2014 NFL MVP Odds & MVP Value Picks

August 7th, 2014 by Chad A. Dawkins
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The 2014 NFL football campaign is upon us, making it a great time to take a hard look at the fantasy nerd’s favorite award. 2014 NFL MVP OddsWhich player will make his presence known throughout the league this year while posting the most ridiculous numbers?

A complete list of the 2014 NFL MVP odds, (courtesy of 5Dimes Sportsbook), can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this post. We’ll offer some MVP picks for guys we think are being offered at a considerable bargain. We went through a few of the favorites, long shots, biggest NFL stars, and guys we think have value. There’s a few of the league’s big names being offered at a very competitive prices. We’ll also discuss which players we feel are over-priced.

Advanced Warning To NFL Fanboys – This is an article for bettors who are looking to make sharper value bets. NFL Fanboys should bear in mind that when we say your favorite player is over-priced, it doesn’t mean we are disrespecting him, nor does it mean we are saying that the player has no chance to win the MVP. We’re simply stating the chances are probably less (or similar) than the books offering. Any player on this list has a chance to win the MVP and is a top NFL player. So, there no need to go blasting the comments when reading our “value picks for NFL MVP”. If you have enlightened comments about the prices, we would love to hear them.

Here’s our take on some of the heavily bet, and not-so-heavily bet, players along with their current odds to win the MVP, heading into the 2014 NFL football campaign.

Player Price With Absolutely No Value (No Value At All):

Current Odds on Favorite: Peyton Manning (QB – Denver Broncos)
Peyton Manning’s 2014 Odds to win the NFL MVP: 3.6 to 1 (or +360)
It should come as no surprise that Manning is the favorite to win the 2014 NFL MVP this season due to his gaudy offensive numbers last year. Manning shattered the record books last year with 5477 yards and 55 touchdowns. Although, Peyton has the majority of his supporting cast back (in Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, and Wes Welker), Eric Decker, who was 2nd in the team in receptions last year, is now a New York Jet. The Broncos are hoping that former Steeler, Emmanuel Sanders will fill the void, but it’s not really an upgrade. Obviously, Denver will once again be a contender to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, due to the inferior competition in the conference and their division. However, the AFC west D-coordinators have had their share of looks at Manning now and you better believe they had their notebooks out when they watched a rugged NFC West defense bottle him up in the Superbowl. These improving west coast squads may be better prepared to slow the Denver offense down a little bit. Throw in the fact that Manning is another year older and a bad start to the 2014 season may wear him down mentally and force him to consider retirement. Obviously, if healthy, he should put up solid numbers once again, but a 4 to 1 payout is not worth letting the books hold your money all year (while you hope Sir Peyton can light up the league again).

Player Available At Massive Price Reduction (Serious Value):

Tom Brady (QB – New England Patriots)
NFL MVP Odds For Tom Brady: 12 to 1 (or +1200)
Tommy had somewhat of a down year (statistically speaking) last season, but there were lots of reasons for it; not excuses….reasons (there’s a difference). An endless number of bad beats were taken by the New England Patriots, from the very start, right to the end of the 2013-14 season. Aaron Hernandez was unexpectedly removed from the offense and thrown in the clink before the season started, our favorite youtube club dancer, Rob Gronkowski, was injured for a better part of the season.  Brady also he had to mesh with 2 new wide receivers. Now that Gronkowski is healthy, Julian Edelman is back, and with their young receivers (Kenbrell Thompkins & Aaron Dobson) having a full year of the offense under their belt, the Patriots should be improved this season. Not only does Brady have a slew of weapons at his disposal, but the New England defense could feature one of the best secondaries in a long time, with the additions of Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner.

Longshot (Give A Little, To Get A Lot) Player (Fair Value):

JJ Watt (DL – Houston Texans)
2014 MVP Odds For J.J. Watt: 150 to 1 (or +15000) 
In many eyes, JJ Watt is the league’s premier defensive player. There will likely be less double teams on Watt, now that the Texans added Jadaveon Clowney on the other side of the line. If Clowney can get healthy Watt will surely make his presence known once again this year. I can’t think of 15 defensive players more likely to win the MVP than Watt. The Texans, although they have concerns at the quarterback position, should be a team to be reckoned with this season with new coach Bill O’Brien at the helm. These factors, make Watt’s price a bargain and definitely worth a look. 150 to 1? Why not?

Two Teammates Being Sold At Tempting Prices:

LeSean McCoy (RB) & Nick Foles (QB) – (Philadelphia Eagles)
Latest 2014 NFL MVP Odds for LeSean McCoy +4000 & Nick Foles +5000
While both of these prices may look tempting, theres a lot to look at here. Philadelphia head coach Chip Kelly brought his dynamic style of offense to the NFL last season. Many thought it wouldn’t work, and early in the season Eagles fans we’re cringing at their slow start. However, it was a blessing disguised when starting quarterback & turnover machine, Michael Vick was ailed by an early season hamstring injury (just early enough). Even the wise Chip Kelly didn’t expect 2nd year backup Nick Foles to execute Kelly’s fast paced offense in a higher level than Vick. Even post-Vick, Foles himself was dealing with a nagging injury. Watching a third string rookie try to execute Kelly’s demanding playbook made things look bleak early in the year and those loveable Philadelphia fans were all the more friendly in September last year.

However, Nick showed some NFL quarterback level fortitude and got very comfortable as the season progressed. A down year in the NFC East and a poor finish in 2012 afforded the Eagles a weak strength of schedule. This provided Nick Foles with a timely & smooth transition to the starting job.  A gradually improving Philadelphia D combined with Kelly’s pedal-to-the-medal coaching style gave the efficient Foles the perfect opportunity get his feet wet in the NFL.

Kelly began building his offense around McCoy’s dynamic running attack, using some comfortable leads in games to give his young QB the freedom to grow.  A few tough wins later, Foles was filling up the stat sheet and downright feasting on some of the league’s weaker secondaries. To say he put up quality passing numbers would be an understatement. The sophomore QB was developing into a NFL-level passer and the Eagles won the NFC East.

The Eagles fell short in the playoffs to the New Orleans Saints in what was a very slow game offensively. Philadelphia fans are now encouraged and believe that a full offseason under Kelly will make them an improved team & an NFC contender. However, sharp bettors can’t help but take note of their 2014-15 division-winning schedule, where they will have to face defensive powerhouses like Carolina, Arizona, Seattle, & San Francisco. To the average fan, Foles looks like a great value at 50-1, as we all know passing is what you see on ESPN highlights. But, make no mistake about it.  LeSean McCoy is the one who took them to the playoffs last year and allowed them to battle. If the Eagles are going to survive this schedule and Nick Foles is going to continue to develop as passer while having to go through some of the league’s elite pass-rushing rosters, you better believe that it’s going to be their horse in LeSean McCoy that gets both the Eagles & young Nick Foles out the other side. At this price, McCoy is worth a look.

Player Who Just Might Surprise You (Value):

Jay Cutler (QB – Chicago Bears)
2014 NFL MVP Odds for Jay Cutler: 25 to 1 (or +2500)
For starters, there’s always the “Can Jay Cutler stay healthy?” question that is asked regularly. It seems to be the only thing that is keeping him from being a top-tier quarterback (that and his crappy attitude). Cutler probably has the most feared wide receiver tandem in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. In Marc Trestman’s second year, he has implemented a solid running game and more quick throws for Cutler, keeping him on his feet and taking a lot fewer hits.  The Bear’s have also made a number of key acquisitions to patch up a defense that underperformed last year.  The Bears might be in for a very surprising season, and clearly, their success and failure rests on Jay Cutler’s health. With Cutler & the Bears playing one of the weaker defensive conferences, he is worth a shot at these odds to win what is a largely stat based award.

Player With Something To Prove at an Opportune Time (Best Value):

Colin Kaepernick (QB – San Francisco 49ers)
Odds to win the MVP for Colin Kaepernick: 30 to 1 (or +3000)
The real reason nobody would have considered 2nd year starter Colin Kaepernick for NFL MVP last season was not because he didn’t win games or wasn’t effective. There was no lack of big plays from young Colin Kaepernick.  In fact, he won a lot of games against very good teams. The reason he wasn’t an MVP candidate was because he didn’t put up gaudy passing numbers.  After all, the regular-season MVP award, is about passing yards and touchdowns for quarterbacks (it’s a media-based award).

In 2013, the 49ers game plan was very ball-controlled, run-heavy due to their defensive dominance, lack of a deep receiving threat (due to Michael Crabtree’s 10-week injury), and a brutal division-winning schedule (in the NFC West). Colin Kaepernick would have quite a few games where he’d play well and do it with his legs & his arm.  In those games, he’d finish the game with passing yards total fewer than 200 yards.  This tends to get the public (even the east coast media who doesn’t see the game) into thinking Kaepernick isn’t effective as a passer; which couldn’t be further from the truth.

This year, the 49ers defense has already been hit with a few setbacks early in pre-season.  A healthy Michael Crabtree lined up along side Anquan Boldin & Vernon Davis, as well as new additions in Steve Johnson & Brandon Lloyd (fighting for the 3rd wide receiver spot) will provide Kaepernick with a lot more receiving options as well as strong running game and returning o-line to give him time to throw. There is also a some young talent like Quinton Patton and rookie speedster Bruce Ellington. With all these weapons at his disposal and a that needs some time to re-gel, a frustrated Jim Harbaugh may be inclined to open up the offense a lot this year and not take his foot off gas pedal.

Regular Season MVP Odds Courtesy of 5Dimes Sportsbook:
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Peyton Manning +360
Aaron Rodgers +600
Drew Brees +800
Tom Brady +1200
Jay Cutler +2500
Andrew Luck +2500
Calvin Johnson +2800
Colin Kaepernick +3000
Adrian Peterson +3000
Robert Griffin III +3500
Russell Wilson +3500
LeSean McCoy +4000
Matthew Stafford +4500
Nick Foles +5000
Matt Ryan +5000
Cam Newton +5000
Philip Rivers +6000
Jamaal Charles +6000
Tony Romo +6500
Eli Manning +7000
Dez Bryant +8000
Demaryius Thomas +8500
Matt Forte +8500
AJ Green +9500
Jimmy Graham +10000
Ben Roethlisberger +10000
Brandon Marshall +10000
Julio Jones +11000
Rob Gronkowski +12500
Alshon Jeffery +12500
Marshawn Lynch +12500
Joe Flacco +12500
Victor Cruz +12500
Percy Harvin +12500
Josh McCown +13500
Eddie Lacy +15000
Alfred Morris +15000
Jake Locker +15000
Reggie Bush +15000
Antonio Brown +15000
JJ Watt +15000
Luke Kuechly +17500
Arian Foster +17500
Greg Hardy +17500
Sam Bradford +17500
Larry Fitzgerald +17500
Alex Smith +17500
Andy Dalton +20000
Montee Ball +20000
CJ Spiller +20000
Giovani Bernard +20000
Zac Stacy +20000
Ryan Mathews +20000
Richard Sherman +20000
Robert Quinn +20000
Chris Johnson +20000
Carson Palmer +22500
Von Miller +22500
Matt Schaub +22500
Knowshon Moreno +25000
Frank Gore +25000
Darrelle Revis +25000
Patrick Peterson +25000
Chad Henne +25000
EJ Manuel +25000
Matt Cassel +25000
Michael Vick +25000
Ryan Tannehill +25000
Brian Hoyer +25000
Ryan Fitzpatrick +27500
Johnny Manziel +30000
DeMarco Murray +30000
Ray Rice +30000
Geno Smith +35000
Cecil Shorts III +50000

2014 PGA Championship Odds, Picks, & Preview

August 2nd, 2014 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist)
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Complete List of 2014 PGA Championship Odds Found Below
2014 PGA Championship Predictions, Odds, & Tournament Info.
2014 PGA Championship Dates: Thursday, August 7th – Sunday, August 10th
2014 PGA Championship Location: Valhalla Country Club, Louisville, Kentucky
Odds To Win The 2014 PGA Championship Favorite: Rory McIlory (5 to 1)
Current Defending PGA Championship Champion: Jason Dufner (125 to 1)
PGA Championship TV Coverage: CBS, TNT, and The Golf Channel

2014 PGA Championship Odds at ValhallaThe fourth grand slam tournament of the 2014 PGA Tour takes place at Valhalla Country Club in Louisville, Kentucky for the 96th annual PGA Championship. Jason Dufner (PGA Championship Golf Betting Lines: 125 to 1  at 5 Dimes) will be looking to defend his 2013 championship. Dufner has had a decent year with 4 top 10 finishes this year, but has yet to grab a win and has been less consistent than most tour stars with odds lower than 50 to 1.  In the 3 major tournaments, Dufner made the cut in only one, in which he finished 51st in the British Open last month. Dufner’s average line amongst the books is around 35 to 1.  While this number may attract some golf fans, this line is not tempting in the least to any sharp futures player.


We really liked California native Rickie Fowler (PGA Championship Golf Betting Lines: 22 to 1  at 5 Dimesin last month’s Open Championship, and he did not disappoint with an impressive 2nd place finish. Fowler has recently altered his swing for more control and is playing as well as anyone in major tournaments (this side of Rory McIlroy).  We still think Rickie has tremendous value once again at 25 to 1, with consecutive runner-up finishes in the last two major tournaments. Fowler also had a 5th place finish at the Masters.  His 3 top 5 finishes in each major tournament this season can’t be ignored. If you like him at 25 to 1, don’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

List Of Past The PGA Championship Winners (Since 2000)
2013 – Jason Dufner
2012 – Rory McIlroy
2011 – Keegan Bradley
2010 – Martin Kaymer
2009 – YE Yang
2008 – Padraig Harrington
2007 – Tiger Woods
2006 – Tiger Woods
2005 – Phil Mickelson
2004 – Vijay Singh
2003 – Shaun Micheel
2002 – Rich Beem
2001 – David Toms
2000 – Tiger Woods

5DimesIt should come as no surprise that this year’s British Open winner Rory McIlory is the favorite (at 7 to 1 @ Bovada to win this year’s PGA Championship). McIlroy dominated last month’s Open Championship, jumping out to a lead and never looking back with a wire to wire win. McIlroy has had seven top 10 finishes this season, and is more likely than anyone to be in the mix to win in Valhalla.

Angel Cabrera (PGA Championship Golf Betting Lines: 80 to 1 at 5 Dimes) is a longshot, but offers some value.  We love Angel Cabrera’s controlled power.  He won the Greenbrier Classic in early July, edging the 2nd place finisher by 2 strokes. It was Cabrera’s first win since claiming the green jacket in 2009. Cabrera has two major wins under his belt, and definitely has the experience to make a run in the PGA championship. At these odds, Cabrera is worth a shot as he always seems to make some noise in majors when its least expected.

The last time the PGA championship made its way to Valhalla, it was back in 2000. The winner of that tournament was none other than Tiger Woods (PGA Championship Golf Betting Lines: 66 to 1 at 5 Dimes). Woods didn’t have the most impressive showing at last month’s Open Championship, but he was encouraged by the way he was hitting the ball and was still recovering from an injury.  He hit more fairways than most of the field at the British Open, including Rory McIlroy.  Woods’ progress should be monitored in this weekend’s WGC-Bridgestone invitational. At 10 to 1, and with Woods trying to make his way back from injury, these odds don’t offer a lot of value. But, with a strong opening round, 10 to 1 will look like a bargain.

Betting Odds to Win PGA Championship @ 5 Dimes (as of 8/2/14):
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Rory McIlroy 5 to 1
Adam Scott 11 to 1
Justin Rose 17 to 1
Sergio Garcia 16 to 1
Rickie Fowler 22 to 1
Henrik Stenson 26 to 1
Phil Mickelson 27 to 1
Matt Kuchar 30 to 1
Bubba Watson 32 to 1
Charl Schwartzel 32 to 1
Keegan Bradley 33 to 1
Graeme McDowell 40 to 1
Jim Furyk 40 to 1
Martin Kaymer 42 to 1
Hideki Matsuyama 45 to 1
Jordan Spieth 45 to 1
Marc Leishman 45 to 1
Brandt Snedeker 55 to 1
Jimmy Walker 60 to 1
Hunter Mahan 66 to 1
Tiger Woods 66 to 1
Ryan Moore 70 to 1
Patrick Reed 75 to 1
J.B. Holmes 85 to 1
Jason Day 85 to 1
Lee Westwood 85 to 1
Gary Woodland 100 to 1
Victor Dubuisson 100 to 1
Webb Simpson 100 to 1
Zach Johnson 100 to 1
Angel Cabrera 110 to 1
Robert Karlsson 115 to 1
Jason Dufner 125 to 1
Luke Donald 125 to 1
Thomas Bjorn 125 to 1
Chris Kirk 145 to 1
Kevin Na 145 to 1
Bill Haas 150 to 1
Graham DeLaet 150 to 1
Harris English 150 to 1
Brendon Todd 155 to 1
Francesco Molinari 165 to 1
Louis Oosthuizen 165 to 1
Paul Casey 165 to 1
Billy Horschel 175 to 1
Shane Lowry 185 to 1
Steve Stricker 185 to 1
Geoff Ogilvy 200 to 1
Ian Poulter 225 to 1
Nick Watney 225 to 1
John Senden 250 to 1
Charles Howell III 265 to 1
Kevin Stadler 275 to 1
Ben Martin 325 to 1
Jamie Donaldson 325 to 1
Seung-Yul Noh 345 to 1
Stephen Gallacher 345 to 1
Brooks Koepka 365 to 1
Russell Henley 375 to 1
Ryan Palmer 375 to 1
Jonas Blixt 385 to 1
Charley Hoffman 400 to 1
Thongchai Jaidee 400 to 1
Tim Clark 400 to 1
Scott Piercy 425 to 1
Kevin Chappell 45 to 10
Brendon De Jonge 465 to 1
Fredrik Jacobson 465 to 1
Brendan Steele 475 to 1
Ernie Els 475 to 1
K.J. Choi 475 to 1
Matteo Manassero 500 to 1
Miguel Angel Jimenez 500 to 1
Scott Stallings 500 to 1
Joost Luiten 565 to 1
Fabrizio Zanotti 575 to 1
Brian Harman 600 to 1
George Coetzee 600 to 1
Rafael Cabrera-Bello 600 to 1
Russell Knox 600 to 1
Ryo Ishikawa 600 to 1
Branden Grace 625 to 1
Edoardo Molinari 625 to 1
Matt Every 665 to 1
Matt Jones 665 to 1
Boo Weekley 675 to 1
Jason Kokrak 675 to 1
Steven Bowditch 700 to 1
Stewart Cink 745 to 1
Kenny Perry 785 to 1
Danny Willett 825 to 1
Kevin Streelman 825 to 1
Thorbjorn Olesen 845 to 1
George McNeill 865 to 1
Chris Stroud 900 to 1
Chris Wood 900 to 1
Colin Montgomerie 900 to 1
Padraig Harrington 900 to 1
Daniel Summerhays 925 to 1
Gonzalo Fdez-Castano 925 to 1
Ross Fisher 925 to 1
Cameron Tringale 950 to 1
Aaron Krueger 1000 to 1
Alexander Levy 1000 to 1
Anirban Lahiri 1000 to 1
Ben Crane 1000 to 1
Bernd Wiesberger 1000 to 1
Bob Sowards 1000 to 1
Brian Norman 1000 to 1
Brian Stuard 1000 to 1
Chesson Hadley 1000 to 1
Darren Clarke 1000 to 1
David Hearn 1000 to 1
David Hronek 1000 to 1
David McNabb 1000 to 1
David Tentis 1000 to 1
Davis Love III 1000 to 1
Dustin Volk 1000 to 1
Eric Williamson 1000 to 1
Erik Compton 1000 to 1
Frank Esposito 1000 to 1
Hideto Tanihara 1000 to 1
Jamie Broce 1000 to 1
Jason Bohn 1000 to 1
Jerry Kelly 1000 to 1
Jerry Smith 1000 to 1
Jim McGovern 1000 to 1
Johan Kok 1000 to 1
John Daly 1000 to 1
Kim Hyung-Sung 1000 to 1
Kiradech Aphibarnrat 1000 to 1
Koumei Oda 1000 to 1
Marc Warren 1000 to 1
Mark Brooks 1000 to 1
Matt Pesta 1000 to 1
Michael Block 1000 to 1
Mikko Ilonen 1000 to 1
Pablo Larrazabal 1000 to 1
Rich Beem 1000 to 1
Richard Sterne 1000 to 1
Rob Corcoran 1000 to 1
Roberto Castro 1000 to 1
Rod Perry 1000 to 1
Rory Sabbatini 1000 to 1
Ryan Helminen 1000 to 1
Scott Brown 1000 to 1
Shaun Micheel 1000 to 1
Steve Schneiter 1000 to 1
Stuart Deane 1000 to 1
Tom Watson 1000 to 1
Tommy Fleetwood 1000 to 1
Vijay Singh 1000 to 1
Will MacKenzie 1000 to 1
Y.E. Yang 1000 to 1

2014 PGA Championship Betting Lines at Bovada (as of 8/1/14):

Rory McIlroy 7/1
Tiger Woods 10/1
Adam Scott 12/1
Phil Mickelson 20/1
Martin Kaymer 22/1
Rickie Fowler 22/1
Bubba Watson 25/1
Henrik Stenson 25/1
Jordan Spieth 25/1
Justin Rose 25/1
Sergio Garcia 25/1
Dustin Johnson 28/1
Jason Day 33/1
Jason Dufner 33/1
Jim Furyk 33/1
Matt Kuchar 33/1
Brandt Snedeker 40/1
Charl Schwartzel 40/1
Graeme McDowell 40/1
Keegan Bradley 40/1
Lee Westwood 40/1
Luke Donald 40/1
Zach Johnson 40/1
Hunter Mahan 50/1
Jimmy Walker 50/1
Webb Simpson 50/1
Hideki Matsuyama 66/1
Ian Poulter 66/1
Louis Oosthuizen 66/1
Steve Stricker 66/1
Angel Cabrera 80/1
Bill Haas 80/1
Gary Woodland 80/1
Graham DeLaet 80/1
Harris English 80/1
Nick Watney 80/1
Ryan Moore 80/1
Billy Horschel 100/1
Ernie Els 100/1
Jonas Blixt 100/1
Paul Casey 100/1
Richard Sterne 100/1
Tim Clark 100/1
Francesco Molinari 125/1
JB Holmes 125/1
Matteo Manassero 125/1
Nicolas Colsaerts 125/1
Thorbjørn Olesen 125/1
Bo Van Pelt 150/1
Boo Weekley 150/1
Branden Grace 150/1
Fredrik Jacobson 150/1
Marc Leishman 150/1
Martin Laird 150/1
Padraig Harrington 150/1
Peter Hanson 150/1
George Coetzee 200/1
Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano 200/1

2014 British Open Odds & Free British Open Sleeper Picks

July 9th, 2014 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist)
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Complete List of 2014 British Open Odds Can Be Found Below

2014 British Open – Current Odds To Win, Free Sleeper Picks & Tournament Info
2014 Open Championship Dates: Thursday, July 17th thru Sunday, July 20th
2014 British Open Location: Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Merseyside, England
Current Favorite To Win the 2014 British Open: Rory McIlroy (Odds: 12 to 1)
Defending British Open Champion (2013 Champ): Phil Mickelson (17 to 1)
Free Sleeper Picks: Kevin Na (150/1 at 5Dimes) & Rickie Fowler (50/1 at 5Dimes)

2014 British Open Golf Live TV Coverage: ESPN / ABC (& DirectTV Mosaic)

Royal LiverpoolThe third grand slam tournament of the 2014 PGA Tour takes place at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Merseyside, England 
for the 154th annual British Open. Phil Mickelson (Current Odds: 17 to 1 @ 5 Dimes). will be looking to defend his 2013 championship, and will need his best effort of the year by far to be in contention. Mickelson, currently ranked 91st in the world, has had a disappointing season by his standards, with no top 10 finishes and an average score of 71 per round. Perhaps the rumors of possible insider trading has somewhat distracted him, and who knows how much that will affect his game in the upcoming months.

This year’s Open Championship may have a different sort of buzz compared to the previous major tournaments this year, and that is due to the return of Tiger Woods (Odds: 17 to 1 @ 5 Dimes). It should come as no surprise that Woods is the favorite, however with his return from injury and past performances this year, one would have to question if he is a serious contender. Woods missed the cut in his return from injury at the Quicken Loans national, and his progress leading up to the British Open should be monitored. His recent struggles shouldn’t matter as the betting public will more than likely have a lot of action on Tiger to be in the mix. It should also be pointed out that the last time Woods won the Open Championship; it was at none other than Royal Liverpool.

British Open Winners (Since 2000)
2013 – Phil Mickelson
2012 – Ernie Els
2011 – Darren Clarke
2010 – Louis Oosthuizen
2009 – Stewart Cink
2008 – Padraig Harrington
2007 – Padraig Harrington
2006 – Tiger Woods
2005 – Tiger Woods
2004 – Todd Hamilton
2003 – Ben Curtis
2002 – Ernie Els
2001 – David Duval
2000 – Tiger Woods

It should come as no surprise that US Open winner Martin Kaymer is listed at only 16 to 1 (at 5Dimes) to win this year’s Open Championship. The 29 year-old German dominated the field at Pinehurst, winning the tournament by an astounding 8 strokes. In 12 tournament appearances, Kaymer has 2 wins and 3 top 10 finishes in 2014. If Kaymer can come anywhere close to duplicating his US Open performance, he will most certainly be a serious contender.

If there is anyone in the field that is due for a major, it’s Sergio Garcia (Best Odds: 25 to 1 at Bovada). Garcia is currently ranked 9th in the world, and despite poor showings in the previous 2 majors, he has 10 top 10 finishes this year, including a 3rd place finish at the Players championship at TPC Sawgrass, and a 2nd place finish at the Travelers Championship. Garcia has been competitive in previous Open championships with 4 top 10 finishes, including placing 2nd in 2007 (Carnoustie) and 5th in 2006 (Royal Liverpool).

California native Rickie Fowler (Best Odds: 50 to 1 at Bovada) is showing some value after a 2nd place finish in the US Open. Fowler has yet to win a major but has shown signs this year that he might be ready to take the next step. Among his 4 top 10 finishes this year was finishing 6 strokes back and placing 5th at the Masters. Fowler did miss the cut in last year’s British Open championship, and will most certainly be determined to put forth a better showing.

Odds to Win the 2014 British Open @ 5 Dimes Sportsbook (as of 7/9/14):
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  • Rory McIlroy: 12 to 1
  • Adam Scott: 13 to 1
  • Henrik Stenson: 14 to 1
  • Martin Kaymer: 16 to 1
  • Tiger Woods: 17 to 1
  • Justin Rose: 22 to 1
  • Sergio Garcia: 23 to 1
  • Graeme McDowell: 24 to 1
  • Phil Mickelson: 27 to 1
  • Dustin Johnson: 30 to 1
  • Lee Westwood: 30 to 1
  • Jason Day: 32 to 1
  • Matt Kuchar: 32 to 1
  • Bubba Watson: 40 to 1
  • Rickie Fowler: 45 to 1
  • Brandt Snedeker: 50 to 1
  • Luke Donald: 50 to 1
  • Ian Poulter: 55 to 1
  • Thomas Bjorn: 55 to 1
  • Angel Cabrera: 70 to 1
  • Paul Casey: 70 to 1
  • Louis Oosthuizen: 75 to 1
  • Charl Schwartzel: 85 to 1
  • Francesco Molinari: 85 to 1
  • Jason Dufner: 85 to 1
  • Jim Furyk: 85 to 1
  • Keegan Bradley: 85 to 1
  • Zach Johnson: 85 to 1
  • Ernie Els: 90 to 1
  • Webb Simpson: 90 to 1
  • Mikko Ilonen: 95 to 1
  • Miguel Angel Jimenez: 100 to 1
  • Hunter Mahan: 125 to 1
  • Ryan Moore: 125 to 1
  • Steve Stricker: 125 to 1
  • Branden Grace: 135 to 1
  • Robert Karlsson: 135 to 1
  • Kevin Na: 150 to 1
  • Bill Haas: 175 to 1
  • Nicolas Colsaerts: 175 to 1
  • Padraig Harrington: 175 to 1
  • Matteo Manassero: 185 to 1
  • Thorbjorn Olesen: 185 to 1
  • Billy Horschel: 200 to 1
  • Gary Woodland: 200 to 1
  • Nick Watney: 200 to 1
  • Peter Hanson: 210 to 1
  • Martin Laird: 220 to 1
  • K.J. Choi: 225 to 1
  • John Senden: 235 to 1
  • Aaron Baddeley: 250 to 1
  • Fredrik Jacobson: 250 to 1
  • Bo Van Pelt: 265 to 1
  • Gonzalo Fdez-Castano: 275 to 1
  • Anders Hansen: 285 to 1
  • Ben Crane: 300 to 1
  • Ben Curtis: 300 to 1
  • George Coetzee: 300 to 1
  • Sang-Moon Bae: 350 to 1
  • Charles Howell III: 365 to 1
  • Stewart Cink: 365 to 1
  • Geoff Ogilvy: 375 to 1
  • Carl Pettersson: 385 to 1
  • Alexander Noren: 400 to 1
  • Tom Watson: 450 to 1
  • Tim Clark: 455 to 1
  • David Lynn: 550 to 1
  • David Toms: 600 to 1

Here Are The 2014 British Open Odds at Bovada Sportsbook (as of 7/3/2014):
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  • Rory McIlroy 12/1
  • Tiger Woods 12/1
  • Adam Scott 14/1
  • Henrik Stenson 14/1
  • Martin Kaymer 14/1
  • Justin Rose 16/1
  • Phil Mickelson 18/1
  • Jason Day 25/1
  • Jordan Spieth 25/1
  • Lee Westwood 25/1
  • Sergio Garcia 25/1
  • Graeme McDowell 28/1
  • Bubba Watson 33/1
  • Charl Schwartzel 33/1
  • Dustin Johnson 33/1
  • Ian Poulter 33/1
  • Luke Donald 33/1
  • Matt Kuchar 33/1
  • Brandt Snedeker 40/1
  • Ernie Els 40/1
  • Louis Oosthuizen 40/1
  • Zach Johnson 40/1
  • Hideki Matsuyama 45/1
  • Hunter Mahan 50/1
  • Jason Dufner 50/1
  • Paul Casey 50/1
  • Rickie Fowler 50/1
  • Bill Haas 66/1
  • Jamie Donaldson 66/1
  • Webb Simpson 66/1
  • Angel Cabrera 80/1
  • Branden Grace 80/1
  • Francesco Molinari 80/1
  • Harris English 80/1
  • Jim Furyk 80/1
  • Jonas Blixt 80/1
  • Keegan Bradley 80/1
  • Matteo Manassero 80/1
  • Miguel Angel Jimenez 80/1
  • Nicolas Colsaerts 80/1
  • Padraig Harrington 80/1
  • Steve Stricker 80/1
  • Thomas Bjorn 80/1
  • Billy Horschel 100/1
  • K.J. Choi 100/1
  • Martin Laird 100/1
  • Nick Watney 100/1
  • Patrick Reed 100/1
  • Peter Hanson 100/1
  • Richard Sterne 100/1
  • Ross Fisher 100/1
  • Ryan Moore 100/1
  • Shane Lowry 100/1
  • Thorbjørn Olesen 100/1
  • Bernd Wiesberger 125/1
  • Chris Wood 125/1
  • Fredrik Jacobson 125/1
  • Paul Lawrie 125/1
  • Alexander Noren 150/1
  • Bo Van Pelt 150/1
  • Danny Willett 150/1
  • Darren Clarke 150/1
  • Geoff Ogilvy 150/1
  • George Coetzee 150/1
  • Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano 150/1
  • Stewart Cink 150/1
  • Thomas Aiken 200/1
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2014 US Open Odds & Golf U.S. Open Value Picks

May 27th, 2014 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist)
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List Of 2014 US Open Odds Can Be Found Below

2014 Golf US Open Odds, Picks & Info
2014 U.S. Open Scheduled Dates: June 12-15, 2014
2014 US Open Location: Pinehurst No. 2 in Pinehurst, NC
Odds On Favorite To Win The US Open: Rory McIlory (12 to 1)
Defending US Open Champion (2013 Winner): Justin Rose
2014 US Open TV Coverage – Network: ESPN & NBC

The 2014 US open takes place at Pinehurst Resort in Pinehurst, NC on the second weekend in June. Justin Rose (US Open Golf Betting Lines: 22 to 1 at BetOnline) will be defending his crown, and thus far this year Rose has been decent with five top 10 finishes. Rose won the 2013 US Open in Marion with a consistent effort through all 4 rounds to beat Aussie Jason Day and American Phil Mickelson by 2 strokes finishing at +1 for the tournament.

Rory McIlroy (Current US Open Odds: 12 to 1 at BetOnlineis the favorite in this year’s open. McIlroy will be looking to duplicate his efforts that won him the 2011 Open Championship. He has had a top 10 finish at the Masters, finishing 8th, and currently has six top 10 finishes this year and just missed a win at the Honda Classic losing on a one hole playoff. Given his current form, McIlroy is poised for a great tournament and is due for a major win.

List Of Past US Open Golf Winners (Since 2000)

2013 US Open Winner – Justin Rose
2012 US Open Winner – Webb Simpson
2011 US Open Winner – Rory McIlroy
2010 US Open Winner – Graeme McDowell
2009 US Open Winner – Lucas Glover
2008 US Open Winner – Tiger Woods
2007 US Open Winner – Angel Cabrera
2006 US Open Winner – Geoff Ogilvy
2005 US Open Winner – Michael Campbell
2004 US Open Winner – Retief Goosen
2003 US Open Winner – Jim Furyk
2002 US Open Winner – Tiger Woods
2001 US Open Winner – Retief Goosen
2000 US Open Winner – Tiger Woods

After the Masters this season, many were talking about Bubba Watson’s second win at Augusta. However, the real story was the performance of the young American sensation Jordan Spieth (US Open Golf Betting Lines: 22 to 1 at BetOnline). Spieth had a second place finish at Augusta National, and a month later followed that performance up with a 4th place finish at The Players championship at TPC Sawgrass. This season, Spieth has 6 top 10 finishes, and is certainly proving that his performance at the Masters was no fluke. The 20-year-old definitely has the talent and poise to win a major, and could definitely be among the serious contenders at Pinehurst this year.

Speaking of the Masters, Bubba Watson (US Open Golf Betting Lines: 28 to 1 at BetOnline) is definitely playing at a high level this season, with two wins and six top 10 finishes this season. Watson was inactive for a month after his Masters victory, and his next tournament was a disappointing 48th place finish at TPC Sawgrass. Watson’s form should be monitored in the week leading up to Pinehurst, but he could very well be in the mix. Watson’s best performance in the US Open was in 2007 when he tied for 5th.

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Bovada 460 all 2013 US Open Odds, Free Picks, Preview, and Predictions
Matt Kuchar (22 to 1 Odds to win the US Open @ BetOnline) is looking like an attractive play. The Georgia Tech graduate has been solid this season, and currently ranks 4th on the PGA money list. He’s had one win and nine top 10 finishes this season, with his victory coming in April at the RBS heritage. Kuchar is great form, and is averaging 69.8 per round and had a good Masters showing finishing 5th, and a 7th place finish at the Byron Nelson Championship. If there is a player that is due for a major win, Kuchar is the guy.

Who Will Win The 2014 US Open at Pinehurst No. 2?

  • Matt Kuchar (22 to 1 Odds) (23%, 22 Votes)
  • Jordan Spieth (22 to 1 Odds) (19%, 18 Votes)
  • Phil Mickelson (17 to 1 Odds) (16%, 15 Votes)
  • Rory McIlroy (12 to 1 Odds) (15%, 14 Votes)
  • Adam Scott (17 to 1 Odds) (11%, 10 Votes)
  • Tiger Woods (22 to 1 Odds) (10%, 9 Votes)
  • Other (Comment Below) (4%, 4 Votes)
  • Jason Day (22 to 1 Odds) (2%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 94

Current 2014 Golf US Open Odds @ BetOnline (as of 5/27/14):
Bet The Odds to Win The Golf US Open at BetOn

KJ CHOI 125-1
KEVIN NA 150-1
YE YANG 300-1

Odds to Win The 2014 Kentucky Derby + Racing Form

April 29th, 2014 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist)
Bet The 2014 Kentucky Derby This Premier A+ Rated Sportsbook & Racebook
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2014 Kentucky Derby Racing Form, Odds, Date & Info
Date: Saturday, May 3, 2014 & Post Time: 5:00 p.m. (EST)
Kentucky Derby Location: Churchill Downs, Louisville, KY
2014 Kentucky Derby TV Coverage – Airing Network: NBC
2014 Derby Racing Form: Click Here For Past Performances
Last 5 Kentucky Derby Winners
2013 Kentucky Derby Winner – Orb 
2012 Kentucky Derby Winner – I’ll Have Another
2011 Kentucky Derby Winner – Animal Kingdom
2010 Kentucky Derby Winner – Super Saver
2009 Kentucky Derby Winner – Mine That Bird

The 140th running of the Kentucky Derby takes place this Saturday from Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY. We’ll take a look at some of the contenders in the field that makes this the most exciting 2 minutes in sports.

California Chrome (3.1 to 1 odds at 5Dimes Sportsbook) is the current favorite to win thOrbe race and for good reason. With 6 wins in 10 starts, the chestnut is running at a high level that could win the race. He won the Santa Anita Derby is dominating fashion, running the last quarter mile in 24.2 seconds winning by more than five lengths. Should he replicate that performance, he will certainly be hard to beat.

Trainer Bob Baffert is no stranger to the Kentucky Derby, with 3 wins in his career. Baffert once again has a contender in Hoppertunity (15 to 1 odds at 5Dimes Sportsbook) with 2 wins in 5 starts. Hoppertunity didn’t look too impressive in the Santa Anita Derby, yet he did have a strong finish rallying from a slow start. How Baffert trains at Churchill should be interesting, and with his experience could be a major factor in the race.

With 5 wins in 6 starts, Samraat (21 to 1 odds at 5Dimes Sportsbook) looks like an attractive play. All of his wins have been in New York, and his last race was a second place finish to Wicked Strong (currently 9.5 to 1 odds at 5Dimes Sportsbook) in Aqueduct’s Wood Memorial. The 3-year-old colt runs hard no matter what, and his last race was the first time he was surrounded and covered up, yet showed a lot of determination in rallying a few times. This colt definitely should not be overlooked. Samraat’s trainer Rick Violette believes the last race will only make him better, should that be the case, Samraat is a contender.

Trainer Todd Pletcher’s colt Intense Holiday (currently 29 to 1 odds at 5Dimes Sportsbook) is showing some value with his lifetime 2-1-1 record in 8 starts. The colt has an effective kick, and he does have a good amount of starts under his belt. Some have said that his style is a perfect fit for the Derby this year. If he can stay in the pack and not get in trouble early, he has the ability to make a good stretch run.

2014 Kentucky Derby Listed Entries (as of 4/28/14)
Current Odds From 5Dimes Sportsbook (as of 4/28/14)
California Chrome 3.1 to 1
Wicked Strong 9.5 to 1
Danza 16 to 1
Hoppertunity 15 to 1
Dance With Fate 21 to 1
Samraat 21 to 1
Vicar’s in Trouble 23 to 1
Candy Boy 26 to 1
Wildcat Red 26 to 1
Intense Holiday 29 to 1
Ride On Curlin 34 to 1
Strong Mandate 34 to 1
Mexikoma 34 to 1
Social Inclusion 36 to 1
General a Rod 36 to 1
Tapiture 36 to 1
Chitu 36 to 1
We Miss Artie 41 to 1
Medal Count 41 to 1
Bayern 46 to 1
Uncle Sigh 51 to 1
Ring Weekend 56 to 1
Noble Moon 101 to 1

2014 MLB World Series Odds – Free MLB Futures Picks

April 3rd, 2014 by Chad A. Dawkins

The 2014 Major League Baseball season is upon us, and we’ll take a look at the odds to win the World Series and some teams that present some value. The complete listing of World Series odds can be found at the bottom of this post, courtesy of JustBet.

The New York Yankees are currently 14/1 (@ JustBet) to win the series, and wouldn’t it be a great sendoff for the future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter? The Yankees made some big off-season acquisitions, signing CF Jacoby Ellsbury, RF Carlos Beltran, C Brian McCann, and Japanese pitching prospect Masahiro Tanaka. The Yankees lost Mariano Rivera to retirement, and 2B Robinson Cano to free agency. Their lineup looks potent and could be a factor in the loaded AL East if 1B Mark Teixeira and Jeter can stay healthy. Their rotation looks respectable, with Tanaka, left-hander C.C. Sabathia, and the young Ivan Nova, who looks like he could have a breakout season. New York has been planning for departure of Rivera, and David Robertson has been groomed well for the closers role. In a loaded division, any team could win and it could very well be the New York Yankees.

World Series OddsI’m seeing some value in the Pittsburgh Pirates at 28/1  (@ JustBet). The Pirates made their first postseason appearance in over 20 years last season, and look to get back to the postseason with a very talented, yet underrated lineup. They are led by 2013 NL MVP CF Andrew McCutcheon, and have the key parts to make a postseason run. Also in the order are 3B Pedro Alvarez, who hit 36 HR’s last season, and young LF Starling Marte. They have the pitching, with left-hander Francisco Liriano, and the up and coming Gerrit Cole. They also have another hurler in waiting, in young right-hander Jameson Taillon, the 2010 second overall pick. The bullpen was one of the best in the majors last season, with Mark Melancon and Jason Grilli pitching magnificently. Can we expect a repeat performance? Maybe, but at 28/1 the Pittsburgh Pirates deserve some consideration.

The Seattle Mariners look like an attractive play at 33/1  (@ JustBet). The Mariners not only signed the superstar second baseman, but also added some key role players in DH slugger Corey Hart and RF Logan Morrison. They also have LF Dustin Ackley, who could be poised for a breakout season, and 3B sparkplug Kyle Seagar. The promising 24-year-old centerfielder Abraham Almonte could be the centerfielder of the future, and will more than likely be called up at some point this season. The rotation is of course led by none other than ‘King’ Felix Hernandez, and Hisashi Iwakuma. Iwakuma should be ready to go in mid-April, as him and Hernandez pose one of the better 1-2 punch combo’s in the American league. In a division that has teams struggling with injuries (A’s, Rangers), Seattle could be one of the surprise teams this season.

Current 2014 World Series Odds From JustBet Sportsbook (as of 4/1/2013)
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Los Angeles Dodgers      13/2
St. Louis Cardinals           15/2
Detroit Tigers                     9/1
Washington Nationals    10/1
Boston Red Sox                 12/1
Tampa Bay Rays                12/1
New York Yankees          14/1
Atlanta Braves                   16/1
San Francisco Giants       16/1
Texas Rangers                   16/1
Los Angeles Angels         20/1
Oakland Athletics             20/1
Cincinnati Reds                 25/1
Toronto Blue Jays            25/1
Pittsburgh Pirates            28/1
Baltimore Orioles             33/1
Kansas City Royals           33/1
Philadelphia Phillies        33/1
Seattle Mariners                33/1
Cleveland Indians             40/1
Arizona Diamondbacks  50/1
San Diego Padres             50/1
Chicago White Sox           66/1
Milwaukee Brewers       66/1
Chicago Cubs                     75/1
Colorado Rockies             75/1
New York Mets                 75/1
Miami Marlins                   100/1
Minnesota Twins             100/1
Houston Astros                 250/1

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2014 Masters Odds, Questions, & Picks – Odds To Win The Masters

March 31st, 2014 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist)
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Complete List of The Updated 2014 Masters Odds Can Be Found Below

Masters Odds To Win

Q: When is the 2014 Masters?
A: Thursday, 3/10 – Sunday, April 13, 2014

Q: Which TV network can I watch the event & what time will the 2014 Masters TV Coverage Air?
A: ESPN and CBS will be televising the Masters. DirectTV also has special dedicated channels (also available in a 4-screen split) for the Masters. This includes; Featured Group, Amen Corner, Network Coverage, and more.

Q: Who Was Last Year’s Masters Champion and What is his Current Odds?
Q: Who was Last Year’s Masters Runner Up: Angel Cabrera (-9)
A: Adam Scott defeated Angel Cabrera in a two-hole tie-breaking playoff at holes 10 & 18. Note: Both players were at 9-under after 72.

Q: Where will the 2014 Masters be held?
A: The Maters is always (every year) at Augusta National in August, Georgia

Q: Who is Biggest Odds on Favorite to Win the 2014 Masters?
A. Most books have either the following three at the top and have this order (as of 4/1):

  1. Rory McIlroy (7.25 to 1 at 5 Dimes)
  2. Tiger Woods (9/1 at 5 Dimes)
  3. Adam Scott (10 to 1 at WagerWeb)

Q: Where can I see the rest of the 2014 Masters odds and lists of odds from reliable sportsbooks?
A: Full list of odds for the 2014 Masters can be found at the bottom of this post, courtesy of WagerWeb Sportsbook; also find odds from 5 Dimes below. Check back as we will be adding new books as their Masters odds are released and become available to bet on. We’ll also update the lists below with the latest prices as often as possible. We’ll also try to add individual 2014 Masters Prop Bets as well as heads-up lines.

Q: What are some exciting story lines to watch in this year’s Masters?
A: The first major golf tournament of the 2014 Season is here and there may be a lot more things to watch than there usually are for a major championship. All of these stories to follow make the 2014 Masters more watchable than this year’s final four. Not only that, these stories make it a very interesting major tournament in the Vegas sportsbook circle.

Here are just a few question and players to watch that are looming over August National. Come April 10th, all of these questions will all be answered;

  • Can the current #2 player in the world and defending Masters Champ, Adam Scott (10 to 1 at WagerWeb) repeat after an impressive win in last year’s Masters and an amazing career changing season in 2013?
  • Will the injured Tiger Woods (9 to 1 at 5 Dimes) at even play in this 2014 Masters? If so, you may actually be able to get some value in him right now. Something tells me he’ll endure some serious pain to win another Masters title & avoid losing his world #1 ranking
  • Can Rory McIlroy (7 to 1 at WagerWeb) put his 2011 collapse at August behind him and finally get a Green Jacket? Will Tiger Woods even compete?
  • Is this the year that the ball-smashing Dustin Johnson (18 to 1 @ 5 Dimes) finally puts a major win together. Is this the year Johnson carries his hotsreak into a major championship . Johnson has been one of the best players on the tour as of recent. He is finally starting to show us what the golf experts were raving about when his career started.

Q: Who are the players that you may have some good value on the board?
A: Here just a few I think are solid:

  • Bubba Watson at 20 to 1 (at  Wagerweb):
    2012 Masters champion Bubba Watson may have some real some value at 20/1. In 2013 Watson had his struggles, and managed only 3 top 10 finishes, and was never a factor in any major. 2014 has been a different story though. He did withdraw from last weekend’s Arnold Palmer Invitational, but before that had managed three top 3 finishes, and shot a -15 to capture the Northern Trust Open at Riviera Country Club. Watson looks to be even better than his 2012 form and could definitely make a run in the tournament.
  • Adam Scott at 10 to 1 (at Wagerweb):
    Defending champion Adam Scott is currently listed at 10/1 to win, where a win would put an end Tiger Wood’s ridiculously long run as the #1 player in the wold. He is very likely to be in the running for the green jacket and the World Golf Rankings give him so extra incentive. Thus far in 2014, Scott has had three top 3 finishes. He finished 3rd at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, after a disappointing 25th place finish at Cadillac championship at Doral. For the most part throughout the past 3 years, the 33 year old Australian has averaged 6 top 10 finishes, with a total of 7 of them being in majors. More often than not, Scott’s name will be mentioned as a definite factor.
  • Patrick Reed at 55 to 1 (at 5Dimes):
    23 year old San Antonio native, Patrick Reed has a very good price tag at 45 to 1. 2013 was a pretty solid year 5 top 10 finishes, but his 2014 has been a lot more successful thus far. The Augusta State graduate currently has 2 PGA tour wins under his belt this year, winning the Humana Challenge and the Cadillac championship at Doral. One would have to think that he’d like to get his win in a major at the place of where he went to school
  • Webb Simpson at 95 to 1: (at 5 Dimes):
    Finally, we’ll put Webb Simpson at 95/1 under consideration for a smaller play with big reward. Simpson won the 2012 US Open at the Olympic Club. Since that victory Simpson has 7 top 10 finishes, and in 2014 Simpson won the Shriners open winning by 6 strokes and dominating the field with a -24. Simpson has had only 1 appearance at Augusta, finishing 44th with a +6. Simpson certainly isn’t a favorite, but at these odds, Simpson is certainly capable of putting a fantastic weekend together.

Latest Odds to win the 2014 Masters @ WagerWeb Sportsbook (as of 4/1/14):
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Rory McIlroy 7/1
Tiger Woods 9/1
Adam Scott 10/1
Phil Mickelson 12/1
Dustin Johnson 16/1
Jason Day 16/1
Bubba Watson 20/1
Henrik Stenson 20/1
Justin Rose 25/1
Zach Johnson 25/1
Jordan Spieth 28/1
Matt Kuchar 30/1
Brandt Snedeker 33/1
Charl Schwartzel 33/1
Keegan Bradley 33/1
Sergio Garcia 33/1
Hunter Mahan 40/1
Lee Westwood 40/1
Patrick Reed 40/1
Graeme McDowell 50/1
Graham DeLaet 50/1
Harris English 50/1
Ian Poulter 50/1
Jason Dufner 50/1
Jimmy Walker 50/1
Louis Oosthuizen 50/1
Luke Donald 50/1
Angel Cabrera 66/1
Hideki Matsuyama 66/1
Rickie Fowler 66/1
Webb Simpson 66/1
Bill Haas 80/1
Nick Watney 80/1
Ryan Moore 80/1
Steve Stricker 80/1
Thorbjørn Olesen 80/1
Jamie Donaldson 100/1
Jim Furyk 100/1
K.J. Choi 100/1
Marc Leishman 100/1
Martin Kaymer 100/1
Nicolas Colsaerts 100/1
Billy Horschel 125/1
Ernie Els 125/1
Francesco Molinari 125/1
Fred Couples 125/1
Matt Every 125/1
Peter Hanson 125/1
Bo Van Pelt 150/1
Branden Grace 150/1
Fredrik Jacobson 150/1
George Coetzee 150/1
Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano 150/1
John Senden 150/1
Martin Laird 150/1
Matteo Manassero 150/1
Padraig Harrington 150/1
Richard Sterne 150/1
Robert Garrigus 150/1
Russell Henley 150/1
Scott Piercy 150/1
Thomas Bjorn 150/1
Tim Clark 150/1
Trevor Immelman 150/1
Carl Pettersson 200/1
Geoff Ogilvy 200/1
John Huh 200/1
Kevin Streelman 200/1
Michael Thompson 200/1
Paul Lawrie 200/1
Thongchai Jaidee 200/1
Y.E. Yang 200/1
D.A. Points 250/1
David Lynn 250/1
Vijay Singh 250/1
Marcel Siem 300/1
Bernhard Langer 400/1
Jose Maria Olazabal 500/1
Mike Weir 500/1
Ben Crenshaw 1000/1
Craig Stadler 1000/1
Tom Watson 1000/1
Ian Woosnam 2000/1
Mark O’Meara 2000/1
Sandy Lyle 2000/1
Larry Mize 3000/1

Current 2014 Masters Odds @ 5Dimes Sportsbook (as of 4/1/14):
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Rory McIlroy +725
Adam Scott +900
Tiger Woods +900
Phil Mickelson +1500
Jason Day +1700
Dustin Johnson +1800
Bubba Watson +2000
Henrik Stenson +2000
Matt Kuchar +2500
Justin Rose +2800
Brandt Snedeker +3000
Sergio Garcia +3000
Jordan Spieth +3500
Keegan Bradley +3500
Zach Johnson +3500
Charl Schwartzel +4000
Hunter Mahan +4000
Louis Oosthuizen +4000
Luke Donald +4500
Jason Dufner +5000
Graeme McDowell +5500
Ian Poulter +5500
Lee Westwood +5500
Patrick Reed +5500
Angel Cabrera +6600
Harris English +6600
Graham Delaet +7000
Jimmy Walker +7000
Bill Haas +7500
Jim Furyk +8500
Marc Leishman +8500
Jamie Donaldson +9500
Webb Simpson +9500
Rickie Fowler +10000
Ryan Moore +10000
Thorbjorn Olesen +10000
Nick Watney +11500
Steve Stricker +11500
Ernie Els +15000
Francesco Molinari +15000
Fred Couples +15000
Fredrik Jacobson +15000
K.J. Choi +15000
Trevor Immelman +18500
Billy Horschel +20000
Geoff Ogilvy +20000
Matteo Manassero +20000
Nicolas Colsaerts +20000
Peter Hanson +21500
Gonzalo Fdez-Castano +22500
Branden Grace +25000
George Coetzee +25000
Martin Kaymer +25000
John Senden +27500
Russell Henley +27500
Brendon De Jonge +28500
Bo Van Pelt +29500
Richard Sterne +30000
Padraig Harrington +32500
Tim Clark +32500
Sang-Moon Bae +40000
Martin Laird +41500
Michael Thompson +42500
Carl Pettersson +45000
D.A. Points +45000
Kevin Streelman +45000
Robert Garrigus +45000
John Huh +50000
Scott Piercy +52500
David Lynn +55000
Marcel Siem +61500
Luke Guthrie +62500
Boo Weekley +67500
John Merrick +68500
Roberto Castro +68500
Vijay Singh +68500
Bernhard Langer +70000
Mike Weir +71500
Paul Lawrie +75000
Ken Duke +78500
Brian Gay +80000
David Toms +80000
Jose Maria Olazabal +92000
Derek Ernst +100000
Garrick Porteous +100000
Jordan Niebrugge +100000
Matthew Fitzpatrick +100000
Oliver Goss +100000