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NFL Prop Picks: New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans Predictions 12/17

December 14th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on NFL Prop Picks: New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans Predictions 12/17
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Full Jets @ Titans NFL Prop Sheet Listed Below

The Tennessee Titans and New York Jets are set to continue the 2012 NFL season, and as a part of our analysis of the Week 15 betting lines, we are taking a look at some of the best NFL props on the board for this crucial primetime fight.

Shonn Greene Over/Under 68.5 Rushing Yards: We do have to remember that the Titans rank 24th in the NFL against the rush. Greene might be averaging just 3.8 yards per carry this year, but he does carry the ball a ton and has 230 carries on the campaign. RB Bilal Powell has really cut into the time that Greene spends on the field, but over the course of the last three games, in spite of Powell’s presence, Greene has still reached the 70+ yard mark. It just makes too much sense not to back Greene’s ‘over’ in this one, especially knowing that his degree of success might be the only thing that keeps the Jets in this (or any other) game. Shonn Greene Over 68.5 Rushing Yards (-115)

Chris Johnson Over/Under 2.5 Receptions: It’s a tricky prop because of the price that is attached to the number, but the basic implication here is that the oddsmakers are insinuating that this over/under should be right at three. And that sounds just about right. Johnson does have seven receptions in his last two games, but he had just three receptions in total the two games prior to that. It seems as though QB Jake Locker would rather get the ball up the field, something that he is going to have the opportunity to do against a sometimes suspect Jets defense. We’re going to play the percentages and hope that CJ will be held in check, at least as a receiver on Monday night. Chris Johnson Under 2.5 Receptions (+120)

Kenny Britt Over/Under 3.5 Receptions: Remember how we said that Locker wanted to get the ball up the field more? This is the man that he is going to be looking for. Britt had eight receptions last week for 143 yards, and it is clear, now that the Titans have a new offensive coordinator, that they are going to try to get the ball in the hands of their playmaker from Rutgers more often. Creatively, Tennessee has used Britt in some shorter pass routes to go with some of the deep balls, and he is going to likely find some openings in spite of the fact that DB Antonio Cromartie will likely be following him all over the field. The Jets just aren’t disciplined enough to keep him totally quiet, especially with DB Darrelle Revis having long since been on IR. Kenny Britt Over 3.5 Receptions (-125)

Rob Bironas Over/Under 7.5 Points: All of a sudden over the course of the last few weeks, the Jets just haven’t allowed all that many field goal attempts. However, earlier in the year, this team was all about giving up points to kickers. The Jets had a stretch of seven games in which they allowed at least 11 points to kickers five times and at least seven to every kicker that they faced… And that was after a total of four missed field goals in that stretch to boot! Bironas has a huge leg, and he has at least 11 points in three of his last four games. He has attempted at least three field goals in all of those games, and he has missed twice, both of which came in games in which he had huge efforts. This could be another one of those great days for Bironas to make an impact. Rob Bironas Over 7.5 Points (-130)

New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans NFL Props @ Diamond Sportsbook (as of 12/17/12):
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Score in the First 6:30 Minutes of the Game -120
No Score in the First 6:30 Minutes of the Game -110

Jets Score First -110
Titans Score First -120

First Score a Touchdown -145
First Score Not a Touchdown +115

Longest Touchdown of the Game Over 40.5 Yards -115
Longest Touchdown of the Game Under 40.5 Yards -115

Jets To Throw a Touchdown Pass First -140
Jets To Throw an Interception First +110

Jets Pass Completions Over 17 -120
Jets Pass Completions Under 17 -110

Shonn Greene Rushing Yards Over 68.5 -115
Shonn Greene Rushing Yards Under 68.5 -115

Shonn Greene Scores a Touchdown +120
Shonn Greene Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -150

Bilal Powell Rushing Attempts Over 12.5 -110
Bilal Powell Rushing Attempts Under 12.5 -120

Jeremy Kerley Receptions Over 4 +100
Jeremy Kerley Receptions Under 4 -130

Jeremy Kerley Receiving Yards Over 49.5 -115
Jeremy Kerley Receiving Yards Under 49.5 -115

Chaz Schilens Receptions Over 2 -120
Chaz Schilens Receptions Under 2 -110

David Harris Total Tackles Over 7.5 -115
David Harris Total Tackles Under 7.5 -115

Antonio Cromartie Intercepts a Pass +300
Antonio Cromartie Does Not Intercept a Pass -400

Nick Folk Points Over 6 -130
Nick Folk Points Under 6 +100

Jake Locker Pass Completions Over 20.5 -115
Jake Locker Pass Completions Under 20.5 -115

Jake Locker Passing Yards Over 232.5 -115
Jake Locker Passing Yards Under 232.5 -115

Jake Locker Throws a Touchdown First -140
Jake Locker Throws an Interception First +110

Chris Johnson Receptions Over 2.5 -150
Chris Johnson Receptions Under 2.5 +120

Chris Johnson Scores a Touchdown -105
Chris Johnson Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -125

Nate Washington Scores a Touchdown +200
Nate Washington Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -260

Kenny Britt Receptions Over 3.5 -125
Kenny Britt Receptions Under 3.5 -105

Kendall Wright Receptions Over 4.5 +100
Kendall Wright Receptions Under 4.5 -130

Kendall Wright Receiving Yards Over 46.5 -115
Kendall Wright Receiving Yards Under 46.5 -115

Rob Bironas Points Over 7.5 -130
Rob Bironas Points Under 7.5 +100

NFL Free Picks: Odds To Win AFC South 2011 w/ Super Bowl Odds

September 4th, 2011 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on NFL Free Picks: Odds To Win AFC South 2011 w/ Super Bowl Odds
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The AFC South might be the most intriguing division in football this year, as there are a slew of teams that think they are going to be playoff bound with a ton of new faces in place. Take a look at how we see things shaking out with our 2011 AFC South picks.

The team that everyone is buzzing about is the Houston Texans (Current AFC South Odds: 1.75 to 1 at Oddsmaker Sportsbook). This is always the team that is the “Yeah, but” team in football, as it has never been to the playoffs in team history in spite of the fact that the talent level is seemingly always improving. Head Coach Gary Kubiak knows that this is the year that he has to get it right, or he will be out of a job. The defense was terrible last season, but bringing in DE JJ Watt, DB Johnathan Joseph, and DB Danieal Manning, along with new Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips should push this team to the next level as long as QB Matt Schaub and the offense continue to put up points at a torrid pace.

This might be a do or die year for Head Coach Jack Del Rio and his Jacksonville Jaguars (AFC South Lines: 6 to 1 at 5Dimes Sportsbook), too. QB Blaine Gabbert is going to take over for QB David Garrard at some point in all likelihood, and we know that that probably won’t be good enough to take this team to the postseason. The defense has some major holes in it, and there won’t be so many last second wins in all likelihood like this team got last year. There are major health questions about RB Maurice Jones-Drew this year, and if he doesn’t stay healthy, the Jags are in big trouble, especially with backup RB Rashad Jennings already out for the season.

The Tennessee Titans (Odds to Win the AFC South: 9 to 1 at Oddsmaker Sportsbook) just have to be happy that they resigned the face of their franchise, RB Chris Johnson just before the final week of the preseason started. Johnson is the only thing that the Titans have going for them, as QB Jake Locker and QB Matt Hasselbeck don’t exactly scare the wits out of the other defenses in this division. This is the first time in over a decade that the Titans franchise is going to run on the field without Head Coach Jeff Fisher, who was dismissed after a relatively dismal season in 2010.

And yet the team that is still favored in this division is the team that has dominated it for the last decade, the Indianapolis Colts (2011 AFC South Odds: 1.15 to 1 at 5Dimes Sportsbook). Many think that this is the year that the Indianapolis dynasty comes crashing down, especially if QB Peyton Manning has any serious lingering issues with his neck injury. The offense is getting older but should still be able to put up some points, but the defense has never really been addressed. Head Coach Jim Caldwell will have to do a yeoman’s job coaching up this unit to get this team back into the playoffs in the stacked AFC this year.

2011 NFL Odds @ 5Dimes Sportsbook (as of 9/4/11):
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Odds To Win AFC South
Houston Texans 1.33 to 1
Indianapolis Colts 1.15 to 1
Jacksonville Jaguars 6 to 1
Tennessee Titans 7.50 to 1

Odds To Win Super Bowl
Houston Texans 26 to 1
Indianapolis Colts 23 to 1
Jacksonville Jaguars 125 to 1
Tennessee Titans 165 to 1

AFC South Super Bowl Odds @ JustBet Sportsbook (as of 9/4/11):
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Odds To Win AFC South Division
Houston Texans OTB
Indianapolis Colts OTB
Jacksonville Jaguars OTB
Tennessee Titans OTB

Super Bowl 46 Odds
Houston Texans 25 to 1
Indianapolis Colts 15 to 1
Jacksonville Jaguars 60 to 1
Tennessee Titans 60 to 1

AFC South Odds @ Oddsmaker Sportsbook (as of 9/4/11):
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2011 AFC South Odds
Houston Texans 1.75 to 1
Indianapolis Colts 1 to 1.20
Jacksonville Jaguars 7 to 1
Tennessee Titans 9 to 1

AFC South Odds To Win the Super Bowl
Houston Texans 35 to 1
Indianapolis Colts 15 to 1
Jacksonville Jaguars 65 to 1
Tennessee Titans 55 to 1

NFL Betting Odds @ BoDog Sportsbook (as of 9/4/11):
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AFC South Odds
Houston Texans OTB
Indianapolis Colts OTB
Jacksonville Jaguars OTB
Tennessee Titans OTB

Super Bowl Odds
Houston Texans 25 to 1
Indianapolis Colts 18 to 1
Jacksonville Jaguars 75 to 1
Tennessee Titans 75 to 1

NFL Football Picks: Thursday Night Football Props (12/9/10)

December 9th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on NFL Football Picks: Thursday Night Football Props (12/9/10)
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The Indianapolis Colts might be on life support. The Tennessee Titans certainly are. These two teams are going to have to fight tooth and nail on Thursday Night Football to be able to save their seasons, as one will be able to make up some ground on the Jacksonville Jaguars, while the other is probably going to be in a boatload of trouble, if not eliminated from playoff contention.

Peyton Manning Over/Under 28.5 Completions
We know that Manning is going to have to throw the ball a whole boatload of times to be able to beat the Titans, and it does make a ton of sense for him to have to complete upwards of 30 passes against a team that doesn’t have the greatest secondary in the world. However, Head Coach Jim Caldwell has to be able to run the ball against a defensive line that loves to get after the quarterback on a regular basis, just to slow it down. It doesn’t seem all that likely that we’re going to see No. 18 complete 29 or more passes, in spite of the fact that he is averaging over 29 per game. We think that this is a case of the oddsmakers overreacting upon the number of times that Manning had to put the ball in the air last week against the Cincinnati Bengals. This week, he’ll put up tamer numbers. Manning will stay Under 28.5 Completions (-105 at Hollywood Sportsbook) on Thursday Night Football.

Will the Colts Score a Rushing Touchdown Against the Titans?
They might have to. We hate betting on props like this because the oddsmakers are constantly trying to hook us in with the “yes” bet. However, we realize that Indy is probably scoring three TDs in this game at bare minimum, and there have already been ten rushing scores on the season against 24 passing TDs. That’s a bit over a 3-1 ratio, meaning for every rushing TD, there are 2.4 passing TDs by Manning. RB Javarris James has reached pay dirt five times this season on the ground, and if Indy gets close to the end zone, he’ll be called upon to get the job done and finish things off. Again, we have to remember that this is a Tennessee team that isn’t built on the inside the same way that the Dallas Cowboys and other teams that the Colts have faced are. Indy Will Score a Rushing Touchdown (-130 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

Blair White Over/Under 34.5 Receiving Yards
The more we see White in the lineup, the more that we like. White is consistently another one of these guys that Manning has that just runs great routes, finds ways to get to where he needs to be, and has pretty good hands. With features like that, Manning can make you a Pro Bowler in a heartbeat. White has been called upon for at least four receptions in three straight games, and though we think that Manning is going to have to do some more running of the football to get the job done in this one, White could still get his looks, particularly if he is lined up in the slot. This could be a really nice spot against a secondary that doesn’t go particularly deep to take advantage of the situation. White should go Over 34.5 Receiving Yards (-115 at Hollywood Sportsbook) against the Titans.

Chris Johnson Over/Under 107.5 Rushing Yards
Alright CJ, now is your time! After a pair of lousy weeks, we know that Johnson is chomping at the bit, particularly in a nationally televised game, to be able to get going once again, and he knows that the Colts are the perfect matchup for him to do so. Johnson should be able to slow down the Indianapolis offense, as the Colts allowed 100 yards on the ground to RB Tashard Choice, a man that hadn’t touched the ball but a handful of times on the season coming in. Now, Johnson is all revved up after a couple of lousy games. If he can’t figure out how to get going in this one, the Titans are going to be dead in the water, especially with QB Kerry Collins calling the shots under center. Historically, this is one of the worst rush defenses in the NFL that Johnson is going again, and for that reason alone, he busts his streak and goes Over 107.5 Rushing Yards (-115 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

NFL Football Picks: Monday Night Football Props (10/18/10)

October 17th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on NFL Football Picks: Monday Night Football Props (10/18/10)
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The Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans are two of the four teams in the AFC South that enter Week 6 at 3-2. One of these two squads will be at least tied for, if not alone in the gutter at 3-3 when this one is over, while the winner will be a game up on at least the loser. Check out what we’ve got in store for Monday Night Football free prop picks!

Chris Johnson Over/Under 113.5 Yards
So far this season, when Johnson reaches the 100 yard barrier, the Titans have gone 3-0 both SU and ATS. When he hasn’t gotten there, they are 0-2 SU and ATS. This is man on a mission on a regular basis, and it’s awfully difficult to stop him when he gets 25 carries in a game like he normally does. The Jacksonville defense does rank No. 13 against the rush at 102.9 yards per game, but they really haven’t had a game quite yet against a team like this, as all five of the teams that it has faced this year have most certainly been pass first offenses. Needless to say, we’ll take our chances that Tennessee’s game plan hasn’t suddenly changed. Go with Johnson Over 113.5 rushing yards (-115 at Hollywood Sportsbook) on Monday Night Football.

Nate Washington Over/Under 40.5 Receiving Yards
We’ll start by saying this much: Washington most certainly has the capability of picking this up in just one play, so this prop is never going to be out of the question. Now, we’ll add into the equation the fact that Jacksonville ranks No. 29 of the 32 teams in the NFL, and save DB Rashean Mathis, there really isn’t a man in this secondary that we are afraid of. Washington might just need to get loose 1-2 times to be able to cash this prop. This is the favorite target of QB Vince Young, and as long as you remain patient and know that those 2-3 receptions are coming over the course of this game, you’ll be fine. Our NFL picks here? Go with Washington Over 40.5 receiving yards (-115 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

Longest Field Goal Over/Under 45.5 Yards
We’ve got two of the best field goal kickers in the game in this one, and neither HC Jack Del Rio nor HC Jeff Fisher is afraid to let him kicker boot one from 55 yards away. Heck, K Josh Scobee just booted the Jags to a win over the Indianapolis Colts with a 59 yard bomb as time expired! K Rob Bironas might have the best leg in the league as well, and he is quite often used as a weapon. Fisher knows that he can count on his kicker to pick up three points on virtually any drive that reaches the 30 yard line, and the offense won’t be afraid to get aggressive and go for TDs, knowing that those three points are virtually always in their back pockets. No doubt, one of these kickers will get a blast from at least 46 yards in this game. We’ll bet that they’ll nail it significantly more often than not as well. Go with there to be a field goal Over 45.5 Yards (+100 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

Will Marcedes Lewis Score a Touchdown?
We just need to remember one thing about this prop. This isn’t an NFL pick that needs to come through even half the time to become profitable. In fact, just 40% would more than do. If that’s the case, Lewis would need to score a TD in five of his final 11 games to make this prop worthwhile. We love the fact that the big tight end out of UCLA is making a name for himself in the red zone, as he is becoming the favorite target of QB David Garrard down there. If RB Maurice Jones-Drew is having problems getting through this defensive line, particularly in short yardage situations, the play action rollout has become a real weapon, and quite often, it is Lewis on the other side. This is a very aggressive Tennessee defense, and we tend to think that at least 40% of the time, Lewis is going to find himself in at least one position in the game in which he is wide open in the end zone. Don’t be afraid to go with Lewis to Score a Touchdown (+160 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

NFL Week 8 / NCAA Football Week 9 Pre-Game Links Cycle

October 30th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   1 Comment »

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NFL/College Football News Clippings Cycle:

Blogisphere & Football Opinion/Entertainment Cycle:

Amatuer Handicappers & Bloggers Free Football Picks:

Week 8 NFL Fantasy Football Cycle:

About Our Weekend Football Links Cycle:
Interested in adding your stories to our Weekend Football Links Cycle? We are always looking for more quality football related stories and blog posts. Our staff reads through thousands of sports stories every day. We post the stories we find the most relevant or the blog posts we think our readers will find the most entertaining. Do you have a quality sports/football related web site or blog? Do you offer football stories and opinion at your site? If yes, then please contact us and let us know about your site so that we can add it to our list of online publications. We can’t add your stories if we haven’t seen your blog.

AFC Playoff Scenarios (After Week 14)

December 9th, 2008 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   1 Comment »

The NFL playoff hunt is in full stride as teams are battling to get every victory possible. Every loss and every win is huge this time of the year because one game can make or break the entire team’s season. Take a look at what teams are in, who still has a chance, and what some need to do to be playing in the postseason. We break down the AFC playoff picture as the NFL season winds down:

Tennessee Titans (12-1) – The Titans have solidified their playoff hopes by clinching the AFC South this past weekend and also sealing a first round bye. Tennessee controls their destiny in the playoffs in trying to capture home field advantage. The Titans simply have to beat Pittsburgh in two weeks or win 2 of their last 3 games to rap up home field advantage throughout the playoffs. They hold the best record in the NFL and look ready to make a deep playoff run.

Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3) – Pittsburgh owns the 2nd best record in the AFC at 10-3 and winner of 4 straight games. The Steelers have a huge game with Baltimore this Sunday. If Pittsburgh wins, they will clinch the AFC North and guarantee themselves a playoff position. Pittsburgh is in great shape, but has some tough games to close out the season. A win this weekend is a must considering they will battle Tennessee in two weeks. The Steelers would have to lose their last 3 games and then some other teams would have to finish strong for Pittsburgh to be kept out of the postseason.

Denver Broncos (8-5) – Denver has all but clinched the AFC West division. The Broncos just need to get one more victory or even a tie would seal the deal. Also, a loss from the San Diego Chargers in any of their last 3 games would officially put Denver into the playoffs. You can basically count the Broncos into the playoffs given the weakest division in the AFC. Due to that fact, the Broncos will most certainly be playing in the first week of the postseason and there are zero chances for them earning a bye.

New York Jets (8-5) – Two weeks ago the Jets looked to easily make the playoffs as they owned a two game lead in the AFC East. After losing two straight games to weak teams, New York finds themselves in a 3 way tie for the division with Miami and New England. The Jets will have the chance to greatly improve their odds when they take on Miami in the final week of the season. With a fairly easy schedule from here on out, New York must be thinking they have to win out to make the playoffs. If they lose two games, it might not be enough considering Baltimore and Indianapolis hold better records in the wildcard picture.

New England Patriots (8-5) – The Patriots could be in the best position to come out ahead of that 3 way dog fight in the AFC East. New England benefits because Miami and New York will play each other and one of those teams are sure to score a loss. New England has the chance to win the next 3 games if they can manage to pull off a victory over the Cardinals at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots other two games showcase struggling teams such as Buffalo and Oakland. Like the Jets, New England needs to run the table or at least win 2 out of 3 to have a shot.

Miami Dolphins (8-5) – Miami has a chance to make the playoffs? After only winning one game all last year, the Dolphins have a chance to win the division and make the playoffs. Sounds crazy, but Miami is actually playing the best football out of everyone in the AFC East. The Dolphins get New York in what seems to be the game that could decide who makes the postseason in the final week of the season. The Dolphins have San Francisco and Kansas City left on the schedule and there is definitely a possibility they could close out with 3 more wins. Miami has won 6 of their last 7 games and will need at 2 more, most likely 3.

Baltimore Ravens (9-4) – Baltimore will play in their biggest game of the season this Sunday when they basically play for the division championship. If the Ravens lose, Pittsburgh will clinch the AFC North. Still regardless of this weekend, Baltimore still has a good chance to make the playoffs. Their record ties with Indianapolis for the best teams for the wildcard spot. Baltimore has a tough road to get their through Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Jacksonville. If the Ravens can pull out two of those victories, they will be in.

Indianapolis Colts (9-4) – Do not count out the Colts. Peyton Manning has led a late season charge winning 6 straight games and Indianapolis is in the middle of the playoff battle despite being written off after a 3-4 start. The Colts get the Lions next week and one must consider that a win given that Detroit is still winless this season. Indianapolis can win 2 out of their last 3 games and make the playoffs through a wildcard position. Considering the way Peyton and the offense has come on in the 2nd half on the season, the Colts could surprise some teams in the playoffs as well.

The following teams are completely eliminated from the AFC playoff picture:
Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs

The following teams aren’t eliminated but have absolutley no chance: Buffalo Bills

Be sure to check back for the NFC breakdown in the next day or two…