didn’t end up having the most success in the world, it was clear that it had a better chance to get off the field when Kaepernick was in the pocket than when he was out of it, but that doesn’t have to remain the case when push comes to shove. Remember that the pick six that Kaepernick threw against the Green Bay Packers at the outset of that game came while he was on the move, and he made a poor decision. Whatever it takes to make Kaepernick make some of those bad decisions, as rare as they are, is what will be the key factor here for Baltimore defensively.

Key #5: The emotion just can’t run out
If you really look at the talent level that the Ravens have been playing with and playing against over the course of the last several weeks, you have to think that they have just been overmatched. They certainly weren’t a more talented team than either New England or Denver, but they were able to persevere in spite of the fact, largely because of the emotions that are coming from the squad in purple. Oh sure, LB Ray Lewis’ pending retirement is helping the team ride that wave, as is the fact that the team has that “us against the world” mentality to it. However, there is always a danger, especially with the long layoff before this one kicks off, that any team is going to fall flat. The Ravens have to keep this intensity up for the next two weeks, because they are running into a very businesslike team in the 49ers that are going to be in the Bayou for business and business only, not a party. If that intensity isn’t high from the start of practice on Monday through the very last second of the Super Bowl, the Ravens are going to be in some trouble for sure, and they run the risk of getting their doors blown off.

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