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2013 AFC West Odds, Preview – Odds to win the AFC West

July 1st, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on 2013 AFC West Odds, Preview – Odds to win the AFC West
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AFC WestThe four teams in the AFC West are probably separated by about as many miles as you could reasonably have going into the 2013 NFL season. Below, you’ll find the odds to win the AFC West, as we put together our 2013 AFC West preview.

The Denver Broncos (2013 AFC West Odds: 1 to 5 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook) won this division by the biggest margin of any division winner last season, and there really is little reason to believe that won’t be the case again this season as long as QB Peyton Manning stays healthy. Manning is going to have the entire offseason completely healthy to get ready for the campaign, and he could be insanely lethal, especially now that he has a very talented receiver at his disposal in WR Wes Welker. Most NFL expert handicappers are focused in on Welker and what he brings to the table as a third receiver in the slot with WR Demaryius Thomas and WR Eric Decker. We know that this is a great offense for sure, but we still question the other side of the football. The Broncos lost LB Elvis Dumervil in the offseason, and this is an aging unit that could have some holes at the back. Head Coach John Fox and the crew still have to be haunted by the pass that magically fell into the hands of WR Jacoby Jones that forced the overtime period that was ultimately lost in the divisional round of the playoffs, and the secondary hasn’t done anything major to fix those types of gaffes. That’s the only concern that we have with the Broncos going forward this season, though.

The big question mark team that most think can contend for a playoff spot this year is the Kansas City Chiefs (2013 Odds To Win AFC West: 6.50 to 1 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook). The Chiefs have really hit the reset button at this point. They have a new franchise offensive lineman in OL Eric Fisher, they have a new coach in Head Coach Andy Reid, and they have a new quarterback in QB Alex Smith. If Smith has anywhere near the level of success that he had with the San Francisco 49ers over the course of the last two seasons, KC could be alright. Yes, the defense was bad last year, and not a lot of measures have been done to change all of that, but the offense was really the embarrassing unit. This crew scored just 211 points for the season. The next closest team in the AFC was the Jacksonville Jaguars, who scored 44 more points than that. Kansas City could be alright this year, but it isn’t good enough to compete with Denver.

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Beyond Kansas City is another team with a new look this year, the San Diego Chargers (NFL Odds to win the AFC West: 6.50 to 1 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook). The Chargers decided to finally get rid of Head Coach Norv Turner and install Mike McCoy as the man in charge, and he is at least going to come with a firm knowledge of the Denver offense. QB Philip Rivers has underachieved really for his entire career, and he is going to have the opportunity to once again put together a decent season this year. RB Ryan Mathews and the rushing game should be helped out with McCoy calling the shots for the offense, which was respectable as it was last season at 21.9 points per game. The Bolts are going to need to do more than that if they are going to win the AFC West this year. This probably isn’t a team that, on paper, is as good as Kansas City, but it is the team with the greater upside in terms of a boom. If Turner was just that bad of a coach (and trust us, he was), the opportunity is going to be there for Rivers and his teammates to bust out and ultimately get back to where the perception is that this team should be at.

The most dysfunctional team in the NFL though, is the Oakland Raiders (Current AFC West Odds: 20 to 1 @ 5Dimes Sportsbook). The truth of the matter though, is that we would at least consider this 20 to 1 price when push comes to shove, but for nothing more than the price of a lottery ticket. QB Matt Flynn might ultimately turn out to be the real deal. Unfortunately, we just don’t know yet thanks to the fact that he has been a backup quarterback everywhere that he has gone, including to two great quarterbacks, Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers. Every now and again, we have seen this team of dysfunction put together some great games out of nowhere. Heck, it was only two years ago that Oakland ran the table in the AFC West and was right on the verge of getting into the playoffs! Raider Nation is still a ways away at this point, but we still think that this is a team that has at least a degree of talent that could turn out to be golden.

2013 NFL Odds to Win AFC West Division @ 5Dimes Sportsbook (as of 6/13/13):
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Denver Broncos Win AFC West -500
Field Wins AFC West +400

Kansas City Chiefs Win AFC West +650
Field Wins AFC West -900

San Diego Chargers Win AFC West +650
Field Wins AFC West -900

Oakland Raiders Win AFC West +2000
Field Wins AFC West -3000

NFL Free Picks: Odds To Win AFC West 2011 w/ Super Bowl Odds

September 4th, 2011 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist) | Posted in NFL Football   Comments Off on NFL Free Picks: Odds To Win AFC West 2011 w/ Super Bowl Odds
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Full List of Odds To Win The AFC West Can Be Found Below

The AFC West was one of the worst divisions is football last season, as the division generally disappointed and was out of the playoffs right away in resounding fashion. This year, there hasn’t been a lot of change, but our AFC West picks couldn’t be any harder to sort out.

The favorites of the bunch this year are the San Diego Chargers (Current AFC West Odds: 1 to 2. at Oddsmaker Sportsbook). The Bolts were head and shoulders above the rest of the division last year, but the team just didn’t end up getting the job done late in games when it really mattered. Now, QB Philip Rivers and company have a chip on their shoulder, but we’re not so sure that it is justified. Save for Rivers, TE Antonio Gates, and a returning WR Vincent Jackson, there really isn’t all that much that we are smiling about on this team. The Chargers might not be all that great after all, and we would feel a lot better about taking the field at +190 than the Bolts at this price.

Meanwhile, the defending champs of the division are the Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West Lines: 5.25 to 1 at JustBet Sportsbook). We like to give credit where credit is due, and we know that Head Coach Todd Haley did a fantastic job last season. However, Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis is gone, and there is a real question how badly this will hurt an offense that was incredibly efficient last season. Cause for concern? You betcha, especially after not really doing anything major to bolster the team during the free agency period.

Though they’re the huge underdogs in this division, we like the chances that the Denver Broncos (Odds to Win the AFC West: 14 to 1 at JustBet Sportsbook) have of at least making things interesting. The team made the right call by bringing in Head Coach John Fox, a man with a winning pedigree from the Carolina Panthers, and he made the right decisions in using QB Kyle Orton and bringing in RB Willis McGahee. This is clearly going to be a smash mouth team this year, and the defense should be improved with the return of LB Elvis Dumervil and the drafting of LB Von Miller. Don’t be shocked if this team challenges for the division crown at very long NFL odds this year.

And then there is the laughing stock of football, the Oakland Raiders (2011 AFC West Odds: 6 to 1 at 5Dimes Sportsbook). Raider Nation hasn’t seen a winning team in quite some time, and this year is probably going to be no exception with DB Nnamdi Asomugha flying the coup and heading to the Philadelphia Eagles. QB Jason Campbell at least gets to stay in the same offensive system he was in last year. There are high hopes for new Head Coach Hue Jackson, but it is likely to be a relatively long season in the Black Hole this year once again.

2011 NFL Odds @ 5Dimes Sportsbook (as of 9/4/11):
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Odds To Win AFC West
Denver Broncos 12.50 to 1
Kansas City Chiefs 4.60 to 1
Oakland Raiders 6 to 1
San Diego Chargers 1 to 2.50

Odds To Win Super Bowl
Denver Broncos 165 to 1
Kansas City Chiefs 80 to 1
Oakland Raiders 175 to 1
San Diego Chargers 11 to 1

AFC West Super Bowl Odds @ JustBet Sportsbook (as of 9/4/11):
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Odds To Win AFC West Division
Denver Broncos 14 to 1
Kansas City Chiefs 5.25 to 1
Oakland Raiders 7 to 1
San Diego Chargers 1 to 5

Super Bowl 46 Odds
Denver Broncos 62 to 1
Kansas City Chiefs 42 to 1
Oakland Raiders 50 to 1
San Diego Chargers 10 to 1

AFC West Odds @ Oddsmaker Sportsbook (as of 9/4/11):
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2011 AFC West Odds
Denver Broncos 12 to 1
Kansas City Chiefs 4 to 1
Oakland Raiders 5 to 1
San Diego Chargers 1 to 2

AFC West Odds To Win the Super Bowl
Denver Broncos 70 to 1
Kansas City Chiefs 35 to 1
Oakland Raiders 50 to 1
San Diego Chargers 12 to 1

NFL Betting Odds @ BoDog Sportsbook (as of 9/4/11):
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AFC West Odds
Denver Broncos 10 to 1
Kansas City Chiefs 4.50 to 1
Oakland Raiders 6 to 1
San Diego Chargers 1 to 2.50

Super Bowl Odds
Denver Broncos 80 to 1
Kansas City Chiefs 45 to 1
Oakland Raiders 65 to 1
San Diego Chargers 11 to 1

2009-10 AFC Divisional Odds & Picks

May 12th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor) | Posted in NFL Football   1 Comment »

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AFC East

Odds to win the AFC East:
Buffalo Bills +600
Miami Dolphins +1000
New England Patriots -400
New York Jets +700

The AFC East was among the most exciting playoff division races of 2009. Miami, New York, and New England all entered the last two weeks of the season with chances to make the playoffs and many were shocked when the Patriots dynasty failed to make the post-season. The Patriots lost QB Tom Brady early in the year and it quickly leveled the playing field among the division. Miami was among one of the biggest turnaround stories in recent memory and became the only team in the division to make the post-season. However, Brady is back and so are the expectations for the Patriots to return to dominance in 2010. The Patriots put together some depth through the NFL Draft and WR Brandon Tate could find away to fit into the air attack in the future. The Jets had a great draft as well landing Mark Sanchez to fill the shoes at quarterback. However, it will take Sanchez some time and the Jets need someone to make an immediate impact. Chad Pennington turned the Dolphins team around in 2009 throwing for over 3600 yards and 19 touchdowns. The Dolphins had an unexpected successful year, but that may have been more of a sign of how weak the division was instead of how well the Dolphins were playing. Buffalo struggled to move the ball last season as they only averaged 305 yards of total offense. The Bills addressed some defensive needs in the draft, but they are in desperate need for playmakers on offense. The Patriots appear to be a lock in the AFC East this year with their high power offense and solid defense. However, if Brady goes down again this year they will have a lot bigger problems as Cassel is not there any longer at backup.

Pick – Patriots -400

AFC North

Odds to win the AFC North:
Baltimore Ravens +250
Cincinnati Bengals +800
Cleveland Browns +800
Pittsburgh Steelers -200

The Pittsburgh Steelers wrapped up their NFL record 6th Super Bowl victory last season and they will of course be rather sizeable favorites to win the AFC North in 2010. The Steelers were involved in some hard fought battles with Baltimore throughout the season, but in the end the Steelers beat the Ravens in all 3 games played. Heading into next year it is fairly safe to say that the division will likely be a two horse racing again. Cleveland and Cincinnati ranked as the bottom two teams in the NFL in 2009 in terms of overall offense. Cleveland averaged 249 yards per game and the Bengals somehow were even worse at 245 yards per game. These two teams combined to only average 26 points per game last season. Seven teams averaged at least 26 points per game last season to just give an idea of how poor these offenses were. Do not expect any dramatic improvements next year. The Steelers and the Ravens were propelled by two very strong defenses in 2009. Pittsburgh’s defense was perhaps the best to take the field in the last decade as they were ranked number 1 in 3 out of 4 major defensive categories. Baltimore’s defense was ranked number 2 behind the Steelers in nearly every category and the two tangled for some low scoring defensive controlled games. The difference this year could be Joe Flacco ability to continue to mature at quarterback for Baltimore. The Ravens used Flacco’s arm to pursue the deep ball more often towards the end of the year and Baltimore could develop into a strong offensive team as well. We will pick the Ravens to play spoiler against the defending champions in the AFC North.

Pick – Baltimore +250

AFC South

Odds to win the AFC South:
Houston Texans +400
Indianapolis Colts +160
Jacksonville Jaguars +200
Tennessee Titans +300

The AFC South should without a doubt be the strongest division in the AFC next season from top to bottom. The Tennessee Titans started 2009 a perfect 10-0 as one of the breakout teams in the league. The Titans will look to stick to strong defense and an offense led by the legs of Chris Johnson. Draft picks Kenny Britt and Jared Cook could become potential weapons after time to develop. Cook has a lot of speed for a tight end that could present some big mismatches in the secondary. The Texans added a lot of focus to the defense during the off-season. Houston allowed 24 points per game last year and things must change for them to contend. Steve Slaton had strong year running the ball and will need similar efforts for Houston this year to keep the offense affective. Jacksonville did a wonderful job adding some premier talent to the offensive line with Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton during the draft. The offensive line allowed a miserable 42 sacks last season and these two young guys will change that. The question is how long will it take? The Jaguars defense is a work in progress and they could be a playmaker away on offense from shaping out to be a great team. The Indianapolis Colts got off to a horrible 3-4 start last year before rattling off 9 straight wins to close out the season. Indianapolis appears on the outside looking in to be primed for 2010. However, the release of Marvin Harrison along with major changes in the coaching staff after Tony Dungy retired and the Colts have a lot of question marks. However, Peyton Manning behind center is all anyone could ask for even when times are tough.

Pick – Indianapolis +160

AFC West

Odds to win the AFC West:
Denver Broncos +350
Kansas City Chiefs +600
Oakland Raiders +800
San Diego Chargers -225

The San Diego Chargers became the first team to enter the playoffs that did not have a winning record last season in nearly two decades. The Charges finished 8-8 on the season, but it was good enough as they held the tie breaker over Denver who was also 8-8. Darren Sproles made a big impact during the playoffs as the speedy running back will get his share of touches with LaDainian Tomlinson. San Diego’s late season success could be a good indication of what to expect in 2010. The Denver Broncos gave up star quarterback Jay Cutler. Does Kyle Orton come in to run the offense? If so we have seen the show before and it did not work out so well in Chicago. The Broncos did add Knowshon Moreno to the roster with the first pick. Moreno could be a solid back with unbelievable lateral quickness, but how much of an immediate impact he will make is the question. Oakland shocked the world by taking Darius Heyward-Bey in the first round over Michael Crabtree. However, the Raiders were going after an immediate big play threat. Heyward-Bey’s speed gives the down field threat on any given play. However, Oakland needs a lot more help to improve from the 16.4 points and 272 yards of offense from 2009 which were both among the worse in the NFL. Kansas City went after a few defensive needs with the draft selecting Tyson Jackson and Alex Magee for the defensive line. The Chiefs defense was flat frightening in all the wrong ways last season so any help has to be a plus. Kansas City still has a lot of question marks all over the field on the offensive side of the ball as well. The Chiefs should win more than two games this year, but perhaps not enough to consider contending for the division crown.

Pick – San Diego -225