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Complete MLB Playoffs TV Schedule, World Series TV Schedule

October 19th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on Complete MLB Playoffs TV Schedule, World Series TV Schedule
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The Complete MLB Playoffs TV Schedule Can Be Found Below

2013 World Series LogoThe 2013 World Series is finally here and it features two of baseballs power dominant teams.  For baseball purists, this is one of the most exciting World Series matchups in a very long time.  You’ll find the World Series TV Schedule and TV listings for each of the games.  Be sure to keep an eye on this page every post-season as our staff will be regularly updating this page through future postseasons.  We will have all of the World Series and playoff games each and every year.  Bookmark This Page (Internet Explorer Only) to check back and see the up to date TV schedule, along with the probable starting pitchers and the final scores of each of the games, as this page will be updated nightly in the playoffs!

Current Event: World Series: Full World Series Schedule & TV Listings
World Series Scheduled Dates: Wednesday, October 23-31, 2013 (TV Network: FOX)
Italics Denote If Necessary Games – Highlighted Matchups Are The Next Upcoming Game

World Series Game 1: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 7:30pm ET
Matchup St. Louis Cardinals @ Boston Red Sox (TV Network: FOX)

Listed Pitchers: RHP Adam Wainwright (St. Louis) vs LHP Jon Lester (Boston)
World Series Game 1 Odds: Boston -117 / St. Louis +110 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook
World Series Game 1 Over/Under: Over 7 -120 / Under 7 +110 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook

World Series Game 2: Thursday, October, 24, 7:30 ET – Cardinals @ Red Sox (TV Network: FOX)
World Series Game 3: Saturday, October, 26, 7:30 ET – Red Sox @ Cardinals (TV Network: FOX)
World Series Game 4: Sunday, October, 27, 8:00 ET – Red Sox @ Cardinals (TV Network: FOX)
World Series Game 5: Monday, October, 28, 7:30 ET – Red Sox @ Cardinals (TV Network: FOX)
World Series Game 6: Wednesday, October, 30, 7:30 ET – Red Sox @ Cardinals (TV Network: FOX)
World Series Game 7: Thursday, October, 30, 7:30 ET – Red Sox @ Cardinals (TV Network: FOX)

Wacha Wacha Wacha! If you didn’t know the name of RHP Michael Wacha before this week, you sure as heck do now. This kid has been lights out here in the playoffs, and he now has been named the MVP of the NLCS. All Wacha did in two games against one of the best teams in baseball and against the Cy Young Award winner in LHP Clayton Kershaw was throw 13.2 shutout innings, allowing seven hits and two walks in those outings. Wacha has been a stud in these playoffs, and the argument could be made that he should be starting Game 1 against the Red Sox in the World Series. We won’t go that far yet, because RHP Adam Wainwright is certainly well rested having only had to pitch one game against the Dodgers. This series was always going to be won by St. Louis right out of the blocks, as it won the first two games and never looked back. These Cards are legit, and they might be the favorites in the Fall Classic to get their 12th World Series ring in franchise history.

Game 163 (AL Wild Card Tiebreaker)
Monday 9/30, 8:07 PM – Rays 5 @ Rangers 2 (TB Wins AL Wild Card)

LHP David Price was masterful on Monday night against a team that was expected to give him fits. He threw nearly 120 pitches to get arguably his most important win of his career, taking down the Rangers without really getting into too many tough jams. 3B Evan Longoria had three hits on the night, including the two-run homer that Texas never really fully recovered from. The Rangers are now going into the offseason wondering if Manager Ron Washington is going to still be with the team, while Tampa Bay advances to take on the Indians on Wednesday night.

NL Wild Card Playoff Game
Tuesday 10/1, 8:07 PM – Reds 2 @ Pirates 6 (PIT Wins NL Wild Card)

If you haven’t seen the video of the fans forcing Johnny Cueto to drop the baseball on the mound, you need to watch it. The next pitch was the home run that probably sealed the deal in the game. Pittsburgh’s fans were nuts as we expected at PNC Park, and they did such a massive job of helping out their hometown team, it isn’t even funny. We haven’t seen a home field advantage like this is the playoffs in quite some time, and we know that this is the key to keeping the Pirates alive in the playoffs as long as possible. The crowd clearly got under the skin of the Reds, and that’s why they’re going home early.

AL Wild Card Playoff Game
Wednesday 10/2, 8:07 PM – Rays 4 @ Indians 0 (TB Wins AL Wild Card)

It looked to be a day where Danny Salazar was going to declare himself the next great Indians pitcher, but that mark only really lasted for a couple innings. When Delmon Young rode a high fastball well over the wall in left field to give Tampa Bay a 1-0 lead, that was all the help that the team needed. The Tribe had their chances against Alex Cobb, but to his credit, he pitched a heck of a game and got himself out of every jam that he was in. Tampa Bay has now won back to back elimination games, and it’s time to ship off to Boston, where the hated Red Sox are waiting and licking their chops for a big time game.

ALDS: Full Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox Series Schedule

Italics Denote If Necessary Games
Game 1: Friday 10/4, 3:00 ET – Rays 2 @ Red Sox 12 (BOS Leads Series 1-0)
Game 2: Saturday 10/5, 5:30 ET – Rays 4 @ Red Sox 7 (BOS Leads Series 2-0)
Game 3: Monday 10/7, 6:00 ET – Red Sox 4 @ Rays 5 (BOS Leads Series 2-1)
Game 4: Tuesday 10/8, 8:30 ET – Red Sox 3 @ Rays 1 (BOS Wins Series 3-1)

The Rays had a chance in this series, but the truth of the matter is that they were overmatched for the most part. They kicked the ball around in the outfield quite a bit, and though they weren’t helped out by a lot of calls from a shaky umpiring crew, they weren’t able to come up with the big hits when they needed them either. The Boston bullpen was flawless outside of a home run by C Jose Lobaton that won Game 3, while the Rays were a disaster in the pen the whole series. The Red Sox scored more runs in their four games of this series than any other team did in the LDS, and heck… they scored almost as many runs in one game as any other team did in the LDS as well! This is a team that can really mash the baseball, and all of the awesome base running by men like OF Jacoby Ellsbury and OF Shane Victorino is really putting pressure on teams. This won’t be an easy team to knock out of the playoffs.

ALDS: Full Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland Athletics Series Schedule

Italics Denote If Necessary Games
Game 1: Friday 10/4, 9:30 ET – Tigers 3 @ Athletics 2 (DET Leads Series 1-0)
Game 2: Saturday 10/5, 9:00 ET – Tigers 0 @ Athletics 1 (Series Tied 1-1)
Game 3: Monday 10/7, 1:00 ET – Athletics 6 @ Tigers 3 (OAK Leads Series 2-1)
Game 4: Tuesday 10/8, 5:00 ET – Athletics 6 @ Tigers 8 (Series Tied 2-2)
Game 5: Thursday 10/10, 9:00 ET – Tigers 3 @ Athletics 0 (DET Wins Series 3-2)

Second verse, same as the first. What the A’s are finding out is that they don’t have the ace pitcher that can shut down a series the way that the Tigers have RHP Justin Verlander. Verlander was flat out awesome in this series. He might have been beaten in Game 2, but he still has allowed just one run in four starts against the A’s here in the playoffs over the course of the last two seasons. Oakland hosted Game 5 in both cases, but in both games, Verlander came up with a shutdown performance. The Athletics will look at Game 1 as the missed opportunity. They went through more than two full games without allowing a single run to the Tigers, yet they were down 1-0 after one game and were lucky to still be in the series after four games. Once the Detroit bats got going again with eight runs in Game 4, it was all over.

NLDS: Full Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves Series Schedule

Italics Denote If Necessary Games
Game 1: Thursday 10/3, 8:30 ET – Dodgers 6 @ Braves 1 (LA Leads Series 1-0)
Game 2: Friday 10/4, 6:00 ET – Dodgers 3 @ Braves 4 (Series Tied 1-1)
Game 3: Sunday 10/6, 8:00 ET – Braves 6 @ Dodgers 13 (LA Leads Series 2-1)
Game 4: Monday 10/7, 9:30 ET – Braves 3 @ Dodgers 4 (LA Wins Series 3-1)

Manager Don Mattingly gets all of the credit in the world for making the right choice with his starting pitching in this series. LHP Clayton Kershaw looked him in the face and said, “I’ve got the ball in Game 4,” and though he left in a suspect situation, the decision paid off, as the game was won and the series was clinched. Kershaw proved that he is a man on a mission this year, and no team looked more impressive in our eyes in the opening round of the playoffs than LA did. Five men pounded out six hits in the series, and OF Carl Crawford hit three of the seven home runs in the four games. Atlanta was overmatched from the get go, and it almost seemed like winning Game 2 was a bit of a farce as well, as that game easily could have gone the other way had the Dodgers not made a blunder on the base paths in the ninth inning.

NLDS: Full Pittsburgh Pirates vs. St. Louis Cardinals Series Schedule

Italics Denote If Necessary Games
Game 1: Thursday 10/3, 5:00 ET – Pirates 1 @ Cardinals 9 (STL Leads Series 1-0)
Game 2: Friday 10/4, 1:00 ET – Pirates 7 @ Cardinals 1 (Series Tied 1-1)
Game 3: Sunday 10/6, 4:30 ET – Cardinals 3 @ Pirates 5 (PIT Leads Series 2-1)
Game 4: Monday 10/7, 3:00 ET – Cardinals 2 @ Pirates 1 (Series Tied 2-2)
Game 5: Wednesday 10/9, 5:00 ET – Pirates 1 @ Cardinals 6 (STL Wins Series 3-2)

The Pirates gave it everything that they had, but when they only scratched out one hit in Game 4 of this series with RHP Michael Wacha on the mound, it was all over but the crying. As was the case in the regular season, there was never really all that much of a chance for the Pirates to overcome the Cardinals in the end, and the better team ultimately prevailed. The Cards didn’t amass a ton of hits, but they got the clutch ones that mattered, and they rode their ace to easy wins in Game 1 and the decisive Game 5. The penalty is that RHP Adam Wainwright won’t be available until Game 3 of the NLCS, but you take what you can get, and it’s better to live to fight another day. Pittsburgh has nothing to be ashamed of for this year, as just the ability to go on to play 168 games over the course of the season was very refreshing after two decades of losing baseball.

ALCS: Full ALCS Series Schedule

Italics Denote If Necessary Games
Game 1: Saturday 10/12, 8:00 ET – Tigers 1 @ Red Sox 0 (DET Leads Series 1-0)
Game 2: Sunday 10/13, 8:00 ET – Tigers 5 @ Red Sox 6 (Series Tied 1-1)
Game 3: Tuesday 10/15, 4:00 ET – Red Sox 1 @ Tigers 0 (BOS Leads Series 2-1)
Game 4: Wednesday 10/16, 8:00 ET – Red Sox 3 @ Tigers 7 (Series Tied 2-2)
Game 5: Thursday 10/17, 8:00 ET – Red Sox 4 @ Tigers 3 (BOS Leads Series 3-2)
Game 6: Saturday 10/19, 8:00 ET – Tigers (Scherzer) @ Red Sox (Buchholz) (FOX)
Game 7: Sunday 10/20, 8:00 ET – Tigers (Verlander) @ Red Sox (Lackey) (FOX) (If Nec)

The Tigers and the Red Sox have both been phenomenal over the course of this series, and when this one is said and done with, it is going to go down as one of the most remarkable series that we have ever seen. There have already been a pair of 1-0 games, there was a 5-1 lead that was blown in the final six outs of a game, and a 4-0 lead was nearly squandered. Now, the Tigers are left on the road with their two best pitchers that have to win the two biggest games of the season against the Red Sox. Boston has been badly overmatched in the starting pitching department, but shockingly, it was LHP Jon Lester that was outpitched in Game 1, while both RHP Max Scherzer and RHP Justin Verlander were beaten in Games 2 and 3. The Detroit bullpen hasn’t been remarkable, and that has probably been the difference in the series. There are some issues for sure to be worked out in Boston’s pen as well, but if the team keeps hitting like this and manages to get the job done to not blow leads, it’ll be blood, sweat, and beards in the Fall Classic this year.

NLCS: Full NLCS Series Schedule

Italics Denote If Necessary Games
Game 1: Friday 10/11, 8:30 ET – Dodgers 2 @ Cardinals 3 (STL Leads Series 1-0)
Game 2: Saturday 10/12, 4:00 ET – Dodgers 0 @ Cardinals 1 (STL Leads Series 2-0)
Game 3: Monday 10/14, 8:00 ET – Cardinals 0 @ Dodgers 3 (STL Leads Series 2-1)
Game 4: Tuesday 10/15, 8:00 ET – Cardinals 4 @ Dodgers 2 (STL Leads Series 3-1)
Game 5: Wednesday 10/16, 4:00 ET – Cardinals 4 @ Dodgers 6 (STL Leads Series 3-2)
Game 6: Friday 10/18, 8:30 ET – Dodgers 0 @ Cardinals 9 (STL Wins Series 4-2)

Free MLB Picks: Who Will Win the American League Pennant in 2013?

October 14th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on Free MLB Picks: Who Will Win the American League Pennant in 2013?
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AL LogoThe Boston Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers are left standing as the two teams to battle it out on the ALCS odds in 2013. Which one will advance to fight it out on the World Series lines? We have all of the answers for you here at Bankroll Sports!

The Boston Red Sox (AL Championship Odds: 1.05 to 1 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook) have officially come back from the dead. They were all but down 2-0 in the ALCS before getting some more Red Sox magic. We’ve seen this team do it time and time again, but in this case, they got a grand slam from DH David Ortiz to save this series. Ortiz went on to ultimately win the game in the ninth inning. We think that this one proved for sure that the Sox have the better bullpen and the better clutch hitting in this series. The question is going to be whether the starting pitching can really keep up. The truth of the matter is that every single game in this series is going to feature better starting pitching for the Tigers than the Red Sox. They’re going to have to find ways to keep these games close down the stretch and ultimately win them late on, because they aren’t likely to get the better starting pitching. That said, it really feels like that win in Game 2 might be what propels this team to the next level once again. The World Series might be beckoning once again in Beantown, and you can bet that the fans there are going to make life a living hell on Detroit if this series goes back to Fenway Park.

Diamond Sports

The Detroit Tigers (2013 Odds To Win AL Championship: 1 to 1.25 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook) though, do have the home field advantage in this series from here, and that can’t be forgotten. It also can’t be forgotten that the team should be up 2-1 at the end of the night on Tuesday, knowing that RHP Justin Verlander is going to be on the mound. Verlander has put up 28 straight zeroes, and not only is he slated to pitch Game 1 of this series, but Game 7 as well if it gets that far. Detroit would like to think that winning two games here in Motown would be good enough to have this series at least in command up 3-2. However, there are still some issues. This offense hasn’t had a remarkable game in this postseason yet, save for Game 4 against the Oakland Athletics in the ALDS, and inevitably, this is going to have to be what picks this team up. It has to be nice to know that a ton of pitchers combined on a no-hitter in Game 1 of this series, but it has to be just a demoralizing that four relievers each gave up one run apiece against the Sox in Game 2 to blow what should have been the game to go up 2-0. The Tigers have a lot of work to do, but they are the favorites for the time being in this fantastic series.

2013 MLB Odds to Win AL Championship @ 5Dimes Sportsbook (as of 10/14/13):
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Boston Red Sox Win AL Pennant +105
Detroit Tigers Win AL Pennant -125

MLB Free Picks & Predictions: Odds To Win 2013 NL Championship

October 13th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on MLB Free Picks & Predictions: Odds To Win 2013 NL Championship
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2013 National League Pennant Odds Listed Below

NL LogoWe’re two games into the NLCS, and it is clear that the St. Louis Cardinals now have a huge advantage over the Los Angeles Dodgers. It’s not a guarantee that they have locked it up by any stretch of the imagination, but it is clear that this is a series that doesn’t necessarily hang perfectly in the balance any longer. Don’t miss our analysis of the up to date NLCS odds and what each team needs to do to get to the World Series.

The Los Angeles Dodgers (Odds To Win 2013 National League Championship: 3.35 to 1 @ SportBet Sportsbook) probably never imagined the idea of losing both of the first two games of this series. Of course, they probably never figured that they were going to score two runs in two games either. LHP Clayton Kershaw and RHP Zack Greinke both pitched well in the first two games, but they are now both in a heck of a lot of trouble. Neither is guaranteed a spot on the mound again this season, and either LHP Hyun-Jin Ryu or RHP Ricky Nolasco have to win in these next two games just to get the ball back to the aces (unless Greinke pitches on three days rest). It’s the bats that really have us concerned, though. LF Carl Crawford and 2B Mark Ellis are doing a nice job hitting the ball at the top of the order, but the rest of this lineup has flat out stunk. 3B Juan Uribe has the one and only hit with runners in scoring position, and there aren’t a heck of a lot of hits with runners on base at all in this series either. That’s what is really going to have to change, because the pitching really isn’t getting any better than it was in St. Louis to start this series. There’s trouble in Tinseltown at this point, and losing this series at home would really draw the ire of all of the fans that were expecting it to essentially be Manifest Destiny to win the World Series.

Alas, here come the St. Louis Cardinals (NL Championship Odds: 1 to 4.60 @ SportBet Sportsbook). We’re all going to learn at some point that we can literally never count this team out of the equation in any series, especially with the way that it finds ways to get hits when it really needs it. The Cardinals have done just that time and time again, including in the 13th inning of Game 1. They have been phenomenal on the mound, and they couldn’t even expect that out of RHP Joe Kelly and RHP Michael Wacha. It’s the back of the rotation that has really picked this team up, as that is what kept the Cards in it against the Pittsburgh Pirates and what might get them to win it against the Dodgers. We’re a bit concerned over the fact that this is now three out of four games where the offense has been terrible, but it’s tough to complain when the last four games have all been won. The Cardinals are just figuring out how to manufacture runs and manufacture wins. That’s how this team has won 11 World Series titles in its history, and it might be how it wins World Series #12 this year in 2013.

National League Pennant Odds @ SportBet Sportsbook (as of 10/13/13):
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Los Angeles Dodgers Win NL Pennant +335
St. Louis Cardinals Win NL Pennant -460

New Los Angeles Dodgers Should Be Favorites On World Series Odds

August 26th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on New Los Angeles Dodgers Should Be Favorites On World Series Odds
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Los Angeles Dodgers Adrian GonzalezGive the Los Angeles Dodgers this much. At least they are going for the gold right now. Now that there is new ownership and new financial backing behind them, they are out to spend all of the money that they can to try to beat the World Series odds in Tinseltown. Join us at Bankroll Sports, as our expert baseball handicappers make their case for why this team should be favored on the odds to win the World Series a day after pulling off the massive trade to bring Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez to Dodgertown.

Manager Don Mattingly has always been looked at as one of the best potential managers in baseball, and now, he has a team at his disposal that could ultimately prove him to be a star. General Manager Ned Colletti has pushed all of the buttons that he has needed to push this year to get his team to the top, and he has done so by amassing just a slew of payroll. Shane Victorino first came from the Philadelphia Phillies, and then Joe Blanton was right behind him in a post-July 31st trade with the boys from the City of Brotherly Love. Hanley Ramirez was a disgruntled member of the Miami Marlins before he was dealt out to the West Coast to be with the Dodgers. But now, in the coup of coups, Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez are in Los Angeles after being sent here in an August 25th trade with the Boston Red Sox, who clearly needed to hit the self-destruct button. Carl Crawford is on his way as well, and that means that next year, someone that is in this crowded outfield is going to be pushed out.

Los Angeles Dodgers Odds To Win World Series 2012
Click on below links to bet on the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the World Series
JustBet Sportsbook: 9 to 1
5Dimes Sportsbook: 16 to 1
Bookmaker Sportsbook: 9.50 to 1
Bovada Sportsbook: 8 to 1

Star power doesn’t always translate into wins, especially in the playoffs, but in this case, we think that there is a real chance for the Dodgers to shine and to beat the World Series betting lines. When you think of the teams in the National League, you see a lot of squads that can pitch. However, what you don’t see a lot of are teams that truly are dangerous from 1 to 8 in their batting order. The Dodgers, when they are totally healthy, are now arguably baseball’s most dangerous team.

When Dee Gordon returns from his wrist injury, he figures to return to the leadoff role and playing shortstop, while Ramirez will likely shift over to third base on more of a full-time basis. Luis Cruz will be pushed out, but the middle of the order will feature the likes of Ramirez, Gonzalez, Kemp, and Ethier in some sort of order. Victorino is likely going to be shoved down towards the bottom of the lineup as well, and that leaves just Mark Ellis and AJ Ellis as the other two batters in the fold. Mark Ellis has done a nice job this year at second base, and he has done a yeoman’s job leading off for this team while Gordon has been out of the lineup. AJ Ellis has very quietly batted .284 this year with 10 homers and an OPS of .815, numbers that most teams would kill for out of their catcher.

It’s not like the cupboard is bare in the rotation either. Clayton Kershaw has a Cy Young under his belt, and though he isn’t going to win the honor this year, he is still going to be amongst the best pitchers in the league in terms of ERA. This will be another season where his ERA ends with a two in front of it, and behind him, there are three other starting pitchers in Chris Capuano, Chad Billingsley, and Aaron Harang that all that winning records and sub-3.70 ERAs. Ted Lilly might be able to make a comeback for the playoffs, and Beckett and Blanton will prove to be the wild cards.

Blanton hasn’t pitched all that well this year, going a combined just 8-12 with a 5.02 ERA, while Beckett has been a disaster and a half in Beantown. Still, both have playoff success and tons of it, and both are going to bring that experience into this staff in one form or another.

It’s not like the bullpen is slacking either. Kenley Jansen has gone 25-of-31 in save chances this year, and he has a 1.93 ERA. Scott Elbert, Randy Choate, and Ronald Belisario are the go-to men out of the pen, and that’s a great combination to parlay with guys like Blanton and potentially Harang from the starting staff for the second season.

Donny BaseballIn the end, the only question that is left in our eyes is whether the squad is going to gel quick enough to get the job done. There are still two games separating the Dodgers from the San Francisco Giants for the top spot in the NL West, and if the playoffs started today, the Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals would be in, while the Dodgers would be a half-game out.

The schedule though, is relatively easy. These next 11 games are against Miami (finishing this weekend series), Colorado, Arizona, and San Diego, and there should be at least seven wins in the bunch. From there, the Dodgers embark upon their toughest stretch of schedule. They take on the Giants on the road for three, the D’Backs on the road for two, then get the Cardinals at home for four before going east one last time for six games with the Nationals and Reds. The season finishes with three in San Diego, three at home against the Rockies, and three at home against the Giants, the last three games of the season that could prove to be the difference in the season for both teams.

In the end, if the Dodgers are one of the five teams in the National League that get into the playoffs, watch out! They are going to be a force to be reckoned with, and we think that they have the best team in baseball. The oddsmakers, as you can see, have adjusted their World Series lines (all Los Angeles Dodgers World Series odds listed above), but we don’t think that any of them have adjusted far enough. The Dodgers are here to stay, and they could be the team that goes all the way to win the Fall Classic.

2012 MLB Baseball Power Ratings (As of 7/1)

July 1st, 2012 by Bankroll Sports Staff | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on 2012 MLB Baseball Power Ratings (As of 7/1)

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*Our Current MLB Power Rankings & Records are as of 7/1/2012
(Our Next Major League Baseball Power Ratings Update: 7/25/2012)

1. Texas Rangers (50-29) – Texas has won five in a row, and became the first team in Major League Baseball to win 50 games. The Rangers are looking to sweep the Oakland Athletics at home on Sunday. Texas is the top offensive team in all of Major League Baseball with 426 runs scored, a .284 batting average and .346 slugging. The Rangers’ Josh Hamilton leads the team with 25 homeruns, while driving in 73 runs as well. Texas plays at Chicago on Tuesday.

2. New York Yankees (47-30) – Despite losing C.C. Sabathia and Andy Pettitte in the same week; the Yankees are in full control of the American League East. The Yankees lead the Orioles by five games. New York has seen Robinson Cano lead the way with a .308 batting average, while Curtis Granderson has blasted 23 homeruns and drove in 46 runs. New York will start a big week on Monday with a trip to Tampa Bay, before taking on the Red Sox over the weekend.

3. Los Angeles Angels (43-35) – After a slow start, the Angels are right back into the mix within the American League postseason chase. Despite their hot play – the Angels trail Texas by 6.5 games in the AL West. Los Angeles is the AL leading team for the first of two wildcard spots. The Angels are the fifth best batting team with a .268 batting average, led by Mike Trout’s .336. The Angels head to Cleveland on Monday to open up a series.

4. Washington Nationals (44-32) – The Nationals continue to be a surprise story in all of Major League Baseball. Washington is 12 games over .500, and leads the NL East by 2.5 games. The Nationals are the top pitching team in all of MLB with a 3.18 earned run average. Washington also has 50 quality starts; which ranks third in the game. The Nationals will welcome the San Francisco Giants to town on Tuesday for a three game series.

5. San Francisco Giants (44-35) – The Giants 2012 success was seen through the 2012 All Star game voting. The Giants got three starters into the game; Buster Posey, Pablo Sandoval and Melky Cabrera. San Francisco has been hot as of late; moving to 9 games over .500. Lately, San Francisco has had a tough time scoring, as the Reds have beat them twice in a row. San Francisco is led by Cabrera’s .350 batting average.

6.  Los Angeles Dodgers (43-36) – Los Angeles is having a tough time scoring runs. The Dodgers were shut-out on Friday and Saturday by the New York Mets. Los Angeles has scored just 304 runs on the season; which ranks them 24th overall. The Dodgers look to get their top offensive threat Matt Kemp back immediately after the All Star break. Los Angeles will play the Sunday night game of the week, and then welcome Cincinnati to town.

7. Cincinnati Reds (43-34) – The National League Central leading Reds were shut-out on Thursday night but came back with impressive wins Saturday and Sunday in San Francisco. The Reds hold just a slim one game lead over Pittsburgh in the National League Central. Cincinnati is led by Joey Votto’s .350 batting average, along with Jay Bruce and his 17 homeruns and 54 runs batted in.  The Reds continue their road trip with a visit to Los Angeles to start the week.

8. Chicago White Sox (42-36) – The White Sox continue to be surprise leaders out of the American League Central. Robin Ventura in his first season as manager has done a great job with a mix of veterans and youngsters. Chicago leads Cleveland by 2.5 games in the division. The White Sox are 7th in the league with 366 runs scored; led by Paul Konerko and Adam Dunn. Chicago will start a series with the two time defending AL champion Texas Rangers on Tuesday.

9. Baltimore Orioles (42-36) – The Orioles made a statement that they were going to do whatever they could to contend in the second half. Baltimore is 42-35 overall, and in second place in the AL East. The Orioles traded on Saturday for veteran Jim Thome. The former Phillie slugger is expected to be a regular as designated hitter for the Orioles. Baltimore’s Adam Jones is leading the team with a .300 batting average and 19 homeruns.

10. Atlanta Braves (41-36) – Atlanta continues to hang around in the National League East divisional race. Atlanta is the 9th highest scoring team in the league with 353 runs, while batting .260. The Braves’ Martin Prado is batting .323 while Jason Heyward has blasted 12 homeruns. The pitching for Atlanta has been anchored by Tommy Hanson, with 9 wins. The Braves will host the Chicago Cubs on Monday in an effort to get hot before the All Star break.

11. New York Mets (43-36) – The Mets are getting great starting pitching, especially from their knuckleball pitcher – R.A. Dickey. New York shut-out the Dodgers in both games on Friday and Saturday and head into their Sunday night game with Dillon Gee on the mound. The Mets offense is seeing third basemen David Wright put together a great season, with a .355 batting average. New York comes into Sunday trailing Washington by 2.5 games.

12. Pittsburgh Pirates (42-35) – The Pirates had a good weekend in St. Louis winning the first two games by scoring a bunch of runs. Andrew McCutchen is having a sensational season, with a .346 batting average and 15 homeruns. Pittsburgh is trying to break the longest streak in professional sports history of being under .500. The Pirates come into Sunday trailing Cincinnati by just a single game. Pittsburgh’s A.J. Burnett leads the team with 9 wins.

13. St. Louis Cardinals (40-38) – The Cardinals, following their five game winning streak lost three straight to Miami and Pittsburgh. St. Louis has been one of the top hitting teams in all of the game, but still trail Cincinnati by 3.5 games coming into Sunday’s action. The Cardinals top offensive player has been their catcher Yadier Molina with a .311 batting average and 13 homeruns. Molina was one of four Cardinals named to the All Star game.

14. Boston Red Sox (41-37) – The Red Sox are the second highest scoring team in all of baseball; with 404 runs. The Red Sox are fourth in the game with a .270 batting average. On Saturday; the Red Sox scored just 2 runs in a loss to the Mariners. Boston’s offense has seen David Ortiz bat .305, hit 21 homeruns and drive in 53 runs on the season. The Red Sox will head out to Oakland this week before taking on the Yankees over the weekend.

15. Tampa Bay Rays (41-37) – The Rays have dropped seven of their last ten to fall into fourth place in the American League East. Tampa Bay got a great outing Friday from David Price, but then could not back it up with a win on Saturday. The Rays offense is led by the power of Matt Joyce, with 11 homeruns. The Rays are one of the worst offensive teams, as they are batting just .233 as a team. Tampa Bay prepares to take on divisional leading New York this week.

16. Cleveland Indians (40-38) – The Cleveland Indians feel they can make a run in the American League Central if they are able to shore up their pitching. The Indians have the third worst ERA in all of baseball; with a 4.61. The offense for the Indians has been led by Asdrubal Cabrera, who is batting .292 with 11 homeruns. The Indians come into Saturday in second place in the division. Cleveland’s catcher Carlos Santana is day-to-day with a couple nagging injuries.

17. Toronto Blue Jays (40-38) – The Blue Jays put up 11 runs on Saturday over Los Angeles, to make the two day total 18. Toronto has the ability to score with anyone, especially in their home field. The Blue Jays Jose Bautista has once again shown the ability to hit the long ball, as he leads the AL with 26 homeruns. Third basemen Edwin Encarnacion also has 20+ on the season. The Blue Jays are without their top starting pitcher Brandon Morrow.

18. Detroit Tigers (38-40) – The Detroit Tigers would like to catch fire, and play to the level they feel they should be playing. The Tigers, who many felt should win the American League Central are three games under .500. The Tigers’ ace Justin Verlander was defeated Friday night by Tampa Bay, and their ace David Price. The Tigers have seen their center fielder Austin Jackson lead the way with a .324 batting average. Miguel Cabrera has blasted 16 homeruns on the season.

19. Arizona Diamondbacks (39-38) – Arizona has played good baseball as of late. With their winning ways, they have climbed back into the National League West chase. The Diamondbacks come into Saturday trailing San Francisco by just four games. The Diamondbacks saw their second base men Aaron Hill pick up his second cycle of the season. The Diamondbacks youngster Wade Miley leads the team with 9 wins and a 2.19 earned run average.

20.  Oakland Athletics (37-42) – The Athletics let one get away on Friday night. Oakland let 2-0 heading into the bottom of the 8th, only to see Texas come back to win the game 4-3. The Athletics have scored 295 runs and allowed 294 on the season. Oakland heads into Saturday’s action, 12 games behind the Rangers within divisional play. The Athletics top offensive threat has been Josh Reddick, with a .260 average, along with 18 homeruns and 39 runs batted in.

21. Milwaukee Brewers (35-42) – At 8 games under .500 – the Brewers are also 8 games behind the Reds in the National League Central. After winning the division and getting to the NLCS a year ago – Milwaukee appears to be sellers at the trade deadline. The Brewers top trading chip could be right hander Zach Greinke, who leads the team with 9 wins. The Brewers have a team earned run average of nearly 4.25 on the season. Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun is once again having another MVP type season.

22. Miami Marlins (38-40) – The Marlins have struggled through most of the season, but their struggles have reached a new level in the month of June. The Marlins have lost seven of their last ten overall. Miami was able to pick up a win on Friday night, behind Josh Johnson. The Marlins offense has struggled a bit; scoring 289 runs on the season, which ranks them 27th in all of Major League Baseball. The Marlins are 8.5 games back in the NL East.

23. Philadelphia Phillies (36-45) – Marred in last place within the National League East – the Philadelphia Phillies need to get going. Charlie Manuel’s team come into Saturday 10 games behind the Nationals for first place in the National League East. Cliff Lee, one of the Phillies top starting pitchers has yet to record a win in 2012. The Phillies offense ranks 10th in the league with 343 runs, while also ranking 7th with a .265 batting average. The top offensive threat for Philadelphia has been catcher Carlos Ruiz, who is batting .356.

24. Kansas City Royals (35-41) – Kansas City is playing some of the best baseball in all of MLB. The Royals have won four straight games and moved to within four games of .500. The Royals offense has enjoyed the success of Alcides Escobar, and his .316 batting average. Kansas City as a team is batting .264, which ranks in the top ten in all of Major League Baseball. Despite being under .500 – the Royals are just 5.5 games behind Chicago in the American League Central.

25. Seattle Mariners (34-46) – The Mariners are 16.5 games behind the front running Texas Rangers in the American League West. Seattle was shut-out by the Red Sox Friday night. The Mariners are 27th in the league in batting, with an average just over .230. The Mariners’ youngster Justin Smoak has provided the power; as he leads the way with 11 homeruns. The Mariners’ Jason Vargas leads the starting pitchers, with 7 wins.

26. Houston Astros (32-46) – The Astros have fallen on some tough times recently, as they have dropped to 13 games below .500. On Friday, Houston was unable to score; as the Cubs beat them 4-0. The Astros lone All Star will most likely be Jose Altuve, who leads the team with a .309 batting average. Houston’s Lucas Harrell leads the team with 7 wins on the season.

27. Minnesota Twins (32-45) – The Twins come into the weekend with the worst record in the American League. The Twins took a 4-3 loss on Friday to Kansas City to fall 5.5 games behind the Royals for fourth place. The Twins offensive numbers are led by Josh Willingham, who has 15 homeruns and 50 runs batted in, while scoring 40 runs. The Twins pitching is 29th in all of baseball with an earned run average of 5.02.

28. Colorado Rockies (30-47) – The Rockies cannot seem to find a solution to their porous pitching staff. Colorado’s earned run average is over 5 on the season. The Rockies have put together just 18 quality starts in 76 games. The Rockies offense is anchored by Carlos Gonzalez, who is batting .338, and has also blasted 17 homeruns. Colorado is in fourth place in the National League West. The Rockies are 13 games behind the Giants in the division.

29. San Diego Padres (29-50) – The Padres allowed 10 runs on the road at Colorado to drop their 50th game of the season. San Diego is the worst offensive team in all of Major League Baseball, with just 263 runs scored. The pitching for the Padres has fared a little better behind Clayton Richard. Richard has an ERA of just 3.77. San Diego comes into the weekend 16 games behind the National League West leading San Francisco Giants.

30. Chicago Cubs (28-49) – The Cubs continue to re-build as they call up their prospect in Anthony Rizzo during the past week. Chicago has dropped to 22 games under .500, and look to be shipping a few guys off at the deadline. The latest names to be sent out include Matt Garza and Ryan Dempster. The Cubs are 29th in all of baseball with just 280 runs scored. The pitching for Chicago ranks 27th in MLB with an earned run average of nearly 4.50. Starlin Castro will most likely be the lone Cub representative on the National League All Star team.

Albert Pujols Signs With LA Angels- 2012 Albert Pujols Props

December 8th, 2011 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on Albert Pujols Signs With LA Angels- 2012 Albert Pujols Props
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In a shocking move on Thursday, Albert Pujols was announced to sign a new contract reportedly worth over $250 million with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Here at Bankroll Sports, we are breaking down some of the MLB props that have been recently posted, all courtesy of BoDog Sportsbook!

Los Angeles Angels Win Total Over/Under 87.5: Here’s the thing about the Angels on one blush. They have been a relatively average team over the course of the last few years. In the last four years, they have only won more than 82 games once, and now all of a sudden, they are expected to win 88 games in a division that still features an awfully tough Texas Rangers outfit. Pujols immediately becomes the best No. 3 hitter in the game, and the also newly signed CJ Wilson immediately steps into the No. 2 spot in the rotation behind Jered Weaver. But is the rotation better for it? All of a sudden, the dollars have all been spent, and building a bullpen might be difficult. If Wilson, who has gone 31-15 in his last two seasons, can’t figure out how to keep that pace up this year now that he doesn’t have the tremendous Texas lineup and a huge hitter’s ballpark to help him out, we’re really not all that sure. Don’t be shocked if the Angels, who are the toast of the town right now, still don’t turn out to be pretty much a .500 team once again.

Albert Pujols Over/Under 37.5 Home Runs: This past year was the worst of Pujols’ career, as he only hit 37 home runs. He has 445 bombs in his career, and he is sure to at least challenge the all-time home run mark over the course of the end of his career in Tinseltown. Busch Stadium was a place where Pujols was comfortable hitting. The park factor at Busch Stadium ranked No. 26 in the league at .896, runs per game, and that number has decreased now that he is at Angel Stadium on Anaheim to a .836. Not only that, but Miller Park (No. 10), Wrigley Field (No. 23), and PNC Park (No. 17), all of which are stadiums that typically have treated Pujols well in his career have been replaced by parks like the Coliseum (No. 20) and Safeco Field (No. 26). Angel Stadium ranked No. 25 in MLB park factor for home runs this past year. We expect to see Pujols’ home run production dip, especially as he has to get used to a totally new set of pitchers.

Will Albert Pujols Win the AL MVP Award?: We’re only getting 3 to 1 odds at this point on Pujols, and they certainly aren’t worth backing. For one, we’re really not all that sure that Pujols is going to be playing on a playoff team, which generally eliminates players from MVP consideration. The truth of the matter as well, is that this isn’t likely to be another season in which there just aren’t any MVP candidates in the AL. Players like Miguel Cabrera, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and all of the big bats on the Boston Red Sox are going to have to shine eventually. Pujols will probably need 45 home runs, a .320 batting average, and 130 RBIs to be the MVP in the American League, and we aren’t willing to only take 3 to 1 on that happening.

2011 MLB All-Star Game Prop Picks, Prop Odds

July 12th, 2011 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on 2011 MLB All-Star Game Prop Picks, Prop Odds
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The MLB All-Star Game is always chock full of tremendous MLB props to sink your teeth into, and this year is no exception. Check out the listing of all of the All-Star Game props below and some of our MLB picks for tonight’s clash!

First Team to Strikeout – Simply put, we just don’t see Roy Halladay pitching the first inning without getting at least one strikeout. Sure, the righty probably isn’t going to be putting everything into this one as he would in a regular season game, but with almost as many strikeouts as innings pitched this year, Halladay is hard to bet against. Take a look at that AL lineup as well. Curtis Granderson and Asdrubal Cabrera have over 150 strikeouts between them this year, and they’re both K’s waiting to happen. All Star Game Prop Pick – American League -200

Will There Be a Blown Save – The relievers this season in the All-Star Game just don’t seem to be as strong as they were in seasons past. We also have to remember that we are basically just betting on a lead change at some point from the 5th inning on to qualify as a blown save. Inevitably, the team that is trailing after five innings is going to end up posting a comeback at some point, and though that team might not ultimately win, we do have confidence that this one will become at least a tie game at some point in the latter frames. This is a generous price on the All-Star Game odds. All Star Game Prop Pick – Yes +120

Will Anyone Get 3 or More Hits – This is absolutely a sucker prop that the books are hoping that you bet yes on to have something to root for. Last year, there were only three players in the game that were able to even get three at bats, let alone have three hits. The likelihood of any player nowadays coming up with three or more hits in a game is highly unlikely unless we end up in a situation where we have position players coming in to pitch in the 14th inning of a game that both managers just want to have end. There’s just no way that we see it happening inside of a game that lasts even a dozen innings, as there just won’t be that many players that get the opportunity in all likelihood to see the plate that many times.

Complete List of 2011 All-Star Game Props @ Oddsmaker Sportsbook (as of 7/12/11):
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Time it Takes Jordan Sparks To Sing Star Spangled Banner
Over 1:52.5 -115
Under 1:52.5 -115

First Pitch by National League Pitcher
Ball +200
Strike -250

First Pitch by American League Pitcher
Ball +200
Strike -250

First Team to Get a Single
American League -140
National League +110

First Team to Get a Double
American League -130
National League +100

First Team to Get a Triple
American League -120
National League -110

First Team to Get a Home Run
American League -120
National League -110

First Team to Draw a Walk
American League -120
National League -110

First Team To Strike Out (Batting)
American League -200
National League +160

First Team to Steal a Base
American League -120
National League -110

First Team to Have a Double Play on Defense
American League -110
National League -120

First Team to Commit an Error
American League -110
National League -120

Will Anyone Get Hit by a Pitch
Yes +150
No -180

Will There be a Triple in the Game
Yes +400
No -600

Will There Be a Ground Rule Double
Yes +600
No -1000

Will Anyone Get a Save
Yes -250
No +200

Will There Be a Blown Save
Yes +120
No -150

Will Game End on a “Walk Off Run”
Yes +220
No -270

Will Anyone Be Tagged Out
Yes -300
No +230

Total Strikeouts 1st Inning
Over 2.5 +180
Under 2.5 -220

Will a Run Be Scored in the 9th Inning
Yes +200
No -250

Will Game Go to Extra Innings
Yes +230
No -300

Will Team Scoring First Win Game
Yes -220
No +180

Will Both Teams Score in the Same Inning
Yes -115
No -115

Will There Be a Sacrifice Fly That Scores a Run
Yes +105
No -135

Will Any Outfielder Get an Assist
Yes +270
No -350

Will Anyone Get 3 or More Hits
Yes +230
No -300

Will More Different Players Get Hits or Strikeouts
Hits +130
Strikeouts -160

Will Any Pitcher Ever Get on Base
Yes +1500
No -3000

Will Anyone Hit Live Ball Into Swimming Pool
Yes +2500
No -5000

Will Game’s First 3-2 Pitch Be Fouled Off
Yes +120
No -150

Will First Hit Come in Left Field Corner or Right Field Corner
Left Field Corner -115
Right Field Corner -115

Will There Be An Intentional Walk
Yes +150
No -180

Number of Different Players to Bat with Bases Loaded
Over 1.5 +130
Under 1.5 -160

Will Anyone Be Caught Stealing
Yes +160
No -200

Will 1st Strikeout Be Swinging or Looking
Swinging -180
Looking +150