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The NFL’s Top 5 Most Rediculous Contract Holdouts

October 6th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   2 Comments »

In light of the on-going Michael Crabtree holdout, the NFL is in a situation that could blemish their image for some time to come. There was always the constant thought in the back of the fans’ mind that some of the players in the NFL were only in it for the money and in all rights, is a fair statement for some. However, there is an ever growing trend of holdouts and contract ultimatums that are sweeping through the NFL every year. Players are demanding more money at the first on-site of success and it seems like nobody is ever happy with their contracts. These increasing trends have fueled sour emotions from NFL enthusiasts. With the recent talk of removing the salary cap in the NFL, it does not seem like the money issues will be going away anytime in the near future. College players are often proposed huge amounts of money before they ever step on the field.  These players often want more money before they prove themselves at the next level. Then you have players who have breakout seasons and what’s the first thing they do they do? They cash in on the statistics, demanding for raises and contract re-negotiations. We take a look at 5 of the greediest players in the NFL over the past few seasons and give you some insight in to how foolish some of these contract debacles play out.

roddy white#5. WR Roddy White (Atlanta Falcons) – Roddy White became a force for the Atlanta Falcons in his 3rd season, catching 83 receptions for 1,202 yards and 6 scores. A year later in the 2008 season those numbers improved with help from one of the best rookie quarterbacks that ever stepped on the field. White ended 2008 with 88 catches and ranked 4th in the NFL with 1,382 yards. However, following the breakout season that resulted in White’s first trip to a Pro Bowl things took an ugly turn. Entering the 2009 off-season, White was to begin the 5th year of a 5 year contract worth 2.28 million for the season. However, that was not nearly good enough for Roddy, when he announced he would not return to the team until he got the type of money he deserves for being an elite NFL target. It just happened to workout for White. After days of negotiation, White was offered a contract for 6 years worth 50 million dollars, becoming the 2nd highest paid receiver in the NFL. The proposal was good enough to get White back on the practice fields immediately and satisfied for at least a few more years. However, the deal has not appeared to be beneficial to the Falcons considering White has caught just 15 passes for 119 yards through his first 3 games in 2009.  At this rate, he will be worth around $13,000 for every yard he produces for the Falcons organization.

dunta robinson#4. CB Dunta Robinson (Houston Texans) – Dunta Robinson was a first round pick for the Texans back in 2004.  He jumped out to an impressive start in his rookie season picking off 6 passes. The early success brought some big bucks to the Texans star cornerback.  However, Robinson has failed to repeat the success he has had in his rookie season. Robinson has had a season high, 2 interceptions since the 2004 season, and when his contract expired at the end of last season things got interesting. Robinson wanted money that a top 5 corner in the NFL would receive (around 23 million). However, Houston administration offered him just 18 million and evidently that was an insult to the young defensive back. While 5 million is a lot of money, it’s definitely not a soft proposal due to Robinson’s production in the NFL. However, Robinson held out from signing a long term contract and settled for 1 year deal making fewer than 10 million for the 2009 season. Robinson made even more headlines this season when his cleats were inscribed with the words “Pay me Rick” on the hill of the shoe. A statement aimed at Texans general manager Rick Smith. The move by Robinson to withhold from long term contract, reportedly cost the Texans cornerback 23 million in guaranteed funds.

Terrell Owens#3. Terrell Owens (Buffalo Bills) – Owens’ contract propaganda, like his career, may be coming to an end. But, that does not take away from the multiple contract tirades that were given over the course of his career. Owens burst on the scene 1996 with the San Francisco 49ers and did not really breakout until the 2001 season. After a few pay increases and stable years, Owens became unhappy during the 2003 season and wanted to “explore his options.” The move was to land a bigger contract and that he did in 2004, when the Philadelphia Eagles gave him a 7 year deal worth 48 million dollars. Evidently the contract was not good enough. A year later after making 7.5 million the season prior, Owens openly stated that he needed a new contract “to feed his family.” After tons of controversy during his tenure with the Eagles, Owens was given a 2nd chance by the Dallas Cowboys, when they gave him a 3 year deal worth 25 million. Owens became an effective force in Dallas in lure of an elite passing offense destined for success. After posting a 1,355 yard season in 2007, Owens received another contract renewal for 4 years equaling 34 millions and more importantly, a 12 million signing bonus. While the deal was never made a public affair, it was reported the Owens requested a salary increase following the big year for the Cowboys. However, that would be the last of the salary saga for the controversial wide receiver. Owens was cut from Dallas following 2008 after internal conflict and picked up by the Buffalo Bills, where he has yet to produce this season catching just 8 passes for 158 yards (as of week 4)

jamarcus russell#2. QB JaMarcus Russell (Oakland Raiders) – JaMarcus Russell was selected as the number 1 overall pick in the 2007 draft, but when the contract negotiations did not add up.  Russell’s career went from the highest of high to the lowest of lows. In retrospect, the holdout was simply ridiculous. Russell was offered a 6 year deal for 60 million dollar contract with a guaranteed amount of 26.5 million. However, that was not good enough for the rookie who had never stepped on the field. The lucrative part of the story was not that Russell was unsatisfied with the yearly figures, but was looking for 30 million in guaranteed money. It almost seemed like he had 28 million in credit card debt that had to be taken care of right away. The holdout lasted several weeks which was enough time for the Raiders future quarterback to miss both training camps and all of the preseason. As a result, Russell was so far behind that he played catch up for the remainder of the 2007 season, starting just 4 games. To make matters worse, Russell has yet to have any success in the NFL after demanding all the money before ever proving his worthiness. Russell currently sits ranked dead last out of all starters for 2009 with a quarterback rating of 42.4 which has included just 1 touchdown pass all year with 4 other interceptions.  In 2009, Al Davis is currently paying JaMarcus around 1.6 million dollars per touchdown pass.

michael-crabtree#1. WR Michael Crabtree (San Francisco 49ers) – Whatever happened to proving your worth in your profession? Up until week 5, where negotiations were opened up again, the Michael Crabtree holdout was beginning to look like it could have ended up being the most ridiculous and foolish holdout in NFL history. After months of non-negotiations and each passing week of regular season action, it appeared that Crabtree was not going to play at all in his rookie season. The 49ers’ tenth overall pick in the 2009 draft was expected to be the first receiver selected in the NFL draft, but went 2nd behind Maryland’s Darius Heyward-Bey. Heyward-Bey and the Raiders reached a 5 year deal worth 38 millions, with 23.5 million guaranteed. However, Crabtree assumed that because of his name, he was worth more then what Heyward-Bey was paid by the Raiders.  He demanded that he get more than the 23.5 million guaranteed that Heyward-Bey received.  Evidently the 49ers have no interest in paying him that kind of money and doing so would give future rookies the impression that they can re-write the “slotting system” rules of rookie contract negotiations. So, “Crabs” and the 49ers organization haven’t reached any type of agreement after four weeks of NFL action. At this point, he has missed so much time of development and may no longer be worth the 20 million (plus incentives) that the 49ers originally offered him. Crabtree now has put himself into a foolish situation where he could miss the entire 2009 season. The question a lot of people are asking is what other team would want negotiate a deal with him for 2010 after missing an entire year of football? Even if a team were to negotiate with him, it would be unwise to offer him the type of money initially offered by the 49ers. However, the saga continues to put a bad taste on the perception of greed in the NFL. Crabtree’s public perception is also being ruined by this holdout, and if he doesn’t change his ways, so could his career in the NFL.

Weekend Football Links Cycle (August 16, 2009)

August 16th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in College Football, NFL Football   Comments Off on Weekend Football Links Cycle (August 16, 2009)

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2009 NFL Draft Prop Bet Picks

April 18th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2009 NFL Draft Prop Bet Picks

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The most important time of the year for the NFL off-season is amongst us as we countdown the remaining week leading up to the 2009 NFL Draft. The draft along with off-season trades that usually go along with the draft selections is a huge aspect in turning teams from good to Super Bowl Champions. There will be 32 teams fighting over the best talent in the country that will be available out of the college ranks as always. One thing that many people may not realize is the NFL Draft is also a big betting event as well. We will not go into the detail of the teams and who they may select, but instead we will break down some exciting prop bets for this years draft and give some advice on how to take advantage of these fun betting opportunities.

Prop Bet #1 – Who will be selected as the first pick?

Aaron Curry +1000
Eugene Monroe +600
Jason Smith +300
Matthew Stafford -500

The number one selection in the NFL Draft is among one of the most popular bets every year mainly because as much as people would like to believe that a person is locked at number one there is always surprises. Sometimes the popular perception is right and sometimes it is way off. It may be hard to understand what exactly a team is looking for if you’re not on the inside of the organization. However, rest assured that the Detroit Lions have needs all over the field. After all a 0-16 record should be fairly self explanatory. Matthew Stafford is the heavy favorite to be selected number one. Stafford fits the mold perfectly of an NFL quarterback and can make all the throws on the field. While Detroit is likely eyeing the potential superstar, first pick quarterback selections in the past have usually turned out to be a bust. Plus new coach Jim Schwartz has hinted that he would like to build his team from the inside out, meaning one of the top offensive lineman in the draft may be more of a possibility than people believe. If that does turn out to be the case, laying a few extra bucks on Jason Smith may be a smart move. Smith was the most impressive of the entire big time offensive lineman group in the NFL workout sessions and if Schwartz decides Stafford is to big of a gamble it could be the most likely outcome. Still we stay with Stafford the safe bet.

Pick – Matthew Stafford

Prop Bet #2 – How many running backs will be selected in the first round?

Over 2.5 +140
Under 2.5 -180

The NFL Draft this season will feature many big names on the offensive side of the ball. There are a ton of offensive lineman and wide receivers that will overshadow the majority of the first round. However, the running backs have not gotten a lot of focus and this prop bet line grabbed out attention. Chris “Beanie” Wells out of Ohio State and Knowshon Moreno from Georgia are potential first round locks. Both players have great speed and can break plays open any given down. Heading into next weekend most believe these will be the only two players chosen in the first round as far as the running backs are concerned. However, Donald Brown out of Connecticut has been impressive in recent weeks in front of the scouts and could sneak into the first round. Brown led the nation in rushing yards posting a ridiculous 2,083 yards in the college level which is a rarity these days as most teams are throwing the football more. Brown has ideal size for a running back and strength. Over the last few weeks he has climbed up the boards due to strong workout showings and would not be surprised if Arizona or another team does not select him late first round.

Pick – Over 2.5

Prop Bet #3 – What position will OT Andre Smith be selected?

Over 6.5 -Even
Under 6.5 -140

Andre Smith was one of the early favorites to be selected number 1 in this year’s draft. However, some rather disappointing circumstances over the past few months have caused the offensive lineman out of Alabama’s stock to drop. Smith was the big time player if you remember that broke team rules right before the Sugar Bowl and was not allowed to play. Smith backed up those question marks by leaving in the middle of the NFL workout sessions without letting anyone know. The question surrounding Smith heading into next weekend is not his talent, but the big guy’s work ethic. Smith has the potential to be one of the best offense linemen in the NFL, but on the other hand also has the potential to be the biggest bust from this year’s first round group. Smith has fallen down many of the boards heading into next weekend. The talented Crimson Tide star has also a lot going against him considering there are so many big time offensive linemen in the 2009 class. A total of 4 offensive linemen could likely be gone in the top 15 selections. There may be someone who takes a gamble on Smith early, but I doubt it considering his behavior in the off-season.

Pick – Over 6.5

Prop Bet #4 – Who will be selected first?

Michael Crabtree -200
Jeremy Maclin +150

If you know anything about this year’s wide receiving class, your eyes may have lit up when you saw this betting line. Michael Crabtree has nearly been given the title to be the first WR selected this year. Crabtree stunned the college nation this season with big time catches that were a big part of that potent Red Raider offense. Jeremy Maclin is the speedster out of Missouri. Maclin seems to run faster in pads than the times listed and he broke an NCAA record as a freshman posting 2,776 all-purpose yards. However, Maclin has fallen into Crabtree’s shadow for the wide receiver class of 2009. Maclin could come on an be a legitimate threat for special teams right off the bat and work his way into a big time receiver. On the other hand Michael Crabtree has the potential to be a household name and do not see him being selected anywhere outside of the top 5. This line could be too good to be true or could it?

Pick – Michael Crabtree

Prop Bet #5 – Who will be selected first?

Percy Harvin -250
Hakeem Nicks +175

There was a player outside of Tim Tebow who electrified the Florida Gators National Championship offense last season and his name was Percy Harvin. Harvin was used in many different ways in the Gators offense. The speedy wide receiver lined up at wide out, in the slot, and even in the back field as a running back frequently. Harvin broke the game open with lightning quick speed. However, there are many scouts who question if he will be able to do the same in the NFL. Hakeem Nicks led the ACC last season with 1,222 yards of receiving while pulling down 12 touchdowns. While many would consider Harvin to be the big favorite by the way he ripped apart defenses at the college level, there are many others who believe Nicks will make the better wide out at the next level. One bad characteristic that could hold Harvin back is he lacks the size that most need in the NFL. Nicks on the other hand has solid size and an uncanny ability to turn plays from nothing into something. Depending on how people interpret Harvin’s size compared to his speed could determine how far up the wide receiver latter he is selected.

Pick – Hakeem Nicks

Which of these NFL draft prop bet picks would you be most willing to play?

  • Prop Bet #4 (63%, 12 Votes)
  • Prop Bet #1 (21%, 4 Votes)
  • Prop Bet #3 (11%, 2 Votes)
  • Prop Bet #5 (5%, 1 Votes)
  • Prop Bet #2 (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 19

2009 NFL Draft: Top 10 Receivers

April 3rd, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   1 Comment »

The month of April is here and that means one thing for big football fans and that is NFL Draft Time. The one part of the off-season that really can make or break team’s chances to succeed next season. While many may be aware of the biggest names entering the NFL Draft, we will break down one of the most exciting positions on the field at wide receiver. Take a look as we rank the top ten wide outs in the 2009 class and their chances to make an impact on Sundays. This year’s receiving class is very talented and loaded with speed. The 2008 WR core was the only in nearly 20 years to not have at least one receiver drafted in the first round. However, the chances of that happening again this year are absolutely none as up to around 4-5 college standouts have the opportunity to be selected in the first round. Take a look at the biggest names on the board at the wide receiver position.

1. Michael Crabtree (Texas Tech)
Crabtree exploded onto the college football scene last year with help of the Red Raiders early season success. The sensational sophomore really became a household name when he caught the game winning touchdown over Texas in the final two seconds of the ball game while tight roping the sidelines. However, Crabtree had long established his playmaking ability before the season defying play. The sophomore racked up over 3,000 yards in just two seasons at Texas Tech with a combination of strength, speed and size that makes him extremely difficult to defend. Crabtree has been hampered by injuries all during the NFL workout sessions, but is widely declared as the best receiver in the draft and will likely be gone if the first 4 selections.

2. Jeremy Maclin (Missouri)
Maclin will likely be the number two receiver to go in the 2009 class. The red-shirt sophomore out of Missouri terrorized the Big 12 this season in many different ways. Maclin set an NCAA record as a freshman posting over 2700 all-purpose yards. Maclin has great mobility, but only stands at 6’0 even. However, he could be a great fit to make an immediate impact for teams as a lookdown receiver and possibly be a potential returner on special teams as well. Look for the star receiver out of Missouri to go around the number 10 overall selection range.

3. Kenny Britt (Rutgers)
Britt may be the underdog in consideration of popularity, but he has been very impressive in the months leading up to the NFL draft through the workout sessions. Britt may be the best receiver in terms of long-term tenure to the NFL. The Rutgers standout has a considerable size advantage over the other top choices in the draft. Britt also contains very strong acceleration and catching ability which could make him a big play threat.

4. Darious Heyward-Bey (Maryland)
Heyward-Bey may be the most unpolished receiver in the draft with so much potential in store. The sophomore out of Maryland only caught a little over 600 yards last season for the Terrapins, but that was from an offense who struggled in the passing department. Heyward-Bey may have some issues with actually catching the ball, but his speed will be the big eye opener. The potential superstar posted one of the fastest NFL combine times at a 4.3 flat in his very first attempt, and if he can work on the route running along with other areas then he can definitely become a big time player.

5. Percy Harvin (Florida)
If you kept up with the Florida Gators National Championship season, then you can make a legitimate argument that Percy Harvin was possibly the biggest asset to the Gators offense and not the more popular Tim Tebow. Harvin was used in many different type scenarios and even lined up in the back field for some plays meaning his versatility is superior most others receivers. Game-breaking speed and play making ability jump right out, but his durability and size could hold him back a few spots despite his play at the college level.

6. Hakeem Nicks (North Carolina)
Hakeem Nicks led the ACC in total yards this season with over 1,200 receiving yards while adding 12 touchdowns. Nicks will be the first Tarheel selected in the NFL draft with other star wide out Brandon Tate likely to coming shortly after. Nicks ability to turn plays from nothing into something were a highlight of his college career. After a breakout junior season campaign, Nicks could possibly go as high as the late first round but will probably end up as a 2nd round selection.

7. Brandon Tate (North Carolina)
North Carolina will put their 2nd receiver in the draft with standout Brandon Tate given the slight chance Tate is selected ahead of Nicks. The downside to Brandon Tate is he suffered a season ending injury that needed surgery to repair an ACL and MCL. The electrifying wide receiver may have been a top 5 pick among wide outs in the draft if not for that injury, and the question everyone has is how will the injury affect him in the future?

8. Derrick Williams (Penn State)
Williams may well be the only receiver on the board drafted solely for being a returner on special teams. The former Nittany Lions return specialist averaged 18.5 yards in his career in Happy Valley on kick returns. Williams posted some disappointing 40 times in the NFL workouts and will likely not be used in the primary receiver role. However, his return skills may be enough for a team to gamble on in hopes to improve special teams play.

9. Brian Robiskie (Ohio State)
Brian Robiskie is one of those receivers in the draft that you just may not be able to measure the amount of potential. Robiskie was apart of the heavily run favored offense from the Buckeyes and there may be some talent just waiting to explode. The Ohio State senior has solid size, but the questionable aspect may be his speed. After some slower than average times at the combines, Robiskie could fall downwards.

10. Louis Murphy (Florida)
Louis Murphy was one of the lost names among the National Title roster that just may have been in the shadow of Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow. However, Murphy was a solid threat for the Gators passing attack and has the potential to become an NFL starter as well. Great size and speed give him lots of room to develop. Anybody not needing any direct impact on the field this year, may target Murphy as he appears to have a tremendous room to grow in the years to come.

Which of these Wide Receivers would you most want on your NFL team?

View Results

2009 NFL Draft Predictions (Mock Draft)

February 22nd, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2009 NFL Draft Predictions (Mock Draft)

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Looking for a good way to bet on NFL football during the off-season? One great way is to take advantage of the prop bet action Bodog (10% Cash Bonus – Click Here) and BetUS (100% Match-Play Bonus – Click Here) have regarding the picks in the 2009 NFL draft. There will be many different bets available at these books in trying to predict where some of the top superstars will land at the next level. Always one of the most popular bets headlining the NFL draft is picking who will be drafted number 1? Last week the NFL football experts got their first looks at some of the top college players through the NFL workout sessions and the NFL combines will take place over the next few weeks. Today I bring you the most up to date version of my top 10 mock draft picks which may provide assistance to those who look take advantage of the exciting prop bets from our sponsor sportsbooks.

1. Detroit Lions – QB Matthew Stafford (Georgia)

Detroit Lions new coach Jim Schwartz has hinted the idea of going after one of the top offensive lineman in the draft. However, Matthew Stafford will likely be one of the biggest winners of the NFL combines as the NFL scouts continue to be impressed by his poise and decision making ability. Stafford fits the mold of an NFL quarterback perfectly and his stock will rise over the next few weeks even more. The Lions might like to take a lineman, but they will take Stafford in hopes of him turning to a franchise quarterback.

2. St. Louis Rams – OT Eugene Monroe (Virginia)

Here is where the big debate begins. The Rams will definitely take the top lineman on the board to try and give running back Stephen Jackson some support in the running game. However Andre Smith, Eugene Monroe, Jason Smith, and Michael Oher are all outstanding talent that could go in the top 15. In what order is a tough question to answer. Smith might have been the leading candidate until some agent issues in the NFL workouts, and Monroe may have the most experience out of them all.

3. Kansas City Chiefs – LB Aaron Curry (Wake Forest)

This pick will be an interesting position. The Chiefs have a number of needs that they could address. If Stafford is somehow not selected by this point, the Chiefs may very well take him at number 3. However, expecting he is off the board filling the need on defense seems like the logical area to focus. Aaron Curry will be the biggest name on the defensive side in the draft and will also fill the need at line backer for the Chiefs.

4. Seattle Seahawks – WR Michael Crabtree (Texas Tech)

Crabtree drew a lot of attention last season after some big catches especially in the dramatic win over Texas. Crabtree will be the top WR in the 2009 class and seems to be destined for Seattle due to a major need for a star wide out on offense. The Seahawks ranked among the bottom 5 passing offenses in the NFL last season with not one receiver catching over 700 yards through the air.

5. Cleveland Browns – CB Malcolm Jenkins (Ohio State)

The majority of draft experts predict the Browns to go after a big time defensive end with the number 5 selection. However, that would mean that either Everette Brown or Aaron Maybin would have to be picked at number 5. While that may be the outcome, I believe that is a little too much of a jump for both those DE’s. The Browns may resort to Malcom Jenkins as he is a great CB that could give them big play ability on defense which is what they are looking for in the first place.

6. Cincinnati Bengals – OT Andre Smith (Alabama)

Smith sat out of the Sugar Bowl due to breaking team rules. Since then, Smith has had some trouble as he walked out of the NFL first workout session. Due to those problems his stock will drop from the possible 1 or 2 pick he could have been. Cincinnati will address the lackluster offense. The Bengals likely pick Smith up at the number 6 spot to feel the urgent need on the horrible offensive front that allowed over 50 sacks last season.

7. Oakland Raiders – WR Jeremy Maclin (Missouri)

Oakland likely has the worse receiving core from top to bottom in the NFL and that will be a focal pointing heading into to this year’s draft. Zach Miller lead the Raiders receiving with 778 yards and the next Raider only brought in an embarrassing 366 yards. Maclin is a speedy receiver that could give Oakland a threat down the field which would improve the underachieving offense.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars – OT Jason Smith (Baylor)

The Jaguars very well could be the 3rd team inside the top 10 to select a premier offensive lineman. Jason Smith has impressed many NFL scouts through the early workouts and that should be enough to allow him to be picked up inside the top 10. Jacksonville feels their primary need up front with this selection.

9. Green Bay Packers – DE/OLB Aaron Maybin (Penn State)

Green Bay has turned over a new leaf with a new look on defense turning to a 3-4 scheme. The Packers will attempt to add some talent to that side of the ball. Maybin fits the mold of the defense the Packers will try to establish. Maybin can be a run stopper who could drop back into zone coverage that could be used well in a 3-4 type scenario.

10. San Francisco 49ers – QB Mark Sanchez (USC)

San Francisco would likely try to avoid drafting another quarterback in this year’s draft, but they may not be able to pass up Sanchez if he is still available. If they can not come to terms with accepting that decision, then the trading down option could be the best scenario for San Francisco to consider.

College Football Players; Leaving or Staying?

January 20th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in College Football, NFL Football   Comments Off on College Football Players; Leaving or Staying?

The College Football season is now officially over and coaches are hard at work on the recruiting trail. However, some of the more talented young players are facing one of the most difficult decisions of their careers. Players face the choice to remain in college or chase the money and the dream of playing in the NFL. Take a look at the players that have decided to stay in college and those who will move on with their careers. Note this will be the first time in history that the top 3 Heisman finalist will all be returning to the college field. We break down the biggest names in college football and their decisions. Tell us what you think and if these were the right choices from these players by commenting on this article.


QB Tim Tebow (Florida) –

Tebow has probably become the most popular name in college football for his extreme passion for the game and desire to achieve. Tebow post-game press conference after the loss to Ole Miss this season will be a speech for the ages. Despite the popular belief that Tim Tebow is more of a running quarterback, the Heisman winner has completed 426 of 648 passes equaling 66%, for 6,033 yards, 62 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions all through the air in the last two seasons. Tebow’s decision to return next year shocked the vast majority of the public due to his overwhelming list of accomplishments in the college ranks. Tebow has already become the first sophomore to win the Heisman and also owns two National Championship rings. Does the decision to come back mean Tebow is trying to become the greatest college quarterback to ever step on the field with the opportunity to win a second Heisman and the possibility to win a 3rd National Title?

QB Sam Bradford (Oklahoma) –

This year’s Heisman winner completely lighted up the stat sheet throwing for 50 touchdowns and 4,721 yards on the season. Bradford became the 2nd ever sophomore to win the Heisman behind Tim Tebow. However, the National Championship Game may have mildly tarnished the star quarterback’s reputation. Many will make the argument that his stats reflect the high pass offensive attacks and suggested weak defenses of the Big 12. Despite the conference or style of play, Bradford still has the arsenal to make all the throws on the football field and that was something that was demonstrated time and time again this year. Bradford has the look of an NFL style quarterback and he very well has the ability to be a solid QB at the next level as well. Bradford decision to return may not be a big surprise considering he will only be a junior next year and will get an always helpful extra year to develop into an even bigger threat.

QB Colt McCoy (Texas) –
Colt McCoy was also another Heisman finalist that decided to come back for his senior year. McCoy reason for staying was noted to make a run at next year’s National Championship. The talented Tuscola, Texas native made big plays this year with his feet and dominated with his arm. McCoy broke two Texas records with 32 touchdowns and 3,445 yards on the year. Texas will have another strong team next year and McCoy will again try to lead Texas towards a National Title just like the previous returners. McCoy decision to return surprised me simply for the fact that Texas lost their top 3 receivers this season considering they were seniors and their time is done. However, the Longhorns do have a lot of young talent. It will just be interesting to see how fast they develop early in the year and really give McCoy the support he needs.

RB C.J. Spiller (Clemson) –
Despite the constant disappointments from Clemson, C.J Spiller gives them hope with his decision to return. Spiller is among one of the most elusive backs that will step on the field in 2009 and the Tigers will have to find a way to utilize him in better than they did this season. Despite the under achievements, Spiller still managed 1,770 all purpose yards that equaled over 9 yards every time he touched the football. Spiller and California running back Jahvid Best should be among the best tailbacks in the nation in 2009.

Other honorable mentions for key players that will return next season.

MLB Brandon Spikes (Florida) – Spikes is the centerpiece to the powerful Gator defense, the side of the ball that really won the National Championship.

S Taylor Mays (USC)
– Mays will again lead the Trojan defense as possibly the best safety in the nation with a combination of size and blazing speed.

TE Jermaine Gresham (Oklahoma) – Gresham will be one of the best tight ends in the country and will likely become a bigger threat for the Sooner offense in 2009 after an impressive 950 yards and 14 touchdowns this season.

Early Departures

WR Michael Crabtree (Texas Tech)

Crabtree’s game winning reception over Texas in the final seconds will be remembered for a long time, but the talented wide receiver made those big plays all season. Crabtree was 2nd in the nation with an outstanding 19 touchdowns and also added 1,165 yards for the year. Crabtree decision to part may not come as any big surprise considering he proved time and time again this season he was clearly the best wide receiver in college football and returning may have only hurt that reputation rather than helped.

OL Andre Smith (Alabama)

Smith is one of the biggest powers on the Crimson Tide offensive line in a very long time. Smith was the winner of the Outland Trophy Award for being the best lineman in the country. Smith was the Alabama standout that was suspended prior to the Sugar Bowl for breaking team rules and failed to play in the BCS Bowl Game.  The 340lb monster declared his early departure after having a fantastic junior campaign and some draft boards have him projected as the number 1 pick in this year’s NFL draft.

QB Mark Sanchez (USC)

If you have not seen by now, Sanchez decision to turn pro was a big disappointment in the Trojans locker room. Head Coach Pete Carroll made it rather clear during Sanchez’s announcement that he did not approve of the decision. Still Sanchez will be a lottery pick in this year’s draft after a solid season throwing for 3,207 yards along with 32 touchdowns and completing over 65% of his passes. Sanchez’s decision to not return for his senior season shocked many. The Trojans lost a ton of key players especially on the defensive side of the ball and will have a lot of areas to fill.

RB Knowshon Moreno (Georgia)

Knowshon Moreno was a big part of the highlight films this season with spectacular athletic plays. Moreno decision comes as a big surprise considering many thought he was firmly committed to staying with the Bulldogs. Moreno may be slightly under sized compared to many of the NFL backs, but makes up for it with a natural talent. Moreno sported 1,400 yards and 16 touchdowns against the brutal defenses of the SEC this season and will be on the verge of a top 10 pick in this year’s draft.

RB Percy Harvin (Florida)

Percy Harvin can arguably be mentioned as the biggest threat on offense this season. The speedster at tailback had 650 yards of rushing and 650 yards of receiving as well equaling 17 touchdowns on the season. Harvin’s ability to make big plays played a vital role on the Florida offense this season and QB Tim Tebow will have to find a new go to guy. Harvin position on the NFL may be in question as to where he will be used, but he has an immeasurable amount of talent that will find a way onto the field.

Let us know how you feel about some of these players decisions and if they were the right decisions for their careers. Note that we could not go over every big name, but we tried to throw in the most notable. Feel free to add a name that we did not discuss as well.