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NFL Football Picks: Odds to Be Dallas Cowboys Head Coach in 2011

November 14th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on NFL Football Picks: Odds to Be Dallas Cowboys Head Coach in 2011
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The Dallas Cowboys are just a few hours away from kicking off their first game in the Jason Garrett era. After the removal of HC Wade Phillips, we know that the Cowboys are going to have their work cut out for them to get back to the top in the NFC East. Garrett has the interim tag for the rest of the season, and he is the first man in the history of the Dallas franchise to have that title. We take a look at the prospects and the NFL odds for who will be the next coach of the Cowboys in the first week of the 2011 season!

Bill Cowher 4 to 1 at Hollywood Sportsbook
We do know that Jones has spoken to some men that have shown interest in this job that have previous Super Bowl winning experience before, but we aren’t so sure that Cowher is one of them. The former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach doesn’t really seem to fit in Dallas all that well, and we’re not so sure that he has what it takes to transform this passing team into one with the vicious ground game that he desires. We’ll see him with the Carolina Panthers or back in the booth once again next year.

Bill Parcells 10 to 1 at Hollywood Sportsbook
Been there, done that. Dallas isn’t going there again. The Big Tuna has had enough of coaching.

Brian Billick 25 to 1 at Hollywood Sportsbook
Interesting odds here on Billick, because he definitely does fit the mold as a potential man that has won the Super Bowl. Though we aren’t so sure that Jones is really willing to sign a man that has been out of football for so long, these are definitely some intriguing NFL odds with the information that we currently have to deal with.

Jason Garrett 2.5 to 1 at Hollywood Sportsbook
If Garrett can find a way to go 5-3 or better in the second half of the season, it’s going to be really, really hard for Jones to take the job away from him. Truth be told, the offense really hasn’t been a problem here in Dallas over the years. The defense has really been the unit that has let the team down. Garrett isn’t at fault. Truth be told, this was the man that Jones wanted to hire when he hired Phillips as his head coach, but there was speculation about whether he was really ready to guide a team to the Super Bowl. Garrett has been a lifetime Cowboy having played quarterback as Troy Aikman’s backup for years, and he clearly makes the most sense to take over next year.

Jim Harbaugh 8 to 1 at Hollywood Sportsbook
Harbaugh has been the main man in college that has been rumored to jump to the NFL as a head coach, and it really only seems like a matter of time until that happens. This would be a very sexy pick for Jones to make, as it would come with glitz and glamour. Having “Captain Comeback” as your head coach would certainly draw a lot of attention. The only question in our minds here is whether Harbaugh, a West Coast guy, is willing to trade in his sunglasses for a pair of cowboy boots. We’re not so sure that he is going to lead “The Farm” this year, as the Stanford Cardinal really are on the verge of something special. If he does go to the pros, he might want to go to a place where his QB Andrew Luck is going as well.

John Fox 3.5 to 1 at Hollywood Sportsbook
Of the coaches that are currently in the NFL, Fox is the only one that makes a lot of sense for the Cowboys. Though he has never won the Super Bowl, Fox did guide the Carolina Panthers to one back in 2003-04, and many think that he has just been given a raw deal on Tobacco Road with a team that just isn’t all that talented. Dallas certainly doesn’t have that problem. If you’re a believer that Jones is going after a coach with a lot of experience, this is your man.

Jon Gruden 2.5 to 1 at Hollywood Sportsbook
You know with Gruden, you’re getting a workhorse that is going to sit there and study tape for hours on end for your team. The argument could be made that Gruden would still have his job had the Bucs beat the Oakland Raiders two years ago on the final day of the regular season. You know that he wants to get back in the coaching ring but would only take one of a handful of jobs. This is certainly one of them. Again, this is another coach that has won the Super Bowl in the past and could do it again in Big D. If Garrett flounders, this could be the man for the Cowboys.

Leslie Frazier 10 to 1 at Hollywood Sportsbook
So let’s get this straight. You think that Jones is going to be bringing in a guy with no head coaching experience to run his club? Dream on.

Marty Schottenheimer 15 to 1 at Hollywood Sportsbook
Though we know that Schottenheimer got a raw deal in San Diego, he could never win the big game. It’s Super Bowl or bust for the Cowboys. This isn’t the man that can win a championship for this city.

Marvin Lewis 5 to 1 at Hollywood Sportsbook
Haha! Lewis can’t even make it with the Bengals, let alone with the Cowboys. He might get an interview after he gets fired by Cincinnati this year just as the token minority coaching candidate, but Lewis has absolutely no chance of actually landing this job.

Mike Zimmer 15 to 1 at Hollywood Sportsbook
Zimmer is a combination of a dud with the Bengals and an assistant with no head coaching experience. No thank you.

Tony Dungy 25 to 1 at Hollywood Sportsbook
Though we are fairly sure that Dungy is staying retired, we know that this would be the man that Jones would want grazing his sidelines as the head coach. Yes, Dungy is a past Super Bowl winning coach, and yes, he does fit the bill as a perfect man for Jones. And yes, it’s even true that Dungy would probably be No. 1 on Jones’ list. But let’s be realistic here. Dungy is retired for a reason. He is a family man that wants to continue to do good for a his children and his community. Picking up and moving to Dallas just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, and that’s why the pro football odds are so long on him becoming the next coach of the Cowboys.