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2009 NFL Week 6 Lines; Quick Breakdown

October 14th, 2009 by Richard Boyle (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2009 NFL Week 6 Lines; Quick Breakdown

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Note: The week six NFL lines (sides and totals) from BetUS Sportsbook (100% signup bonus when you click here) are located at the bottom of this page if you do not wish to read our quick breakdown of the games.

As we enter week six of the season and rundown the week 6 NFL lines, we take a quick look at how last week’s numbers panned out. The underdogs jumped back in the driver’s seat in week 5, as the favorites were 6-8. Home teams were 8-6 in week 5 and the over/unders were an even 7-7 split, as they have been most of the year. As we said they would, the home dogs showed a profit in week 5, going 4-2. Favorites still have an overall advantage this season and you can expect more underdogs to continue to catch up due to some big numbers. Favorites of 7 points or more went 4-2 and favorites of 10 points or more went 3-1 in week 5. Therefore, you can expect to see more big numbers once again the week 6 NFL spreads, making this another excellent week for underdog bettors. However, if you like the home dogs, this is not your week. There are lots of home favorites on the week 6 schedule and just two home underdogs. The only two home dogs of the opening week 6 NFL lines are the (3-1) Philadelphia Eagles, who are 14 point favorites on the road vs. the (1-4) Oakland Raiders, and the (1-3) Carolina Panthers, giving 3 points to the (0-5) Buccaneers in Tampa Bay. That’s it. The rest of the board features home favorites and quiet a few big ones. There six games on the board for week six with spreads of 9 points or more. The biggest number on the board is a 14.5 point spread, where the (3-2) Pittsburgh Steelers are 14½ point favorites at home vs. the (1-4) Cleveland Browns, who won their first game in week 5 over the Buffalo Bills. In the unanimous game of the week featuring two undefeated teams, the (5-0) New York Giants head to the Superdome as 3 point dogs, to take on the (4-0) New Orleans Saints who are coming off a NFL Footballbye week. The Sunday night matchup features the Falcons, coming off their drubbing of the (3-2) 49ers, as 3½ point favorites at home vs. the (3-1) Chicago Bears. The week 6 NFL spread for this week’s Monday Night Football matchup, is a 3½ point home favorite in (5-0) Denver @ (2-2) San Diego. One can only wonder how a 5-0 team is actually getting more then a field goal from a 2-2 team that has looked mediocre at best this season. Some other big spreads from the week sx NFL lines include; the winless Rams getting 10 points at (2-3) Jacksonville, the (1-4) Detroit Lions getting 13½ at (2-2) Green Bay, (1-4) Buffalo getting 9½ heading into New York to take on the Jets, who are coming off a tough Monday Night loss, and the Patriots who are 9 point favorites at home vs. the winless (0-5)Tennessee Titans.

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2009 NFL Football Week Six Lines From BetUS (as of 10/14 @ 8:00 am ET):
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Week 6 NFL Lines For Sunday, Oct. 18, 2009   
 209 Kansas City Chiefs+6½  -110  37½O -110 
 210 Washington Redskins-6½  -110   U -110 
 211 Houston Texans+4½  -110  45O -110 
 212 Cincinnati Bengals-4½  -110   U -110 
 213 Cleveland Browns+14  -110  38O -110 
 214 Pittsburgh Steelers-14  -110   U -110 
 215 Baltimore Ravens+3  -125  44O -110 
 216 Minnesota Vikings-3  +105   U -110 
 217 St Louis Rams+10  -110  41½O -110 
 218 Jacksonville Jaguars-10  -110   U -110 
 219 New York Giants+3  Ev  47½O -110 
 220 New Orleans Saints-3  -120   U -110 
 221 Carolina Panthers-3  -125  40O -110 
 222 Tampa Bay Buccaneers+3  +105   U -110 
 223 Detroit Lions+13½  -110  48½O -110 
 224 Green Bay Packers-13½  -110   U -110 
 225 Philadelphia Eagles-14  -110  40½O -110 
 226 Oakland Raiders+14  -110   U -110 
 227 Arizona Cardinals+3  -125  47O -110 
 228 Seattle Seahawks-3  +105   U -110 
 229 Buffalo Bills+9½  -110  37½O -110 
 230 New York Jets-9½  -110   U -110 
 231 Tennessee Titans+9  -110  43½O -110 
 232 New England Patriots-9  -110   U -110 
 233 Chicago Bears+3½  -110  46O -110 
 234 Atlanta Falcons-3½  -110   U -110 
Week 6 NFL Soreads For Monday, Oct 19, 2009 EST  
 235 Denver Broncos+3½  -110  44O -110 
 236 San Diego Chargers-3½  -110   U -110