2011 Free Super Bowl Free Pick Prop of the Day: First TD Celebration

Last Updated: January 27th, 2011 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist)

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Our prop analysis goes from the ridiculous to the sublime here at Bankroll Sports, and for today’s free Super Bowl pick, we’re going to take a look at the first TD celebration of the game and how it will be done.

There are some absolutely hilarious options at BetUS Sportsbook, including the Funky Chicken, the old Sharpie trick, and the one that we absolutely know we would all want to see, mooning the fans.

Let’s be realistic here, though. There are probably only a few reasonable options here on the board. We’ve seen players show their biceps all the time, and we know that the dunk through the uprights is really popular to boot. The typical TD spike is always a popular one, and in this day and age, the good ol’ salute is always a classy celebration.

But honestly, we already know if it is a member of the Green Bay Packers that does the scoring of the first TD of the game, the odds have it, there is going to be a Championship Belt symbol thrown up there. Heck, it wasn’t just QB Aaron Rodgers that did it against the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship Game. DT BJ Raji did it as well, and you know if the big man is trying to be the champ, so is everyone else on the Packers.

Here’s the thing though, from a legitimate handicapping standpoint. We know that the Pittsburgh Steelers are full of some real bad dudes, and they aren’t going to take this “championship belt” thing lightly. Though we aren’t so sure that a man like RB Rashard Mendenhall would do it, we know that a guy like a LB James Harrison or a QB Ben Roethlisberger absolutely would.

You know you want to bet on this one, so don’t even try to avoid it. The first TD celebration in Superbowl XLV betting action is going to be the signaling of the championship belt around someone’s waist.

Free Super Bowl Picks: Championship Belt Celebration +200 at BetUS Sportsbook

Super Bowl XLV Odds for First TD Celebration @ BetUS Sportsbook (as of 1/27/11):
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Touchdown Spike +200
Championship Belt +200
Round Off or Back Flip +500
Snow Angel +1000
Chicken Dance +500
Dunks Football Through the Uprights +350
Dirty Bird +500
Shows His Biceps +600
The Worm +1500
Pulls Out Cell Phone +1200
Throat Slash +500
River Dance +1200
Takes Cheerleader’s Pompoms +1500
Pulls Out Sharpie, Signs Football +1500
Moons Fans +2000
Quiets the Crowd +500
Military Salute +700
The Squirrel +1200
Funky Chicken +1500
Lambeau Leap +200
The Shuffle +1500
Fun Bunch +1500

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