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2010 Sweet 16 Odds & Free Picks, Odds To Win The NCAA Tournament

March 23rd, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NCAA Basketball   Comments Off on 2010 Sweet 16 Odds & Free Picks, Odds To Win The NCAA Tournament
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List of Current Sweet 16 Odds to Win The NCAA Tournament Can Be Found Below!

March Madness. That’s why we all watch and love the NCAA Tournament. Because no lead is ever safe and no favorite is every assured anything. It doesn’t matter if you’re favored by a single point or two dozen. Any team can, and quite frequently does beat anyone.

Ask the chalks of this tournament, the #1 Kansas Jayhawks out of the Midwest Bracket. At some sportsbooks, they were as low as +200 to win the entire tourney coming into play on Saturday, and they were sizeable favorites to take out the Missouri Valley champs, the #9 Northern Iowa Panthers.

Nobody told that to G Ali Farokhmanesh, who stood like a warrior at the three point line, stared the mighty Jayhawks in the face, damned the fact that his team had absolutely no business playing with the top team in the land, and let a brown dagger fly through the sky. When that dagger flushed through the twine, Farokhmanesh was immediately placed in lore in tiny Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Forget about the fact that Farokhmanesh’s shot really had no business being taken. It defied all logic. After all, the Panthers were up a point with the ball with less than 30 seconds to play, and any conventionally thinking person would’ve dribbled around and waited to get fouled.

But defying logic is what makes this tournament great. And now, #1 is no more.

The beauty of this tournament this season is that there are 11 conferences represented in the Sweet 16 and only the Big Ten has three representatives. Fans from all across the country will have a relatively local team to latch onto, which could make this a very, very interesting four days of basketball coming up this weekend.

The new favorites of the field are the #1 Kentucky Wildcats (+250 at 5Dimes Sportsbook. The Cats have looked great in two tourney games so far, winning against both #16 East Tennessee State and #9 Wake Forest by 20+ points apiece. Stopping G John Wall, G Eric Bledsoe, F Patrick Patterson, and F DeMarcus Cousins seems like a nearly impossible task, especially for some lowly #12 seed out of the Ivy League… but beating names like Aldrich, Morris, Morris, and Collins didn’t seem likely for a bunch of Missouri Valley guys either.

As for those Valley dwellers, they’re still the second longest shot to win the tournament on the board at +6600 at 5Dimes Sportsbook, and there’s reason to believe that those odds are simply too long. UNI draws #5 Michigan State in the Sweet 16, a team that is going to be playing without G Kalin Lucas for the remainder of the season courtesy of a ruptured Achilles tendon. Without Lucas this year, the Spartans looked like an average team at best, and an extraordinary performance once again by the men clad in purple and gold could lead to yet another upset and a date with either #2 Ohio State or #6 Tennessee in the Elite 8.

Both the #1 Duke Blue Devils (+450 at 5Dimes Sportsbook) and the #1 Syracuse Orange (+475 at 5Dimes Sportsbook) have relatively easy draws to get to the Final Four for top seeds, as the Orange must beat #5 Butler and then either #2 Kansas State or #6 Xavier, while things have opened up particularly nicely for the Dookies, who get #4 Purdue this week and will finish the weekend with either #3 Baylor or #10 St. Mary’s.

Current Sweet 16 Odds @ 5Dimes Sportsbook (as of 3/23/10):
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Kentucky +250
Duke +450
Syracuse +475
Ohio State +825
West Virginia +850
Kansas State +950
Baylor +1800
Michigan State +2500
Tennessee +3300
Butler +4000
Xavier +4500
St. Mary’s +5500
Washington +5500
Purdue +6000
Northern Iowa +6600
Cornell +7500

2010 NCAA Tournament Odds and Free Picks

February 20th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NCAA Basketball   Comments Off on 2010 NCAA Tournament Odds and Free Picks
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List of Current Odds to Win The 2010 NCAA Tournament Can Be Found Below!

March Madness odds differ from sportsbook to sportsbook, and when you’re trying to find which team you’d like to place your college basketball betting wagers on, it’s important to find the best numbers possible. Here’s at Bankroll Sports, we’re on top of everything and giving you your free NCAA Tournament picks to cash in on this spring.

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Keep an eye on the Kentucky Wildcats. They’ve got one of the most well-rounded teams in the nation and have arguably the country’s most explosive player in G John Wall. Coming into this weekend, Wall is averaging 17.1 points and 6.4 assists per game. HC John Calipari has a great history of leading teams deep into the NCAA Tournament, and this year should be no exception. Fs Patrick Patterson and F DeMarcus Cousins also make up one of the best inside duos in the country as well, and assuming that the Cats ultimately end up with a #1 seed in the dance, they’re going to be a real steal at +300 at BoDog Sportsbook.
If you’re looking for some teams with longer odds to win the whole thing that may have some tremendous value later down the line, how about taking a look at some of these…

New Mexico Lobos +10000 at Oddsmaker (110% Bonus)
BYU Cougars +10000 at Oddsmaker (110% Bonus)
Xavier Musketeers +12500 at Oddsmaker (100% Bonus)
Northern Iowa Panthers +25000 at Oddsmaker (100% Bonus)
Missouri Tigers +20000 at Oddsmaker (110% Bonus)

The logic behind all of these teams are exactly the same. Each of these five teams are certainly going to make the NCAA Tournament. In the event of the Lobos and Cougars, they may be #3 or #4 seeds in the tourney. Xavier, Northern Iowa, and Missouri are probably all going to be favorites in the first round of the dance. All of these squads have the ability to reach the Sweet 16 without any hassles whatsoever, and add 100/1 or better on each, you may be able to put yourself in a position to make a ton of money just by scalping games if any of them do reach the Elite Eight or the Final Four.

On the flip side of things, there are a number of teams that you’re going to want to avoid as well when you’re banking on the NCAA Basketball Tournament Odds. There’s no way that you should invest in the defending national champs, the North Carolina Tar Heels. The Heels have virtually no chance of getting an at-large berth to the tourney, and unless they have a run to the ACC Championship in them, they probably won’t sniff the field. Even if it does get in, Carolina’s 75/1 or so probably isn’t anywhere near worth it. Virtually the same could be said about the Connecticut Huskies (+5000), Louisville Cardinals (+6000), and Memphis Tigers (+10000).

The books will also try to trap you by placing odds on the board on teams that probably aren’t even going to get a chance to lace up their dancing shoes. At least each of those teams listed above has a chance of making it to the Field of 65. BoDog Sportsbook currently has odds available on a number of teams that may not even make the NIT. Be sure to stay away from these at all costs, as there aren’t odds high enough on teams like Alabama and Boston College (both listed at 200-1) to make them worth betting on.

Current Odds to win the 2010 NCAA Tournament @ Oddsmaker (as of 2/20/10):
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Baylor +5000
Butler +7500
BYU +10000
California +7500
Clemson +7500
Connecticut +5000
Dayton +25000
Duke +1500
Florida State +20000
Georgetown +2000
Georgia Tech +10000
Gonzaga +3000
Illinois +7500
Kansas +150
Kansas State +1500
Kentucky +200
Louisville +6000
Marquette +15000
Maryland +5000
Michigan State +1200
Mississippi +7500
Mississippi State +12500
Missouri +20000
New Mexico +7500
Northern Iowa +20000
Old Dominion +25000
Ohio State +800
Oklahoma State +25000
Pittsburgh +4000
Purdue +1000
Rhode Island +20000
San Diego State +20000
Siena +12500
St. Mary’s +15000
Syracuse +300
Temple +12500
Tennessee +4000
Texas +800
Tulsa +25000
UAB +15000
UNLV +20000
UTEP +25000
Utah State +25000
Vanderbilt +12500
Villanova +500
Wake Forest +5000
West Virginia +1500
Wisconsin +4000
Xavier +12500

Current 2010 March Madness Odds @ Bodog Sportsbook (as of 2/20/10):
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Baylor 55/1
Butler 40/1
BYU 50/1
California 60/1
Cincinnati 100/1
Clemson 75/1
Connecticut 40/1
Dayton 100/1
Duke 15/1
Florida 100/1
Florida State 100/1
Georgetown 30/1
Georgia Tech 75/1
Gonzaga 50/1
Illinois 55/1
Kansas 2/1
Kansas State 28/1
Kentucky 4/1
Louisville 60/1
Marquette 100/1
Maryland 75/1
Memphis 100/1
Michigan 150/1
Michigan State 15/1
Minnesota 75/1
Mississippi 100/1
Mississippi State 60/1
Missouri 100/1
North Carolina 75/1
Notre Dame 75/1
Ohio State 15/1
Oklahoma State 80/1
Pittsburgh 50/1
Purdue 15/1
Siena 100/1
Syracuse 6/1
Tennessee 40/1
Texas 10/1
Texas A&M 100/1
Villanova 13/2
Virginia Tech 100/1
Wake Forest 60/1
Washington 60/1
West Virginia 20/1
Wisconsin 45/1
Xavier 60/1