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2023-2024 Superbowl Odds – Free Super Bowl Picks

November 17th, 2023 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2023-2024 Superbowl Odds – Free Super Bowl Picks
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 The Latest 2020-24 Super Bowl Odds for Are Posted Below
Our Superbowl Picks & Odds Last Updated: 11/20/2023

Important Note: If you do not wish2024 Superbowl Odds to read our briefing or our current value Superbowl picks write-up, you can skip this and go right to the list of odds to win the Superbowl & additional futures odds by scrolling to the bottom of the post.  

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We are now 11 weeks into the NFL season with Thursday night’s week 11 game in the books.  With the Bengals losing Joe Burrow for the season & other key injuries around the league, we thought this would be a good time to update our latest 2023-2024 Superbowl odds & offer some value picks to win Superbowl 58.  We have two midseason superbowl value picks listed below from the 2023 Super Bowl Odds.

Our pre-season value plays of Miami & Detroit turned out to be of good value based on their latest odds.  Our third preseason superbowl play of Cincinnati was holding value until the injury of quarterback, Joe Burrow.

The oddsmakers all but have eliminated the Cincinnati Bengals (19-1 odds @ JustBet) from being a likely contender, with their odds dropping to as low as 20-1, which is right around the same odds they are giving the Jacksonville Jaguars 20-1 (20-1 odds @ Bovada) after their week 10 blowout loss to the current superbowl favorite from the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers (5-1 odds @ Bovada).

Removing midsize long shots, the oddsmakers essentially have deemed the AFC a three way race between the Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins, & Kansas City Chiefs.  They have the NFC as a four way race between the Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, & Dallas Cowboys.

Winning record teams in the AFC that the oddsmakers have almost dismissed include the Jacksonville Jaguars (20-1), Houston Texans (67-1), Pittsburgh Steelers (60-1), & Cleveland Browns (53-1)

Winning record teams in the NFC that the oddsmakers have almost dismissed include the Minnesota Vikings (70-1) & Seattle Seahawks (45-1)

Value Picks to win Super Bowl 58 (Week 10-11)
Note: These 2024 Superbowl Picks Were Added on 11/17/23

Houston Texans (Best Odds: +6700 @ JustBet)
The Texans are almost guaranteed to be a playoff team, and right now, they look better than the division leading Jacksonville Jaguars who only lead the AFC south by one game.  With Rookie quarterback, C.J. Stroud playing as well as any QB in the league, the Texans have shown the ability to score points against the best defenses in the AFC.  This is obviously a long shot play in the hopes they can make a run to the AFC Championship game and provide a good hedging opportunity.

Buffalo Bills (Best Odds: +3000 @ Bovada)
With everyone down on the Bills after losing a close one at home to the Broncos on Monday night, we think 30 to 1 is a bit of an overshoot to the negative.  The Bills just fired offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey.  If new OC, Joe Brady can get the uber-talented Josh Allen back to playing like old previous self in weeks 11 & 12, then 30 to 1 will look like a steal come Tuesday morning in two weeks.  

2023 Value Superbowl Picks (Preseason)
Note: These 2024 Superbowl Picks Were Added on 8/21/23

Cincinnati Bengals (Best Odds: +950 @ My Bookie)
The fact that some books have the Bengals with deeper odds than the Bills is wild. Burrow is a healthy, playoff experienced, franchise QB, who now has even more chemistry with his team & coaching staff.  The Bengals now have more depth on offense at WR & they have added a top-tier tackle to a line that was hampered by injuries last year.  I’ll take Burrow at 10 to 1 all day long.

Miami Dolphins (Best Odds: +2100 @ GT Bets)
Jalen Ramsey’s knee injury will keep him out most of the season, which should give Cam Smith a bigger role than he had anticipated in his rookie season. The Dolphins have a newly hired defensive coordinator, Vic Fangio, who should get the most out of this talented defense with a strong pass rush. The offense looked strong last year prior to Tua’s injuries. They have two of the smarter coaching minds in the game on each side of the ball. The Dolphins are highly likely to be a playoff team. Combine that with the return of Jalen Ramsey, and it might spark a playoff run in the AFC.

Detroit Lions (Best Odds: +2500 @ GT Bets)
While most will tell you to always avoid betting the Lions, Detroit may have been the most improved team in the NFL last season.  They strung together 9 wins in 2022, and they no longer have to deal with Aaron Rodgers twice a year in a weakened NFC North.  The Lions managed to knock the Packers out of playoff contention with a massive week 18 upset in Green Bay.  The Lions finished the 2022 season winning 8 of their last 10.  They also added premier, first round draft pick talents at running back & linebacker.  They had six picks in the first three rounds of the 2023 draft. If 50% of them turn out to be hits (likely probability), that means they will have 3 impact rookies.

2023 Odds To Win The Super Bowl @ My Bookie (11/20/2023):
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Kansas City Chiefs +400
San Francisco 49ers +420
Philadelphia Eagles +470
Baltimore Ravens +800
Miami Dolphins +860
Dallas Cowboys +950
Detroit Lions +1075
Jacksonville Jaguars +1750
Buffalo Bills +2100
Cleveland Browns +3400
Seattle Seahawks +4300
Houston Texans +4700
New Orleans Saints +6000
Pittsburgh Steelers +6600
Minnesota Vikings +7500
Los Angeles Chargers +8000
Denver Broncos +11000
Cincinnati Bengals +13000
Atlanta Falcons +14000
Indianapolis Colts +14000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +15000
Los Angeles Rams +17000
Green Bay Packers +17000
New York Jets +17000
Las Vegas Raiders +26000
Tennessee Titans +34000
Washington Commanders +46000
Chicago Bears +65000
Arizona Cardinals +80000
New England Patriots +90000
New York Giants +95000
Carolina Panthers +95000

Superbowl Futures Odds at Bovada Sportsbook (as of 11/17/23)
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Kansas City Chiefs +500
San Francisco 49ers +500
Philadelphia Eagles +550
Baltimore Ravens +900
Dallas Cowboys +1000
Detroit Lions +1000
Miami Dolphins +1100
Cincinnati Bengals +2000
Jacksonville Jaguars +2000
Buffalo Bills +3000
Seattle Seahawks +3500
Cleveland Browns +5000
Los Angeles Chargers +5000
Minnesota Vikings +5500
Houston Texans +6000
Pittsburgh Steelers +6000
New York Jets +10000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +12500
Atlanta Falcons +15000
Denver Broncos +15000
Las Vegas Raiders +15000
Green Bay Packers +17500
Los Angeles Rams +20000
Indianapolis Colts +25000
Washington Commanders +25000
Tennessee Titans +30000
Chicago Bears +75000
Arizona Cardinals +100000
New England Patriots +100000
Carolina Panthers +150000
New York Giants +150000

2023 Super Bowl Odds From @ JustBet (as of 11/17/2023):
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Arizona Cardinals +125000
Atlanta Falcons +21500
Baltimore Ravens +770
Buffalo Bills +2450
Carolina Panthers +200000
Chicago Bears +85000
Cincinnati Bengals +1900
Cleveland Browns +5300
Dallas Cowboys +1125
Denver Broncos +14000
Detroit Lions +1165
Green Bay Packers +27500
Houston Texans +6700
Indianapolis Colts +26000
Jacksonville Jaguars +1875
Kansas City Chiefs +485
Las Vegas Raiders +23500
Los Angeles Chargers +5700
Los Angeles Rams +26707
Miami Dolphins +980
Minnesota Vikings +7000
New England Patriots +125000
New Orleans Saints +7000
New York Giants +200000
New York Jets +15000
Philadelphia Eagles +495
Pittsburgh Steelers +5500
San Francisco 49ers +450
Seattle Seahawks +4500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +17500
Tennessee Titans +40000
Washington Commanders +36500

2017 Super Bowl Odds & Value Picks (as of 12/21/2016)

December 21st, 2016 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2017 Super Bowl Odds & Value Picks (as of 12/21/2016)
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 All Current 2017 Superbowl Odds for Super Bowl 51 Are Posted Below

Important Note: If you do not wish
2017-superbowl-odds to read our briefing as well as our value Superbowl picks, you can skip this and
go right to the list of Super Bowl odds & additional NFL futures odds by scrolling to the bottom of the post.  

Bookmarking Note: Make sure to Bookmark This Superbowl Odds Page using the social bookmarking links below.  The odds list below will be updated often and on a weekly basis during the season.

Just two short weeks away from the 2016-17 NFL playoffs and the teams that remain in playoff contention are shrinking by the week.  With the Patriots (2 to 1 Odds @ JustBet) and the Cowboys (5 to 1 Odds @ 5 Dimes) riding so far atop the odds right now, there’s few little value to be gotten in the current NFC and AFC favorites.  Some books also have the Cowboys & Seahawks with the same odds.  But, even at 5 to 1, we don’t see a whole lot of value in Seattle without them having home field advantage.  We do think the current 2017 Superbowl Odds offer some value in the middle of the bunch right now.

In the NFC, the Atlanta Falcons are currently being offered at very substantial price of 18 to 1 (@ 5 Dimes).  This is a team that is currently hitting on all cylinders on offense and their young defense is really starting to swarm around the ball.  If they can somehow get that first round bye, you can expect that 18-1 number to drop to under 8 to 1.   Another impressive metric for the Falcons, is the 5-2 record on the road.  Even without the bye, we still see 18-1 as a fantastic value.

As for an AFC value pick, this one is a little more tricky as New England appears to be the dominating team.   That being said, we’ll look at the #2 team in the AFC right now in the Oakland Raiders who are currently being offered at 15 to 1 (@ JustBet).  There is still an outside chance the Raiders can get home filed advantage.  This may just be the year that the Oakland Raiders get revenge for the infamous tuck rule.

Latest 2017 Superbowl Odds From @ 5 Dimes (As Of Week 16):
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New England Patriots 2 to 1
Dallas Cowboys 5 to 1
Seattle Seahawks 6 to 1
Pittsburgh Steelers 10 to 1
Oakland Raiders 14 to 1
Kansas City Chiefs 16 to 1
New York Giants 16 to 1
Green Bay Packers 16 to 1
Atlanta Falcons 18 to 1
Detroit Lions 55 to 1
Tennessee Titans 55 to 1
Baltimore Ravens 66 to 1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 70 to 1
Miami Dolphins 80 to 1
Indianapolis Colts 100 to 1
Houston Texans 105 to 1
Washington Redskins 110 to 1
Denver Broncos 125 to 1
Minnesota Vikings 350 to 1
Buffalo Bills 500 to 1
New Orleans Saints 500 to 1
Carolina Panthers 850 to 1

Current Odds To Win Super Bowl 51 @ JustBet (As Of 8/31/16):
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New England Patriots 2 to 1
Dallas Cowboys 5 to 1
Seattle Seahawks 5 to 1
Pittsburgh Steelers 9 to 1
Kansas City Chiefs 12 to 1
Green Bay Packers 14 to 1
Atlanta Falcons 14 to 1
Oakland Raiders 15 to 1
New York Giants 16 to 1
Detroit Lions 50 to 1
Baltimore Ravens 55 to 1
Indianapolis Colts 57 to 1
Tennessee Titans 60 to 1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 70 to 1
Miami Dolphins 75 to 1
Houston Texans 85 to 1
Denver Broncos 100 to 1
Washington Redskins 110 to 1
Minnesota Vikings 130 to 1
Buffalo Bills 235 to 1
New Orleans Saints 700 to 1
Carolina Panthers 450 to 1

Current Football Futures Odds From Bovada Sportsbook:
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2015 British Open Odds & Free British Open Picks

July 11th, 2015 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist) | Posted in Golf / PGA Tour   Comments Off on 2015 British Open Odds & Free British Open Picks
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British Open Odds
List of 2015 British Open Odds Located At Bottom of Post

2015 Open Championship (British Open): Sleeper Picks & Tournament Info
British Open Tournament Dates: Thursday, July 16th to Sunday, July 19th

Course & Location: Old Course at St. Andrews (St. Andrews, Scotland)
Current Favorite To Win The 2015 British Open: Jordan Speith (6 to 1)
Defending Champion (@ Royal Liverpool): Rory McIlroy (Not Playing)

Free British Open Picks (Sleeper & Value Plays)
Thursday, 7/16 (First Round) @ 4:00am on ESPN
Friday, 7/17 (Second Round) @ 4:00am on ESPN
Saturday, 7/18 (Third Round) @ 7:00am on ESPN
Thursday, 7/19 (Final Round): 6:00am ESPN
Coverage on DirectTV Mix & Streaming on WatchESPN
WatchESPN Also Includes A “Tiger Woods Only” Feed

st-andrews-2015As expected, the 21-year-old Texan, Jordan Speith (Odds: 6 to 1), is listed as the current favorite to win the 2015 Open Championship.   Jordan continues his quest for the holy grail of legendary golf: The true Grand Slam.  Speith was offered to the public at approximately 12 to 1 for the 2015 masters & 8 to 1 for the U.S. Open.  Turns out, these were tremendous values.  At most books his odds for the British jumped after Rory McIlroy’s withdraw due to an ruptured left ankle.  You can still get Jordan currently at 6 to 1 at 5 Dimes Sportsbook.  

Free British Open Picks (Sleeper & Value Plays)
Jimmy Walker: (85 to 1 at Five Dimes)
Rickie Fowler (30 to 1 at JustBet Sportsbook)
Sergio Garcia (36 to 1 at  Five Dimes)
Graham DeLaet (385 to 1 at Five Dimes)
J.B. Holmes (95 to 1 at Five Dimes)

Other notables and their odds for the 2015 British Open include:

  • Bubba Watson (36 to 1) – Bubba didn’t fair so well in the U.S. Open, but it appeared Chambers Bay wasn’t best suited for his game, as next week he went on to win the Travelers Championship at TPC River Highlands.
  • J.B. Holmes (95 – 1) – We love J.B. this weekend and see 80 to 1 as a bargain.  He’s now ranked 13th in the world.  He now has 5 Top Ten finishes along with a win (at the Shell Houston Open) and two 2nd place finishes in his 24 events played.  The fact that he has played in almost every tournament this year (and made the cut in almost all of them) tells us something.  It shows that this big smasher of the golf ball is in great shape and ready for the trip across the pond.  If J.B. is going to win a major, this is the year he is going to do it.  95 to 1 is a super bargain with Holmes.
  • Rickie Fowler (25 to 1) – Nobody is more due to win a major than Rickie in our opinion.  He quietly finished second in 3 of 4 majors last year including a 2nd place finish at the British.  We like him to have a strong showing at St. Andrews.
  • Tiger Woods (30 to 1) – This is obviously a sell at 30 to 1 (at least it should be obvious).  He has not been able to put together a very strong weekend yet this year.  If you’re a Tiger fan, 30 to 1 odds may be temping, but you’d be betting with your heart instead of your brain.
  • Phil Mickelson (38 to 1) – It seems everyone is a Phil fan and every tournament is always more exciting when the big lefty is in the hunt.  However, believe it or not, Phil hasn’t won a tournament since 2013.  If you are looking for value, it’s probably best to pass on Phil Mickelson unless you can get more than 50 to 1 odds.

British Open Winners (Since 2000)
2014 – Rory McIlroy
2013 – Phil Mickelson

2012 – Ernie Els
2011 – Darren Clarke
2010 – Louis Oosthuizen
2009 – Stewart Cink
2008 – Padraig Harrington
2007 – Padraig Harrington
2006 – Tiger Woods
2005 – Tiger Woods
2004 – Todd Hamilton
2003 – Ben Curtis
2002 – Ernie Els
2001 – David Duval
2000 – Tiger Woods

Latest 2016 British Open Odds at 5 Dimes Sportsbook (as of 7/13/16):
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Jordan Spieth 6 to 1
Dustin Johnson 11 to 1
Rickie Fowler 16 to 1
Justin Rose 17 to 1
Louis Oosthuizen 19 to 1
Henrik Stenson 20 to 1
Adam Scott 21 to 1
Tiger Woods 30 to 1
Jason Day 34 to 1
Bubba Watson 36 to 1
Sergio Garcia 36 to 1
Hideki Matsuyama 38 to 1
Paul Casey 38 to 1
Phil Mickelson 38 to 1
Martin Kaymer 40 to 1
Shane Lowry 42 to 1
Branden Grace 45 to 1
Brandt Snedeker 45 to 1
Matt Kuchar 60 to 1
Brooks Koepka 66 to 1
Patrick Reed 70 to 1
Jimmy Walker 85 to 1
Tommy Fleetwood 85 to 1
Victor Dubuisson 85 to 1
Bernd Wiesberger 90 to 1
Ian Poulter 95 to 1
J.B. Holmes 95 to 1
Lee Westwood 95 to 1
Charl Schwartzel 100 to 1
Luke Donald 100 to 1
Francesco Molinari 110 to 1
Kevin Kisner 110 to 1
Danny Willett 125 to 1
Jim Furyk 125 to 1
Zach Johnson 125 to 1
Byeong-Hun An 135 to 1
Joost Luiten 135 to 1
Billy Horschel 155 to 1
Graeme McDowell 155 to 1
Danny Lee 165 to 1
Marc Warren 165 to 1
Ryan Palmer 165 to 1
David Howell 200 to 1
Jason Dufner 215 to 1
Keegan Bradley 215 to 1
Padraig Harrington 215 to 1
Rafa Cabrera Bello 215 to 1
Ernie Els 225 to 1
Jamie Donaldson 225 to 1
Eddie Pepperell 235 to 1
Miguel Angel Jimenez 235 to 1
Hunter Mahan 255 to 1
Russell Knox 255 to 1
Ross Fisher 265 to 1
Geoff Ogilvy 275 to 1
Angel Cabrera 285 to 1
Thomas Bjorn 285 to 1
Ryan Moore 300 to 1
Gary Woodland 315 to 1
Thongchai Jaidee 315 to 1
Stephen Gallacher 325 to 1
Bill Haas 335 to 1
George Coetzee 335 to 1
Marc Leishman 345 to 1
Andy Sullivan 355 to 1
Retief Goosen 355 to 1
Russell Henley 355 to 1
Alexander Levy 365 to 1
James Morrison 365 to 1
Ben Martin 385 to 1
Graham DeLaet 385 to 1
Harris English 395 to 1
John Senden 425 to 1
Pablo Larrazabal 425 to 1
David Lingmerth 435 to 1
Webb Simpson 435 to 1
Charley Hoffman 445 to 1
Richie Ramsay 450 to 1
Jonas Blixt 455 to 1
Raphael Jacquelin 455 to 1
Soren Kjeldsen 455 to 1
Kevin Na 465 to 1
Tyrell Hatton 465 to 1
Brendon Todd 475 to 1
Thorbjorn Olesen 500 to 1
Robert Streb 515 to 1
Mikko Ilonen 525 to 1
Thomas Aiken 525 to 1
Steven Bowditch 535 to 1
Steve Stricker 550 to 1
Paul Lawrie 615 to 1
Brian Harman 655 to 1
Daniel Berger 675 to 1
Matteo Manassero 675 to 1
Kevin Streelman 685 to 1
Matt Jones 685 to 1
Cameron Tringale 715 to 1
Kiradech Aphibarnrat 735 to 1
Morgan Hoffmann 755 to 1
Carl Pettersson 765 to 1
Anirban Lahiri 775 to 1
Jaco Van Zyl 800 to 1
James Hahn 800 to 1
Marcel Siem 825 to 1
Edoardo Molinari 835 to 1
David Hearn 845 to 1
Stewart Cink 855 to 1
Darren Clarke 875 to 1
Greg Owen 88 to 1
Bernhard Langer 91500
Adam Bland 1000 to 1
Alister Balcombe 1000 to 1
Anthony Wall 1000 to 1
Ashley Chesters 1000 to 1
Ben Curtis 1000 to 1
Ben Taylor 1000 to 1
Brett Rumford 1000 to 1
Daniel Brooks 1000 to 1
David Duval 1000 to 1
David Lipsky 1000 to 1
Gary Boyd 1000 to 1
Greg Chalmers 1000 to 1
Gunn Yang 1000 to 1
Hiroshi Iwata 1000 to 1
Hiroyuki Fujita 1000 to 1
John Daly 1000 to 1
Jonathan Moore 1000 to 1
Jordan Niebrugge 1000 to 1
Justin Leonard 1000 to 1
Kouemi Oda 1000 to 1
Marcus Fraser 1000 to 1
Mark Calcavecchia 1000 to 1
Mark O’Meara 1000 to 1
Mark Young 1000 to 1
Matt Every 1000 to 1
Oliver Schniederjans 1000 to 1
Paul Dunne 1000 to 1
Paul Kinnear 1000 to 1
Pelle Edberg 1000 to 1
Rikard Karlberg 1000 to 1
Robert Dinwiddie 1000 to 1
Rod Pampling 1000 to 1
Romain Langasque 1000 to 1
Romain Wattel 1000 to 1
Ryan Fox 1000 to 1
Sandy Lyle 1000 to 1
Scott Arnold 1000 to 1
Scott Hend 1000 to 1
Scott Strange 1000 to 1
Shinji Tomimura 1000 to 1
Sir Nick Faldo 1000 to 1
Tadahiro Takayama 1000 to 1
Taichi Teshima 1000 to 1
Todd Hamilton 1000 to 1
Tom Gillis 1000 to 1
Tom Lehman 1000 to 1
Tom Watson 1000 to 1
Wen-Chong Liang 1000 to 1
Yuta Ikeda 1000 to 1

Current Odds To Win The British Open From JustBet Sportsbook (as of 7/10/16):
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J.B. HOLMES 80/1
KEVIN NA 150/1

2015 Kentucky Derby Picks – Odds & Post Positions

April 30th, 2015 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist) | Posted in Horse Racing   Comments Off on 2015 Kentucky Derby Picks – Odds & Post Positions
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Free 2015 Kentucky Derby Picks & Odds Are Listed Below
2015 Kentucky Derby Racing Form, Odds, Date & Info
Date: Saturday, May 2, 2015 (12:30pm to 7:30pm EST)
Noon to 7:30pm – Derby Post Time: 6:24 p.m. (EST)

Race Location: Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky
TV: NBC Sports (12 – 4pm ET) – Derby Race: NBC (6pm ET)
Morning Line Favorite: American Pharoah (Odds: 5-2) 

Racing Form: Check Back Here For Link To Racing Form
Our Kentucky Derby Picks & Derby Odds Can Be Found Below
Previous Five Kentucky Derby Winners
2014California Chrome
2012I’ll Have Another
2011Animal Kingdom
2010Super Saver

In what many call the most exciting two minutes in sports, the annual running of the Kentucky Derby will take place this upcoming Saturday, May 2nd.  The race will be shown live the famous Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky on NBC at 6pm (EST). Below you will find some of our 2015 Kentucky Derby picks with a breakdown of the odds & race entries.  The general general predictions from famous horse racing experts and handicappers are listed below. 

The overwhelming favorite for the 2015 Kentucky Derby is American Pharoah.  Listed at 3.5 to 1 odds (at 5Dimes Sportsbook), Pharoah is ridden by famous jockey, Victor Espinoza, who also jockeyed last year’s winner of California Chrome.  Many of of the famous experts, including Jill Byrne & Ed DeRosa, have predicted Pharoah will cross the finish first.  The duo of trainer Bob Baffert and jockey Victor Espinoza is the most highlighted team of them all and why American Pharoah is the favorite.   We at Bankroll Sports truly don’t think you will find any value betting the popular pick in Pharoah.  He is likely to go off at very poor odds due to him being the popular expert pick and the fact that Espinoza will be on him and there are too many strong horses in the field. Pharoah will also have to work from way out outside as he got a bad draw with the 18th post position.

A very popular pick from racing cappers & a true thoroughbred that want to avoid overlooking, is undefeated Dortmund (2015 Kentucky Derby Odds: 3 to 1 at 5Dimes Racebook).  Dortmund will be coming out of the number 8 post and is trained by the popular Bob Baffert, who is also training the popular favorite, American Pharoah.  To fill out an MVP team, Dortmund’s saddle will be controlled by Martin Garcia.  

As we said, there are some other impressive horses in the field, and not all the experts are backing American Pharoah.  While not exactly contrarian picks, other experts, like Daily Facing Form’s David Grening, is keen on the other Bob Baffert trained horse. The handicappers at Bankroll Sports also like Grening’s pick of Carpe Diem who’s morning line is at 8 to 1 odds to win the 2015 Kentucky Derby (odds from 5Dimes Sportsbook).  Carpe Diem will be ridden by soon-to-be-retired and legendary jockey, John Velazquez.  Velazquez will look to add to his impressive resume including a 2011 derby win (on the back of Animal Kingdom).  Velazquez hopes to go out out on top by winning the grand daddy of them all one more time.  Our handicappers (as well as many) love trainer Todd Pletcher and expect him to have Carpe Diem ready for the longer track at Churchill Downs.  We also like that Carpe Diem has the inside number 2 post position, giving him the chance to get out in front and ride the rail.  Throw in that he’s not one of the Baffert trained horses, you are likely to end up with a decent price at post time.

Todd Pletcher (Carpe Diam’s trainer) will be training several horses in this year’s Kentucky Derby.  Aside from Carpe Diem, the most well-known of them (from many horse racing aficionados) would be Materiality (2015 Kentucky Derby Odds: 21 to 1).  Materiality is from the stud of the briefly-famous Afleet Alex.  This is a nice bloodline as Afleet Alex won the Preakness Stakes & Belmont Stakes in 2005 (as well as three other majors). Materiality is being ridden by a red-hot rider in jockey Javier Castellano. The experienced Castellano finished number one overall in jockey earnings the past two years (2014 & 2015) and did so on the backs of some significant horses.  If you are looking for a sleeper, Materiality’s morning line of 21 to 1 offers tremendous value.

2015 Kentucky Derby Odds & Post Post Positions (as of 4/30/15)
Current Odds From BetOnline Racebook & Sportsbook (as of 4/30/14)

Horse Name
Horse’s Trainer
Odds To Win
Ocho Ocho Ocho
Elvis Trujillo
Jim Cassidy
Carpe Diem
John Velazquez
Todd Pletcher
Javier Castellano
Todd Pletcher
Manny Franco
George Weaver
Danzig Moon
Julien Leparoux
Mark Casse
Christophe Soumillion
Mike de Kock
El Kabeir
Calvin Borel
John Terranova II
Martin Garcia
Bob Baffert
Rafael Bejarano
Carla Gaines
Firing Line
Gary Stevens
Simon Callaghan
Florent Geroux
Todd Pletcher
International Star
Miguel Mena
Mike Maker
Luis Saez
Todd Pletcher
Keen Ice
Kent Desormeaux
Dale Romans
Joel Rosario
Kiaran McLaughlin
War Story
Joe Talamo
Tom Amoss
Mr. Z
Ramon Vazquez
D. Wayne Lukas
American Pharoah
Victor Espinoza
Bob Baffert
Jose Ortiz
Rick Violette Jr.
Far Right
Mike Smith
Ron Moquett

2013 NFL Playoff Odds – Wildcard Weekend Game Lines

January 2nd, 2014 by Bankroll Sports Staff | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2013 NFL Playoff Odds – Wildcard Weekend Game Lines
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Week 17 NFL Betting

Here you will find the complete listing of all the NFL Wildcard Weekend lines from JustBet Sportsbook
These include previews, spreads, and totals for all the NFL playoffs wildcard games at JustBet Sportsbook

Wildcard Game Lines On Saturday, January 4, 2013

Kansas City at Indianapolis (-2.5, 46.5) 4:35 PM EST on NBC
The AFC South champion Indianapolis Colts host the Kansas City Chiefs in what will be a rematch from week 16. The Colts Indianapolis (11-5 SU, 9-6-1 ATS) upset the Chiefs 23-7 in Arrowhead Stadium, forcing 4 turnovers. Andrew Luck led the offensive charge with 241 yards passing while Donald Brown had 120 total yards and two touchdowns. Indianapolis has won three straight games while Kansas City comes in on a two game skid. Kansas City Kansas City (11–5 SU, 9–7 ATS) did rest their starters in the final regular season game losing in overtime 27-24 to Kansas City.

New Orleans at Philadelphia (-2.5, 53.5) 8:00 PM EST on NBC
Two of the higher scoring teams in the NFL will meet at Lincoln Financial field as the NFC East champion Philadelphia Eagles host the New Orleans Saints. The Eagles (10-6 SU, 8-7-1 ATS) are coming off a 24-22 victory over Dallas to win their division, clinching the #3 seed in the process. New Orleans (11-5, SU, 8-8 ATS) clinched the final wildcard spot with a dominant 42-17 win over TampaBay. The Saints hit a rough patch in December, and have lost three out of their last five games. Philadelphia is one of the hotter teams in the league, winning seven out their last eight.

Wildcard Weekend Odds On Sunday, January 5, 2013

San Diego at Cincinnati (-7, 46.5) 1:00 PM EST on CBS
The San Diego Chargers will have their work cut out for them when they travel to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals. These two teams met in week 13, with Cincinnati winning 17-10. The Bengals (11-5 SU, 10-5-1 ATS) have been dominant at home this year, going 8-0 at Paul Brown Stadium. What’s even more impressive is that they are also 8-0 against the spread at home as well. Cincinnati put an end to Baltimore’s playoff hopes, defeating the Ravens 34-17 last Sunday despite 3 interceptions thrown by quarterback Andy Dalton. San Diego (9-7 SU, 8-7-1 ATS) comes in to Sundays matchup off a 27-24 overtime win over Kansas City and have won five out of their last six games.

San Francisco (-2.5, 48) at Green Bay 4:30 PM EST on FOX
San Francisco will travel to Lambeau Field for the second meeting this season with the Green Bay Packers (8-7-1 SU, 6-10 ATS). The 49ers defeated the Packers 34-28 in week 1 and was one of the more entertaining contests of the season. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers returned last Sunday after missing the previous seven games with a collarbone injury. The result was positive, as Green Bay defeated Chicago last week 33-28 to clinch the NFC North title and the #4 seed. San Francisco (12–4 SU, 10–5-1 ATS) notched their sixth win in a row defeating Arizona 23-20 last Sunday.

2013 Week 14 NFL Odds List & Rundown – NFL Football Lines

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List (Below) & Breakdown of the Week 14 NFL Lines For All This Week’s Games

Listed below you will find the complete rundown and list of all the 2013 NFL Week 14 lines, including spreads, totals, and moneylines, for all the upcoming NFL Football games.

2013 Week 14 NFL Lines For Thursday (12/5/2013)

Houston (-3, 43) at Jacksonville 8:25 PM EST NFL Network

Two of the AFC South bottom feeders meet for the second time this season on Thursday night football as the Houston Texans take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Houston (2–10 SU, 3–9 ATS) is coming off a 34-31 loss to New England, their 10th loss in a row. Jacksonville (3–9 SU, 4–8 ATS) is coming off an upset win on the road at Cleveland. Jacksonville won the previous matchup between these two, 13–7.

2013 Week 14 Sunday NFL Lines For 12/8/2013

Kansas City (-3, 45) at Washington 1:00 PM EST CBS

The Kansas City Chiefs (9–3 SU, 6–6 ATS), losers of three in a row and coming off a 35–28 loss to Denver, will look to stay in the AFC West race as they take on the Washington Redskins (3–9 SU, 3–9 ATS). Washington’s season is pretty much lost, coming off a 24–17 loss to division rival New York.

Atlanta at Green Bay (NL) 1:00 PM EST FOX

Green Bay (5-6-1 SU, 4-8 ATS) is coming off a 40-10 loss at Detroit, and will look to stay in contention in the NFC North as they host the Atlanta Falcons.  The Falcons (3-9 SU, 4-8 ATS) picked up a win last Sunday winning in Toronto against Buffalo 34–31. Reports are that Aaron Rodgers will be back for the Packers on Sunday, and they need him back as soon as possible if they have any chance to win the division.

Minnesota at Baltimore (-7, 43) 1:00 PM EST FOX

The Baltimore Ravens (6-6 SU, 6-5-1 ATS) will look to stay in the AFC wildcard hunt as they host the Minnesota Vikings. Baltimore is coming off a key divisional win on Thanksgiving night beating Pittsburgh 22–20. Minnesota (3-8-1 SU, 6-6 ATS) is out of wildcard contention, yet still remains competitive. The Vikings won at home against Chicago in overtime 23–20 last Sunday.

Cleveland at New England (NL) 1:00 PM EST CBS

The New England Patriots (9–3 SU, 6-6 ATS) currently hold the #2 seed in the AFC and will look to continue their winning ways as they host the Cleveland Browns. The Browns (4–8 SU, 5–7–1 ATS) are coming off an upset loss at home to the Jacksonville Jaguars 32–28. The Patriots rebounded from a slow start on Sunday to beat the Houston Texans 34-31.

Oakland at New York (A) (-2.5) 1:00 PM EST CBS

The New York Jets (5-7 SU, 6-6 ATS) have fallen on hard times as of late, losing three in a row and will look to right the ship as they host the Oakland Raiders. The Jets failed to get anything going off offensively last Sunday losing to Miami 23–3. Oakland (4–8 SU, 8–4 ATS) is coming off a Thanksgiving Day loss to the Dallas Cowboys 31–24.

Indianapolis at Cincinnati (-5.5, 44) 1:00 PM EST CBS

The Indianapolis Colts (8-4 SU, 6-5-1 ATS) will look to clinch the AFC South division when they travel to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals. Indianapolis rebounded from a brutal 29 point loss as they beat the Tennessee Titans 22–14 last Sunday. Cincinnati (8-4 SU, 7-4-1 ATS) currently holds a two game lead in the AFC North and are coming off a win at San Diego 17–10.

Detroit at Philadelphia (-2.5, 54) 1:00 PM EST FOX

In what will be one of the more interesting matchups on Sunday the NFC North leading Detroit Lions take on the Philadelphia Eagles (7-5 SU, 6-5-1 ATS). Detroit (7-5 SU, 6-6 ATS) is coming off a 40–10 blowout win on Thanksgiving Day over Green Bay. Philadelphia beat Arizona last Sunday 24–21, and is currently on a four game winning streak.

Miami at Pittsburgh (-3, 41) 1:00 PM EST CBS

The Miami Dolphins (6-6 SU, 7-5 ATS) will look to stay in the AFC wildcard hunt as they travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers. The Steelers (6-6 SU, 7-5 ATS) are coming off a slim 22–20 loss at Baltimore Thanksgiving night and are in a must win situation. Miami is coming off a 23–3 blowout win over the New York Jets.

Buffalo at Tampa Bay (-2.5, 42.5) 1:00 PM EST

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-9 SU, 5-7 ATS) had their three game win streak snapped last week losing to Carolina 27–6. They will look to get back in the win column as they host the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo (4–8 SU, 6-6 ATS) is coming off a 34–31 overtime loss in Toronto to Atlanta.

Tennessee at Denver (-11.5, 49) 4:05 PM EST

The Denver Broncos (10–2 SU, 7–5 ATS) will look to keep their #1 seed intact as the host the Tennessee Titans. Denver got a big victory last Sunday, winning in Kansas City 35–28. Tennessee (5-7 SU, 6-4–2 ATS) is coming off a 22–14 loss at Indianapolis and trail the Colts by 3 games in the AFC South.

St. Louis at Arizona (-6, 41.5) 4:25 PM EST FOX

The St. Louis Rams (5-7 SU, 5-7 ATS) saw their playoff chances dwindle last week as they lost to division rival San Francisco 23–13. Arizona (7-5 SU, 7-4-1 ATS) is still in the wildcard hunt yet suffered a setback last week, losing to Philadelphia to 4–21.

New York (N) at San Diego (-3, 47.5) 4:25 PM EST FOX

The New York Giants (5–7 SU, 5–7 ATS) will look to stay in contention in the NFC East and will travel out west to play the San Diego Chargers. New York got a big division win last week with a win at Washington 24–17. San Diego (5-7 SU, 6-5-1 ATS) saw their playoff hopes take a hit as they lost 17–10 at home to Cincinnati.

Seattle at San Francisco (NL) 4:25 PM EST FOX

The San Francisco 49ers (8–4 SU, 8–3-1 ATS) will be looking for revenge as they host the Seattle Seahawks. In the previous matchup in week 2, Seattle (11-1 SU, 8-4 ATS) dominated the 49ers, winning 29–3. Seattle currently holds the #1 seed in the NFC and is coming off a huge win on Monday night football beating the Saints 34–7. The 49ers took care of business last Sunday, beating the St. Louis Rams 23-13.

Carolina at New Orleans (-3.5, 45) 8:30 PM EST NBC

In a key NFC South matchup, the Carolina Panthers (9-3 SU, 8-4 ATS) travel to New Orleans to take on the Saints. The Saints (9-3, SU, 6-6 ATS) are coming off their worst loss of the season losing at Seattle 34–7. The Panthers are currently on an eight game win streak, winning last Sunday beating Tampa Bay 27-6.

2013 Week 14 Monday Night Football Game Odds (12/9/2013)

Dallas at Chicago (Off The Board) 8:30 PM EST ESPN

The Dallas Cowboys (7-5 SU, 8-4 ATS) will look to keep pace in the NFC East as they travel to Chicago to take on the Bears. Dallas is coming off a 31–24 when on Thanksgiving Day over Oakland. Chicago (6-6 SU, 2-8-2 ATS) is coming off a 23-20 overtime loss at Minnesota. Dallas will be looking for revenge as they lost to Chicago at home on Monday night football 34–18 last season.

Complete List of Week 14 NFL Odds (Spreads, Totals, Moneylines) From JustBet
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Week 14 NFL Lines For Thursday, December 5, 2013
8:00 PM (EST):    
101HOUSTON -3½-105 o43-110 -190
102JACKSONVILLE +3½-115 u43-110 +160
Week 14 NFL Football Odds For Sunday December 8, 2013
1:00 PM (EST):    
131KANSAS CITY -3-125 o45-110 -175
132WASHINGTON +3+105 u45-110 +150
1:00 PM (EST):    
133MINNESOTA +6½-110 o42½-110 +230
134BALTIMORE -6½-110 u42½-110 -280
1:00 PM (EST):    
137OAKLAND +2½EV o40½-110 +120
138NY JETS -2½-120 u40½-110 -140
1:00 PM (EST):    
139INDIANAPOLIS +6-110 o43½-110 +215
140CINCINNATI -6-110 u43½-110 -255
8:00 PM (EST):    
1:00 PM (EST):    
143DETROIT +2½-105 o54½-110 +125
144PHILADELPHIA -2½-115 u54½-110 -145
1:00 PM (EST):    
145MIAMI +3EV o41-110 +145
146PITTSBURGH -3-120 u41-110 -170
1:00 PM (EST):    
147BUFFALO +2½EV o42½-110 +125
148TAMPA BAY -2½-120 u42½-110 -145
4:05 PM (EST):    
149TENNESSEE +12-110 o48½-110 +470
150DENVER -12-110 u48½-110 -650
4:25 PM (EST):    
151ST. LOUIS +6½-110 o41½-110 +225
152ARIZONA -6½-110 u41½-110 -270
4:25 PM (EST):    
153NY GIANTS +3EV o47-110 +145
154SAN DIEGO -3-120 u47-110 -170
4:25 PM (EST):    
155SEATTLE +2½EV o41½-110 +125
156SAN FRANCISCO -2½-120 u41½-110 -145
Week 14 NFL Lines For Friday, December 9, 2013
8:40 PM (EST):    
159DALLAS +1-110 o49-110 -105
160CHICAGO -1-110 u49-110 -115

2013 Week 13 NFL Lines Breakdown – Week Thirteen Odds

November 29th, 2013 by Bankroll Sports Staff | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2013 Week 13 NFL Lines Breakdown – Week Thirteen Odds
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The Complete List of the Week 13 NFL Football Odds For All Games

Listed below you will find the complete rundown and list of all the 2013 NFL Football week 12 odds, including spreads, totals and moneylines, for all the upcoming games including the Thanksgiving day matchups for Thursday.

2013 Thanksgiving Day NFL Lines (11/28/2013)

Green Bay at Detroit (-6, 50) 12:30 PM EST FOX
Week 12 of the NFL season kicks off Thursday afternoon on Fox as the Green Bay Packers take on the Detroit Lions (6-5 SU, 5-6 ATS). All four NFC North teams failed to pick up a win in week 12. Green Bay (5-5-1 SU, 4-7 ATS) played Minnesota to a 26-26 tie, while Detroit fell to TampaBay at home 24-21. No word yet on who will get the start at quarterback for the Packers.

Oakland at Dallas (-9.5, 45.5) 4:30 PM EST CBS
The Dallas Cowboys (6-5 SU, 8-3 ATS) try to keep pace in the NFC East as they take on the Oakland Raiders. Dallas notched an important division win on the road on Sunday, beating the Giants 24-21 on a last second field goal. Oakland (4–7 SU, 7–4 ATS) suffered a last second loss at home to Tennessee as the Titans scored a touchdown with 10 seconds remaining to defeat Oakland 23-19.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore (-3, 40.5) 8:30 PM EST NBC
Two AFC North rivals clash on Thanksgiving night as the Pittsburgh Steelers (5-6 SU, 5-6 ATS) take on the Baltimore Ravens (5-6 SU, 6-4-1 ATS) from M&T Bank Stadium. Both Baltimore and Pittsburgh sit at 5-6 and tied for second in the division two games behind division leader Cincinnati.

2013 Week 13 Sunday NFL Football Game Lines (12/1/2013)

Jacksonville at Cleveland (-7, 40.5) 1:00 PM EST
The Jacksonville Jaguars (2–9 SU, 3–8 ATS) will try to win two in a row for the first time this season when they travel to Cleveland to take on the Browns. Cleveland (4–7 SU, 5–6–1 ATS) is now alone in last place in the AFC North after a 27-11 loss to Pittsburgh. Jacksonville picked up their second win of the year, both of them on the road, defeating Houston 13-6.

Tennessee at Indianapolis (-4, 44.5) 1:00 PM EST
The Tennessee Titans (5-6 SU, 6-3–2 ATS) will try to gain some ground as they take on the Indianapolis Colts (7-4 SU, 5-5-1 ATS). These two AFC South teams met in week 11 with the Colts coming up victorious 30-27. Indianapolis is coming off a 40-11 loss at Arizona, while the Titans picked up a win at Oakland 23-19.

Chicago (-1, 48) at Minnesota 1:00 PM EST
The Chicago Bears (6-5 SU, 2-7-2 ATS) will try to get back in the win column as they travel to Minnesota (2-8-1 SU, 5-6 ATS) to take on the Vikings. The Vikings played Green Bay last week to a 26-26 tie at Lambeau field. Chicago was routed at St. Louis last Sunday 42-21. Chicago is tied for first with Detroit in the NFC North.

Miami at New York (A) (-1.5, 38.5) 1:00 PM EST
The New York Jets (5-6 SU, 6-5 ATS) host the Miami Dolphins (5-6 SU, 6-5 ATS) in an AFC East tilt, as both teams look to stay in the wildcard hunt.  New York has lost two straight, both on the road, and are eager to get back at home, where they are 4-1. The Dolphins squandered a 13 point lead on Sunday and ended up losing to Carolina 20-16.

Arizona at Philadelphia (-3.5, 48.5) 1:00 PM EST
Two of the hotter teams in the NFL meet in Philadelphia on Sunday, as the Arizona Cardinals (7-4 SU, 7-4 ATS) take on the Eagles. The Eagles (6-5 SU, 6-5 ATS), behind Nick Foles have reeled off three straight victories, and are coming off the bye week. The Cardinals are in the NFC wildcard hunt after thrashing Indianapolis 40-11. This will be an interesting matchup between two teams that are playing with a lot of confidence.

Tampa Bay at Carolina (-8, 41.5) 1:00 PM EST
Don’t look now, but Tampa Bay has won three straight, and will look to break the seven game win streak of the Carolina Panthers (8-3 SU, 7-4 ATS) on Sunday. Tampa Bay (3-8 SU, 5-6 ATS) entered Sunday’s contest against Detroit as an 8 point underdog and came out victorious 24-21. Carolina needed a touchdown drive late to beat the Miami Dolphins 20-16.

Atlanta at Buffalo (-3.5, 46) 4:05 PM EST from The Rogers Centre, Toronto, ON

The Atlanta Falcons (2-9 SU, 3-8 ATS) will look to post a win in what has been a disappointing season as they head to Toronto to take on the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo (4–7 SU, 6-5 ATS) is coming off a bye week, the week before they won in blowout fashion over the Jets 37-14. Atlanta is coming off a home loss last Thursday to New Orleans 17-13.

St. Louis at San Francisco (-9.5, 41.5) 4:05 PM EST
St. Louis (5-6 SU, 5-6 ATS) will look to make it three straight wins as they head to the Bay Area to take on San Francisco in an NFC West tilt. The 49ers (7–4 SU, 7–3-1 ATS) put on a dominant performance Monday night downing Washington 27-6. The 49ers won this season’s first meeting 35-11.

Denver at Kansas City (NL) 4:25 PM EST
AFC playoff position will be at stake as the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos meet for the second time in three weeks at Arrowhead Stadium. Both teams ended up on the losing end on Sunday. Denver (9–2 SU, 6–5 ATS) lost at New England as the Patriots overcame a 24 point deficit to win in overtime. The Chiefs (9–2 SU, 6–5 ATS) were upset in a 41-38 shootout at Arrowhead. 

Cincinnati at San Diego (PK, 48) 4:25 PM EST
The Cincinnati Bengals (7-4 SU, 6-4-1 ATS) come back from the bye week and head west to take on the San Diego Chargers. The Bengals currently sit atop the AFC North with a two game lead. San Diego (5-6 SU, 6-4-1 ATS) is still in the wildcard hunt and coming off a big road win in Kansas City last week upsetting the Chiefs 41-38.

2013 Week 13 Sunday NFL Football Game Lines (12/1/2013)

New York (N) at Washington (-2, 45) 8:30 PM EST
Two desperate teams in the NFC East meet on Sunday night football as the Washington Redskins (3–8 SU, 3–8 ATS) take on the New York Giants (4–7 SU, 4–7 ATS). Both teams are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs but with Dallas and Philadelphia both leading the division; neither team can afford a loss.

2013 Week 13 Monday Night Football Game Odds (12/2/2013)

New Orleans at Seattle (-6, 46) 8:30 PM EST
The two top teams in the NFC will meet in Seattle as the Seahawks host the New Orleans Saints (9-2, SU, 6-5 ATS). This game will have serious playoff seeing implications as the Seahawks (10-1 SU, 7-4 ATS) will look to take a two game lead for the #1 seed in the playoffs. The Seahawks are coming off the bye week, while the Saints are coming off a 23-20 victory over San Francisco.

Thanksgiving Day NFL Lines For Thursday, November, 28, 2013
12:30 PM303GREEN BAY +6-110 o49½-110 +212
 304DETROIT -6-110 u49½-110 -255
4:30 PM305OAKLAND +8½-110 o47-110 +335
 306DALLAS -8½-110 u47-110 -420
8:30 PM307PITTSBURGH +2½EV o40½-110 +125
 308BALTIMORE -2½-120 u40½-110 -145
2013 Week 13 NFL Lines For Sunday, December 1, 2013
1:00 PM425TENNESSEE +4-110 o45½-110 +170
 426INDIANAPOLIS -4-110 u45½-110 -200
4:25 PM427DENVER -5½-110 o48-110 -240
 428KANSAS CITY +5½-110 u48-110 +200
1:00 PM429JACKSONVILLE +7-115 o40-110 +255
 430CLEVELAND -7-105 u40-110 -310
1:00 PM431TAMPA BAY +7½-110 o41-110 +310
 432CAROLINA -7½-110 u41-110 -380
1:00 PM433CHICAGO +1-110 o49-110 -105
 434MINNESOTA -1-110 u49-110 -115
1:00 PM435ARIZONA +3-110 o48½-110 +135
 436PHILADELPHIA -3-110 u48½-110 -160
1:00 PM437MIAMI +2½-110 o39½-110 +115
 438NY JETS -2½-110 u39½-110 -135
4:05 PM439ATLANTA +3½-120 o47-110 +145
 440BUFFALO -3½EV u47-110 -170
4:05 PM441ST. LOUIS+8 -11041.5 -110+320
 442SAN FRANCISCO-8 -11041.5 -110-400
1:00 PM443NEW ENGLAND -8-110 o47-110 
 444HOUSTON +8-110 u47-110 
4:25 PM445CINCINNATI PK-110 o48-110 
 446SAN DIEGO PK-110 u48-110 
8:30 PM447NY GIANTS -1 -11045.5 -110 -115 
 448WASHINGTON+1 -110 45.5 -110 +105 
2013 Week 13 Monday Night Football Lines For December 2, 2013
8:40 PM449NEW ORLEANS +4½-110 o47-110 +185
 450SEATTLE -4½-110 u47-110 -220