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NCAA Basketball Top 10 Point Guards for 2009

December 15th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NCAA Basketball   1 Comment »
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The college basketball season is starting to pick up full steam and is picking up a lot more attention now that college football regular season is in the books. One of the common themes around the nation is that there is a ton of new and rising talent on the hardwood making big names for themselves heading into 2010. Among the headlines this season, we like to point out a group of guys that are shaping out to be a very good class at the point guard position. Of course not to get the confused with shooting guards, these are the guys directing the game and opening up opportunities for their players. Sometimes they do not post the big numbers as do the scorers, but they are equally as valuable. We bring to you a look at the Top 10 point guards in college basketball based on what we have seen thus far in the year.

Be sure check back as we will break down the top 10 shooting guards in our next preview…

#10 – Greivis Vasquez (Maryland Terrapins)

Greivis Vasquez got off to a terrible start this year, but has turned that around over the past few games. Vasquez averaged just 7.5 points through the first 4 games of the year, but has rallied averaging 17 points over the past 5 games. The Maryland Terrapins senior have averaged over 17 points in his last two seasons and is carrying a solid mark of 5.8 assists per game this year. The problem with Vasquez is that he is very inconsistent and just shooting 35% on the year. However, the biggest problem is that he has a big problem with ball control as he has given up 32 turnovers in just 9 games and that part of his game must change.

#9 – Devan Downey (South Carolina Gamecocks)

Devan Downey is a feisty little guy that has not gotten off to a great start this year, but is an excellent player. Downey has carried South Carolina over the last two year’s despite any big success as a team. Downey averaged 20 points, 5 assist, and led the SEC with 3 steals per game last season. Downey is currently averaging 17.6 point per game which is not bad at all considering he has struggled a bit in his most recent outings. However, he still has a good chance to reach 2,000 career points and flirt with 500 assist for his career. Keep an eye on this guy as his stock will rise before all is said and done.

#8 – Kemba Walker (Connecticut Huskies)

Kemba Walker is a guy that understands what it takes to be a point guard. He runs the Huskies offense very well and gets the ball to the right guys. Walker had a decent freshman campaign averaging 9 points and 3 assists per game, but he should improve those numbers a good bit this year. Walker has already had a couple big performances this year and is averaging 5.6 assists and 15 points per game not to mention shooting 50% from behind the arc. He has hinted that he can be a big time player, but may need to develop into a bigger scoring threat before he can really show all his potential.

#7 – Jon Scheyer (Duke Blue Devils)

Blue Devils senior guard Jon Scheyer may like some of the god gifted ability as some of our other guards on our list, but makes up for it with a great knowledge of the game and accurate shooting stroke. Scheyer is the only guy outside of Kyle Singler that returned to the Blue Devils roster this season that had quality playing time last year. So far Scheyer 16 points per game and a very solid 5.3 assists. Another interesting aspect that is growing attention is the fact of how well Scheyer handles the ball. Scheyer has just 5 turnovers in the Blue Devils first 8 games which should have Coach K pleased.

#6 – Nic Wise (Arizona Wildcats)

Despite a disastrous 4-5 start by the Wildcats, Nic Wise has continued to play well. Wise has posted 16 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 4.7 assists per game this season. The Wildcats senior is one of those guys that just goes out and puts up consistent numbers while rarely having any horrible performances. At the end of last year, Wise scored at least double digits in 14 of his last 15 outings. Wise also sports a career 3 point percentage over 40% which will help his draft status at the end of the year if he continues to play well.

#5 – Jerome Randle (California Golden Bears)

Jerome Randle is a 4 year starter that has reached his prime for the Golden Bears. In fact if California was among the top teams in the nation, Randle may be a household name. Randle not only led the team averaging 18 points last year; he also leads the team this season averaging nearly 20 points per game. Not only is Randle have an excellent touch of the ball, he really finds ways for his guys to get high percentage shots and carries a 5 assists per game average. It is also worth mentioning that Randle leads all of college basketball averaging 93.5% from the free-throw line.

#4 – Scottie Reynolds (Villanova Wildcats)

Scottie Reynolds is a guy that for some reason or another has not received a ton of praise in the national spotlight. Not to say he has not been given credit, but perhaps not as much as he deserves. Reynolds got really hot at the end of last year as has recently started getting hot again. On the year, the Wildcats senior is averaging 16 points, 4.2 assists, and 2 steals per game. Add to the fact Reynolds has scored at least 22 points in each of his last 3 outings, he may be a reason Villanova is another Cinderella type story again in March.

#3 – Kalin Lucas (Michigan State Spartans)

Kalin Lucas holds the top point guard spot in the Big Ten and his importance to the Spartans success is critical. Lucas now in his junior year is averaging 17 points per game with 4.5 assists. Lucas also not known for posting tremendous scoring numbers has shot the ball well this year especially behind the arc where he has knocked down 44% through his first 9 games. It was the Spartans last year who made a late charge in the NCAA Tournament capturing a shot at the National Title before falling to North Carolina. It was also Lucas has knocked down right at 20 points in both of the big games against Connecticut and Kansas during the tournament. Lucas has proved time and time again he is the guy to carry the Spartans when they need it as he will be for the rest of the year.

#2 – John Wall (Kentucky Wildcats)

John Wall is without any doubt the biggest impact freshman in the country and heads up an amazing group of youngsters at Kentucky that could contend for a National Title in John Calipari’s first year as coach. Wall has averaged 18 points per game and ranks 4th in the nation with 7.1 assists per game. Wall has the frame for like a small forward at 6’4, but excellent ball handling skills and ability to slice to the lane quickly. It also is worth mentioning that he has had some great performances against top notch competition like North Carolina and a season high 25 points in a 3 point win over Connecticut. Known a year ago as the #1 recruit in the nation, Wall is on his way to becoming the #1 player in the nation. The freshman has had a great start, but let’s let him prove he can keep it going.

#1 – Sherron Collins (Kansas Jayhawks)

Sherron Collins entered the season as the number 1 point guard in the nation, but he is feeling a lot of pressure from John Wall. However, Collins is an experienced senior that has proven himself in the big games and there is still a long season to be played. Collins is a following a junior campaign in which he averaged 19 points and 5 assist per game even though he is just averaging just 13 points and 4 assist through his first 9 games this season. The thing is that Collins has not had to do much yet this year with Xavier Henry shooting the ball so well, but expect that to change as the season progresses. Also, Collins is still the most complete point guard at this time and understands the game at the college level better than anyone.

2009 College Football Top 10 Headlines (after week 3)

September 20th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on 2009 College Football Top 10 Headlines (after week 3)

We promised the college football season would not disappoint for the fans that thirst for upsets, surprises, and excitement. Entering the season there were a number stories surrounding college football to keep an eye on and now since the start of the season there has been even more shocking headlines to emerge. With only 3 weeks of football in the books, what will happen next? We take a look at the Top 10 biggest headlines to date early in the 2009 College Football Season as we prepare for even bigger stories as the year progresses.

#10. Ohio State Buckeyes “Big Hump”

Ohio State entered the 2009 season with tons of anticipation behind their new star quarterback Terrelle Pryor. However, the one common agreement among college football enthusiasts is that the Buckeyes would need to finally win the big games. The Buckeyes knew they would have to beat USC this season if there was to be any glory. However, the Buckeyes failed to deliver yet again losing 18-15. The focus now turns back to salvaging the Big Ten Title and possibly making a BCS Bowl Game. Ohio State is now 0-4 against Top 5 teams over the last two seasons not to mention losing 3 straight losses in BCS Bowl Games over the last 3 seasons. If the Buckeyes are to return to the National Championship stage, they must find a way to get over the hump against the top teams in the country.

#9. “BCS Busters”

Heading into the 2009 season there was tons of talks surrounding the “BCS Busters.” Teams that were outside of BCS conferences played well in 2008 highlighted by Utah who took down Alabama out of the mighty SEC in the Sugar Bowl. BYU seemed to be the most likely candidate for this season after upsetting Oklahoma in week 1. However last Saturday both BYU and Utah suffered critical losses. It now appears that the non-BCS teams have their work cut out for them if they are to somehow make noise again in the 2009 postseason. Only Boise State and TCU has legitimate opportunities remaining. TCU still has a difficult schedule with meetings with Clemson and BYU. If any team is to become a BCS Buster this year it will likely be the guys in blue out of Boise State.

#8. ‘Rich Rod’ “Under Fire”

Coach Rich Rodriguez had much higher expectations for his first season in Ann Arbor in 2008. After introducing the spread offense at West Virginia, Rodriguez was considered a modern day mastermind with the headset. Anticipation was high in the “Big House” for the 2008 season, but the Wolverines just managed a 3-9 record struggling all season on the offensive side of the ball. However, the Wolverines have found confidence in year 2 of the Rodriguez campaign and are off to a solid 3-0 record including a big victory over Notre Dame 38-34. With the restored faith from Michigan faithful, perhaps in time Michigan will return to the national prominence.

#7. Blount “Punch seen around the world”

Do you think college football fans were disappointed after the opening night of the season for 2009? As Boise State and Oregon took center stage on the opening night of football, football fans tuned in around the world to the first meeting between top 25 teams in a premier match-up on Thursday night. Oregon came out flat and was never able to get things rolling in the game. The Broncos rolled in a low scoring 19-8 victory. However, it was the post game activity that had everyone in America talking that Friday morning. Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount was held to an ineffective performance on the playing field. Frustration reached its boiling point after the game when Blount was taunted by Broncos Bryon Hout who taunted the Ducks tailback during post celebration. However, things took a quick and sudden turn when Blount landed a right jab that sent Hout to his knees. Making matters worse, Blount was out of control while ushers attempted to escort him off the field making moves towards Boise State fans on the exit ramp. The “punch” ended Blount’s career as he was suspended for the rest of the season while this was his anticipated senior season.

#6. The SEC

One of the biggest questions heading into the season was if anyone would be able to stop the SEC from their 4th consecutive National Championship? All indications early on say no. The Florida Gators entered the season with the most 1st place votes in history. Until last week’s 23-13 victory over the Tennessee, the Gators seemed invincible. However, they are still going to be extremely difficult to beat. Also, the likes of Alabama and Mississippi have joined the Gators making up 3 of the top 5 teams in the country. Throw LSU in the picture at number 7 and the SEC is controlling the top of the rankings and it appears they will have their share of teams in BCS Bowls this year. With the former top 5 teams like Oklahoma, USC, and Oklahoma State already suffering losses, the best conference in football looks like they have all the making to bring home another crown.

#5. California at its “Best”

If you paid attention to any of our preseason conference breakdowns, we warned that the Pac-10 would be wide open this season. USC is under the control of a freshman quarterback and Oregon does not appear to be the front runner many thought they could be. While much of the Pac-10 is struggling, California is striving. The Golden Bears have climbed the polls to number 6 in the country with a 3-0 start outscoring opponents 146-41 in the process. One of the main factors in the Golden Bears success is no surprise by the name of Jahvid Best. The star running back is averaging a lucrative 7.8 yards per carry and already has 8 touchdowns in just 3 games which also have him catching some Heisman Trophy attention. Best is undoubtedly the top running back in the land and he has the Golden Bears prime success. If California contends to roll and can take out USC at home on October 3rd, then Best could lead the Golden Bears back to the BCS or even National Title stage.

#4. Trojans Fall

The USC Trojans entered the season ranked 3rd in the country, but the story surrounding the team evolved around freshman quarterback Matt Barkley. Barkley is the first ever freshman to start at quarterback for the Trojans. While the Trojans returned numerous starters on the offensive side of the ball, many figured they would not be as dominate as they have been over the Pac-10 in year’s past. However, nobody expected the Trojans would lose their first game of the year to Washington. The Huskies were winless last year at 0-12, but pulled off an amazing upset over USC kicking a field goal in the final seconds to lift the Huskies to a 16-13 victory. The Trojans losing seemed inevitable, but who would have thought it would have come from one of the bottom dwellers in the Pac-10. Now the question is will they be able to salvage a chance at their 8th straight Pac-10 Championship?

#3. The Return of the U

Entering the season there may have been no other team in the country with more concerns at quarterback than the Miami Hurricanes. After backups Taylor Cook and Cannon Smith announced plans to transfer, the Hurricanes were looking very thin at the most important position on the field. However, sophomore Jacory Harris has ended all concerns at the quarterback position. Harris has been spectacular in charge of the Miami passing attack. The Hurricanes have been absolutely dominant through the air averaging 328 yards each of their first two games. The emergence of the offense has contributed to Miami knocking off two straight Top 25 teams while looking unstoppable on offense. The Hurricanes who entered the season outside of the Top 25, have vaulted all the way to a number 9 national ranking. If the passing game continues to roll, Miami has all chances at contending for an ACC Championship. Perhaps their biggest test of the year will come this weekend when they travel to Blacksburg to take on the Virginia Tech Hokies.

#2. Sooners and Bradford Go Down

The return of the 2008 Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford had expectations riding high for the Sooners. Oklahoma sported the best offense in the country last season averaging over 50 points per game including an NCAA record 5 straight games over 60 points. The beloved offense was supposed to lead the Sooners to another shot at the National Championship after falling last year in the championship game to Florida. However, Oklahoma never made it past week 1 before those dreams were shattered. Oklahoma was upset by BYU 14-13. Not only did the Sooners offense fail to produce, but they lost Sam Bradford to a shoulder injury during the game as well. The loss ended most chances at contending for a National Championship, but any shot Bradford may have had at repeating for a 2nd straight Heisman Trophy.

#1. Gators “Road to Glory”

The biggest question of the year has yet to be answered, but it remains at the top of the list. The Florida Gators have already won two National Championships in just 3 seasons and are now big favorites to repeat again. The Gators entered the season as an overwhelming favorite and blew out their fist two inferior opponents 118-9. The Gators defense returned all 11 starters, and of course on offense they have the heralded former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. All indications show that Tebow is the front runner for another Heisman Trophy, but it is still early in the season. The Gators appeared untouchable until Tennessee kept the game close last week 23-13. Florida has already rewritten a bunch of pages in the record books. However, if they are to win another National Championship they will likely be considered the greatest team of the modern era. As for Tebow, he is already considered one of the greatest college football players of all time and winning another Heisman Trophy would concrete his legacy for all eternity.

2009 College Football Early Season Tidbits

September 9th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in College Football   1 Comment »
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The opening week of college football is always exciting given the unknown factor entering the season. Not that college football lacks any surprises throughout the season, but all the previews for teams and everything just do not tell the story until the teams actually take the gridiron. Who could have predicted the mighty Oklahoma Sooners would fall in their first game of the season? There was a lot of interesting stories over the past 7 days and they are sure to continue as we prepare for round 2 this weekend. We will take a look at some of the teams that impressed last weekend as well as the ones who really disappointed. Keep these teams in mind before making your selections this Saturday and be sure to check out our expert picks here at

Surprise Teams:

No. 10 California Golden Bears

We warned a few weeks back that California could be the team to dethrone USC from the Pac-10 this season and they proved those expectations are legitimate with a 52-13 thrashing over Maryland last weekend. The Golden Bears possibly performed better than any of the top teams in the nation. Jahvid Best added more supporting evidence that he is the best running back in the land by carrying the ball just 10 times but posting 137 yards and 2 touchdowns in the process. Perhaps even more impressive was QB Kevin Riley. Riley threw 17 for 26 (65%) totaling 298 yards and 4 touchdowns. If the Golden Bears can have that type of success through the air with Best in the backfield, California can start thinking about a BCS Bowl Game by season’s end.

No. 9 BYU Cougars

I know a lot of people will be jumping on the BYU bandwagon after their huge upset over Oklahoma last weekend, but its hard to see if the Cougars were that impressive or simply the Sooners were not? The Cougars skyrocketed in the standings this week to #9 in the nation. The BYU defense is what really stood out in the game. The Cougars held the Oklahoma offense to just 265 yards of total offense nearly half what the Sooners offense produced in 2009. The Cougars defense returned 8 starters on that side of the ball and look very disciplined controlling the Sooners passing game. BYU has a favorable schedule for the rest of the season and that is why they are getting so much attention after the huge victory. The Cougars must be able to establish so more offense before they take on teams like Florida State and Utah, but they are definitely a team to keep on your radar this season. BYU is 17.5 point favorites on the road at Tulane this weekend to keep the momentum alive.

No. 23 Cincinnati Bearcats

The Bearcats took the Big East by surprise last year and evidently there has been a culture change down in Bearcats country that will be sticking around for a while. The Bearcats were 5 point underdogs on the road at Rutgers before the Cincinnati offense exploded to route the Scarlet Knights 47-15. QB Tony Pike led the no huddle offense to rack up a career high 362 yards of passing with 3 touchdowns. Cincinnati offense totaled 564 yards of total offense. The offense was so impressive they appear they could single handedly take down the Big East again this year. We know that is big words after just one game, but when are people going to start giving credit to the Bearcats program that looks as stable as any on top of the Big East.

Disappointment Teams:

No. 13 Oklahoma Sooners

Well, the idea of Sam Bradford returning to win a National Championship may already be out the window. There is no doubt that the Sooners loss this past weekend was the biggest shocker of opening week. Bradford went down with a shoulder injury and the Sooners offense never looked like the potent 50 point scoring machine they were in 2008. There is now even more concern with Bradford expected to miss as many as 4 weeks of football. Luckily, the schedule is less than difficult until they meet Miami 3 weeks from now. Still, the Sooners have tons of question marks to figure out. The offensive line did not look productive and it is apparent that the playmakers on the outside are vacant. It’s amazing how a team can be supernaturally powerful last season and come out looking like an average college football team a year later. There is work to be done and the Sooners best get things right before the Big 12 schedule starts. Oklahoma was previously number 3 in the country before dropping 10 spots with the defeat.

Illinois Fighting Illini

Illinois has all the makings to be a very strong team in the Big Ten this season, but they actually became the only Big Ten team to lose this weekend. The Illini passing game was expected to be the difference maker this season and get the team back on the Bowl Game path. However, Illinois was blown out by Missouri 37-9 in a dismal defensive performance. Illinois managed over 325 yards of offense which may not be extremely impressive, but could have perhaps produced more than 9 points. Dual threat QB Juice Williams had a solid performance throwing the ball, but the Illini defense simply could not stop the Big 12 offense of Missouri. The Tigers racked up nearly 450 yards of total offense. The Illinois defense was the biggest concern heading into the year and perhaps an even bigger concern now. Williams gives the offense the potential to contend in the Big Ten, but the defense could make 2009 another long disappointment.

No. 8 Ohio State Buckeyes

Illinois was not the only Big Ten team to disappoint this weekend. The Buckeyes nearly became the Oklahoma story early Saturday by barely escaping with a victory over Navy. The Buckeyes defense lost a ton of talent last season in players like Marcus Freeman, Malcolm Jenkins, and James Laurinaitis. The Buckeyes were expected to reload and remain a solid defensive threat. However whether it was the defense lack of experience or just simply thrown for a loop by the Navy option, the Buckeyes defense failed to impress giving up 342 yards on the game. The Ohio State offense managed just 365 total yards of offense and was far from overpowering. Of course, Terrelle Pryor remains a gifted talent that will give any defense a hard time. Still, that may not be enough if the Buckeyes do not find some explosion on offense and more productivity on the other side of the ball. The poor performance come from what many consider a weak opponent. However, the Buckeyes will have the opportunity to right the ship when they take on number 3 ranked USC Trojans this week. The Buckeyes will be 6.5 underdogs in the colossal battle that will take center stage Saturday night.

2009-10 Top Five College Football Sleeper Teams

June 10th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in College Football   Comments Off on 2009-10 Top Five College Football Sleeper Teams

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The dog days of summer are vastly approaching and for sports fans that means that baseball will soon be the only major sport making the headlines. For a large majority of sports enthusiasts that do not stay on track with baseball, the most of us we will be counting down the days to the first kickoff of the 2009 football season. The 2009 College Football season promises to be exciting as ever. Tim Tebow will try and lead the Florida Gators to their 3rd National Title in 4 years. Florida will be one of the leading favorites again for teams to win the 2009 National Championship along with some familiar faces in Oklahoma and Texas. However, we will take a brief look at the teams who are staging to emerge into the national spotlight this year who are among the less coveted teams in the nation. Take a look as we break down our top 5 sleeper teams to make a name for themselves in 2009.

#5 – Boise State Broncos

It is hard to pick a team that went undefeated in the regular season in 2008 as a sleeper, but that is the case with the Broncos this season. The main reason they grab this spot is they have a great chance at snatching the BCS automatic bid in 2009. The reason is that the Broncos have a cupcake schedule very similar to last year’s undefeated regular season. Outside of Oregon, Boise State could walk through the regular season without losing a game and not even have to be playing their best football. Add to the fact some of the top teams will have pretty hectic schedules this year and Boise State could be sitting pretty by season’s end. The Broncos defense lost a few players, but having Kellen Moore in control of the offense should be enough to pick up any slack. If the Broncos run through another regular season undefeated, and most teams are sitting with two losses they could make their way into a BCS Bowl Game. Not to mention the BCS will be more anxious to get a non-BCS team in after Utah stunned Alabama last year in the Sugar Bowl.

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#4 – Florida State Seminoles

A decade ago you would have never considered Florida State as an underdog type team. However, the Seminoles have been missing from College Football’s main stage for quite some time now. However, Florida State showed steps in the right direction in 2008 anchored by a strong defensive group. The Seminoles will return 8 starters on the defensive side of the ball and will likely be among the best in the nation on that side of the ball. The Seminoles could use some explosive offensive threats that would really make them dangerous. Christian Ponder will be the man behind center and that could be either the rise or fall for Florida State this season. The Seminoles have a great chance snatching ACC Championship honors this season if everything goes well. The Seminoles will attempt to capture a 10 win season which would surprisingly be their first since 2002.

#3 – California Golden Bears

California was a solid team in 2008 and they have a lot to build off heading into this season. The Golden Bears were not run over by any team last year and they will return 17 starters from their 2008 campaign. While I am sure many will disagree, I believe the Golden Bears could really make a run at the Pac-10 title this year. One of the main reasons is Jahvid Best at running back. Best was at his best towards the end of last season averaging 210 yards over the final 3 games and racking up over 1,500 yards on the season. The Golden Bears will rely on Kevin Riley behind center this season and he should have a progressive year. The California defense should be another unit that shows improvement from 2008 as well. The Bears had a top 25 defense last season and could be a good bit better heading into 2009.

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#2 – Oklahoma State Cowboys

Oklahoma State has a great chance to bust out from the big shadows of Oklahoma and Texas in the Big 12 this season. The high powered scoring conference will not lack any need for points this year and Oklahoma State could possibly have the best offense of anyone. Oklahoma State finished 9-4 a year ago, but they played everyone very well including Texas who barely escaped an upset in Lubbock 28-24. The Cowboys look to return nearly the exact same offense this season. The offense has all the makings to post huge numbers and could easily become one of the best in the conference. That’s right this offense can compete with anyone. Quarterback Zach Robinson and running back Kendall Hunter should provide the type of balance needed to stay effective. On top of their tremendous potential on offense, Oklahoma State should not be too bad on the defensive side of the ball as well. The Cowboys could use a little bit of help in the secondary, but should have strong enough rushing defense to hang with anyone in the conference. The Cowboys get Texas and Texas Tech at home while finishing the season at Oklahoma. If the ball bounces there way, this team could catch fire.

#1 – Mississippi Rebels

The Rebels were our team to watch out for last season in the SEC and we think they will be a team to watch out for among the national ranks in 2009. Houston Nutt should have possibly been the Coach of the Year for his amazing work he did turning around the Ole Miss program last season, but rather that award actually went to Nick Saban at Alabama. Mississippi finished 2nd in the SEC West last season and really did not get any rhythm until the latter part of the year. The Rebels lost back to back close games against South Carolina and Alabama before winning their last 6 games including a blowout over the high powered offense of Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl. QB Jevan Snead really showed some great signs at quarterback last year and could be on the verge of a breakout season in 2009. Add to the fact the Rebels were the only team to beat Florida last season, and they have the most upside of any team with 4 losses from 2008. The defense should be another solid unit similar to last season’s team that ranked 19th nationally. Mississippi will get South Carolina on a Thursday night game and Alabama two weeks later early in the season. If the Rebels can get off to a fast start, there may be nobody that can stop them throughout the rest of the season.

Which of these five NCAA football teams will finish with the best record in 2009?

  • Boise State Broncos (31%, 62 Votes)
  • Mississippi Rebels (25%, 49 Votes)
  • Oklahoma State Cowboys (21%, 42 Votes)
  • Florida State Seminoles (18%, 35 Votes)
  • California Golden Bears (6%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 200