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Presidential Election Odds – State-By-State Clinton vs Trump Odds

August 31st, 2016 by Lou Palumbo (Head Columnist) | Posted in Entertainment & Exotic Odds   Comments Off on Presidential Election Odds – State-By-State Clinton vs Trump Odds
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The 2016 presidential election is approaching fast, which can be either good news or bad news, depending on how you feel about politics.   If you are someone who is enamored by the election cycle & enjoys the frenzy that comes with election night, you’ll want check out the entertainment odds at Bovada Sportsbook as well as the primary odds at 5Dimes.  Both books have a lot of different 2016 presidential election odds.  If you are someone who finds that politics give you a migraine and never seem to have any vested interest in election night, betting on political futures may be exactly what you need to make November 2nd a more tolerable (even exciting), day.  You can expect a lot of volatility in these odds as events unfold (or the candidates mouth’s open) over the course of the next 15 months.

As of the end of August, Hillary Clinton remains a big favorite in this upcoming election over Trump.  If you think Trump can change voters minds in the debates, now may be your time to place a bet on the Donald, where bookmakers are paying around 3 to 1 should he defeat Clinton in November.  The Libertarian nominee, Gary Johnson remains a massive underdog (280 to 1) at most sportsbooks despite the recent press he’s been getting.

There are some interesting state-by-state (Trump vs. Clinton) odds out there (see state by state odds below) that are worth taking a look at.  In the key battleground states of Florida & Ohio, Hilary Clinton remains overwhelming favorite.  Clinton is also a -160 favorite in the fairly conservative state of North Carolina.   In Indiana, the home state of Mike Pence (Trump’s VP pick), Hillary Clinton is currently a 5.5 to 1 underdog.  You can check the list below for all the state by state presidential election odds.

2016 Presidential Election Odds Update (Current Futures) @ Bovada (as of 8/31/16):
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2016 Presidential General Election Winner:
Hillary Clinton – 1 to 3 (-300)
Donald Trump – 2.8 to 1 (+280)
Bernie Sanders – 100 to 1 (+10000)
Gary Johnson – 280 to 1 (+28000)

Hillary Clinton Electoral Votes Odds (Over / Under):
Over 369.5 +230
Under 369.5 -310

Donald Trump Electoral Votes Odds (Over / Under):
Over 369.5 +655
Under 369.5 -1365

Senate Majority at the beginning o 115 Congress:
Republican Controlled Senate: 1.7 to 1 (+170)
Democratic Controlled Senate: 3.8 to 1 (-380)

State By State 2016 Presidential Election Odds From 5 Dimes (as of 8/31/16):
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Tue 11/8301 Republican candidate wins Alabama -3000
8:00AM302 Democratic candidate wins Alabama +1300
Tue 11/8303 Republican candidate wins Alaska -5250
8:00AM304 Democratic candidate wins Alaska +1750
Tue 11/8305 Republican candidate wins Arizona -260
8:00AM306 Democratic candidate wins Arizona +180
Tue 11/8309 Republican candidate wins California +1100
8:00AM310 Democratic candidate wins California -2300
Tue 11/8311 Republican candidate wins Colorado +450
8:00AM312 Democratic candidate wins Colorado -750
Tue 11/8313 Republican candidate wins Connecticut +1100
8:00AM314 Democratic candidate wins Connecticut -2300
Tue 11/8317 Republican candidate wins Florida +230
8:00AM318 Democratic candidate wins Florida -310
Tue 11/8319 Republican candidate wins Georgia -190
8:00AM320 Democratic candidate wins Georgia +150
Tue 11/8325 Republican candidate wins Illinois +880
8:00AM326 Democratic candidate wins Illinois -1800
Tue 11/8327 Republican candidate wins Indiana -1050
8:00AM328 Democratic candidate wins Indiana +550
Tue 11/8329 Republican candidate wins Iowa +180
8:00AM330 Democratic candidate wins Iowa -260
Tue 11/8333 Republican candidate wins Kentucky -4500
8:00AM334 Democratic candidate wins Kentucky +1500
Tue 11/8335 Republican candidate wins Louisiana -4500
8:00AM336 Democratic candidate wins Louisiana +1500
Tue 11/8339 Republican candidate wins Maryland +3000
8:00AM340 Democratic candidate wins Maryland -11000
Tue 11/8341 Republican candidate wins Massachussetts +1200
8:00AM342 Democratic candidate wins Massachussetts -2600
Tue 11/8343 Republican candidate wins Michigan +400
8:00AM344 Democratic candidate wins Michigan -600
Tue 11/8345 Republican candidate wins Minnesota +425
8:00AM346 Democratic candidate wins Minnesota -675
Tue 11/8349 Republican candidate wins Missouri -280
8:00AM350 Democratic candidate wins Missouri +200
Tue 11/8353 Republican candidate wins Nebraska -2300
8:00AM354 Democratic candidate wins Nebraska +1100
Tue 11/8355 Republican candidate wins Nevada +260
8:00AM356 Democratic candidate wins Nevada -380
Tue 11/8357 Republican candidate wins New Hampshire +400
8:00AM358 Democratic candidate wins New Hampshire -600
Tue 11/8359 Republican candidate wins New Jersey +1000
8:00AM360 Democratic candidate wins New Jersey -2000
Tue 11/8361 Republican candidate wins New Mexico +450
8:00AM362 Democratic candidate wins New Mexico -750
Tue 11/8363 Republican candidate wins New York +1000
8:00AM364 Democratic candidate wins New York -2000
Tue 11/8365 Republican candidate wins North Carolina +121
8:00AM366 Democratic candidate wins North Carolina -161
Tue 11/8369 Republican candidate wins Ohio +250
8:00AM370 Democratic candidate wins Ohio -350
Tue 11/8371 Republican candidate wins Oklahoma -3250
8:00AM372 Democratic candidate wins Oklahoma +1350
Tue 11/8373 Republican candidate wins Oregon +450
8:00AM374 Democratic candidate wins Oregon -750
Tue 11/8375 Republican candidate wins Pennsylvania +330
8:00AM376 Democratic candidate wins Pennsylvania -490
Tue 11/8385 Republican candidate wins Texas -1200
8:00AM386 Democratic candidate wins Texas +600
Tue 11/8387 Republican candidate wins Utah -675
8:00AM388 Democratic candidate wins Utah +425
Tue 11/8391 Republican candidate wins Virginia +500
8:00AM392 Democratic candidate wins Virginia -900
Tue 11/8393 Republican candidate wins Washington +800
8:00AM394 Democratic candidate wins Washington -1700
Tue 11/8395 Republican candidate wins West Virginia -13500
8:00AM396 Democratic candidate wins West Virginia +3500
Tue 11/8397 Republican candidate wins Wisconsin +500
8:00AM398 Democratic candidate wins Wisconsin -900