2009 Top 5 BCS Bowl Teams

Last Updated: October 15th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor)

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College Football action is just starting to enter the heart of conference play. This is normally the time of year when you really start to find out which teams are for real when the competition picks up on a weekly basis. Top teams are sure to fade and new faces are to emerge. Nearly everyone has Florida meeting up with Texas in the National Championship, but there is so much football left to play that nothing is certain especially since both teams are coming off rather sluggish performances. Judging by the amount of upsets this year, then how could you even think about a National Championship match-up just halfway through the year. The major conference teams are very vulnerable this time of year because they are facing top teams each and every week. We are not going to try and predict the National Championship match-up because it just seems to far fetch to think anything is a guarantee as crazy as college football turns out. However, we have taken the time to break down a few teams that will see BCS Bowls this season. Breaking down the way some of these talented teams are playing and their remaining schedules, we bring to you the Top 5 BCS Bowl teams for 2010.

#1. Florida Gators (5-0)

The Gators may not be the best team in the country, but who is going to beat them for the rest of the year? Florida captured its biggest win of the season in a 13-3 defensive battle last week over LSU. The Gators remaining schedule is very weak and they play just two teams with a winning record and only South Carolina is ranked in the top 25. The only logical room for an upset here outside of South Carolina, is a loss in the SEC Championship. If that happens, the Gators still got to a BCS Bowl even though it would not be the National Championship Game. The Gators defense is so good that an upset becomes highly unlikely until they square off in the SEC Championship. The Gators offense has not racked up the points as expected this year which could hold them back from repeating as National Champions. However, they are still 100% locks for a BCS Bowl Game.

#2. Alabama Crimson Tide (6-0)

The Crimson Tide is in an extremely similar situation in the SEC West. Alabama is not only perhaps playing better than anyone in the country, but have a manageable schedule from here out. Alabama has a solid test against South Carolina this week and LSU two weeks following. If they can win both those two games they will obviously have a perfect regular season record for the 2nd straight year in a row. Even if they lose one game they can still get to the SEC Championship with another LSU loss. In that scenario, the Crimson Tide still make a BCS Bowl even if they lose to Florida and that may be the worse case scenario for Alabama. The Crimson Tide would have a great chance at beating Florida if they were to play right now. The Alabama offensive and defensive lines are as big and strong as an NFL team. They have dominated on both sides of the ball and Nick Saban has the Tide rolling once again. All scenarios point to another BCS Bowl Game as well for the beast of the west in the SEC.

#3. Virginia Tech Hokies (5-1)

The Hokies were a bit unlucky to get a chance at Alabama in their opener this year, because their offense just was not clicking at the start of the season. However, quarterback Tyrod Taylor is starting to make a lot more plays with his arm and that is making the entire offense very dangerous. Freshman Ryan Williams is one of the best young guys in the nation. The Hokies running back has rushed for 734 yards and 9 scores this season to keep the running game going after losing star back Darren Evans before the season even started. The Hokies defense is strong as always, but their offense has become explosive. If Taylor continues to throw the ball well, Virginia Tech is the most dangerous one loss team in the country. The Hokies have more quality wins than any team in the Top 10 and they played Alabama tough when they were not even playing well. The Hokies square off with Georgia Tech this week and a win would all but guarantee a trip to the ACC Championship. However, more importantly there is not any other team in the ACC that can play with the Hokies if they keep pace meaning an automatic BCS Bowl Berth for the conference champions.

#4. Texas Longhorns (5-0)

The Longhorns appear to be on the path to fight for a National Championship and a Big 12 Title as well. However, both of those hopes face a huge test this Saturday when they take on rival Oklahoma. A loss would actually give the Sooners the lead in the Big 12 South considering both of Oklahoma’s losses have been outside the conference. Still the Longhorns are favorites to win the game and if they can edge out the Sooners, they will be in a BCS Bowl Game. The Longhorns have a much more difficult schedule than some of the other teams on our list with meetings with Oklahoma State and Kansas remaining. All Texas really has to do is beat Oklahoma this weekend to control their own destiny. A win over the Sooners means they can still suffer a loss and make the trip to the Big 12 Championship. It’s hard to think Kansas or Nebraska could beat Texas in the Big 12 Title Game and that gives the Sooners a ticket to a BCS Bowl despite what happens the rest of the year.

#5. Cincinnati Bearcats (5-0)

The Bearcats may be the most unlikely of BCS Bowl contenders heading into the season, but they have an offense that can contend with anyone in the nation. QB Tony Pike is receiving Heisman type attention after a wonderful start completing 67% for 1,493 yards, 13 touchdowns, and just 3 interceptions. The offense is among the best in the country averaging the 42 points per game. The Bearcats appear to have too much firepower which will make it tough for teams like South Florida and Pittsburgh to steal the conference crown away. Cincinnati goes on the road tonight in one of their biggest games of the season against South Florida and a win would make the BCS Bowl picture an instant reality. Pittsburgh has become a factor in the conference, but they don’t seem to have the talent to keep it together for another half of the season considering they really struggled last week against Connecticut. Cincinnati has all the opportunities to cash in here and make their way to one of the big bowls. However, a win tomorrow night would give the Bearcats a very considerable chance to win out. If that happens the BCS Standings will then again be a big factor as always in deciding who is worthy of competing for the National Championship. Would it let the Bearcats out of the Big East into the big game?

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