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2013 NFL Week 6 Lines – Week Six Lines Breakdown

October 7th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2013 NFL Week 6 Lines – Week Six Lines Breakdown
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Week 6 NFL Betting Lines Posted At Bottom Of Article

Matt Schaub TexansThe sixth week of NFL betting action commences on Thursday night for some of the biggest and best teams in the league, as we will see a number of teams that are fighting for their lives try to right their seasons, and some teams continuing the quest for perfection.

The biggest story of the weekend is probably the biggest NFL point spread of the weekend. The Denver Broncos are giving 27 at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and that makes this the biggest single game spread in the history of NFL betting. Will it close that way, though? That’s still a bit of a mystery. Early action was on Jacksonville last week when WagerWeb Sportsbook posted the game at Denver -26, but we’ll see what happens now that Jacksonville has become the first team in NFL history to lose its first five games by 10+ points. It is clear that this is the worst team in football, and regardless of whether it is QB Blaine Gabbert or QB Chad Henne, things are going to be disgusting. QB Peyton Manning has put up just gobs of numbers, and for as long as he wants to be in this game, he is going to be doing even more damage. We would be shocked to see Manning throw for fewer than four TDs in this game on Sunday, and the scariest part is that it is going to take more than that to cover the number.

What’s almost as remarkable is the fact that the San Francisco 49ers are 11-point favorites against the Arizona Cardinals, yet they are the third biggest favorites of the day. The other team in the NFC West of note, the Seattle Seahawks are -14 against the Tennessee Titans, who remain to be a 3-2 team that is right in the thick of the fight of the playoff picture. There is obviously a lot of good coming here for these teams that are heavily favored, and it would be a shock to see any of them even remotely fail on the Week 6 odds in spite of those huge numbers.

Thursday Night Football is a dream waiting to happen for the Chicago Bears’ defense. This is a team that prides itself on forcing turnovers and making life a living hell on opposing quarterbacks. Enter the New York Giants, who have the most turnovers in football, and it isn’t even all that close. QB Eli Manning has already chumped up 10 picks this year, and his G-Men are off to an 0-5 start. Losing this one would put the team three back in the division with just 10 games to play, and the hope of a turnaround would be fading out once and perhaps for all. New York is getting 7.5 in this one, and it would be a miracle if the team could just salvage its first cover of the campaign in this one.

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What we’re not seeing all that much of on the Week 6 betting lines are road favorites. The Green Bay Packers are giving three to the Baltimore Ravens in what should be one of the better games of the day, while the team that they are chasing, the Detroit Lions, are -2.5 on the road against the Cleveland Browns, who are forced to turn back to QB Brandon Weeden under center. Meanwhile in the AFC North, the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are still in search of their first win of the season, are -3 on the road against the New York Jets, and their division mates, the Cincinnati Bengals are -7 on the road against the Buffalo Bills. We’ve mentioned four games here, and two of the underdogs, the Bills and the Browns have the same problem. They’re both playing without their starting quarterbacks. We’ve already mentioned the QB Brian Hoyer injury that has put Weeden back in the saddle, but Buffalo has lost its second quarterback right now, as QB EJ Manuel has an LCL injury that is going to keep him out for a couple of weeks.

The Bills made their effort to sign QB Josh Freeman this week, but that right went to the Minnesota Vikings instead. Freeman is going to make $3M this year from the Vikes and over $8M from the team that cut him, Tampa Bay, and we aren’t all that sure if he is going to step in and start right away or not. QB Matt Cassel led Minnesota to its first win of the year two weeks ago in London, and he figures to start on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, where the Vikes are -2. As far as those Bucs are concerned, they’re a pick ’em at home against the Philadelphia Eagles (that’s the division leading Philadelphia Eagles to you!). Philly doesn’t know yet if QB Nick Foles or QB Michael Vick will be starting after Vick’s hamstring acted up against New York on Sunday, so that will be an interesting development to watch as the week wears on.

We have yet to make mention of the fact that the Houston Texans are -6.5 at home against the St. Louis Rams, as QB Matt Schaub tries to avoid becoming the first quarterback in league history to throw a pick six in five straight games, but that’s clearly not amongst the best games of the day. In the 4:00 ET hour though, the clash between the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots is. New England is giving 2.5 in this one, but New Orleans remains the only undefeated team in the NFC, and it is surely going to put up a heck of a fight. It’s not often that you see a pair of surefire Hall of Fame quarterbacks doing battle with one another, but QB Drew Brees and QB Tom Brady absolutely fit the bill.

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Sunday Night Football should be a good one this week, as the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys battle for first place in the NFC East. The Cowboys are coming off of that crippling loss to the Broncos last week, and they badly need to bounce back in this one. If they don’t, they’re going to be in a lot of hot water. The Redskins haven’t shown much yet this year, but they are +4.5 and would qualify as a big upset if they were able to pull this one out of their hat.

On Monday Night Football in Week 6, the San Diego Chargers have to play once again. The Bolts have already played a Sunday night game that started at 11:35 p.m. ET and a Monday night game that started at 10:10 p.m. ET, so playing at odd times is nothing new to them. For the Indianapolis Colts though, this is a huge game. They knocked off the Seahawks last week, and they can put their foot on the gas pedal in the AFC South if they can win this game. They’re -1 on the road, and the oddsmakers aren’t showing much in the way of confidence that they can get the job done.

Surprisingly, the highest ‘total’ of the week actually isn’t the game between Brees and Brady as you would figure. The Colts and Jaguars have the highest number of the week at 51.5, and the implied team total here for the Broncos is 39.5 points, an absolutely insane number by the NFL’s standard.

We do have to mention that there are some games that have started off the week as of Sunday night off the board, and that could change some of the numbers around. However, the lowest ‘total’ of the games that are on the board right now pits the Jets against the Steelers, where the ‘total’ is only 40. The Titans and Seahawks get an honorable mention at 40.5, while the Raiders and the Chiefs are set at 41 to open up Week 6.

2013 NFL Week 6 Odds @ JustBet Sportsbook (as of 10/13/12):
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Week 6 NFL Point Spreads for Thursday, October 10th
101 New York Giants +7.5
102 Chicago Bears -7.5
Over/Under 45

Week 6 NFL Spreads for Sunday, October 13th (1:00 ET Kickoffs)
203 Oakland Raiders +9.5
204 Kansas City Chiefs -9.5
Over/Under 41

205 Philadelphia Eagles pk
206 Tampa Bay Buccaneers pk
Over/Under OTB

207 Green Bay Packers -3
208 Baltimore Ravens +3
Over/Under 48

209 Detroit Lions -2.5
210 Cleveland Browns +2.5
Over/Under 45.5

211 Carolina Panthers +2
212 Minnesota Vikings -2
Over/Under 44

213 St. Louis Rams +6.5
214 Houston Texans -6.5
Over/Under OTB

215 Pittsburgh Steelers -3
216 New York Jets +3
Over/Under 40

217 Cincinnati Bengals -7
218 Buffalo Bills +7
Over/Under OTB

NFL Week 6 Betting Lines for Sunday, October 13th (4:00 ET Kickoffs)
219 Tennessee Titans +14
220 Seattle Seahawks -14
Over/Under 40.5

221 Jacksonville Jaguars +27
222 Denver Broncos -27
Over/Under 51.5

223 Arizona Cardinals +11
224 San Francisco 49ers -11
Over/Under OTB

225 New Orleans Saints +2.5
226 New England Patriots -2.5
Over/Under 49.5

Sunday Night Football Week 6 Odds for Sunday, October 14th
227 Washington Redskins +4.5
228 Dallas Cowboys -4.5
Over/Under 53

Monday Night Football Week 6 Lines for Monday, October 15th
229 Indianapolis Colts -1
230 San Diego Chargers +1
Over/Under OTB