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Weekly Sports Betting Rap Sheet 4/12/10

April 12th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in General Handicapping   Comments Off on Weekly Sports Betting Rap Sheet 4/12/10
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It was an awkward week of sports betting action, as the start of the baseball betting season continued to cross with red hot sporting events on the ice, hardwood, and links. Here’s what we’re ranting about this week at Bankroll Sports!

Rap Sheet Picture of the Week
New York Rangers G Henrik Lundqvist, who was the losing goalie in Sunday’s elimination game for the final slot in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Tiger Woods is really getting under my skin right now, and for various reasons. Not only am I irked that the entire PGA Tour betting event this week at the Masters was covered by Tiger this and Tiger that, but I also hate how everyone said that Woods couldn’t figure out how to put this together after taking six months away from the Tour. He’s still Tiger Freaking Woods. No, Tiger didn’t win it on Sunday, but he sure had his dramatic moments to finish just a few shots behind and with yet another Top 10 finish in a major. That being said, I’m still ticked that everyone spent so much time talking about Tiger that there were two stories that just totally went under the radar. Good thing that Phil Mickelson won the event, or no one would’ve ever remembered the name of the winner. I mean really… why not just give Tiger the Green Jacket, too? After all, he was the center of this whole ordeal these past four days, right? And why no love for 16-year old Matteo Manassero, who made the cut and finished at +4 for the tournament? If this kid can finish +4 at the age of 16 and make the Masters cut, maybe there’s another Tiger Woods on our hands that we’ll be discussing in a few years.

A week into MLB betting action and we already have a little bit of history… and not the good kind either. How’s about allowing a whopping 13 runs in an inning? Nice job, Pittsburgh Pirates. The 13 run outburst featured eight hits, four walks, three homers (one of which was to Edwin Jackson, the pitcher, who spent the last couple seasons in the American League), a triple, and a tad bit of miserable fielding to boot. It took three pitchers to get through the frame for the Bucs, as Darren McCutchen, Hayden Penn, and Jack Taschner were all used and all touched up. If you’re interested, through one week of play, McCutchen has an ERA of 24.30 and Penn has one of 30.86. Stellar ball, guys. Stellar.

Let’s take a stab at the Boston Celtics as well. Just a week after watching the San Antonio Spurs get destroyed by the New Jersey Nets, the C’s pulled off one just as sharp. In the fight for the #3 seed in the Eastern Conference, they were knocked off by the lowly Washington Wizards on their home court 106-96. Even more embarrassing was the fact that they put up 42 points in the 4th quarter and still were beaten and beaten badly. The Wiz outscored Boston 52-31 in a very uninspired first half of ball. Over their L/52 games, the Celtics are only 27-25 after starting 18 games over .500 over the first couple months of the year. That won’t cut it in the playoffs, that’s for sure.

C’mon Man! (for week ending 1/31/10)

February 1st, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in General Handicapping   Comments Off on C’mon Man! (for week ending 1/31/10)
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The week before the Super Bowl generally doesn’t have much action in the way of sports betting, but in the seven days just completed, there were plenty of players, coaches, and teams that just fell on their faces that cost we, the basketball betting or hockey wagering fans some scratch. So to all of the following people, I only have two words to say… C’mon Man!!!

Hey Edmonton Oilers, are you ever going to win a game in 2010? Remember when you were riding high after a five-game winning streak that wrapped up on December 11th? Since then, all you’ve done is win exactly one… that’s right… ONE game. You’ve been outscored by the aggregate score of 84-39 in that stretch, and now you’ve hit the low of all lows. Facing a Calgary team that had lost nine straight games itself, you came out and got thrashed 6-1 on Saturday night. So until you pick up a ‘W’ and make yourselves even remotely relevant again in the NHL betting world… C’mon Man!!!

The Indiana Pacers played a fantastic NBA betting affair on Friday night at home against LeBron James and Co. Not only were they outscored 36-18 in the opening stanza, they also only dropped nine points for the entire fourth quarter. But they had to expect better out of F Danny Grainger, right? Grainger is averaging 22.9 points per game, but the only thing that was more uninspiring than his 14-point effort against the Lakers on Wednesday was his 6/23 shooting performance against the Cavs on Friday. You know kid, I know you want to get the heck out of town, but can you at least try a little bit harder and shoot just a tad better than 26% from the field for a game in which you take so many shots? Pacers betting fans appreciate it… C’mon Man!!!

Does anyone know what’s going on with the Texas Longhorns? All of a sudden, they’ve allowed three straight teams to hang 80+ points on them even though they’re only conceding 67.5 points per game on the season. Once upon a time, this team was ranked #1 in the nation. Now, with three losses in its L/4 games, the worst of which came at home to Baylor on Saturday, the Horns will be lucky to hold in the Top-10. What makes matters worse? Texas hasn’t covered a college basketball betting line since December 22nd against Michigan State. Tickets to a Longhorns game: $10. Losing NCAA basketball betting ticket: $550. Watching a team fail to beat the number in eight straight games: Priceless… C’mon Man!!!

Let’s hear it for the Los Angeles Clippers, who became the first team in the NBA all season to lose to both the Minnesota Timberwolves and the New Jersey Jets this season! However, what made that feat all the more impressive is the fact that they did all of that in a span of three nights! Want an even better one? Check out the margins of victory for the two worse teams in the NBA… The T’Wolves won by 14, while the Nets won by 16. There’s never any excuse for play this… oh wait… It’s the Clippers… C’mon Man!!!