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2010 Masters Betting Free Picks: Tiger Woods Props

April 7th, 2010 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in Golf / PGA Tour   1 Comment »

The Masters gets started on Thursday morning, and JustBet Sportsbook has a full list of props that are completely dedicated to Tiger Woods that we’re going to analyze this evening.

Prop Bet #1: Will Tiger Woods have an Eagle or Better for the Tournament: On one glance, saying that Tiger has four par fives, or theoretically speaking, 16 chances to get one eagle seems like a sure thing. After all, he’s Tiger Woods, right? However, Tiger only hit 50.4 percent of his greens from 200+ yards out last year, and though that was good enough for 26th on tour, it’s not conducive to making him a winner on this prop. He did have ten eagles for the entire year out of 17 events, which would make you a winner long term on this prop. Here at Augusta, he did eagle the eighth hole last year, but it was his only eagle in a major tournament all season long. Considering the long absence from the game, especially with at least the remote possibility of missing the cut looming though, we’re going to have to bet against Tiger to pull off an eagle at any point during this PGA Tour betting affair.

Selection: No Eagle or Better for Tiger Woods for the Tournament -110 at JustBet Sportsbook. (100% Free Play Bonus by clicking This Link.)

Prop Bet #2: Will Tiger Woods Make the Cut: Though we just spent some time talking about how Tiger may be off of his game and such, let’s also keep in mind that this is still Tiger Woods. All this man ever does is make cuts. Remember that this was once a man that made a whopping 142 straight cuts. That’s right. 142 of them. At the time, it was 29 cuts more than the longest cut streak ever (113 by Byron Nelson from 1941-48), and the longest streak of cuts made from that point by any other golfer at the time was Ernie Els with 20 straight. Woods also had a streak of 39 straight major tournament cuts made before failing to make it to the weekend in the 2006 US Open. However, it’s hard to fault a man who had literally just returned to the golf course following the death of his father. Since then, he has only missed one other major cutline, that coming in the ’09 Open Championship. No matter whether Elin is there to egg him on or not, it seems hard to believe that Woods isn’t going to be within ten shots of the leader(s) following two days of play at one of his favorite golf courses.

Selection: Tiger Woods to Make the Cut -450 at JustBet Sportsbook. (100% Free Play Bonus by clicking This Link.)

Prop Bet #3: Will Tiger Woods finish in the Top 20: It seems to be a bit chalky, but it’s hard to go against Tiger in relation to the Top 20. Sure, the cutline is a possibility for Tiger, which would immediately make this prop a loser after just two days, but we’re still talking about a man that has only finished outside of the Top 20 once at Augusta since 1997. In four major events last year, Woods finished tied for sixth twice and runner up at the PGA Championship in addition to the aforementioned missed cut at the Open Championship. That missed cut along with his missed cut at the ’06 US Open marked the only two times that he didn’t finish in the Top 20 in a major in the L/5 years. That’s 16 tourneys in the Top 20 and just two outside of it. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that laying -280 chalk in that situation is a smart thing to do.

Selection: Tiger Woods to Finish in the Top 20 -280 at JustBet Sportsbook. (100% Free Play Bonus by clicking This Link.)