Sweet Sixteen Betting Odds; Elite 8 Odds

Last Updated: March 26th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor)

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The first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament flashed by so quick it was hard to evaluate how all the teams looked in their games. One of the most interesting aspects of the 2009 NCAA Tournament perhaps could be the lack of upsets compared to recent years. Outside of 12th seeded Arizona and 5th seeded Purdue, all of the remaining teams left in the March Madness venue have at least a 4th seeded ranking or higher. However, this means that all of these heavily favored teams will be squaring off in the next round meaning anything can happen. We take a look at the updated odds to win the 2009 NCAA Basketball Championship with our remaining sixteen teams and who you may what to consider placing a wager on to win it all.

The leading favorites to win the NCAA Tournament are the North Carolina Tarheels. The Tarheels are 3/1 favorites to win it all coming out of the South bracket. North Carolina was predicted by our initial NCAA Tournament predictions to at least make it to the Final Four. The reason is fairly simple and it is the South bracket is perhaps the weakest bracket in the Tournament if there ever were a weak bracket. The Tarheels get Gonzaga in the Sweet Sixteen and they should be able to take care of business. North Carolina’s lineup is so deep which makes them a favorable team to place a bet on. Ty Lawson is playing extremely well back from his injury and so is the rest of the star studded roster. All year people have regarded North Carolina as being the most talented team in the country and now they only have a few games left to back that claim.

One team receiving the least favorable odds to win the Championship is a team that many thought did not even deserve to be in the big dance. The Arizona Wildcats received severe criticism for being selected into the NCAA Tournament after losing 5 of their last 6 games this season with a mediocre at best record of 19-13. However, Arizona has silenced the critics early on in March Madness upsetting 5th seeded Utah and then beating no. 13 Cleveland State to earn their trip to the sweet sixteen. The Wildcats are receiving 50/1 odds to win the Championship meaning they would be a long shot, but jackpot style winning pick if they could pull of the Title run as heavy underdogs. Arizona may be worth just the slightest interest considering these guys still have a lot to prove. Possibly just placing like the smallest of bets in hopes of the big payoff. On the other hand, history tells us that the big underdogs are not ones to consider for a wager. There has only been one number 12 seed to ever make it to the Elite Eight and never has a number one seed won the National Championship. Then again college basketball seems to always re-write history in the NCAA Tournament.

One of our upset prediction teams to really make some noise in the NCAA Tournament is receiving very good odds to win it all. The Villanova Wildcats looked very solid blowing out UCLA by 20 points to earn a sweet sixteen bid. Villanova seems to be a big underdog to come out of the East bracket, but they just may be the team to pull of the feat. Villanova is receiving 22/1 odds to win the National Championship while also receiving 2.5/1 odds to win the East. Villanova as mentioned before could present a lot of problems for the Duke Blue Devils in their sweet sixteen battle set for this Thursday. If the Wildcats could pull of the victory, they could get a mid-season re-match with Pittsburgh. Villanova looked strong over the Panthers in that victory 67-57 and would be one of the only teams Pittsburgh may really hope they do not face. Anything is possible if Villanova can get the next two big wins considering they would be riding a huge wave of momentum entering the final four which makes 22/1 odds look profitable if everything was to play out.

One final aspect left to consider when determining who to place some money on to win the National Championship is the number 1 seeds and how they will play out. Number 1 seeded teams have backed up their pre-tournament rankings when looking at the history of the NCAA Tournament. 14 times in the last 30 years which is nearly 50% of the team does a number one seed win the National Championship. Last season for the first time ever the Final Four was composed of all number one seeds and that could happen again this year if everything were to play out. Taking a look at the number one seeds you have Pittsburgh at 6/1, Louisville Cardinals at 4/1, Connecticut Huskies at 6/1, and North Carolina Tar Heels at 3/1 odds to win it all. Basically giving fairly descent odds to any of the number 1 seeds you have a feeling will be able to win it all. Legitimate arguments can be made for all of these teams to have good chances to be crowned Champions of College Basketball. The hard thing to do is figuring out which team it will be now and making the most profit off your bet.

Here are the current odds to win the 2009 NCAA baskeball Championship for all the elite 8 teams from BetUS Sportsbook:

  • Connecticut      +450
  • Louisville      +300  
  • Michigan State      +1500  
  • Missouri      +1400  
  • North Carolina      +250  
  • Oklahoma      +1200  
  • Pittsburgh      +550  
  • Villanova      +900
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