Thursday Night NFL Picks: Cardinals vs. Rams Props & Predictions 10/4

Last Updated: October 4th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist)
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Full Cardinals vs. Rams NFL Prop Sheet Listed Below

St. Louis CheerleadersThe St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals are set to continue the 2012 NFL season, and as a part of our analysis of the Week 5 betting lines, we are taking a look at some of the best NFL props on the board for this crucial Thursday Night Football matchup.

Longest Field Goal Made Over/Under 44.5 Yards: K Greg Zuerlein has been one of the best kickers in the league this year, and he has made Head Coach Jeff Fisher look like quite the smart cookie. The rookie has already nailed one from 60 yards this year, and he doesn’t have a game yet in his career in which he has failed to hit a field goal of at least 42 yards. Three of his four games have featured a kick of at least 48 yards as well. Don’t forget about K Jay Feely either, as he has three games this year with at least one field goal made of 46+ yards. These two kickers are a combined 19-for-19 on field goal tries this year, and there is just no reason to think that there won’t be at least one successful boot of at least 45 yards in what should be one of the more defensive minded clashes on the Week 5 schedule. Longest Field Goal Made Over 44.5 Yards (-130)

Total Punts by Both Teams Over/Under 11: Asking to get to 12 punts in a game is an out of this world number. Yes, the Rams have punted 18 times this year in four games, and yes, the Cardinals have punted 26 times, but in the end, that’s only an average of exactly 11 punts per game. The truth of the matter is that moving the ball hasn’t always been the problem for these two squads. Turning the ball over has been problematic, but most importantly have been the aforementioned field goals that we were just talking about. 19 field goal tries between two teams in four games is outrageous and should be far lower. More touchdown need to be scored. As a result, this is a punt number that has been skewed, to say the least. Expect there to maybe perhaps 10 boots, but 12 is just far too many. Total Punts Under 11 (-115)

Ryan Williams Rushing Attempts Over/Under 15.5: Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt likes a one-back backfield, but what might have been proven last week against the Miami Dolphins is that Williams might not be that one back that can do the damage. Arizona will run the ball and run it a lot in this one, but we aren’t all that sure that Williams is going to be the man that does it. RB LaRod Stephens-Howling is going to be back in the fold this week in all likelihood, and that could create a bigger backfield for Williams to have to contend with. Arizona running backs are averaging 21.75 carries per game thus far this year. If six carries can get pillaged by Stephens-Howling or RB William Powell, we should be in business. Ryan Williams Under 15.5 Rushing Attempts (-115)

Andre Roberts Over/Under 3 Receptions: For whatever reason, when QB Kevin Kolb was in the lineup last year, the last thing that he wanted to do was throw the ball to WR Larry Fitzgerald. The chemistry just wasn’t there, and the ball was spread around a heck of a lot more. One of the beneficiaries was WR Early Doucet, who had the year of his career. Roberts had one of the best games that he has ever had last week when he had over 110 yards on six catches with two trips to the end zone, including the game-tying score on 4th and 10 with the game on the line against the Fins. As long as Kolb stays healthy, we could see Roberts being a guy who catches 80 passes this year. That means that asking for three to push and four to win should be relatively easy. Andre Roberts Over 3 Receptions (-120)

Brandon Gibson Over/Under 2.5 Receptions: What hope really is there for Gibson to have at least three catches in this game? QB Sam Bradford clearly won’t be completing 25 or 30 passes in this one, and WR Danny Amendola is going to get his first. Aside from him, there are a bunch of receivers that, more often than not, are going to account for fewer than three catches per game. Gibson hasn’t practiced all that much this week thanks to a knee tweak, and that is only going to make matters worse for a man that has exactly two catches in three straight games. This one won’t be any prettier in all likelihood. Brandon Gibson Under 2.5 Receptions (-130)

Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams NFL Props @ JustBet Sportsbook (as of 10/4/12):
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Score in the First 7 Minutes of the Game -115
No Score in the First 7 Minutes of the Game -115

Cardinals Score First -120
Rams Score First -110

First Score a Touchdown -130
First Score Not a Touchdown +100

Longest Touchdown of the Game Over 39.5 Yards -115
Longest Touchdown of the Game Under 39.5 Yards -115

Longest Field Goal of the Game Over 44.5 Yards -130
Longest Field Goal of the Game Under 44.5 Yards +100

Shortest Field Goal of the Game Over 25.5 Yards -130
Shortest Field Goal of the Game Under 25.5 Yards +100

Total Field Goals Made Over 3.5 +125
Total Field Goals Made Under 3.5 -155

Total Punts Over 11 -115
Total Punts Under 11 -115

Total Sacks Over 5 -155
Total Sacks Under 5 +125

Defensive or Special Teams Touchdown +150
Not a Defensive or Special Teams Touchdown -180

Kevin Kolb Completions Over 19 -115
Kevin Kolb Completions Under 19 -115

Kevin Kolb Longest Completion Over 35.5 Yards -115
Kevin Kolb Longest Completion Under 35.5 Yards -115

Kevin Kolb Passing Yards Over 230.5 -115
Kevin Kolb Passing Yards Under 230.5 -115

Kevin Kolb Total Touchdown Passes Over 1.5 +125
Kevin Kolb Total Touchdown Passes Under 1.5 -155

Kevin Kolb Throws an Interception -200
Kevin Kolb Doesn’t Throw an Interception +160

Ryan Williams Total Rushing Attempts Over 15.5 -115
Ryan Williams Total Rushing Attempts Under 15.5 -115

Larry Fitzgerald Receptions Over 5.5 -140
Larry Fitzgerald Receptions Under 5.5 +110

Larry Fitzgerald Receiving Yards Over 75.5 -115
Larry Fitzgerald Receiving Yards Under 75.5 -115

Larry Fitzgerald Scores a Touchdown +120
Larry Fitzgerald Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -150

Andre Roberts Receptions Over 3 -120
Andre Roberts Receptions Under 3 -110

Andre Roberts Receiving Yards Over 46.5 -115
Andre Roberts Receiving Yards Under 46.5 -115

Early Doucet Receptions Over 2.5 +100
Early Doucet Receptions Under 2.5 -130

Early Doucet Receiving Yards Over 28.5 -115
Early Doucet Receiving Yards Under 28.5 -115

Daryl Washington Total Tackles Over 6.5 -130
Daryl Washington Total Tackles Under 6.5 -+100

Paris Lenon Total Tackles Over 6.5 -130
Paris Lenon Total Tackles Under 6.5 +100

Jay Feely Total Points Over 7.5 -115
Jay Feely Total Points Under 7.5 -115

Sam Bradford Completions Over 19 -120
Sam Bradford Completions Under 19 -110

Sam Bradford Longest Completion Over 35.5 Yards -115
Sam Bradford Longest Completion Under 35.5 Yards -115

Sam Bradford Passing Yards Over 224.5 -115
Sam Bradford Passing Yards Under 224.5 -115

Sam Bradford Touchdown Passes Over 1.5 +160
Sam Bradford Touchdown Passes Under 1.5 -200

Sam Bradford Throws an Interception -225
Sam Bradford Doesn’t Throw an Interception +175

Steven Jackson Rushing Yards Over 65.5 -115
Steven Jackson Rushing Yards Under 65.5 -115

Steven Jackson Scores a Touchdown +135
Steven Jackson Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -170

Danny Amendola Receptions Over 5.5 -140
Danny Amendola Receptions Under 5.5 +110

Danny Amendola Receiving Yards Over 69.5 -115
Danny Amendola Receiving Yards Under 69.5 -115

Danny Amendola Scores a Touchdown +160
Danny Amendola Doesn’t Score a Touchdown -200

Brandon Gibson Receptions Over 2.5 +100
Brandon Gibson Receptions Under 2.5 -130

Brandon Gibson Receiving Yards Over 32.5 -115
Brandon Gibson Receiving Yards Under 32.5 -115

Lance Kendricks Receptions Over 2 +100
Lance Kendricks Receptions Under 2 -130

Lance Kendricks Receiving Yards Over 21.5 -115
Lance Kendricks Receiving Yards Under 21.5 -115

James Laurinaitis Total Tackles Over 9.5 +115
James Laurinaitis Total Tackles Under 9.5 -145

Greg Zuerlein Total Points Over 8.5 +110
Greg Zuerlein Total Points Under 8.5 -140

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