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Soccer Picks: Odds To Win the 2014 World Cup with World Cup Odds

July 22nd, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in Soccer   Comments Off on Soccer Picks: Odds To Win the 2014 World Cup with World Cup Odds
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2014 World Cup LogoQualifying for the 2014 World Cup is in the midst of happening, and we are a year away from the greatest spectacle on the planet. Join us here at Bankroll Sports as we break down the World Cup odds for all of the top teams on the planet and make our 2014 World Cup predictions.

South Africa became the first nation to not qualify for at least the knockout rounds of the World Cup when it missed out after three matches in 2010. However, we can virtually guarantee that the hosts aren’t going to be missing out of the knockout rounds in this one! Brazil (Favorites To Win the World Cup: 3.50 to 1 @ JustBet Sportsbook) is going to host this tournament this year, and that means that the hometown crowd is going to be on full bore for a team that has a heck of a lot of promise to it. Brazil of course, doesn’t have to fight through qualification to get to the World Cup thanks to the automatic qualification of host nations. This is going to be the first chance for the world to see Neymar, who is expected to be the next icon in Brazilian soccer. This striker could bring a real flair for the dramatics to the World Cup, and the fact of the matter is that for all of its glory, Brazil has lacked creativity up front for the last half decade or so.

Bovada SoccerBrazil might be the favorite on the odds to win the World Cup, but the team to beat is going to be Spain (2014 World Cup Odds: 4.50 to 1 @ JustBet Sportsbook) has the most talented team in the world, and it is going to be the hardest team to beat in the World Cup for sure. There’s a reason that this team won the World Cup in 2010, and there’s a reason that it won the Euros in 2012 as well. Manager Vicente del Bosque can hold this job for as long as he wants, and he has no reason to give it up. Andres Iniesta struck the World Cup winning goal in stoppage time in 2010, and he might be the third best midfielder in the bunch. David Villa and Fernando Torres make up a fantastic striking combination, and there is no doubt that this will once again be one of the highest scoring team in qualification for the World Cup.


A team that is coming out of nowhere to impress as one of the best teams in the world is Belgium (2014 World Cup Betting Lines: 25 to 1 @ JustBet Sportsbook). Belgium is one of the teams in Europe that knows that it is going to qualify for the World Cup as long as it doesn’t fall off of the horse. The Belgians were able to really surprise on American soil a few weeks ago, winning a match over a very good United States team. Granted, the tests are going to get tougher as time goes on, and a qualifying stage featuring Serbia, Croatia, Wales, Scotland, and FYR Macedonia isn’t exactly all that challenging. Still, Belgium has done the job, outscoring teams 13-2 in the process of getting towards the World Cup, and with a good group draw, it could be on its way to the knockout round of this tournament.

We think that the team to get in on right now is Japan (Odds To Win the World Cup: 100 to 1 @ JustBet Sportsbook). The Japanese have been one of the most impressive sides in the entire world in terms of qualifying. We know that the Samurai Blue aren’t the most talented team in the world, but they are tactically sound, and they have a real chance of pulling off some upsets in the upcoming Confederations Cup. Japan is the only team that has qualified its way into the World Cup at this point aside from Brazil, and that’s something that we don’t have an assurance of with a lot of the teams with significantly worse odds. Stay away from a de facto Group of Death, and Japan will probably be a favored team to get into the knockout stages when absolutely anything could happen.

2014 World Cup Odds @ JustBet Sportsbook (as of 6/24/13):
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Brazil 3.50 to 1
Spain 4.50 to 1
Argentina 5 to 1
Germany 7 to 1
Netherlands 15 to 1
Italy 15 to 1
England 20 to 1
France 25 1
Belgium 25 to 1
Uruguay 30 to 1
Portugal 30 to 1
Chile 40 to 1
Mexico 40 to 1
Russia 60 to 1
Columbia 60 to 1
Ghana 80 to 1
United States 80 to 1
Croatia 80 to 1
Ivory Coast 80 to 1
Serbia 100 to 1
Sweden 100 to 1
Turkey 100 to 1
Czech Republic 100 to 1
Ecuador 100 to 1
Australia 100 to 1
Ukraine 100 to 1
Japan 100 to 1
Paraguay 120 to 1
Denmark 150 to 1
Cameroon 150 to 1
Nigeria 150 to 1
Switzerland 200 to 1
Poland 200 to 1
Peru 200 to 1
South Korea 200 to 1
Republic of Ireland 200 to 1
Norway 200 to 1
Greece 200 to 1
Slovakia 400 to 1
Romania 400 to 1

2010 World Cup Power Rankings (Updated 7/5)

July 5th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in Soccer   2 Comments »

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Just four teams remain in the World Cup betting festivities, and here at Bankroll Sports, we’re breaking the teams down, #1 to #32 for your World Cup Power Rankings.

1: Germany (2-0-1, 6 pts) – Not that we ever doubted the strength of the Germans, but there clearly hasn’t been a team stronger in this World Cup than they have been. F Miroslav Klose now has 14 goals for his World Cup career, leaving him one short of Ronaldo for Brazil for the all time scoring lead. He is also just one goal off of the Golden Boot pace going into the semifinals as well. Germany has dropped eight goals in the knockout rounds already and is virtually assured of being the highest scoring team in this tournament. How many tremendous performances can this team expect to come up with, though? England and Argentina have already fallen, but Spain provides perhaps the toughest task to date.

2: Holland (3-0-0, 9 pts) – La Oranje are just two regulation victories away from matching the feat of the 2002 Brazilian team that won the World Cup. Holland would become one of the rare teams in World Cup history to win all of its group stage matches and then not need at least one period of extra time to win the tournament. Holland put forth a tremendous come from behind effort against Brazil in the last round, erasing the memories of knockout round defeats to the winningest team in World Cup history in both 1994 and 1998.

3: Spain (2-0-1, 6 pts) – David Villa strikes again! The Spanish have only gotten goals from their top striker so far in this knockout round, as Villa was the hero in 1-0 wins against both Portugal and Paraguay. Spain knows that this is the best chance that it has ever had to win the World Cup in the country’s second trip ever to the semifinals of this tournament. Wasting this opportunity would be a bitter disappointment in Madrid and all across Spain. However, someone aside from Villa is going to have to figure out how to hit the back of the net. At times, it feels like the Spanish have just waltzed around the pitch waiting for Villa to do something special. That won’t cut it against Germany.

4: Uruguay (2-1-0, 7 pts) – In a tournament where all five South American sides made it out of the first round of the tournament, none figured that Uruguay would be the last team standing representing COMNEBOL. Alas, perhaps it shouldn’t still be here. The Uruguayans needed a deliberate handball from F Luis Suarez right on the goal line in the 120th minute against Ghana to preserve a chance at a shootout. To their credit, they did win the sudden death challenge four goals to two, but not since Diego Maradona and the “Hand of God” goal that helped Argentina win the World Cup has there been such a controversy.

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Final Power Rankings for Eliminated Teams

5: Brazil (2-0-1, 7 pts) – Shame on the Brazilians for not only blowing a 1-0 lead, but blowing their composure as well. After giving up that fluke goal on a cross to Holland’s F Wesley Sneijder, the team just appeared to mentally check out. As a result, manager Dunga was sacked and Brazil has come home empty handed from South Africa.

6: Argentina (3-0-0, 9 pts) – Was a berth in the quarterfinals good enough to save Diego Maradona’s job? We tend to believe so, as the Argentines ran into a brick wall against Germany in their final game here in South Africa. We always wondered how Argentina would react to a bit of controversy, and the answer is simple: Not well. A 4-0 defeat sent one of the favorites of this tournament crashing out of the World Cup.

7: Paraguay (1-2-0, 5 pts) – Give Paraguay all the credit in the world for hanging in there against Spain for almost the entire match. One defensive lapse really cost the team, though one has to wonder what would have happened had the Paraguayans converted on their penalty kick attempt late in the match.

8: Ghana (1-1-1, 4 pts) – Ghana doesn’t want to talk about penalty kicks, though. The Black Stars were all but through to the semifinals when F Luis Suarez literally robbed them red handed of a strike in the 120th minute of a 1-1 match. However, F Asamoah Gyan had a chance to be a hero and sink a penalty shot that would’ve done the exact same thing. He hit the crossbar, and Ghana went on to lose the shootout very predictably by the count of 4-2. Still, the Black Stars have nothing to be ashamed about, as they clearly put on the best show that any African team has ever put on in this tournament.

9: Portugal (1-2-0, 5 pts) – There is no shame in the way that Portugal was knocked out of the World Cup, as the 1-0 defeat to Spain was disappointing, yet expected.

10: United States (1-2-0, 5 pts) – Manager Bob Bradley may get sacked for the defeat to Ghana, but all things considered, the US should be thrilled about getting into the Round of 16 here in South Africa.

11: England (1-2-0, 5 pts) – The Three Lions were one of the most disappointing teams in this tournament, and though a defeat to Germany was at least in the realm of possibility back home, losing by four goals will certainly leave manager Fabio Capello on the unemployment lines.

12: Japan (2-0-1, 6 pts) – Losing in a penalty shootout is always the cruelest way to leave a tournament, especially after 120 scoreless minutes. Give the Samurai Blue some credit for reaching this point, as they put together a fantastic effort and can hold their heads high for a strong effort in South Africa.

13: Mexico (1-1-1, 4 pts) – The Mexicans never really stood a chance of advancing into the quarterfinals against mighty Argentina, but just like the Japanese, there should be no level of shame here either. This was a very tough Group A to get out of, and Mexico did just that to make its homeland proud of its effort in the 2010 World Cup.

14: Chile (2-0-1, 6 pts) – Two wins in their first two matches were fantastic, but the Chileans ended up losing out to both Spain and Brazil in their L/2 matches, proving that there is still a ways to go to get them up to the highest level of international play.

15: South Korea (1-1-1, 4 pts) – A 2-1 loss to Uruguay crushed the South Koreans in their effort to duplicate their outstanding run to a third place finish in the 2002 World Cup on their home soil. Better is expected in the future, but for now, a place in the last 16 will have to do for one of the top Asian nations.

16: Slovakia (1-1-1, 4 pts) – The Slovaks never stood a chance to beat Holland in the Round of 16, but watching Robert Vittek score his fourth goal of the tournament in stoppage time was a nice send off for the most unlikely team to advance out of the group stage of the World Cup.

17: Switzerland (1-1-1, 4 pts) – Disappointing and lifeless draw against Honduras kept the Swiss out of the second round of this tournament.

18: Slovenia (1-1-1, 4 pts) – It simply had to be heartbreaking to watch Landon Donovan boot the Slovenians out of this tournament with his stoppage time strike against Algeria. Still, a loss to England and blow a two goal lead to the USA wasn’t worthy of a bid in the second round for Slovenia.

19: Ivory Coast (1-1-1, 4 pts) – The Ivory Coast was probably the best club not to reach the second round of this tournament, but this is the second straight World Cup that the “Group of Death” claimed Les Elephants.

20: Denmark (1-0-2, 3 pts) – A heartless effort against the Japanese sent the Danish Dynamite home without a berth into the second stage of this tournament, but there are still great signs to point at for the direction of this team in the future.

21: South Africa (1-1-1, 4 pts) – No, it ultimately didn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, but South Africa’s win over France in the final group stage match in Group A was a great boost to the host nation. The Bafana Bafana became the first host nation to not advance to Round 2, though.

22: Australia (1-1-1, 4 pts) – Give the Socceroos some credit for beating Serbia on the final match day in Group D even though it wasn’t enough to get through. The future of soccer here is very, very bright, especially considering the fact that the results just kept getting better and better for the Aussies.

23: New Zealand (0-3-0, 3 pts) – There probably isn’t a team prouder in this tournament than New Zealand is. Once a 400-1 longshot to win it all, the Kiwis managed three draws and were just one stroke of genius away from becoming the least likely qualifier for the second round in years in this tournament.

24: Italy (0-2-1, 2 pts) – Shame on you, Italy! Even a draw against lowly Slovakia would’ve been enough to put the defending champions through to the second round of the World Cup, but it wasn’t meant to be. Now, the Azzuri have to go home and wonder what went wrong in a tournament that didn’t even provide a single win.

25: Serbia (1-0-2, 3 pts) – Simply put, the Serbs blew it. They had their chance to get into the second round of this tournament, but a shocking defeat to Australia kept them from advancing.

26: Greece (1-0-2, 3 pts) – Greece still has never scored a goal against a team that had a full 11 men on it in the World Cup, but at least it got its first points ever in this tournament with a ‘W’ against Nigeria.

27: Nigeria (0-1-2, 1 pt) – If not for miss after miss after miss in the dying moments of their match against South Korea, the Nigerians would have survived into the second round of this tournament. A 2-2 draw was a fair result, but was one that has to leave a bitter taste in their mouths, knowing that advancement was oh so close.

28: Algeria (0-1-2, 1 pt) – Algeria fought off the United States for 90 minutes before Donovan scored in stoppage time, but in the end, not being able to score a goal in this tournament was the reason that the Desert Foxes are going home.

29: Cameroon (0-0-3, 0 pts) – The Cameroonians once thought that they were the top African team in this tournament, but it’s hard to make that argument with no points under their belt through the group stage.

30: Honduras (0-1-2, 1 pt) – The Hondurans earned a point in their final match against Switzerland in a rather pathetic 0-0 display for both clubs. Still, this was a team that was just happy to be here.

31: France (0-1-2, 1 pt) – The French were clearly the biggest embarrassment of the World Cup, getting just one point against Uruguay to show for three matches. Rumors may or may not be true that manager Raymond Domenech was asked to walk home instead of getting on the team charter.

32: North Korea (0-0-3, 0 pts) – Giving up 12 goals in three matches is never a good sign no matter who you are playing. North Korea was as bad as it has ever gotten at this level.

Top 10 Players in the 2010 World Cup

June 26th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in Soccer   Comments Off on Top 10 Players in the 2010 World Cup
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With one round of play in the books at the World Cup, here at Bankroll Sports, we’re ranking the ten best players that are still in this field that you should be keeping an eye on in the knockout rounds of this tournament.

1: David Villa, Spain -Villa is going to be looked upon as the man that really needs to step it up for the Spanish once again to continue on the path towards the first World Cup that the country has ever won. He scored twice against the Hondurans in the opening match and followed that up with a strike against Chile that helped secure qualification into the second round after a rough loss in the opener against Switzerland.

2: Gonzalo Higuain, Argentina – All of Higuain’s damage in this tournament came in the match against South Korea, but my, what a match it was! The Argentine striker netted a trio of goals, notching what will probably be the only hat trick that this tournament sees. Higuain is a prime candidate for the Golden Boot Award, especially if Argentina can survive a quadrant of teams that includes England or Germany awaiting in the quarterfinals.

3: Landon Donovan, United States -The chosen boy of American soccer right now is really evolving into a national hero. Donovan scored the goal that set up the USA’s comeback against Slovenia to salvage a 2-2 draw, and he followed that up with the most important strike in American soccer history, a blast into the Algerian net that took the Stars and Stripes into the Round of 16 for the first time since 2002. If the USA is advancing anywhere in this tournament, Donovan is going to be the man to keep a very, very close eye on.

4: Diego Forlan, Uruguay – Uruguay was absolutely dominant in the first round of this tournament, and a lot of that was because of the play of Forlan. He struck twice in the group stages and was the biggest reason that the Uruguayans ended up outscoring their opponents 4-0 in the first three matches. Before this tournament, there was an outside chance of Forlan coming up big in Group A and being a candidate for the Golden Boot. Now that Uruguay is probably a favorite amongst itself, South Korea, the United States, and Ghana to reach the semifinals of this tournament, Forlan could be a prime suspect.

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5: Robert Vittek, Slovakia – If we really believed that Slovakia would be hanging around deep into this tournament, we would have Vittek ranked higher in our World Cup Power Rankings. There’s no doubt that he is a hero right now though, as he scored twice in the shocking upset of Italy in the final match in Group E to put the Slovakians through.

6: Lionel Messi, Argentina – Yes, Lionel Messi still doesn’t have a goal under his belt but he has been the biggest offensive threat arguably in the entire tournament. He set up all four goals in a 4-1 romp over South Korea. It only seems to be a matter of time until Messi ends up getting onto the score sheet, especially if the Argentines can make a bit of run. Manager Diego Maradona knows that Messi is going to be the one to carry this squad to the World Cup if it is going to happen.

7: Elano, Brazil – The Brazilians look like a finally tuned offensive unit right now, and Elano is one of the two men to thank on the squad. Perhaps Elano wasn’t the more aggressive of he and his fellow offensive teammate, but he has lit up the scoreboard twice in this competition and should be considered a real threat for to a number of lesser teams that are about to feel the wrath of one of the best teams in the entire world.

8: Luis Fabiano, Brazil – Perhaps Elano and Luis Fabiano should be 7A and 7B, because without them both, the Brazilians wouldn’t have ended up getting seven points in the first round of matches. Fabiano will be the aggressor of the bunch, as he ended up setting up a number of the five goals that the team put forth against Portugal, Ivory Coast, and North Korea.

9: Asamoah Gyan, Ghana – The Ghana soccer team wouldn’t be anywhere near the second round of the World Cup without the efforts of Gyan. Not only did he end up taking over half of the shots and half of the shots on target for his team, but he also buried both of the team’s goals as well. Unfortunately, both ended up coming from the spot area, and the Black Stars have yet to figure out how to score from anywhere aside from a penalty kick. Gyan is going to be the man that is going to have to score against the Americans in all likelihood, or the last African team standing will be eliminated fairly quickly.

10: Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal – The chosen boy of Portuguese soccer is going to have to step it up a lot more than he did in the first round of this tournament. He only scored one goal against North Korea in that 7-0 romp. However, Portugal didn’t score a goal against either the Ivory Coast or Brazil, which is setting up what could be a disaster against its neighbors from Spain in the first match of the Round of 16.