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2013 Up To Date World Series Odds, Picks & World Series Predictions

October 19th, 2013 by Jason Richards | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on 2013 Up To Date World Series Odds, Picks & World Series Predictions
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World Series LogoBelow you will find the latest 2013 World Series odds, including futures during the season and at the start of the playoffs, series prices when the World Series matcup is announced, as well as each game through the series.  We will be updating this page often with the latest futures odds.  So, be sure to bookmark this page & check back on this page often for the latest World Series lines & odds. Below are the best odds for each team from our endorsed list of trusted online sportsbooks…

Note: Below you will find the best available World Series lines from our endorsed sportsbook sponsors listed by each team.

Best Series Prices

Best Odds To Win The Series (as of 10/22):

Boston Red Sox -129 5 Dimes Sportsbook
St. Louis Cardinals +122 @ BetOnline Sportsbook

Best World Series Game 1 Live Odds

Individual Moneyline Team Prices (as of 10/22):

Boston Red Sox -117 JustBet Sportsbook
St. Louis Cardinals +113 @ 5 Dimes Sportsbook

Individual Total Over/Under Lines (as of 10/22):

Over 7 (-115) 5 Dimes Sportsbook
Under 7 (+105) @ 5 Dimes Sportsbook

Current 2013 Exact World Series Outcome Odds @ 5 Dimes Sportsbook (as of 10/22/13):
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St. Louis Cardinals win series 4-0 1300
Not St. Louis Cardinals in 4 games -2575

St. Louis Cardinals win series 4-1 585
Not St. Louis Cardinals in 5 games -1010

St. Louis Cardinals win series 4-2 475
12006 Not St. Louis Cardinals in 6 games -735

St. Louis Cardinals win series 4-3 475
Not St. Louis Cardinals in 7 games -735

Boston Red Sox wins series 4-0 1000
12010 Not Boston Red Sox in 4 games -1750

Boston Red Sox wins series 4-1 550
Not Boston Red Sox in 5 games -925

Boston Red Sox wins series 4-2 350
ot Boston Red Sox in 6 games -485

Boston Red Sox wins series 4-3 395
Not Boston Red Sox in 7 games -545

Current Game’s Odds for the 2013 World Series 2013 @ Bovada Sportsbook:
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New Los Angeles Dodgers Should Be Favorites On World Series Odds

August 26th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on New Los Angeles Dodgers Should Be Favorites On World Series Odds
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Los Angeles Dodgers Adrian GonzalezGive the Los Angeles Dodgers this much. At least they are going for the gold right now. Now that there is new ownership and new financial backing behind them, they are out to spend all of the money that they can to try to beat the World Series odds in Tinseltown. Join us at Bankroll Sports, as our expert baseball handicappers make their case for why this team should be favored on the odds to win the World Series a day after pulling off the massive trade to bring Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez to Dodgertown.

Manager Don Mattingly has always been looked at as one of the best potential managers in baseball, and now, he has a team at his disposal that could ultimately prove him to be a star. General Manager Ned Colletti has pushed all of the buttons that he has needed to push this year to get his team to the top, and he has done so by amassing just a slew of payroll. Shane Victorino first came from the Philadelphia Phillies, and then Joe Blanton was right behind him in a post-July 31st trade with the boys from the City of Brotherly Love. Hanley Ramirez was a disgruntled member of the Miami Marlins before he was dealt out to the West Coast to be with the Dodgers. But now, in the coup of coups, Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez are in Los Angeles after being sent here in an August 25th trade with the Boston Red Sox, who clearly needed to hit the self-destruct button. Carl Crawford is on his way as well, and that means that next year, someone that is in this crowded outfield is going to be pushed out.

Los Angeles Dodgers Odds To Win World Series 2012
Click on below links to bet on the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the World Series
JustBet Sportsbook: 9 to 1
5Dimes Sportsbook: 16 to 1
Bookmaker Sportsbook: 9.50 to 1
Bovada Sportsbook: 8 to 1

Star power doesn’t always translate into wins, especially in the playoffs, but in this case, we think that there is a real chance for the Dodgers to shine and to beat the World Series betting lines. When you think of the teams in the National League, you see a lot of squads that can pitch. However, what you don’t see a lot of are teams that truly are dangerous from 1 to 8 in their batting order. The Dodgers, when they are totally healthy, are now arguably baseball’s most dangerous team.

When Dee Gordon returns from his wrist injury, he figures to return to the leadoff role and playing shortstop, while Ramirez will likely shift over to third base on more of a full-time basis. Luis Cruz will be pushed out, but the middle of the order will feature the likes of Ramirez, Gonzalez, Kemp, and Ethier in some sort of order. Victorino is likely going to be shoved down towards the bottom of the lineup as well, and that leaves just Mark Ellis and AJ Ellis as the other two batters in the fold. Mark Ellis has done a nice job this year at second base, and he has done a yeoman’s job leading off for this team while Gordon has been out of the lineup. AJ Ellis has very quietly batted .284 this year with 10 homers and an OPS of .815, numbers that most teams would kill for out of their catcher.

It’s not like the cupboard is bare in the rotation either. Clayton Kershaw has a Cy Young under his belt, and though he isn’t going to win the honor this year, he is still going to be amongst the best pitchers in the league in terms of ERA. This will be another season where his ERA ends with a two in front of it, and behind him, there are three other starting pitchers in Chris Capuano, Chad Billingsley, and Aaron Harang that all that winning records and sub-3.70 ERAs. Ted Lilly might be able to make a comeback for the playoffs, and Beckett and Blanton will prove to be the wild cards.

Blanton hasn’t pitched all that well this year, going a combined just 8-12 with a 5.02 ERA, while Beckett has been a disaster and a half in Beantown. Still, both have playoff success and tons of it, and both are going to bring that experience into this staff in one form or another.

It’s not like the bullpen is slacking either. Kenley Jansen has gone 25-of-31 in save chances this year, and he has a 1.93 ERA. Scott Elbert, Randy Choate, and Ronald Belisario are the go-to men out of the pen, and that’s a great combination to parlay with guys like Blanton and potentially Harang from the starting staff for the second season.

Donny BaseballIn the end, the only question that is left in our eyes is whether the squad is going to gel quick enough to get the job done. There are still two games separating the Dodgers from the San Francisco Giants for the top spot in the NL West, and if the playoffs started today, the Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals would be in, while the Dodgers would be a half-game out.

The schedule though, is relatively easy. These next 11 games are against Miami (finishing this weekend series), Colorado, Arizona, and San Diego, and there should be at least seven wins in the bunch. From there, the Dodgers embark upon their toughest stretch of schedule. They take on the Giants on the road for three, the D’Backs on the road for two, then get the Cardinals at home for four before going east one last time for six games with the Nationals and Reds. The season finishes with three in San Diego, three at home against the Rockies, and three at home against the Giants, the last three games of the season that could prove to be the difference in the season for both teams.

In the end, if the Dodgers are one of the five teams in the National League that get into the playoffs, watch out! They are going to be a force to be reckoned with, and we think that they have the best team in baseball. The oddsmakers, as you can see, have adjusted their World Series lines (all Los Angeles Dodgers World Series odds listed above), but we don’t think that any of them have adjusted far enough. The Dodgers are here to stay, and they could be the team that goes all the way to win the Fall Classic.

2011 World Series MVP Odds, Picks, Predictions, and Analysis

October 18th, 2011 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on 2011 World Series MVP Odds, Picks, Predictions, and Analysis
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Complete List of The 2011 – 2012 World Series MVP Odds Can Be Found Below

The odds to win the World Series MVP award have been posted for the 2011 World Series, and here at Bankroll Sports, we’re tearing apart all of the odds to find the best World Series predictions for you to bet on!

The man that everyone is rightfully going to be afraid of in the World Series MVP voting is Albert Pujols (Favorites On the Odds To Win World Series MVP: 5 to 1 @ BoDog Sportsbook / Unlimited 10% Bonus if you Click Here). And why not? There is no hitter in the game on a nightly basis that is more feared than Pujols, and he is batting well over .400 in the postseason with double digits of RBIs as well. When this lineup is clicking, it’s impossible to avoid Pujols, and with an OPS of nearly 1.200 for the playoffs, there’s no reason to think that he won’t come up with his stats. Don’t think that there isn’t just a tad bit of extra motivation there, as well. Remember that Pujols is a free agent as soon as this series is over, and though we do tend to think that he is staying in St. Louis, every hit, run, RBI, and home run is worth that much more to him when he cashes his first paycheck of next season.

Just Bet Sports

Since we really don’t see too many other options on the Cardinals that we’d like to bet on for World Series MVP picks, we’re going to go with some Rangers now. The man that we absolutely cannot avoid right now is the hottest hitter on the planet, Nelson Cruz (Odds To Win the World Series MVP Award: 8 to 1 @ JustBet Sportsbook / Amazing 100% Bonus if you Click Here). There was never a doubt that Cruz was going to win the ALCS MVP award after hitting a whopping six home runs, two of which came in the 11th inning to essentially end games in the series against the Detroit Tigers. On top of that, there were a few shots that looked like they could have gotten out of the park, especially at Comerica Park. Cruz is dialed in, and there is no way that we can go against him in this situation, especially against a slew of starting pitchers that have, for the most part, been atrocious in the postseason.

And then there is Neftali Feliz (World Series MVP Odds: 25 to 1 @ BoDog Sportsbook / Unlimited 10% Bonus if you Click Here). It’s not often that you see a closer winning this type of award, but Feliz is the type of guy that is fiery enough to get the job done. The righty has only allowed one run in the postseason, and he isn’t going to be blowing games in all likelihood. If you believe that the Rangers are going to win a tight series, this might be the man for you, as four saves is a distinct possibility. Remember that Feliz is a huge strikeout guy, and Manager Ron Washington isn’t afraid to call on him for a four or a five out save situation either. One of those and two or three other saves in a series where no one particularly stands out, and all of a sudden, Feliz could be your man to win the World Series MVP voting.

2011 World Series MVP Odds @ Bodog (as of 10/18/11)
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Albert Pujols 5 to 1
Adrian Beltre 6 to 1
Nelson Cruz 6 to 1
Josh Hamilton 7 to 1
David Freese 10 to 1
Ian Kinsler 10 to 1
Matt Holliday 10 to 1
Michael Young 10 to 1
Field (Any Other Player) 12 to 1
Lance Berkman 14 to 1
Yadier Molina 14 to 1
John Jay 15 to 1
Elvis Andrus 18 to 1
CJ Wilson 20 to 1
Chris Carpenter 20 to 1
Mike Napoli 20 to 1
Jason Motte 25 to 1
Neftali Feliz 25 to 1
Allen Craig 30 to 1

Current Odds To Win World Series MVP Award @ JustBet (as of 10/18/2011):
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Albert Pujols 5 to 1
Alexi Ogando 30 to 1
Allen Craig 30 to 1
Chris Carpenter 12 to 1
CJ Wilson 15 to 1
Craig Gentry 40 to 1
David Freese 10 to 1
David Murphy 25 to 1
Elvis Andrus 15 to 1
Ian Kinsler 12 to 1
Jason Motte 15 to 1
Jon Jay 12 to 1
Josh Hamilton 5 to 1
Lance Berkman 12 to 1
Matt Holliday 8 to 1
Michael Young 8 to 1
Mike Napoli 18 to 1
Mitch Moreland 50 to 1
Neftali Feliz 15 to 1
Nelson Cruz 8 to 1
Rafael Furcal 15 to 1
Skip Schumaker 25 to 1
Yadier Molina 12 to 1
Field (Any Other Player) 5 to 1

World Series Picks: Odds to Win 2010 World Series MVP

October 26th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on World Series Picks: Odds to Win 2010 World Series MVP

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Complete List of World Series MVP Lines Can Be Found Below

World Series picks have to be in by 7:57 ET on Wednesday, October 27th, and before the first pitch of the Fall Classic, we are here to pick out the odds to win World Series MVP. Don’t miss all of the best World Series coverage here at Bankroll Sports!

It seems awfully unlikely that the favorite to win the World Series MVP is the man with the lowest batting average on the team that is just the slight favorite to win the series, but that’s what the case is right now with Josh Hamilton (4 to 1 @ BetUS Sportsbook). Hamilton clearly has the ability to go off at any given moment for some huge hits, and he is still the most feared man in this lineup in spite of the fact that he only batted .237 in the first two rounds of the playoffs. Want some more proof of how feared the cleanup man in this lineup is? He already has ten walks in the playoffs, and in spite of the fact that he has that low batting average, he is just one RBI shy of the postseason lead for any team in these playoffs.

There’s no way that we can argue with Cliff Lee (5 to 1 @ BetUS Sportsbook) to win this award either. Lee is going to be pitching at least twice in this series in all likelihood, and if the Rangers are going to win their first World Series ever on their home turf by the end of Game 5, Lee is probably going to end up with a pair of wins. It is unlikely that Lee is going to be pitching on three days of rest, so he would be throwing in Game 1 and Game 5, and presumably, that fifth game would be the end of the series. Lee has gone 3-0 in his career against the Giants, and he is already 3-0 in these playoffs as well. No man has pitched better in these playoffs than the southpaw free agent to be. With every great pitch, Lee is hitting the cash register button more and more, and it doesn’t seem like there is anything that can stop him from pitching this well, especially against a team that has struggled offensively in the playoffs.

There are a ton of candidates with the same odds for the Giants, but we love the possibility of Buster Posey (8 to 1 @ BetUS Sportsbook) becoming a rookie MVP of the World Series. Posey, a Florida State product, was one of just two men in these playoffs for the Giants that hit at least .300 in the first two rounds. This is quite possibly the best home run threat on San Fran even though he has yet to go yard in the playoffs. Common thought would suggest that it is only a matter of time until the rook connects with one and drives it a long way, and if Posey catches fire, he could be a real dominating force in this series.

If you’re looking for a longshot, don’t be afraid to go with Freddy Sanchez (18 to 1 @ BetUS Sportsbook). Sanchez might not be the best run producer in the world, nor might he be a big time run scorer, but he is seeing the ball well right now and can make things happen. Sanchez has nine hits in his last five games, reaching base safely in all five. We’re talking about a man that has batted over .300 in his career before and could do it once again in this, his first ever World Series.

Odds to Win World Series MVP @ BetUS Sportsbook (as of 10/26/10):
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Andres Torres 20 to 1
Aubrey Huff 15 to 1
Bengie Molina 25 to 1
Brian Wilson 10 to 1
Buster Posey 8 to 1
CJ Wilson 25 to 1
Cliff Lee 5 to 1
Cody Ross 10 to 1
David Murphy 25 to 1
Edgar Renteria 20 to 1
Elvis Andrus 15 to 1
Freddy Sanchez 18 to 1
Ian Kinsler 12 to 1
Josh Hamilton 4 to 1
Juan Uribe 8 to 1
Matt Cain 8 to 1
Michael Young 12 to 1
Mitch Moreland 25 to 1
Neftali Feliz 30 to 1
Nelson Cruz 12 to 1
Pat Burrell 8 to 1
Tim Lincecum 8 to 1
Vladimir Guerrero 12 to 1

Season Long MLB Betting Prop Free Picks

April 3rd, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on Season Long MLB Betting Prop Free Picks
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The MLB betting season is back and will start on Easter night! BetUS Sportsbook will have all of the action covered for you all season long, and we’ll get started with some of the props offered at BetUS that could prove to be real moneymaking efforts.

Prop Bet #1: Kansas City Royals +3 wins vs. Cleveland Indians: Any combination of team season wins totals is available for you to bet on at BetUS Sportsbook, but the one that we’re going to focus in on is the duel between AL Central rivals, the Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals. We already discussed our opinions on the Royals in our MLB season win totals predictions, but a look at the Indians shows that this team isn’t all that great either. Aside from the fact that this was the worst bullpen in the majors last year and made absolutely no improvements there, the lineup card is going to struggle this year as well unless someone like a OF Grady Sizemore or DH Travis Hafner steps up. Even if that is the case, the Tribe just don’t have a winning mentality about them at all right now, and it’d be shocking to us to not see the Royals finish in front of Cleveland in the AL Central.

Selection: Kansas City Royals +3 wins at BetUS. 100% Deposit Bonus by clicking This Link.)

Prop Bet #2: Zack Greinke Over/Under 13.5 Wins: Here we go again with the Royals. Last season, the AL Cy Young Award winner had a breakout season, winning 16 games on an awful Kansas City team. He had a 2.16 ERA and 1.07 WHIP. Remember this as well. He had a whopping nine starts on the season in which he allowed no more than two earned runs in which he either got a no-decision or a loss. If Kansas City really does have an improved team, at least a few of those NDs should become wins. Don’t be surprised to see Greinke contending for the Cy Young once again this season, as he may approach that coveted 20 win barrier for the first time in his already illustrious career.

Selection: Zack Greinke over 13.5 wins at BetUS. 100% Deposit Bonus by clicking This Link.)

Prop Bet #3: Adam Dunn vs. Jason Bay Total Regular Season Home Runs: Washington Nationals’ 1B/OF Adam Dunn is laying 8.5 homers to the newly acquired New York Mets OF Jason Bay in spite of the fact that Dunn only hit two more bombs than Bay did a year ago. But let’s remember one crucial difference this year for Bay. Last year, he was taking potshots at the Green Monster. Now, he goes to a ballpark that ate fly balls for lunch at Citi Field. Granted, Bay will still have half of his games on the road, and Dunn also plays in a huge pitchers park. The Nats’ slugger has popped at least that 38 bombs in each of the L/3 seasons. We fully expect that Bay is going to struggle to reach 30 in that ballpark.

Selection: Adam Dunn -8.5 home runs at BetUS. 100% Deposit Bonus by clicking This Link.)

Prop Bet #4: Manny Ramirez vs. David Ortiz Total Regular Season Hits: What a fun little prop this is! The guys who used to bat #3 and #4 in Boston’s lineup for years are pitted against each other for hits in the season, and Manny is spotting Big Papi 30.5 hits to start. Over the L/2 years, Ortiz has only managed to averaged 120 hits per season, and it feels like Ramirez, future Hall of Famer, would be able to clear 150 hits with ease, right? Not so fast. We’ll start with Papi. For a year in which Boston’s cleanup hitter only hit .238, Ortiz still managed 129 hits. Even if he bats just .250 and gets the same number of plate appearances, he’ll have 135 hits. Now we’re talking about Manny having to get to 166 to beat us. Ramirez batted .290 last season, and if we safely assume that he doesn’t get busted for steroids again in this year, he’ll be on a clip for about 150 hits. It’s clear that this isn’t the same Manny Ramirez that was lighting it up in Boston, as he’s already talking about retirement after this season. If that’s the case and Manny starts to become disinterested, you may be stealing that 30 hit head start with Boston’s slugger.

Selection: David Ortiz +30.5 hits at BetUS. 100% Deposit Bonus by clicking This Link.)

2010 World Series Odds, Free Picks, & Predictions

March 24th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on 2010 World Series Odds, Free Picks, & Predictions

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Complete List of Odds to Win The World Series Can Be Found Below!

The 2010 MLB betting season is just around the corner, and Bankroll Sports has all of the ins and outs in for the World Series odds that you should be looking to invest in and those that you should stay away from in the upcoming year.

No Way New York! – The New York Yankees are once again easily the favorites of the oddsmakers at +300 at BetUS. The defending champs are still as stacked as they have ever been, but even though they’re clearly going to make the postseason and be the favorites to win the World Series once they get there, these odds are just far too short to invest in. Remember that the Bronx Bombers have an aging squad, and at any point, guys like SS Derek Jeter, C Jorge Posada, RP Mariano Rivera, and SP Andy Pettitte could break down. In addition to that, heralded Opening Day starter SP CC Sabathia is a few donuts short of three bills and has tossed a tremendous amount of innings over the L/3 seasons. There’s no doubting that CC is one of the elite pitchers in the game, but his weight and tired shoulder could be cause for concern deep in the season.

The Rabid Dawgs of the Desert – Last season, the Arizona Diamondbacks were amongst the favorites in the NL West and had an over/under of 86.5 wins. The team has a new starting pitcher in SP Edwin Jackson, who was acquired from Detroit in the big swap with the Yanks and Tigers in the offseason. SP Brandon Webb should be able to give a lot more to Arizona than his one start from the ’09 campaign. There’s already a legitimate ace on the staff as well in SP Dan Haren. The bullpen is suspect, but with youngsters like OF Justin Upton and 3B Mark Reynolds in the lineup, this is a team that could live up to its ’09 expectations in 2010. Don’t be afraid to grab that 30-1 price at BetUS Sportsbook.

The Hunt for Red October – Could this finally be the year that the Cincinnati Reds make the playoffs? If you look around in the National League, there are plenty of contenders for the Wild Card berth, but the only legit competition that Cincinnati may have from its own division comes in the form of the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals. Even if the Redbirds win the NL Central, the prospects of winning 90 games are there for the Reds. The pitching staff got a huge shot in the arm with the acquisition of Cuban defect SP Aroldis Chapman, who has topped 104 MPH in the spring. SS Orlando Cabrera is a proven winner, and he’ll help solidify a very young lineup much like he did in Minnesota last season. He’ll be a perfect #2 hitter to slot into the lineup around 1B Joey Votto, OF Jay Bruce, and 2B Brandon Phillips. The Reds may still be a year away, but if it all comes together, having a price of +4000 from BetUS Sportsbook could be a total steal.

Not So Sweet Caroline – It’s hard to say that we’re not going to back either the Yankees or the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series this year, as the chances of at least one of them not playing in the ALCS have to be considered slim to none. However, the Beantown Bombers may have a real issue on their hands if DH David Ortiz gets off to the same type of year that he had last season. Yes, C Victor Martinez is a great prize either behind the dish or at 1B, and 2B Dustin Pedroia, 1B/3B Kevin Youkilis, and OFs JD Drew and Jacoby Ellsbury make up a solid top of the order, but something just doesn’t seem right without a slugger like Big Papi or OF Manny Ramirez in the heart of the lineup. Boston’s pitching from #1 to #12 is incredible, making it a nice team to back in a short series, but with New York’s dominance and Tampa Bay’s ability to win 90 games, just making the postseason is going to be difficult for this team. You don’t ever only take odds like this on a team that may not make the playoffs. Stay away from that +700 at BetUS Sportsbook.

Current 2010 World Series Odds @ BetUS (as of 3/24/10):
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Arizona Diamondbacks +3000
Atlanta Braves +2200
Baltimore Orioles +10000
Boston Red Sox +700
Chicago Cubs +2200
Chicago White Sox +2000
Cincinnati Reds +4000
Cleveland Indians +8000
Colorado Rockies +1600
Detroit Tigers +3500
Florida Marlins +3000
Houston Astros +8000
Kansas City Royals +8000
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim +1600
Los Angeles Dodgers +1400
Milwaukee Brewers +4000
Minnesota Twins +2200
New York Mets +2400
New York Yankees +300
Oakland Athletics +6500
Philadelphia Phillies +600
Pittsburgh Pirates +15000
San Diego Padres +10000
San Francisco Giants +2000
Seattle Mariners +1400
St. Louis Cardinals +1000
Tampa Bay Rays +2000
Texas Rangers +2200
Toronto Blue Jays +12000
Washington Nationals +15000