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2011 MLB All-Star Game Prop Picks, Prop Odds

July 12th, 2011 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on 2011 MLB All-Star Game Prop Picks, Prop Odds
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The MLB All-Star Game is always chock full of tremendous MLB props to sink your teeth into, and this year is no exception. Check out the listing of all of the All-Star Game props below and some of our MLB picks for tonight’s clash!

First Team to Strikeout – Simply put, we just don’t see Roy Halladay pitching the first inning without getting at least one strikeout. Sure, the righty probably isn’t going to be putting everything into this one as he would in a regular season game, but with almost as many strikeouts as innings pitched this year, Halladay is hard to bet against. Take a look at that AL lineup as well. Curtis Granderson and Asdrubal Cabrera have over 150 strikeouts between them this year, and they’re both K’s waiting to happen. All Star Game Prop Pick – American League -200

Will There Be a Blown Save – The relievers this season in the All-Star Game just don’t seem to be as strong as they were in seasons past. We also have to remember that we are basically just betting on a lead change at some point from the 5th inning on to qualify as a blown save. Inevitably, the team that is trailing after five innings is going to end up posting a comeback at some point, and though that team might not ultimately win, we do have confidence that this one will become at least a tie game at some point in the latter frames. This is a generous price on the All-Star Game odds. All Star Game Prop Pick – Yes +120

Will Anyone Get 3 or More Hits – This is absolutely a sucker prop that the books are hoping that you bet yes on to have something to root for. Last year, there were only three players in the game that were able to even get three at bats, let alone have three hits. The likelihood of any player nowadays coming up with three or more hits in a game is highly unlikely unless we end up in a situation where we have position players coming in to pitch in the 14th inning of a game that both managers just want to have end. There’s just no way that we see it happening inside of a game that lasts even a dozen innings, as there just won’t be that many players that get the opportunity in all likelihood to see the plate that many times.

Complete List of 2011 All-Star Game Props @ Oddsmaker Sportsbook (as of 7/12/11):
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Time it Takes Jordan Sparks To Sing Star Spangled Banner
Over 1:52.5 -115
Under 1:52.5 -115

First Pitch by National League Pitcher
Ball +200
Strike -250

First Pitch by American League Pitcher
Ball +200
Strike -250

First Team to Get a Single
American League -140
National League +110

First Team to Get a Double
American League -130
National League +100

First Team to Get a Triple
American League -120
National League -110

First Team to Get a Home Run
American League -120
National League -110

First Team to Draw a Walk
American League -120
National League -110

First Team To Strike Out (Batting)
American League -200
National League +160

First Team to Steal a Base
American League -120
National League -110

First Team to Have a Double Play on Defense
American League -110
National League -120

First Team to Commit an Error
American League -110
National League -120

Will Anyone Get Hit by a Pitch
Yes +150
No -180

Will There be a Triple in the Game
Yes +400
No -600

Will There Be a Ground Rule Double
Yes +600
No -1000

Will Anyone Get a Save
Yes -250
No +200

Will There Be a Blown Save
Yes +120
No -150

Will Game End on a “Walk Off Run”
Yes +220
No -270

Will Anyone Be Tagged Out
Yes -300
No +230

Total Strikeouts 1st Inning
Over 2.5 +180
Under 2.5 -220

Will a Run Be Scored in the 9th Inning
Yes +200
No -250

Will Game Go to Extra Innings
Yes +230
No -300

Will Team Scoring First Win Game
Yes -220
No +180

Will Both Teams Score in the Same Inning
Yes -115
No -115

Will There Be a Sacrifice Fly That Scores a Run
Yes +105
No -135

Will Any Outfielder Get an Assist
Yes +270
No -350

Will Anyone Get 3 or More Hits
Yes +230
No -300

Will More Different Players Get Hits or Strikeouts
Hits +130
Strikeouts -160

Will Any Pitcher Ever Get on Base
Yes +1500
No -3000

Will Anyone Hit Live Ball Into Swimming Pool
Yes +2500
No -5000

Will Game’s First 3-2 Pitch Be Fouled Off
Yes +120
No -150

Will First Hit Come in Left Field Corner or Right Field Corner
Left Field Corner -115
Right Field Corner -115

Will There Be An Intentional Walk
Yes +150
No -180

Number of Different Players to Bat with Bases Loaded
Over 1.5 +130
Under 1.5 -160

Will Anyone Be Caught Stealing
Yes +160
No -200

Will 1st Strikeout Be Swinging or Looking
Swinging -180
Looking +150

2010 MLB All-Star Game Snubs

July 8th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on 2010 MLB All-Star Game Snubs
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The 2010 All-Star Game is just a few days away, and here at Bankroll Sports, we are analyzing the top snubs from the mid-summer classic.

Jered Weaver, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: How on earth have there been two pitching replacements selected for the All-Star Game and Jered Weaver isn’t one of them? Perhaps if Weaver played on any other team, this would be an excusable snub by manager Joe Girardi, but there is just no reason for the best pitcher on the host team for this game to be left off of the roster. Weaver has 130 strikeouts this year, which is the second most in baseball and the most in the American League. He is 8-4 with a 2.97 ERA, and he would have double digits in wins if not for the fact that his team is averaging exactly 2.0 runs per game in his L/3 starts.

Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds: We understand that you only have so many spots on your roster to deal with and that you have to fill in someone from every team in the game, but manager Charlie Manuel really screwed up by not putting Votto on his roster. Perhaps he will end up getting on the roster by the time the game actually starts on Tuesday, but for now, Votto will be back in Cincinnati wondering what more he had to do in the first half of the season to become an All-Star. His 21 homers is best in the National League, while his .313 batting average puts him in the Top 5 in that category as well. Votto is on pace to drive in about 115 runs this year, and his OPS of 1.006 is off the charts. First base is a deep position, especially in the NL, but there is no way to justify why Votto was left off of this team when his teammates, 2B Brandon Phillips and 3B Scott Rolen are.

Mat Latos, San Diego Padres: Thank goodness that Manuel wised up and put closer Heath Bell on the All-Star team finally. Latos should be there as well. How on earth does no one from the best staff in baseball have the goods to be on the All-Star roster? Latos ranked eighth in the NL in ERA at 2.62, and he is 9-4 to show for his 16 starts. His numbers are virtually identical to St. Louis Cardinals RHP Chris Carpenter and aren’t that much worse than anyone aside from Josh Johnson and Ubaldo Jimenez in the NL. Some starting pitcher should be representing the Padres in LA on Tuesday, and Latos should be the man for the job.

Mike Pelfrey, New York Mets: How many ten game winners can really say that they don’t deserve to be All-Stars? Pelfrey was the spit and glue for the Mets for the better part of two months already this year, and though he hasn’t had a great last few starts, this award is supposed to be a recognition for your entire body of work from the first half of the year. Pelfrey is 10-3 with a 3.39 ERA, and, and though his strikeout total is down from the rest of the big arms in baseball, that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been just as effective. If Pelfrey’s name was Greg Maddux, he would arguably be in a position to not just be in the All-Star Game, but to be starting in it as well. It’s not fair that he was left off of the squad because he isn’t your tradition household name amongst pitchers in the league.

Billy Wagner, Atlanta Braves: We hate to keep picking on the way that Manuel picked this roster, but if nothing else, shouldn’t Wagner be entitled to pitch in the All-Star Game because of his history? Now that Bell has his spot on the team, Wagner is the biggest snub amongst relievers in the league. He has 19 saves against just three blown saves, and has 55 strikeouts, the second highest number amongst closers in the NL. His 1.27 ERA is tops amongst closers, while a 0.91 WHIP and .164 batting average against are also best in the NL for stoppers. Wagner is a future Hall of Famer. His name should have carried him onto the All-Star roster with numbers like that. We love Jonathan Broxton in Los Angeles, but we’re sorry… Broxton’s 18 saves and 1.98 ERA aren’t as strong as Wagner’s 19 saves and 1.27 ERA.

Paul Konerko, Chicago White Sox: At least Manuel picked two other first basemen on his roster when he left Votto off of the team. Girardi seemingly just overlooked Konerko, as the only other listed 1B on his team is Miguel Cabrera. No disrespect is meant to Cabrera, a deserving All-Star in his own right, but leaving Konerko off of the team is a travesty. He ranks fourth in the AL in home runs with 20 and has already knocked in 60 runs this year. By the way, that’s four more than starting 1B Justin Morneau and six more than OF Jose Bautista, who is also on the team as an outfielder. Aside from his sheer numbers, Konerko is the team leader for the White Sox, and he is arguably the main cog in their resurgence from the bottom of the AL Central up to where they sit now, just one game back of the Detroit Tigers for the division lead.

2010 MLB All-Star Game Rosters

July 6th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in MLB Baseball   Comments Off on 2010 MLB All-Star Game Rosters

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All-Star RostersThe rosters for the 2010 MLB All-Star Game have been chosen by managers Charlie Manuel and Joe Girardi, and here at Bankroll Sports, we are taking a first glance at the matchup for the All-Star Game odds and which team we think has the upper hand in the mid-summer classic scheduled for next Tuesday in Anaheim. BetUS Sportsbook will have all of your All-Star Game props and MLB All-Star Game betting lines available to you for this annual festival.

Without a doubt, the National League team has the better set of pitchers at their disposal for this game. If anyone aside from RHP Ubaldo Jimenez starts the game for the NL team, it is a travesty. Yes, Jimenez has struggled just a tad over his last few starts, but it isn’t often that you can say that a pitcher is coming into the All-Star Game with at least 14 wins under his belt. Turning the ball over to RHP Josh Johnson and his 1.82 ERA doesn’t seem like such a bad idea either for Manuel. If a game is close in the late innings, there aren’t a ton of closer options for Manuel to turn to. RHP Jonathan Broxton is having another solid year for the Dodgers, as he gone 17-for-19 on save opportunities and has a 2.02 ERA. LHP Arthur Rhodes may be having the best year for any relief pitcher in baseball in Cincinnati, though. The southpaw as three wins and 15 holds, and up until he allowed three runs against the Phillies last week, his ERA was at 0.28. Still, a 1.06 ERA and 0.88 WHIP are nothing to be ashamed of.

The American League has a nice lineup that is chalk full of speed, particularly at the top of the order. One would think that both OF Carl Crawford and OF Ichiro Suzuki are going to be taking off on the base paths quite a bit if they get aboard, while the big bats of 3B Evan Longoria, DH Vladimir Guerrero, 1B Justin Morneau, and OF Josh Hamilton aren’t going to be far behind waiting to produce runs. Off of the bench, the AL has a superior advantage, as 3B Alex Rodriguez and DH David Ortiz could both pop home runs at a moment’s notice to blow the game wide open for the American League.

The AL pitchers are going to have a tougher time finding traction against the NL roster, though. LHP Cliff Lee won’t be starting the game in all likelihood, but he is arguably the hottest pitcher in baseball right now having thrown 73.1 innings in his L/9 starts and allowing just 13 runs in those outings. Lee is also 7-1 to show for his work in that time, which upped his record to 8-3 on the season. Lefties are certainly at no shortage on this AL roster, as both LHP David Price, LHP Jon Lester, and LHP CC Sabathia are amongst the best in the game. As we all know, if the AL has a lead going into the ninth inning, it’s Enter Sandman time. RHP Mariano Rivera has nailed down a number of All-Star Games in his career, and this year could be no exception.

Manuel has a lineup at his disposal that is chalk full of men from his own division. Four of the nine starters for the NL are out of the East, though 2B Chase Utley won’t be playing in the game due to injury. Expect SS Hanley Ramirez to start off the game as the leadoff hitter. He is really the only pure speed that this roster has until you reach the bench, though. Power is the name of the game for the National League, as 1B Albert Pujols leads a slew of sluggers that can change the game on one swing of the bat as well. The bench doesn’t appear as deep for the NL as it does for the AL, especially when you’re talking about everywhere aside from first base. Obviously, 1Bs Ryan Howard and Adrian Gonzalez are amongst the best hitters in baseball, but there just isn’t any pop beyond those two waiting as potential pinch hitters. The fact that the fans voted in OF Jason Heyward as a starter in this game is a joke, as the rookie is only batting .251 on the season. He is currently on the DL with a bone bruise, and it is unknown whether or not he will be able to give it a go in the All-Star Game or not.

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2010 MLB All-Star Game: American League Roster

Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins
Justin Morneau, Minnesota Twins
Robinson Cano, New York Yankees
Derek Jeter, New York Yankees
Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay Rays
Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers
Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle Mariners
Carl Crawford, Tampa Bay Rays
Vladimir Guerrero, Texas Rangers
Clay Buchholz, Boston Red Sox
Trevor Cahill, Oakland Athletics
Fausto Carmona, Cleveland Indians
Neftali Feliz, Texas Rangers
Phil Hughes, New York Yankees
Cliff Lee, Seattle Mariners
Jon Lester, Boston Red Sox
David Price, Tampa Bay Rays
Mariano Rivera, New York Yankees
CC Sabathia, New York Yankees
Joakim Soria, Kansas City Royals
Matt Thornton, Chicago White Sox
Jose Valverde, Detroit Tigers
John Buck, Toronto Blue Jays
Victor Martinez, Boston Red Sox
Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers
Dustin Pedroia, Boston Red Sox
Ian Kinsler, Texas Rangers
Ty Wiggington, Baltimore Orioles
Elvis Andrus, Texas Rangers
Adrian Beltre, Boston Red Sox
Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees
Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays
Torii Hunter, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Vernon Wells, Toronto Blue Jays
David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox

2010 MLB All-Star Game: National League Roster

Yadier Molina, St. Louis Cardinals
Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals
Chase Utley, Philadelphia Phillies
Hanley Ramirez, Florida Marlins
David Wright, New York Mets
Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers
Andre Ethier, Los Angeles Dodgers
Jason Heyward, Atlanta Braves
Jonathan Broxton, Los Angeles Dodgers
Matt Capps, Washington Nationals
Chris Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals
Yovani Gallardo, Milwaukee Brewers
Roy Halladay, Philadelphia Phillies
Tim Hudson, Atlanta Braves
Ubaldo Jimenez, Colorado Rockies
Josh Johnson, Florida Marlins
Tim Lincecum, San Francisco Giants
Evan Meek, Pittsburgh Pirates
Arthur Rhodes, Cincinnati Reds
Adam Wainwright, St. Louis Cardinals
Brian Wilson, San Francisco Giants
Brian McCann, Atlanta Braves
Adrian Gonzalez, San Diego Padres
Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies
Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati Reds
Martin Prado, Atlanta Braves
Jose Reyes, New York Mets
Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies
Omar Infante, Atlanta Braves
Scott Rolen, Cincinnati Reds
Michael Bourn, Houston Astros
Marlon Byrd, Chicago Cubs
Corey Hart, Milwaukee Brewers
Matt Holliday, St. Louis Cardinals
Chris Young, Arizona Diamondbacks