2013 Superbowl MVP Odds: Odds To Win Super Bowl 47 MVP Award

Last Updated: January 23rd, 2013 by Jason Richards
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Full List of Odds To Win The Super Bowl 47 MVP Can Be Found Below

Odss to win MVP Kaepernick FlaccoThe Superbowl MVP is one of the most commonly wagered prop/future bets for the big game each and every season. All the 2013 Superbowl MVP Odds for Sunday’s biggest game of the year are out at most books. Bankroll Sports has these lines listed for you below.

As for the lines, leading the way are 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (Best Colin Kaepernick Super Bowl MVP Odds: 1.75 to 1 @ 5Dimes) followed by Joe Flacco, starting quarterback of the Ravens (Best Joe Flacco Odds To Win Superbowl MVP: 2.5 to 1 5Dimes) and the bottom of the list features San Francisco Fullback, Bruce Miller (Superbowl MVP Odds: 400 to 1 @ 5Dimes) who is the lead blocker for running backs Frank Gore (MVP Odds: 8 to 1) and rookie LaMichael James (Odds to win the Superbowl MVP: 90 to 1). James could be a good value play, as he get a decent amount of carries and has also been returning kicks for the 49ers.

Some other value plays may include (that is if you think there is a remote possibility that the game’s winning quarterback doesn’t win the Superbowl MVP);
For The 49ers:
Michael Crabtree (16 to 1 @ 5Dimes)
Vernon Davis (28 to 1 5Dimes)
For The Ravens:
Ray Rice (11 to 1 @ 5Dimes)
Torrey Smith (30 to 1 @ 5Dimes)

Most of the books (both Offshore Sportsbooks & Vegas Sportsbooks) usually will not have a unanimous set of Superbowl MVP odds for the players, and they will be different at almost all books. One might ask why the players’ odds to win the MVP are different everywhere. The reason they aren’t the same everywhere is quite simple.

Some books will increase the size of the overall “field” (meaning the number of players from both teams that you can bet on). A bigger list of players that you can bet on allows the book to offer you more favorable lines (or better payouts) on all the players.

However, the books that have a smaller field offer less favorable lines (or smaller payouts). But, they will usually offer you a “Field Bet” option at the bottom of the list of odds. If you take the “Field Bet”, you are betting on every player that is not listed on the sportsbook’s sheet of players that you can bet on.

The best books for betting futures are books like 5Dimes which have a much larger field and will include back-up quarterbacks like Alex Smith or Special Teams players. The reason being is that you get the best odds on the guys you think have a likely shot at winning the Superbowl MVP.

Listed below, Bankroll Sports has the list of the best Superbowl MVP Odds from our trusted sponsor books. The best odds are listed below (first list) at 5Dimes. A smaller list of MVP odds (that offers a “Field Bet”) with not as good of a payout for the favorites is listed second; at Bovada.

2013 Super Bowl MVP Odds @ 5Dimes Sportsbook (as of 1/23/12):
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Colin Kaepernick QB (49ers) 1.75 to 1
Joe Flacco QB (Ravens) 2.5 to 1
Frank Gore RB (49ers) 8 to 1
Ray Lewis LB (Ravens) 8 to 1
Ray Rice RB (Ravens) 11 to 1
Michael Crabtree WR (49ers) 16 to 1
Anquan Boldin WR (Ravens) 25 to 1
Vernon Davis TE (49ers) 28 to 1
Torrey Smith WR (Ravens) 30 to 1
Aldon Smith LB (49ers) 50 to 1
Ed Reed FS (Ravens) 50 to 1
Randy Moss WR (49ers) 50 to 1
Dennis Pitta TE (Ravens) 66 to 1
LaMichael James RB (49ers) 90 to 1
Vonta Leach FB (Ravens) 100 to 1
Ted Ginn Jr WR (49ers) 100 to 1
Terrell Suggs LB (Ravens) 100 to 1
Jacoby Jones WR (Ravens) 100 to 1
Ahmad Brooks LB (49ers) 150 to 1 to 1
Haloti Ngata DE (Ravens) 150 to 1
Bernard Pierce RB (Ravens) 150 to 1
Justin Smith DE (49ers) 150 to 1
Patrick Willis LB (49ers) 150 to 1
Dashon Goldson FS (49ers) 175 to 1
Ed Dickson TE (Ravens) 175 to 1
Paul Kruger LB (Ravens) 200 to 1
Bernard Pollard SS (Ravens) 275 to 10
Tandon Doss WR (Ravens) 275 to 1
Bruce Miller FB (49ers) 400 to 1

Odds to Win The Super Bowl MVP @ Bovada.lv (as of 1/23/13):
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Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco) QB 7/4
Joe Flacco (Baltimore) QB 5/2
Ray Lewis (Baltimore) LB 6/1
Frank Gore (San Francisco) RB 17/2
Ray Rice (Baltimore) RB 12/1
Michael Crabtree (San Francisco) WR 16/1
Anquan Boldin (Baltimore) WR 18/1
Torrey Smith (Baltimore) WR 20/1
Vernon Davis (San Francisco) TE 22/1
Aldon Smith (San Francisco) LB 25/1
Dennis Pitta (Baltimore) TE 33/1
Ed Reed (Baltimore) FS 33/1
Randy Moss (San Francisco) WR 40/1
Terrell Suggs (Baltimore) LB 50/1
LaMichael James (San Francisco) RB 50/1
Patrick Willis (San Francisco) LB 66/1
NaVorro Bowman (San Francisco) LB 66/1
Dashon Goldson (San Francisco) FS 66/1
David Akers (San Francisco) K 66/1
Bernard Pierce (Baltimore) RB 75/1
Justin Tucker (Baltimore) K 75/1
Delanie Walker (San Francisco) TE 75/1
Ted Ginn Jr. (San Francisco) WR 75/1
Alex Smith (San Francisco) QB 100/1
Field 22/1

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