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Superbowl XLIX MVP Odds & Tips For Betting the Super Bowl MVP

January 27th, 2015 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on Superbowl XLIX MVP Odds & Tips For Betting the Super Bowl MVP
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Full List of Odds To Win The MVP For Superbowl 49 Can Be Found Below

Betting on the Superbowl MVP is one of the most enjoyable betting propositions for the big game.  It’s one of those rare types of future wagers where you are almost betting on the Superbowl and playing fantasy football at the same time.  However, betting the Superbowl MVP odds can be one of those very tricky type of proposition / future wagers.  Why?  We’ll because it’s one of those hard to predict wagers where you need to find some balance as you look for value.  It’s also one of those types of wagers where the average public bettor often gets suckered into getting a very low value bet (on either a ridiculous Superbowl MVP longshot or a favorite that pays less than it should…..

When Looking at Superbowl MVP Longshots:
There are often many huge long shots that look tempting due to their large payout and the player’s notoriety, but at the same time, the player might never even touch the football during, even a regular season game….much less, the Super Bowl.  If betting a player down the list, make sure to factor in the player’s health, the likelihood that he will see the end zone, and/or make multiple game changing plays.  Make sure to factor the competition and how the player has performed in big playoff games in the past.  Also, if the player is in a non-skill position it’s likely that he will not have any chance to actually win the Superbowl MVP (regardless of how many great plays he makes to help his team).  FFor the most, part, anyone below 150 to 1 on the list of Super Bowl MVP odds to win the Su

An example of a zero value long shot would be a full back (who is very popular) having a very sizable payout, and being very low on the MVP odds list, despite the fact that he scores very little and rarely gets the football.  Another example of a zero value long shot would be a popular Offensive Tackle being on the list.

Longshot Picks From the MVP Odds
Doug Baldwin (Seattle):
Superbowl MVP Odds: 50 to 1 Diamond Sportsbook
Jonas Grey (Patriots):
Odds To Win the Superbowl MVP: 200 to 1 Diamond Sportsbook

Who usually get’s the MVP? Yes, the quarterback, the running back, a wide receiver. Well if you remember last in last year’s Super Bowl, linebacker Malcolm Smith won the award in Seattle’s dominating win over Denver. In this interesting matchup on Sunday, both teams have outstanding defensive unit’s and either of these two players are more than capable of making a game changing play. Wagner, the heart of Seattle’s ferocious front 7, and Jamie Collins, the versatile linebacker who has really come into his own this season. Yes, this is a crapshoot, but here you find two outstanding players presenting tremendous value.

When Looking at Superbowl MVP Favorites:
The top of the Superbowl MVP odds are usually the quarterbacks, the running backs, and the top pass catcher on each team.  The quarterback is the showcase position.  The quarterback gets the spotlight and is usually the most talked about player on the field.  This applies even on teams where the quarterback isn’t the most skilled player, or where the quarterback is less responsible for the team even getting to the super bowl.  However, there are times where a quarterback’s over-hype and popularity overshadows another offensive player that is; (a) more likely to make the difference between winning and losing, and is also more likely to reach the end zone on multiple occasions in the Superbowl.  Sometimes popularity, likeability, and overwhelming hype provides good value in another player’s odds to win the Superbowl MVP award.

An example of this would be Rusell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks offering a smaller payout than Marshawn Lynch, while Lynch’s success on the field usually determines weather Seattle wins or loses.

Favorites (To Win The MVP) Offering Value
LeGarrette Blunt (Patriots):
Odds To Win The MVP: 20 to 1 (5Dimes)
Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks):
Odds To Win The MVP: 6 to 1 (5Dimes)
Consider the Superbowl MVP Judges:
One of the biggest things to remember before you decide to make a Superbowl MVP future bet, is that this is not an award that is given-to by, or voted-on-by the other players on the field.  That’s right….the other players (on the winning and/or losing team) don’t get any say who they think should get the Superbowl’s Most Valuable Player award after the game.  Furthermore, when looking at the odds to win the MVP list, you also have to consider that this isn’t an award that fans decide on.  Nope….the NFL’s paying customers have more say in who wins American Idol than they do when it comes to which player gets the Super Bowl MVP.  So, who decides who wins the Superbowl’s Most Valuable player award….?

You guessed it.  It’s those pompous and arrogant blowhards in the sports media (who are so smart, that they’re getting washed out by bloggers on the web).  Sports writers from the major newspapers and sports networks across the United States decide who was the most valuable player to his team on the field that night.  Even if a writer never played a sport in his life, spent the entire game watching the gametracker, and/or didn’t watch a single play from the game…..that writer’s vote counts the same as the next.

Why is this important?  Well, human beings have emotions, and it effect their judgement (especially the annoying sports writers that make up the AP).  Therefore, if the media likes the player, he’s more likely to win a toss-up between two guys.  If you are down to two players, and both have similar odds to win the Superbowl MVP award. it may be useful do a Google News search for the names of players on both teams and see how many positive and negative headlines (from the major publications only) are on that player.  This will give you an idea of whether the media likes this player or not.  Often players who ignore the media, have proven them wrong, or don’t offer substantial interview sessions get some unfavorable spin from the mainstream sports media.

Look For Balance When Betting This Future:
As with most future bets, betting on the odds to win the Superbowl MVP is no different.  Don’t take the favorite for a lot less of a payout than you should be getting for that player.  But, at the same time, don’t waste you money on a 150-1 longshot that won’t even touch the ball.  Look for one or two value bets that are listed in the top 15, but also outside the top 5 on the list of Super Bowl MVP odds at your sportsbook.
Superbowl 49 MVP Value Plays:
Edelman is definitely a wildcard in this game, his toughness and his ability to get open on short routes is excellent. Not only that, chances are he will be matched up with Richard Sherman. Sherman is injured, and he will not be 100% in the game. Also, you have to take a look at Edelman in the passing game, yes, the passing game. Don’t be surprised if you see Edelman wing a touchdown pass in the game, as the Patriots will pull out all the stops. Edelman is also a factor in the return game, as he is extremely quick and is more than capable of taking it to the house. at 28 to 1, Edelman is showing some solid value.  Below Are Some Overall value plays that I see (excluding both team’s quarterback);
Superbowl MVP Overall Value Plays
Julian Edelman (Patriots)
Superbowl MVP Odds: 28 to 1 5Dimes
Rob Gronkowski (Patriots)
Superbowl MVP Odds: 12 to 1 5Dimes

Complete List of 2015 Superbowl MVP Odds @
5Dimes (as of 1/26/15):
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Tom Brady (Patriots) +120 (or 1.2 to 1)
Russell Wilson (Seahawks) +225 (or 2.25 to 1)
Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks) +535 (or 5.35 to 1)
Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) +1200 (or 12 to 1)
LeGarrette Blount (Patriots) +2300 (or 23 to 1)
Richard Sherman (Seahawks) +2500 (or 25 to 1)
Julian Edelman (Patriots) +2800 (or 28 to 1)
Nate Solder (Patriots) +2800 (or 28 to 1)
Russell Okung (Seahawks) +2800 (or 28 to 1)
Kam Chancellor (Seahawks) +3000 (or 30 to 1)
Matthew Slater (Patriots) +4700 (or 47 to 1)
Doug Baldwin (Seahawks) +5000 (or 50 to 1)
Earl Thomas (Seahawks) +5000 (or 50 to 1)
Sealver Siliga (Patriots) +6100 (or 61 to 1)
Brandon LaFell (Patriots) +6600 (or 66 to 1)
Darrelle Revis (Patriots) +6600 (or 66 to 1)
Bobby Wagner (Seahawks) +8000 (or 80 to 1)
Jermaine Kearse (Seahawks) +8000 (or 80 to 1)
Shane Vereen (Patriots) +10000 (or 100 to 1)
Byron Maxwell (Seahawks) +15000 (or 150 to 1)
Danny Amendola (Patriots) +15000 (or 150 to 1)
Jamie Collins (Patriots) +15000 (or 150 to 1)
Luke Willson (Seahawks) +15000 (or 150 to 1)
Michael Bennett (Seahawks) +15000 (or 150 to 1)
Patrick Chung (Patriots) +15000 (or 150 to 1)
Rob Ninkovich (Patriots) +15000 (or 150 to 1)
Akeem Ayers (Patriots) +20000 (or 200 to 1)
Bruce Irvin (Seahawks) +20000 (or 200 to 1)
Chandler Jones (Patriots) +20000 (or 200 to 1)
Cliff Avril (Seahawks) +20000 (or 200 to 1)
Dont’a Hightower (Patriots) +20000 (or 200 to 1)
Jonas Gray (Patriots) +20000 (or 200 to 1)
K. J. Wright (Seahawks) +20000 (or 200 to 1)
Malcolm Smith (Seahawks) +20000 (or 200 to 1)
Brandon Bolden (Patriots) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
Brandon Browner (Patriots) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
Brandon Mebane (Seahawks) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
Chris Jones (Patriots) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
Devin McCourty (Patriots) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
Jeremy Lane (Seahawks) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
Jeron Johnson (Seahawks) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
Kyle Arrington (Patriots) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
O’Brien Schofield (Seahawks) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
Ricardo Lockette (Seahawks) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
Stephen Gostkowski (Patriots) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
Steven Hauschka (Seahawks) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
Tharold Simon (Seahawks) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
Tim Wright (Patriots) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
Tony McDaniel (Seahawks) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
Vince Wilfork (Patriots) +25000 (or 250 to 1)
Christine Michael (Seahawks) +30000 (or 300 to 1)
Cooper Helfet (Seahawks) +30000 (or 300 to 1)
Garry Gilliam (Seahawks) +30000 (or 300 to 1)
Jon Ryan (Seahawks) +30000 (or 300 to 1)
Michael Hoomanawanui (Patriots) +30000 (or 300 to 1)
Robert Turbin (Seahawks) +30000 (or 300 to 1)
Brian Tyms (Patriots) +50000 (or 500 to 1)
Bryan Walters (Seahawks) +50000 (or 500 to 1)
James Develin (Patriots) +50000 (or 500 to 1)
James White (Patriots) +50000 (or 500 to 1)
Josh Boyce (Patriots) +50000 (or 500 to 1)
Kevin Norwood (Seahawks) +50000 (or 500 to 1)
Tony Moeaki (Seahawks) +50000 (or 500 to 1)
Will Tukuafu (Seahawks) +50000 (or 500 to 1)

2013 Superbowl MVP Odds: Odds To Win Super Bowl 47 MVP Award

January 23rd, 2013 by Jason Richards | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2013 Superbowl MVP Odds: Odds To Win Super Bowl 47 MVP Award
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Full List of Odds To Win The Super Bowl 47 MVP Can Be Found Below

Odss to win MVP Kaepernick FlaccoThe Superbowl MVP is one of the most commonly wagered prop/future bets for the big game each and every season. All the 2013 Superbowl MVP Odds for Sunday’s biggest game of the year are out at most books. Bankroll Sports has these lines listed for you below.

As for the lines, leading the way are 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (Best Colin Kaepernick Super Bowl MVP Odds: 1.75 to 1 @ 5Dimes) followed by Joe Flacco, starting quarterback of the Ravens (Best Joe Flacco Odds To Win Superbowl MVP: 2.5 to 1 5Dimes) and the bottom of the list features San Francisco Fullback, Bruce Miller (Superbowl MVP Odds: 400 to 1 @ 5Dimes) who is the lead blocker for running backs Frank Gore (MVP Odds: 8 to 1) and rookie LaMichael James (Odds to win the Superbowl MVP: 90 to 1). James could be a good value play, as he get a decent amount of carries and has also been returning kicks for the 49ers.

Some other value plays may include (that is if you think there is a remote possibility that the game’s winning quarterback doesn’t win the Superbowl MVP);
For The 49ers:
Michael Crabtree (16 to 1 @ 5Dimes)
Vernon Davis (28 to 1 5Dimes)
For The Ravens:
Ray Rice (11 to 1 @ 5Dimes)
Torrey Smith (30 to 1 @ 5Dimes)

Most of the books (both Offshore Sportsbooks & Vegas Sportsbooks) usually will not have a unanimous set of Superbowl MVP odds for the players, and they will be different at almost all books. One might ask why the players’ odds to win the MVP are different everywhere. The reason they aren’t the same everywhere is quite simple.

Some books will increase the size of the overall “field” (meaning the number of players from both teams that you can bet on). A bigger list of players that you can bet on allows the book to offer you more favorable lines (or better payouts) on all the players.

However, the books that have a smaller field offer less favorable lines (or smaller payouts). But, they will usually offer you a “Field Bet” option at the bottom of the list of odds. If you take the “Field Bet”, you are betting on every player that is not listed on the sportsbook’s sheet of players that you can bet on.

The best books for betting futures are books like 5Dimes which have a much larger field and will include back-up quarterbacks like Alex Smith or Special Teams players. The reason being is that you get the best odds on the guys you think have a likely shot at winning the Superbowl MVP.

Listed below, Bankroll Sports has the list of the best Superbowl MVP Odds from our trusted sponsor books. The best odds are listed below (first list) at 5Dimes. A smaller list of MVP odds (that offers a “Field Bet”) with not as good of a payout for the favorites is listed second; at Bovada.

2013 Super Bowl MVP Odds @ 5Dimes Sportsbook (as of 1/23/12):
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Colin Kaepernick QB (49ers) 1.75 to 1
Joe Flacco QB (Ravens) 2.5 to 1
Frank Gore RB (49ers) 8 to 1
Ray Lewis LB (Ravens) 8 to 1
Ray Rice RB (Ravens) 11 to 1
Michael Crabtree WR (49ers) 16 to 1
Anquan Boldin WR (Ravens) 25 to 1
Vernon Davis TE (49ers) 28 to 1
Torrey Smith WR (Ravens) 30 to 1
Aldon Smith LB (49ers) 50 to 1
Ed Reed FS (Ravens) 50 to 1
Randy Moss WR (49ers) 50 to 1
Dennis Pitta TE (Ravens) 66 to 1
LaMichael James RB (49ers) 90 to 1
Vonta Leach FB (Ravens) 100 to 1
Ted Ginn Jr WR (49ers) 100 to 1
Terrell Suggs LB (Ravens) 100 to 1
Jacoby Jones WR (Ravens) 100 to 1
Ahmad Brooks LB (49ers) 150 to 1 to 1
Haloti Ngata DE (Ravens) 150 to 1
Bernard Pierce RB (Ravens) 150 to 1
Justin Smith DE (49ers) 150 to 1
Patrick Willis LB (49ers) 150 to 1
Dashon Goldson FS (49ers) 175 to 1
Ed Dickson TE (Ravens) 175 to 1
Paul Kruger LB (Ravens) 200 to 1
Bernard Pollard SS (Ravens) 275 to 10
Tandon Doss WR (Ravens) 275 to 1
Bruce Miller FB (49ers) 400 to 1

Odds to Win The Super Bowl MVP @ (as of 1/23/13):
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Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco) QB 7/4
Joe Flacco (Baltimore) QB 5/2
Ray Lewis (Baltimore) LB 6/1
Frank Gore (San Francisco) RB 17/2
Ray Rice (Baltimore) RB 12/1
Michael Crabtree (San Francisco) WR 16/1
Anquan Boldin (Baltimore) WR 18/1
Torrey Smith (Baltimore) WR 20/1
Vernon Davis (San Francisco) TE 22/1
Aldon Smith (San Francisco) LB 25/1
Dennis Pitta (Baltimore) TE 33/1
Ed Reed (Baltimore) FS 33/1
Randy Moss (San Francisco) WR 40/1
Terrell Suggs (Baltimore) LB 50/1
LaMichael James (San Francisco) RB 50/1
Patrick Willis (San Francisco) LB 66/1
NaVorro Bowman (San Francisco) LB 66/1
Dashon Goldson (San Francisco) FS 66/1
David Akers (San Francisco) K 66/1
Bernard Pierce (Baltimore) RB 75/1
Justin Tucker (Baltimore) K 75/1
Delanie Walker (San Francisco) TE 75/1
Ted Ginn Jr. (San Francisco) WR 75/1
Alex Smith (San Francisco) QB 100/1
Field 22/1

Super Bowl Trends: Harbowl Ravens vs. 49ers Predictions, History

January 20th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on Super Bowl Trends: Harbowl Ravens vs. 49ers Predictions, History
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Harbowl Super BowlTrying to beat the Super Bowl odds is never something that is easy to do, and that’s why there are a lot of amateurs that struggling with the Super Bowl lines every year. However, history could be very important in this duel between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens, and we are going to take the time to show you the most important Super Bowl betting trends for the game. Join us, as we analyze the “Harbowl” this year, as Jim Harbaugh and John Harbaugh square off against each other on the Super Bowl betting lines in the biggest game of the entire season.

Ravens vs. 49ers All-Time Series
2011: Ravens 16 – 49ers 6
2007: Ravens 9 – 49ers 7
2003: Ravens 44 – 49ers 6
1996: 49ers 38 – Ravens 20

There isn’t all that much history here between the 49ers and the Ravens, but the history that is there is rich with defensive showdowns. In the first ever “Harbowl” between San Fran’s Jim and Baltimore’s John, the Ravens got the best of the Niners on Thanksgiving Day in 2011. That was a game that was played between the 20s for the most part, and neither team that all that many chances to get points on the board. Even when they did have chances to score, there were a lot of field goals, and not a lot of chances at full touchdowns. The 49ers now have just a total of 19 points in their last three meetings with LB Ray Lewis and this remarkable Baltimore defense, which has stayed consistently remarkable over the course of the last several seasons.

History though, doesn’t really suggest that one of these teams has the extreme advantage over the other. Yes, Baltimore owns the 3-1 SU advantage in this series, but it has historically been a heck of a lot better than these 49ers have been. San Francisco, as a result, is 2-2 ATS in those games. Even the ‘total’ is split right down the line with two ‘overs’ and two ‘unders’ in spite of the fact that the 49ers have only scored more than seven points once in this series all-time, and that was back in 1996.

Bet Revolution Sportsbook

Of late though, both of these teams have been understandably hot. They are a combined 5-0 SU and ATS here in the playoffs between them. The 49ers have been playing great ball of late. They have gone 7-2 SU and 6-3 ATS over the course of the nine games that QB Colin Kaepernick has started this year, and they have averaged 28.6 points per game in those outings. QB Joe Flacco and the Ravens have won and covered their last four meaningful games, as we aren’t going to count the Week 17 loss against the Cincinnati Bengals when both sets of starters were out of the lineup by halftime. Both of San Fran’s games have flown past the ‘total’ with relative ease here in the second season. In spite of the fact that Baltimore has scored at least 24 points in all of its games, two of the three have failed to reach the number.

New York Giants 2012 Super Bowl Keys To The Game

February 5th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on New York Giants 2012 Super Bowl Keys To The Game
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It was four years ago that the New York Giants were lifting the Lombardi Trophy at the expense of the New England Patriots. This year, they are back in the big one once again, and if they are going to beat the Super Bowl betting lines in Super Bowl 46, these are the Giants keys to winning the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Matchup: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots
Super Bowl Location: Lucas Oil Field, Indianapolis, IN
Super Bowl Date/Time: Sunday, February 5th, 6:30 p.m.
Super Bowl Television Coverage: NBC

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Key #1: Eli Manning has to continue to get the job done in the clutch
Call it whatever you want to call it. Eli has guts. The younger Manning brother was sacked six times and nailed countless others by the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, but even though he was in a position where he was absolutely brutalized, when his back was against the wall, he got the job done. In fact, that “back against the wall” mentality is what brought the G-Men their first Super Bowl in the Manning era, and it will be what has to happen again this year. It is clear that QB Tom Brady has the better passing game in our eyes with the flexibility at the tight end spot. However, in the end, when the going gets tough, it is Eli that is going to have a shot with the ball in his hands to make something special happen. It might be to lead a comeback. It might be to preserve a lead. It might be to make the big throw in a seemingly impossible position. Yet at some point, Manning is going to need to make a play, and regardless of how well or not well he has played in the game to that point, he is going to have to find some way, against all odds, to make the play that helps New York win this game.

Super Bowl 46 Odds at Wager Web Sportsbook
New York Giants +3.5
New England Patriots -3.5
Over/Under 55.5
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Key #2: The ground game cannot be stuck in neutral
The first time that these two teams played this year, 25 carries combined from RBs Brandon Jacobs and Danny Ware needed 95 yards on the ground. It wasn’t enough to consider the New York offense even remotely balanced, as the team threw it 39 times on the day, but it was just enough to win the time of possession battle and give Manning the ability to throw the ball around the field. RB Ahmad Bradshaw was out of the lineup in that first meeting of the year, as was WR Hakeem Nicks. The addition of these two is crucial to say the least, but if Bradshaw and Jacobs can’t get the ball going on the ground, these three fantastic wide receivers that Manning has at his disposal could effectively be taken out of the game. These two had a combined 23 carries for 87 yards in the Super Bowl four years ago, but there was a lot more pressure on them to carry the offense with the very young Manning under the gun.


Key #3: Blitz, blitz, and blitz some more
Actually, we probably don’t have the right terminology for this. The Giants don’t necessarily need to blitz, but they absolutely have to get in the backfield on defense and get the ball out of QB Tom Brady’s hands in a heartbeat. If Brady can hold onto the football in the backfield for long periods of time, TEs Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski will have plenty of time to get open and find seams in the defense. That just isn’t going to cut it to say the least. All of a sudden over the course of the last few weeks, men like DE Jason Pierre-Paul and DE Osi Umenyiora are finding ways to get around the corner and into the backfield in a hurry. Penetration is going to have to come straight at Brady as well, as it was when the pass rush was in his face that he made mistakes all season long against some of the best defenses in the game. Sure, generating that pass rush with just four or five guys will make life a lot easier on some suspect corners, but running bump and run and getting guys in the backfield in a hurry will do wonders as well. If the Giants can’t dial up some blitz packages and knock down Brady, they aren’t going to have success in this game.

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New England Patriots 2012 Super Bowl Keys To The Game

February 5th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on New England Patriots 2012 Super Bowl Keys To The Game
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The Super Bowl 46 odds are now out, and the New England Patriots are the decided favorites over the New York Giants. Check out the keys to the Super Bowl for the Patriots and see what they have to do to make sure that they beat the Super Bowl betting lines.

Super Bowl Matchup: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots
Super Bowl Location: Lucas Oil Field, Indianapolis, IN
Super Bowl Date/Time: Sunday, February 5th, 6:30 p.m.
Super Bowl Television Coverage: NBC

Click Here For The Rest Of The 2012 NFL Playoff Bracket And Other NFL Playoff Previews

Key #1: Tom Brady has to figure out how to beat a brutal pass rush
Some of the best teams in the game this year have had a remarkable pass rush this year, and the teams that have been able to beat the Pats have gotten to Brady and put him under some remarkable pressure. That includes the pair of sacks that the G-Men got in the first go around of these two teams. The Baltimore Ravens were able to get in his face last week, and though he was only sacked one time, Brady did throw two picks and only found the end zone one time, and that was on the ground. This is the same type of defense that the Giants are going to throw New England’s way again with some ferocious pass rushers like DE Jason-Pierre Paul. Whether it is more draws, more quick plays, extra blockers, or whatever the case is, Head Coach Bill Belichick and Brady have to design ways to be successful and to keep the likes of Pierre-Paul and these other remarkable defensive linemen out of the backfield.

Super Bowl 46 Odds at Wager Web Sportsbook
New York Giants +3.5
New England Patriots -3.5
Over/Under 56
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Key #2: The threat of the big play has to be there
Brady threw for 5,235 yards this year, but the one knock that he has had about his passing game is that there really wasn’t all that much of a vertical passing game. WR Chad Ochocinco might have the ability to stretch the field, assuming that he is back in the lineup for the Super Bowl, while WR Deion Branch is probably the next best option. He caught a deep ball against the Denver Broncos in the Patriots’ first playoff game, but that was a severely different defense than what New England will see in this game. Brady has to be able to have the time to take some shots down the field, no matter who it is that is getting the passes thrown his way, and though we don’t think that he necessarily has to connect on those big time passes, he at least to have to have that threat to keep the New York corners from playing bump and run coverage. We have seen teams hit the deep ball against these defensive backs before, and the Giants have to be taken off the line of scrimmage with the threat of the long pass from one of the best quarterbacks in the game.


Key #3: New England has to become a hardnosed team
With apologies to the football players on the field, all of which have to be tough guys to a certain extent, this New England team is basically soft. The Patriots don’t run the ball right up the gut all that often and have to get cute running the ball with gimmicks and odd formations. They tend to get gashed when teams run hard at them, and their corners really don’t like playing bump and run coverage. Case in point for how soft this team looks: New England needed three shots to get into the end zone from 2nd and goal against the Ravens’ 1-yard line to get in the end zone, and in the end, it was just a jump from Brady got the ball in on fourth down. This is a tough New York team that has taken the emotion from its winning streak and its history of winning the Super Bowl in the past. New England has to match that intensity if it wants to avoid another terrible disappointment in the Super Bowl.

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2011 Free Super Bowl Free Pick Prop of the Day: Brett Favre Props

February 5th, 2011 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2011 Free Super Bowl Free Pick Prop of the Day: Brett Favre Props

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What? Brett Favre? How in the hell does this guy’s name keep coming up? Yes, No. 4 in going to inevitably be in the broadcast his share of times, as he was the man that was perceived to have built this Green Bay Packers franchise. However, if QB Aaron Rodgers can pull this one off, he will have the same number of titles under his belt that the great No. 4 did in his entire time in Title Town. For the last of our daily Super Bowl prop picks, we’ll take a look at the prop odds for how many times the name “Brett Favre” is uttered during the biggest game of the year.

First off, we have to remember that this is Fox with coverage of the game, meaning Joe Buck and Troy Aikman and their man crushes on Favre are ridiculous. Ok, so one would figure that we would have to go ‘over’ 2.5 mentions of Favre’s name for the big one this week, right?

Not so fast, my friends. Let’s read the rules of this one a little bit closer, as this is always the key to these Superbowl props. This isn’t for mentions of Favre’s name in the coverage leading up to the game or during the postgame interviews or anything like that. Buck, Aikman, or any of the other Fox television stars have to mention Favre’s name at least three times from the kickoff of the ball through the final whistle of the game to make this one a winner.

It’s also not just the mentioning of “Favre.” Not “Brett.” Not “No. 4.” Nothing like that. The announcers have to refer to him as “Brett Favre.”

Now, we’ve already spoken about this man crush thing, but we know that there are going to be plenty of other topics of conversation that can come up over the course of this game. Even though we know that this was the year that Favre will reportedly go off into the sunset, we don’t think that he is worthy of having his full name mentioned at least three times during the telecast of the biggest game of the year, a game that he never had a chance of getting into with his Minnesota Vikings this year.

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2011 Free Super Bowl Free Pick Prop of the Day: Longest TD Prop

February 2nd, 2011 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   1 Comment »

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Super Bowl betting action is just mere days away, and here at Bankroll Sports, we are continuing our look at all of the great props that are on the board for you to sink your teeth into. Today, we look at why we believe there will be a TD of at least 44 yards that gets scored in the biggest game of the year to help you beat the Super Bowl lines.

When push really comes to shove, there always seems to be some trickeration in these big time games. In Pittsburgh’s two Super Bowls, we not only saw WR Antwaan Randle El throw a TD pass to WR Hines Ward against the Seattle Seahawks, but we also saw LB James Harrison end up with one of the longest returns in the history of the league when, at the end of the first half, he scored a TD against the Arizona Cardinals. Last year, the New Orleans Saints beat the Superbowl betting lines thanks to that pick six by DB Tracey Porter. We also saw WR Devin Hester return a kick for a TD against the Indianapolis Colts right off the bat in the Super Bowl a few years ago.

We already know that we have two defenses that not only know how to turn teams over, but to take the ball all the way to the house as well. DB Tramon Williams has already done it once in these playoffs for a 70 yard score, while we know that men like S Troy Polamalu, Harrison, and the sorts all know how to scoop and score.

Offensively, QB Ben Roethlisberger isn’t afraid to uncork the long balls, especially to WR Mike Wallace, who will be the fastest player on the field at all times. QB Aaron Rodgers has four different receivers that he utilizes, all of which know what it takes to have a 50-60 yard play without batting an eyelash. WR Greg Jennings, his favorite target, is a fantastic man at running after the catch, and if he can shake just one tackle on a play in which the Steelers send just one too many men at Rodgers, it could be all over.

The only thing we really have working against us is that neither of these running backs are really home run threats. There isn’t a back in the world that we consider a home run threat against the Pittsburgh defense, and the only time that RB Rashard Mendenhall rumbled for that long of a play all season long was on the game winning score against the Atlanta Falcons in OT in Week 1.

Still, it seems like we should be beating the Super Bowl XLV odds in this one with ease, as there should be at least one really long score that makes us a winner.

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