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NFL Football Picks: Monday Night Football Props (11/29/10)

November 28th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on NFL Football Picks: Monday Night Football Props (11/29/10)
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The Arizona Cardinals could have their 2010 NFL betting campaign put on the line on Monday Night Football, as they are taking on their divisional rivals, the San Francisco 49ers at home in a huge encounter. We here at Bankroll Sports, have all of our Monday Night Football prop picks available for you for the upcoming MNF tussle.

Totals Punts Over/Under 10.5
This is about as high of a number for punts that we remember seeing in quite some time. However, there’s no way that a reasonable number could be posted high enough to keep us satisfied here. Ben Graham, Arizona’s punter, has booted the ball away at least six times in three straight weeks, and he has already punted 57 times in ten games this year. The offense for Arizona has been absolutely putrid regardless of who has been under center, and we know that that isn’t improving against a San Fran team that, all it can do right is play some ‘D’ every now and again. Speaking of those 49ers, they punted six times last week when they were shut out by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and P Andy Lee has been called upon at least six times in five straight games. With K Joe Nedney sidelined, it is going to take a few more yards on offense to produce a field goal attempt as well. The bottom line here is that this is going to be a game contested over field position quite a bit, and if that’s the case, we expect to see at least Over 10.5 Punts (-120 at Hollywood Sportsbook) on Monday Night Football.

Troy Smith Over/Under 1.5 Passing Touchdowns + Interceptions
We know that Smith hasn’t had a game yet this season in which he has thrown more than one combined TD and INT, but at some point, this really has to change. The former Ohio State Buckeye isn’t the most accurate with his passes, and this Arizona secondary is full of ball hawkers that can turn you over in a heartbeat. That being said, especially if RB Frank Gore is at least held in check, Smith is going to be forced to make some decisions that he doesn’t necessarily want to. It could be boom. It could be bust. Either way, we’re thrilled. We’ll take our chances that Smith is going to revert to the mean in this one and go Over 1.5 TDs + INTs (+140 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

Will Frank Gore Score a Touchdown?
Someone has to score for the 49ers at some point, right? This is a way that we can hedge our bets a bit, as Gore is absolutely the man getting the ball on the goal line if things get tough. We know that a cash in either this prop or the one with Troy Smith will net us a profit, and we tend to think that the probability is there that we nail both of them. The Niners aren’t getting shut out in back to back weeks no matter how bad they are, and if that’s the case, we’ll bank on a man that has already touched the ball over 230 times this season. On one of these 25ish touches or so, Gore is bound to Score a TD (-135 at Hollywood Sportsbook) against the Cardinals.

Derek Anderson Over/Under 18.5 Completions
We’re confused here. Anderson has completed at least 23 passes in his last two games, and he is clearly starting to at least remotely get back into the groove as the team’s starting quarterback after coming back in to replace his replacement, QB Max Hall. Anderson knows that he doesn’t have a running game to rely on consistently, and he has to make things happen himself. Getting to 19 completions doesn’t sound like that tough of a task, even in a game that could get bogged down in a hurry. Go with Anderson to go Over 18.5 Completions (-120 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

NFL Football Picks: Sunday Night Football Props (11/28/10)

November 28th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on NFL Football Picks: Sunday Night Football Props (11/28/10)
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The San Diego Chargers and Indianapolis Colts would both be out of the playoffs if they started today. However, one needs to take a major step in the right direction on Sunday Night Football, while the other is likely to be dealt a crippling defeat. Ready to sink your teeth into all of the action for prop bets on Sunday Night? Check out our best NFL picks right here at Bankroll Sports!

Will Philip Rivers throw an Interception?
Rivers has been picked off nine times this season, and including in five straight games, but we still think that the NFL odds in this one are stacked in his favor. The oddsmakers are putting far too much emphasis on these five straight games than the truth of the matter, which is that Rivers isn’t getting intercepted in two out of every three games, especially in matchups like this one against teams that have absolutely atrocious secondaries. Even more so, the Chargers know that they can run the football against these guys with either Ryan Mathews or Mike Tolbert, and if the clock keeps running, that means there’s that much less for Rivers to have to do to win the game. We’ll take our chances that Rivers Does Not Throw an Interception (+160 at Hollywood Sportsbook) on Sunday Night Football.

Reggie Wayne Over/Under 6.5 Receptions
Wayne really remains the only player on this team that Manning really consistently trusts to get the job done for him, as his is the only receiver that has been in the lineup in all ten games this season. Wayne consistently averages over six receptions per game and really has done so for his entire career. This season, he has five games with at least seven snares this year, and this seems to be like one that is setting up to be No. 6. Without DB Antonio Cromartie, the Bolts just don’t have a corner to stick on that side of the field where Wayne is to just lock him down. As long as that’s the case, “The Sheriff” is going to make sure that he finds ways to get Wayne the football. There’s no way that he fails to go Over 6.5 Receptions (-115 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

Jacob Tamme Over/Under 6.5 Receptions
If it ain’t broke, why would we try to fix it? Tamme has caught at least six balls in all four of his games taking over for the injured TE Dallas Clark, and he has caught at least seven in three straight. Now, against a San Diego defense that has been great against the deep passing game this year, Manning is going to have no choice quite a bit but to check the ball down to his big tight end out of Kentucky. Tamme is the real deal in this league, and he isn’t just a product of the system of Manning throwing him the football. However, having No. 18 on his side has really helped his career, and it is going to help us to another ‘W’ this week. Go with Tamme Over 6.5 Receptions (-115 at Hollywood Sportsbook) in this battle against the Chargers.

NFL Football Picks: Thanksgiving Day Props (11/25/10)

November 24th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on NFL Football Picks: Thanksgiving Day Props (11/25/10)
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Thanksgiving Day always means that we have a fantastic set of games for NFL betting fans to sink their teeth into. This year is no exception, as the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, and New York Jets play host to the New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, and Cincinnati Bengals respectively. Check out some of the best NFL prop picks for one of the biggest days in the NFL schedule.

Tom Brady Over/Under 265.5 Passing Yards
Common logic suggests that the Pats should be able to roll over the Lions, and if that’s the case, you would figure that Brady would be flying past the 265 yard barrier, right? Maybe not so much. Brady has actually only reached this passing total twice this year, including some games against some teams that aren’t all that great. The Lions have a terrible secondary, but if HC Bill Belichick has it his way, he is going to be able to utilize his running game significantly more than his passing game. With this being a 50/50 proposition that we need to beat, we’ll go with Brady Under 265.5 Passing Yards (+100 at Hollywood Sportsbook) on Thanksgiving Day.

Brandon Tate Yards On First Reception Over/Under 11.5 Yards
We know that Tate doesn’t catch a pass in every single game, and if he doesn’t make a reception, we are going to lose this prop, but we also know that this is the best deep threat that Brady has to work with. The Lions have an absolutely dreadful secondary as well. Tate has just 18 receptions this year, but nine of them have gone for at least a dozen yards. The former North Carolina Tar Heel should find a way to get that one reception necessary, and assuming he does, that catch should be Over 11.5 Yards (-115 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

Drew Brees Over/Under 1.5 Touchdown Passes
The Cowboys have really struggled with their secondary all season long, but there is a point that these NFL odds get a wee ridiculous. Brees has thrown for at least two TDs in six straight games and in eight of the ten this season, but we absolutely know that that isn’t going to keep up. Dallas gave Brees fits last year, especially up front in the trenches. This is going to be a tough task to get to for Brees, and at +220 odds, we feel like we are stealing Brees to go Under 1.5 TD Passes (+220 at Hollywood Sportsbook) against the Cowboys.

Jon Kitna Over/Under 244.5 Passing Yards
The Saints have one of the best secondaries in the NFL this year, and though this isn’t really a unit that you would really think would be able to shut down a team like Dallas, you might want to think again. Kitna is a great backup quarterback, but he is really no more than that: a backup quarterback. Asking him to reach the 250 yard passing mark at least half the time is going to be difficult, especially if New Orleans is the real deal. The Cowboys’ signal caller will stay Under 244.5 Passing Yards (-115 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

Will the Bengals Ever Have the Lead Against the Jets
The Bengals never really stood a chance against the Jets last year, as they were destroyed by them both in Week 17 and in the first round of the playoffs. However, for a team that has so many explosive offensive weapons against a team that tends to get bogged down at times, we tend to think that this is a sucker bet waiting to happen. The oddsmakers are begging you to take “No” at +150, but instead, we are going to be the role of the contrarians, saying that the Bengals Will Lead Against the Jets (-190 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

Terrell Owens Over/Under 73.5 Receiving Yards
Good ol’ TO might be a Pro Bowler this season, but he is about to step onto Revis Island to take on DB Darrelle Revis. Owens knows that he is going to see a lot of two of the best corners in football, and though Revis and DB Antonio Cromartie have combined for just one INT since Week 1 of the season, a lot of quarterbacks are wise to not throw their way. TO said that Revis was a one year wonder in the media, which sounds like fighting words to us. Now, let’s throw in the fact that he has only exceeded this number four times in ten games this year. The choice is simple. We have to go with Owens Under 73.5 Receiving Yards (-115 at Hollywood Sportsbook).

Shonn Greene Over/Under 50.5 Rushing Yards
Consider this a bit of a gut shot play. Greene really isn’t the featured back in the New York offense any longer, as RB LaDainian Tomlinson has really taken over. Greene basically made an entire career out of destroying the Bengals down the stretch last year, and this is still a team that is averaging the 23rd most rushing yards in the NFL. Greene has only gotten to this number four times this year, but he will make it five on Thursday. Go with Greene Over 50.5 Rushing Yards (-115 at Hollywood Sportsbook).