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2014 NFL Week 17 Odds – Week 17 Lines Breakdown

December 26th, 2014 by Chad A. Dawkins | Posted in General Handicapping, NFL Football   Comments Off on 2014 NFL Week 17 Odds – Week 17 Lines Breakdown

The final week of the 2014 NFL regular season is upon us. There is still some playoff positioning to take place, but here’s a run down of the games, odds courtesy of JustBet. All times Eastern.

Cleveland at Baltimore (NL) 1:00 PM CBS

The Cleveland Browns will take on the Baltimore Ravens in an AFC North Battle. The Ravens had a poor performance last weekend losing to Houston and will need a win and some help to get the final wildcard berth.

Dallas (-6, 49.5) at Washington 1:00 PM FOX

The Dallas Cowboys clinched the NFC East with a dominating 42-7 win over Indianapolis last weekend. They can still clinch a first round bye with some help, but will need a win first and foremost against a Washington team that spoiled Philadelphia’s playoff plans last week.

Indianapolis (-7, 46) at Tennessee 1:00 PM CBS

The Indianapolis Colts will look to end the regular season on a positive note after their 42-7 loss at Dallas. They are locked in with the #4 seed and can’t improve their playoff position.

Jacksonville at Houston (-9.5, 40) 1:00 PM FOX

Houston has an outside shot of getting into the playoffs but will need losses by Baltimore, San Diego, and Kansas City. However you can be certain Jacksonville will be looking to spoil their season.

San Diego at Kansas City (-3, 42) 1:00 PM CBS

The San Diego Chargers are in the playoffs with a win, but Kansas City can take that final playoff spot with a win and a Baltimore loss or tie.

NY Jets at Miami (-5.5., 41.5) 1:00 PM CBS

It might be Rex Ryan’s last game as HC of the NYJ, but we might get another stellar defensive effort from the Jets, who will take on AFC East Rival Miami from Sun Life Stadium.

Chicago at Minnesota (-6.5, 43.5) 1:00 PM FOX

Jay Cutler will get the start for the Bears due to Jimmy Claussen suffering a concussion. They’ll try to end the season on a positive note when they take on the Minnesota Vikings, who are still giving teams all they can handle.

Buffalo at New England (-4.5, 44) 1:00 PM CBS

The New England Patriots take on the Buffalo Bills in an AFC battle of no significance. The Patriots secured the #1 seed in the AFC beating the New York Jets last weekend, along with a Denver loss at Cincinnati.

Philadelphia at NY Giants (-3, 52) 1:00 PM FOX

Don’t look now, but the Giants have won 3 games in a row, they’ll look to make it 4 in a row when they host the Philadelphia Eagles, who were knocked out of the playoffs last weekend.

New Orleans (-4, 47) at Tampa Bay 1:00 PM FOX

The New Orleans Saints have to be one of the biggest disappointments this season; they’ll take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who with a loss will clinch the #1 pick.

Carolina at Atlanta (-4, 48) 4:25 PM CBS

The Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons take the field in a game of great significance as the winner will get the #4 seed and win the NFC South crown.

Detroit at Green Bay (-7.5, 47.5) 4:25 PM FOX

Green Bay and Detroit lock horns with the winner grabbing the NFC South title. Green Bay can clinch the division and a first round bye with a win, a loss by Seattle would get them the #1 seed. Detroit can clinch a first round bye with a win or a tie with a Dallas loss, and a Seattle and Arizona loss. Clinching the #1 seed would need a win with a Seattle and Arizona loss or tie and a Dallas loss.

Oakland at Denver (-14, 48) 4:25 PM CBS

Denver can clinch the second seed with a win at home over Oakland or a Cincinnati loss. The Raiders are improving, and won again over Buffalo last Sunday.

Arizona at San Francisco (-6, 36.5) 4:25 PM FOX

The Arizona Cardinals can clinch the NFC West with a win or a tie along with a Seattle loss. They can also clinch home field throughout with a win and a Seattle and Green Bay loss. From what it looks like, this could be Jim Harbaugh’s last game as 49ers head coach.

St. Louis at Seattle (-12.5, 41) 4:25 PM FOX

Seattle can clinch the #1 seed in the NFC with a win. I’m sure they won’t need any more motivation, but St. Louis comes to town, a team that beat them back in week 7, 28-26.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (-3.5, 48) 8:30 PM NBC

How fitting is it to have what is possibly the most competitive division being decided in the last game of the regular season? The Pittsburgh Steelers will look to clinch the AFC North with a win over the Cincinnati Bengals. If the Bengals win, they will clinch the North, but can also clinch the #2 seed with a Denver loss. These two teams met back on December 7th, with the Steelers winning 42-21.

NFL Prop Picks: Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears Predictions 10/22/12

October 21st, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on NFL Prop Picks: Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears Predictions 10/22/12
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Full Lions @ Bears NFL Prop Sheet Listed Below

Lions vs. BearsThe Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions are set to continue the 2012 NFL season, and as a part of our analysis of the Week 7 betting lines, we are taking a look at some of the best NFL props on the board for this crucial primetime fight.

Robbie Gould Total Points Over/Under 9.5 : Are we really reading this properly? 9.5 points for a kicker in a game is absolutely insane, knowing that is going to take at least three field goals for the job to get done (unless Chicago plans on scoring four touchdowns or the kicker plans on scoring a touchdown or something absurd like that). We understand that the Bears’ kicker has had games this year of 11, 4, 11, 10, and 11 points, but let’s be realistic. First off, Gould is going to miss a kick every now and again, something that he has yet to do all season long, and if you think that Chicago is going to score four touchdowns or more in 60% of their games as they are doing this year, you’re out of your skull. This is just an insanely high number, especially knowing that this game is likely going to be played in rainy conditions and on a wet field. Robbie Gould Total Points Under 9.5 (-130)

Brian Urlacher Total Tackles Over/Under 5.5: We aren’t so sure whether we like Urlacher’s ‘under’ better or LB Lance Briggs ‘over’. Odds have it, both are going to be sound plays. Urlacher is clearly a step behind where he used to be, and he really looks like nothing more than a “pretty good” middle linebacker. He has to spend more plays on the sidelines now than he has had to do in the past, and as a result, he doesn’t have a single game this year in which he has more than five tackles. Sure, the time is going to come when Urlacher has an eight-tackle game or something of the sorts, and this very well could be that game. But we have to remember that this is all about playing the percentages, and the percentages most certainly say that Urlacher is going to be stuck at five tackles or fewer a whole heck of a lot more often than not. Brian Urlacher Total Tackles Under 5.5 (-130)

Kellen Davis Receiving Yards Over/Under 25.5: Davis might get some more publicity this week for two reasons for the Bears. For starters, he is one of the three people on the team that are expected to be active that have at least eight receptions on the season. One is WR Brandon Marshall, who is going to draw all sorts of attention, and one is RB Matt Forte. The rest of the massive receivers that QB Jay Cutler have to work with are out of the fold, namely WR Johnny Knox and WR Alshon Jeffrey, but in the end, Davis might emerge as a legitimate threat. In each of the last four games this year, Davis has had at least 20 receiving yards, though he has struggled to reach this threshold. Our argument is that there should be at least a couple more pass attempts thrown his way on Monday, and if that turns out to be the case, Davis should be able to get to at least 30 yards receiving more often than not. Kellen Davis Receiving Yards Over 25.5 (+100)

Jason Hanson Total Points Over/Under 9.5: Here we go again with these insane kicking props. We’ll keep this brief, as the explanation really is the same for Hanson as it was for Gould. Yes, Hanson has three games this year with at least four field goals made, but the time is coming that that is just going to stop. He is on a pace to boot 51 field goals this year, and that would smash the NFL record by seven field goals. Last year, Hanson only had 24 field goals and 29 field goal attempts in 16 games. He just won’t be able to keep up at this pace for the whole campaign under any circumstance. Jason Hanson Total Points Under 9.5 (-115)

Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears NFL Props @ BetOnline Sportsbook (as of 10/22/12):
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Score in the First 6 Minutes of the Game -115
No Score in the First 6 Minutes of the Game -115

Lions Score First +130
Bears Score First -160

First Score a Touchdown -175
First Score Not a Touchdown +145

Longest Touchdown of the Game Over 45.5 Yards -115
Longest Touchdown of the Game Under 45.5 Yards -115

Matthew Stafford Completions Over 25.5 -125
Matthew Stafford Completions Under 25.5 -105

Matthew Stafford Longest Completion Over 39.5 Yards -115
Matthew Stafford Longest Completion Under 39.5 Yards -115

Matthew Stafford Passing Yards Over 280.5 -115
Matthew Stafford Passing Yards Under 280.5 -115

Matthew Stafford Touchdown Passes Over 1.5 -140
Matthew Stafford Touchdown Passes Under 1.5 +110

Matthew Stafford Throws an Interception -240
Matthew Stafford Doesn’t Throw an Interception +180

Mikel Leshoure Rushing Yards Over 62.5 -115
Mikel Leshoure Rushing Yards Under 62.5 -115

Mikel Leshoure Scores a Touchdown +150
Mikel Leshoure Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -190

Calvin Johnson Receptions Over 6.5 -115
Calvin Johnson Receptions Under 6.5 -115

Calvin Johnson Longest Yardage Receptions Over 33.5 -115
Calvin Johnson Longest Yardage Receptions Under 33.5 -115

Calvin Johnson Receiving Yards Over 95.5 -115
Calvin Johnson Receiving Yards Under 95.5 -115

Calvin Johnson Scores a Touchdown -115
Calvin Johnson Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -115

Nate Burleson Receptions Over 4.5 -115
Nate Burleson Receptions Under 4.5 -115

Nate Burleson Receiving Yards Over 48.5 -115
Nate Burleson Receiving Yards Under 48.5 -115

Tony Scheffler Receptions Over 2.5 -115
Tony Scheffler Receptions Under 2.5 -115

Ndamukong Suh Solo + Assisted Tackles Over 2.5 -115
Ndamukong Suh Solo + Assisted Tackles Under 2.5 -115

Jason Hanson Total Points Over 9.5 -115
Jason Hanson Total Points Under 9.5 -115

Jay Cutler Completions Over 20 -130
Jay Cutler Completions Under 20 +100

Jay Cutler Passing Yards Over 250.5 -115
Jay Cutler Passing Yards Under 250.5 -115

Jay Cutler Touchdown Passes Over 1.5 -150
Jay Cutler Touchdown Passes Under 1.5 +120

Jay Cutler Throws an Interception -200
Jay Cutler Doesn’t Thrown an Interception +160

Matt Forte Total Rushing + Receiving Yards Over 108.5 -115
Matt Forte Total Rushing + Receiving Yards Under 108.5 -115

Matt Forte Scores a Touchdown -140
Matt Forte Doesn’t Score a Touchdown +110

Brandon Marshall Receptions Over 6.5 -115
Brandon Marshall Receptions Under 6.5 -115

Brandon Marshall Receiving Yards Over 90.5 -115
Brandon Marshall Receiving Yards Under 90.5 -115

Brandon Marshall Scores a Touchdown -125
Brandon Marshall Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -105

Alshon Jeffrey Receptions Over 2.5 -115
Alshon Jeffrey Receptions Under 2.5 -115

Alshon Jeffrey Receiving Yards Over 33.5 -115
Alshon Jeffrey Receiving Yards Under 33.5 -115

Kellen Davis Receiving Yards Over 25.5 +100
Kellen Davis Receiving Yards Under 25.5 -130

Lance Briggs Total Tackles Over 5.5 +100
Lance Briggs Total Tackles Under 5.5 -130

Brian Urlacher Total Tackles Over 5.5 +100
Brian Urlacher Total Tackles Under 5.5 -130

Julius Peppers Total Tackles Over 2.5 -140
Julius Peppers Total Tackles Under 2.5 +110

Charles Tillman Intercepts a Pass +240
Charles Tillman Does Not Intercept a Pass -320

Robbie Gould Total Points Over 9.5 +100
Robbie Gould Total Points Under 9.5 -130

Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints Predictions & Analysis 1/7/12

January 7th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints Predictions & Analysis 1/7/12
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In what could be one of the most entertaining games in the first round of the playoffs, the Detroit Lions will take on the New Orleans Saints. We’re set to make our NFL predictions for the big time duel on Saturday night in the playoffs.

NFL Playoffs Matchup: Detroit Lions vs. New Orleans Saints
Lions vs. Saints Location: Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, LA
Lions vs. Saints Date/Time: Saturday, January 7th, 8:00 p.m.
Lions vs. Saints Television Coverage: NBC

Click Here For The Rest Of The 2012 NFL Playoff Bracket And Other NFL Playoff Previews

Key #1: Detroit absolutely cannot beat itself
The first time that these two teams played this year, the penalties mounted in almost ridiculous fashion against the Lions. WR Nate Burleson was flagged three times for offensive pass interference, and there were three personal fouls that went against Detroit, some of which proved to kill drives on offense or extend drives on defense. In total the team committed 11 penalties for 107 yards. It is hard enough to try to beat the Saints on the road, a place where they seemingly never lose. You absolutely cannot give up a football field’s worth of penalty yardage against them and expect to win. If Detroit lets its emotions get the best of it in this game, it will be absolutely blown away and made to wonder what could have been had it been a more disciplined team this entire season.

Lions @ Saints Odds at Wager Web Sportsbook
Detroit Lions +11
New Orleans Saints -11
Over/Under 59
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Key #2: Someone on the Detroit defense has to be spying Darren Sproles at all times
Sproles actually didn’t have that much of an impact on the game that these two played a month ago, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the ability to kill the Lions. At just 5’6”, Sproles has a way of going unnoticed out of the backfield, and his blazing speed and uncanny ability to make tacklers miss in the open field is why he is so dangerous. Head Coach Sean Payton will use him between the tackles at times, as he did have 81 carries for 563 yards on the ground this year. However, Sproles also had 81 receptions for 681 yards and six scores, and he had a grand total of 1,287 yards as a return man between kicks and puns to go with a TD. In the end, he broke the record for most all-purpose yards in a season. We’ve seen Sproles do some amazing things in the past, and someone has to be keeping an eye on him at all times, or he will absolutely be the killer in this game.


Key #3: Matt Stafford has to outduel Drew Brees
Brees and the Saints were nuts this year. Not only did Brees reach the 40,000 yard mark for his career, but he became the first man to throw for 5,000 yards twice in seasons in a career, and he obliterated Dan Marino’s record for the most passing yards in a season. He has six receiving options that can all go off for over 100 yards in a game, and he throws for multiple touchdown seemingly every week. In total, he had 46 TDs this year. However, the Lions are still craving some respect, and this would be the way to get it. Stafford stayed healthy for the full 16 games for really the first time in his career, and he became the fourth different man to throw for 5,000+ yards in a season this year as well. WR Calvin Johnson had some amazing games this season, including picking up over 200 receiving yards in two of his last three games, but Burleson, WR Titus Young, and TE Brandon Pettigrew can’t be forgotten either. Detroit is good enough to shoot it out with the Saints, and without any sort of a running game to rely on, it doesn’t really have a chance of winning this one if it doesn’t.

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2011 NFC North Odds – Odds To Win, NFC North Picks, Preview

August 13th, 2011 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2011 NFC North Odds – Odds To Win, NFC North Picks, Preview
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Full List of Odds To Win The NFC North Can Be Found Below

Last season’s NFC North had a heck of a lot more downs than ups, but in the end, two of its teams were playing for all of the marbles in the conference. Will things be the same this year? Our NFL betting breakdown of the NFC North odds will show you the way.

We know that the Green Bay Packers (Current NFC North Odds: 1 to 1.85 at 5Dimes Sportsbook) are once again going to be the team with all of the hype around them because of the fact that they are the defending Super Bowl champs. The Pack really return the mass majority of their team from a season ago, and they get back both RB Ryan Grant and TE Jermichael Finley, two key pieces to the puzzle who were injured for the majority of the season. Last year, Green Bay had a ton of hype around it and really failed to live up to that hype… that is, until the very end of the regular season when all of a sudden, there wasn’t a team out there that had a shot of beating it. We’ll see how it translates this year and whether the Packers are really deserving of being the biggest chalks in the conference.

The Chicago Bears (NFC North Lines: 4.50 to 1 at BoDog Sportsbook) are the bunch with all of the question marks this year. QB Jay Cutler and Head Coach Lovie Smith both know that this is a season where they have to perform admirably. No, that doesn’t mean that Chicago has to get back to the NFC Championship Game, but at least it has to show some heart and at least compete for a playoff spot. There’s no doubt that this is a squad taking a step backwards this upcoming season, as no one expects it to even make the postseason. However, if they can get their defense going and Cutler remembers what color his team is wearing, the Bears could be a viable team.

The team that many are expecting to make big time strides this year is the Detroit Lions (Odds to Win the NFC North: 5.50 to 1 at 5Dimes Sportsbook). The combination of DT Ndamukong Suh and DT Nick Fairley on the inside is going to be incredibly fun to watch, but the real question is going to be whether QB Matt Stafford can for one stay healthy, and secondly take some big time strides towards leading a playoff team. We’ve seen the potential in the former No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft, and we know that he has some great pieces to the puzzle around him, but there is a question as to whether or not it is all going to come together when it needs to in these tight divisional games.

The intriguing side this season if the team can get any quarterback play is the Minnesota Vikings (2011 NFC North Odds: 12 to 1 at 5Dimes Sportsbook). It was only two years ago that this team was in the NFC Championship Game and just a matter of a few yards away from having a shot to go the Super Bowl. However, QB Brett Favre reverted from a man who played like an MVP to one who played like he was 40 years old, and that parlayed with injuries and the loss of the Metrodome due to inclement weather really finished off the spirit of the team. The Vikes are going to rebuild around QB Christian Ponder in the future, but adding QB Donovan McNabb this year could be just what the doctor ordered. RB Adrian Peterson is one of the best in the league, and though talents like WR Sidney Rice and DT Pat Williams have moved on, there is still plenty of playoff type talent in here. We may be getting a fantastic price on Minnesota on the NFL betting lines this year.

2011 NFL Odds @ 5Dimes Sportsbook (as of 8/10/11):
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Odds To Win NFC North
Chicago Bears 3.25 to 1
Detroit Lions 5.50 to 1
Green Bay Packers 1 to 1.85
Minnesota Vikings 12 to 1

Odds To Win The 2012 Super Bowl
Chicago Bears 25 to 1
Detroit Lions 45 to 1
Green Bay Packers 8.45 to 1
Minnesota Vikings 42 to 1

NFC North Super Bowl Odds @ JustBet Sportsbook (as of 8/10/11):
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Odds To Win NFC North Division
Chicago Bears 4.50 to 1
Detroit Lions 4.50 to 1
Green Bay Packers 1 to 3
Minnesota Vikings 9.50 to 1

Super Bowl 46 Odds
Chicago Bears 25 to 1
Detroit Lions 35 to 1
Green Bay Packers 3.50 to 1
Minnesota Vikings 35 to 1

NFC North Odds @ Oddsmaker Sportsbook (as of 8/10/11):
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2011 NFC North Odds
Chicago Bears 4 to 1
Detroit Lions 5 to 1
Green Bay Packers 1 to 2
Minnesota Vikings 10 to 1

NFC North Odds To Win the Super Bowl
Chicago Bears 25 to 1
Detroit Lions 45 to 1
Green Bay Packers 5 to 1
Minnesota Vikings 40 to 1

NFL Betting Odds @ BoDog Sportsbook (as of 8/10/11):
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NFC North Odds
Chicago Bears 4.50 to 1
Detroit Lions 5 to 1
Green Bay Packers 1 to 1.90
Minnesota Vikings 7.50 to 1

Super Bowl Odds
Chicago Bears 28 to 1
Detroit Lions 30 to 1
Green Bay Packers 7 to 1
Minnesota Vikings 35 to 1


NFL Football Picks: Thanksgiving Day Props (11/25/10)

November 24th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on NFL Football Picks: Thanksgiving Day Props (11/25/10)
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Thanksgiving Day always means that we have a fantastic set of games for NFL betting fans to sink their teeth into. This year is no exception, as the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, and New York Jets play host to the New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, and Cincinnati Bengals respectively. Check out some of the best NFL prop picks for one of the biggest days in the NFL schedule.

Tom Brady Over/Under 265.5 Passing Yards
Common logic suggests that the Pats should be able to roll over the Lions, and if that’s the case, you would figure that Brady would be flying past the 265 yard barrier, right? Maybe not so much. Brady has actually only reached this passing total twice this year, including some games against some teams that aren’t all that great. The Lions have a terrible secondary, but if HC Bill Belichick has it his way, he is going to be able to utilize his running game significantly more than his passing game. With this being a 50/50 proposition that we need to beat, we’ll go with Brady Under 265.5 Passing Yards (+100 at Hollywood Sportsbook) on Thanksgiving Day.

Brandon Tate Yards On First Reception Over/Under 11.5 Yards
We know that Tate doesn’t catch a pass in every single game, and if he doesn’t make a reception, we are going to lose this prop, but we also know that this is the best deep threat that Brady has to work with. The Lions have an absolutely dreadful secondary as well. Tate has just 18 receptions this year, but nine of them have gone for at least a dozen yards. The former North Carolina Tar Heel should find a way to get that one reception necessary, and assuming he does, that catch should be Over 11.5 Yards (-115 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

Drew Brees Over/Under 1.5 Touchdown Passes
The Cowboys have really struggled with their secondary all season long, but there is a point that these NFL odds get a wee ridiculous. Brees has thrown for at least two TDs in six straight games and in eight of the ten this season, but we absolutely know that that isn’t going to keep up. Dallas gave Brees fits last year, especially up front in the trenches. This is going to be a tough task to get to for Brees, and at +220 odds, we feel like we are stealing Brees to go Under 1.5 TD Passes (+220 at Hollywood Sportsbook) against the Cowboys.

Jon Kitna Over/Under 244.5 Passing Yards
The Saints have one of the best secondaries in the NFL this year, and though this isn’t really a unit that you would really think would be able to shut down a team like Dallas, you might want to think again. Kitna is a great backup quarterback, but he is really no more than that: a backup quarterback. Asking him to reach the 250 yard passing mark at least half the time is going to be difficult, especially if New Orleans is the real deal. The Cowboys’ signal caller will stay Under 244.5 Passing Yards (-115 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

Will the Bengals Ever Have the Lead Against the Jets
The Bengals never really stood a chance against the Jets last year, as they were destroyed by them both in Week 17 and in the first round of the playoffs. However, for a team that has so many explosive offensive weapons against a team that tends to get bogged down at times, we tend to think that this is a sucker bet waiting to happen. The oddsmakers are begging you to take “No” at +150, but instead, we are going to be the role of the contrarians, saying that the Bengals Will Lead Against the Jets (-190 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

Terrell Owens Over/Under 73.5 Receiving Yards
Good ol’ TO might be a Pro Bowler this season, but he is about to step onto Revis Island to take on DB Darrelle Revis. Owens knows that he is going to see a lot of two of the best corners in football, and though Revis and DB Antonio Cromartie have combined for just one INT since Week 1 of the season, a lot of quarterbacks are wise to not throw their way. TO said that Revis was a one year wonder in the media, which sounds like fighting words to us. Now, let’s throw in the fact that he has only exceeded this number four times in ten games this year. The choice is simple. We have to go with Owens Under 73.5 Receiving Yards (-115 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

Shonn Greene Over/Under 50.5 Rushing Yards
Consider this a bit of a gut shot play. Greene really isn’t the featured back in the New York offense any longer, as RB LaDainian Tomlinson has really taken over. Greene basically made an entire career out of destroying the Bengals down the stretch last year, and this is still a team that is averaging the 23rd most rushing yards in the NFL. Greene has only gotten to this number four times this year, but he will make it five on Thursday. Go with Greene Over 50.5 Rushing Yards (-115 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

2009 Week 5 Picks, Fantasy, & Other Pre-Sunday Links Cycle

October 10th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2009 Week 5 Picks, Fantasy, & Other Pre-Sunday Links Cycle

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NFL Football Week 5 News & Headlines Cycle:

NFL Football Week 5 Blog Opinion/Picks/Betting Cycle:

2009 Week 5 NFL Fantasy Football Cycle:


2009 Free NFL Picks – Over/Under Team Win Totals

July 20th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2009 Free NFL Picks – Over/Under Team Win Totals

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As our expert handicappers continue to prepare for the upcoming football season, my fellow Bankoll Sports bloggers and staff writers will continue to find the best preseason odds and picks for all your football props and futures.  And, we will continue to offer up our picks.  My colleges have already broken down the conference previews and given you full explanations of what you might expect to see from the NFL in 2009. However, we will now take this a step further and make our over/under picks for how many wins some of these teams will accomplish this season, taking advantage of the odds that some of these books (including; Superbook / 50% cash signup bonus using this link & BetUS Sportsbook100% match play bonus when using this link) have posted.  As always, the Bankroll Sports website continue to bring to you free football picks picks that are sure to beef up your bankroll for the 2009 post season. 

You also can get the premium football picks from our expert handicapping team for the entire (regular & post) season along with every baseball release for the rest of the (regular & post) season for just $349.95 by checking out our 2009 Football Season Special Promo.  This is the lowest price in 15 years that our bosses have put on their complete football season special.  It’s also the earliest that they have ever offered this early bird season special as it includes all of our expert handicappers’ baseball releases for the entire second half of the season.  This is, by far, the best offer you are going to find for our complete football package.

Check our what the writers and I have come up with for our 2009 NFL team win totals.

Free Pick #1: New Orleans Saints

Over 9 Wins -115
Under 9 Wins -115

The New Orleans Saints return the NFL’s best offense from 2008. Drew Brees racked up over 5,000 yards to lead the best passing attack in the NFL. The Saints offense will again be among the best in the NFL this season, but they still have concerns on defense. The defense ranked in the bottom 7 in scoring defense last season allowing nearly 25 points per game. However, the defense should be much improved this season. Defensive ends, Charles Grant (triceps) and Will Smith (hernia) both played with injuries last year and the Saints struggled to get and pressure at all on the quarterback. Both of these key players should be healthy heading into the season, making the defensive front stronger. Also, the secondary will get the addition of Ohio State’s Malcolm Jenkins. Despite not having any experience, Jenkins will play immediately. The Saints also added CB Jabari Greer from Buffalo to their secondary that gave up 221 yards per game. New Orleans may not have one of the best defenses this season, but they should be highly improved. Even with the horrible defense in 2008, the Saints were a factor in nearly every game. Their 8-8 record can be a bit misleading considering 6 of those losses were by 5 points or less. Expect some things to fall their way this year and watch for a breakout season from the highly talented New Orleans Saints.

Pick – Over 9 Wins

Free Pick #2: Chicago Bears

Over 8 ½ Wins -140
Under 8 ½ Wins +110

Basically if you are going to try and get me to believe the Bears will win less games than they did in 2008 I would love to hear your explanation. Chicago landed one of the best young quarterbacks in the game over the off season in Jay Cutler. The problems that have plagued the Bears for the last few years are finally over behind center. Sure, the Bears may not have any big play-maker at wide out like most experts like to say or is that argument legit? Devin Hester has tremendous speed but we have never been able to see how effective his speed is because there has not been a quarterback that could hit him down field. Cutler can make all the throws on the field including the bombs down field so we will really get to see what the receiving core can do. Plus there are some talented young receivers in the stable as well. The Bears defense is popularly known for being strong every year. The defense did not have the season expected on paper in 2008, but a lot of that could be blamed on the offense which gave up 27 turnovers. There is just no way the Bears will be worse than last season with Cutler behind center. In fact they should be focusing more on the winning the NFC North than having to worry about improving their record.

Pick – Over 8 1/2

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Free Pick #3: Detroit Lions

Over 4 ½ -125
Under 4 ½ -105

This line maybe a sucker bet, but I will bite. The Detroit Lions will definitely be improved behind new coach Jim Schwartz. The Lions loaded up on talent during the NFL draft landing the number 1 overall pick with quarterback Matthew Stafford and also grabbing tight end Brandon Pettigrew late in the first round. However, they still have the worse offensive line in football and they are not going to be able to protect Stafford. The offensive line gave up 52 sacks in 2008 and they have yet to sign the first player that could turn that around. Plus the biggest problem last season was not only the offense, but perhaps even bigger the problem lie on the defensive side of the ball. The Lions allowed 404 yards per game last season by far the worse in the league. Detroit also ranked dead last in scoring defense allowing 32 points per game. The Lions added some players on defense like cornerbacks Phillip Buchanon (Tampa Bay) and Anthony Henry (Dallas). Detroit also drafted Louis Delmas (Western Michigan) to add support in the weak secondary. However, these players are not the ones that will turn things around. They still have major issues up front and stopping the run. I believe the Lions win a few games, but 5 wins may be a bit too optimistic.

Pick – Under 4 ½

Free Pick #4: Baltimore Ravens

Over 8 ½ -175
Under 8 ½ +145

The odds on this line may not be the most profitable, but I believe this bet is probably the best of them all. I had the Ravens to upset the Steelers this season in the AFC North despite getting beat 3 times by the Steelers in 2008. The Ravens defense ranked 2nd in nearly every category behind Pittsburgh last season. They may have some aging veterans on that side of the ball, but I would expect no less than a top 3 defense again this season. Rookie Joe Flacco had a tremendous season behind center and it will be interesting to see if he can continue to progress. Flacco really controlled the ball well towards the end of the season and you could also see the confidence building behind Flacco through the play calling. The Ravens attempted a good bit of deep balls towards the end of the season and I’m guessing they will attempt even more early this season. WR Derrick Mason is one of the best in the league even though he may not get the credit he deserves. LeRon McClain led the team in rushing with 902 yards in 2008. However, McClain will be making the move to fullback this season. Willis McGahee and Ray Rice will get the bulk of the carries in the backfield. However, having McClain in the back field as well should give defenses extra concern in the running game. The Ravens may become a much bigger offensive force this season and that is one reason I predicting them to take down the AFC North. The defense would have to fall apart and the offense become motionless for the Ravens to be held under 9 wins.

Pick – Over 8 ½

Free Pick #5 (Best Bet): Carolina Panthers

Over 8 ½ -105
Under 8 ½ -125

I have the Carolina Panthers listed as a team that could really be in some serious trouble this season. Do not get me wrong, they do have some talented personnel that can perform. However, they are a team with a lot of issues. One of these issues is quarterback Jake Delhomme. I have believed Delhomme has held this team back for years. My theory was backed up in the playoffs last year against Arizona when he threw 5 interceptions. If it wasn’t for the playmaking ability of Steve Smith, the passing game in Carolina would be non-existent. The Panthers strength last season was the ground attack led by Jonathon Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. The two combined for nearly 2300 yards as one of the best duos in the league. The offensive line should get a lot of that credit for the strong running attack. Carolina will have another strong front five again this season. However, the offensive line will have very little depth heading into this season, meaning if the big guys start going down, then so will the running game. Another reason the unit maybe heading for destruction in 2009, is their very poor run defense. The rush defense allowed over 120 yards per game ranking in the bottom of the NFL. Star defensive end Julius Peppers signed a one year deal even though it was obvious he wanted out of town. However, the Panthers franchised Peppers for a one year deal worth just under 17 million. Rookie Everette Brown will be the long term replacement for Peppers, but it will take him a while before he is terrorizing quarterbacks and turning heads. The defensive front could really take a step back this season which is a bad combination with the already shaky secondary. Those combinations on offense and defense will just be too much for the team to overcome this season. History shows that the NFC South usually flip flops every season. The Panthers may have won the division in 2008, but do not be surprised if they are at the bottom of the NFC South in 2009.

Pick – Under 8 ½