NFL Betting Lines & Predictions: List of NFL Team Win Totals

Last Updated: August 20th, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist)
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Here at Bankroll Sports Picks, we are always looking for ways to keep you up to date and informed on all the latest NFL betting odds, predictions, and news.  Looking to beat the football betting odds this year by betting NFL team win totals???  Or, do you just want to see what your team’s 2013 NFL win total odds are; as you’re wondering how many games the oddsmakers think your favorite NFL team will win in 2013. Today, we look at the upcoming 2o12 NFL season team win totals for all 32 of the teams in the league.  We also will discuss what we think each team will need to do to get above or stay below their projected season win total.

Arizona Cardinals 2013 NFL Season Win Totals: 5.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – Head Coach Bruce Arians was a savior last season in Indianapolis. Can he do the same for the Cardinals? This feels like a relatively low number for a team that doesn’t look that bad if you take away the quarterback position. Too bad the NFC West is a nightmare to try to win games in.

Atlanta Falcons 2013 NFL Season Win Totals: 10 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – Most make the assumption that the Falcons are going to be one of the best teams in the NFC once again this season. QB Matt Ryan has really only won from the time that he has stepped on the field in Atlanta, but we aren’t sold that he is winning 11 games once again this year in what could be one of the toughest divisions in the league. There is a case for all four teams to win the NFC South for sure.

Baltimore Ravens Projected Season Win Total: 8.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – Essentially, the oddsmakers are saying that the playoffs are more likely to go on without the Ravens this year than with them. That’s weird to say about the defending Super Bowl champs, but then again, it’s awfully odd to think that a team that just won the Super Bowl had to go through as much of an overhaul as these Ravens did.

Buffalo Bills NFL Season Win Total Preview: 6.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – In QB EJ Manuel we trust? The Bills think that the Florida State product is going to be able to turn around the fate of this franchise in a hurry. He’d better be able to, because there are a lot of overpaid players who are underachieving elsewhere on this roster.

2013 Carolina Panthers NFL Season Win Totals: 7 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – It feels like the Panthers have an over/under of around seven wins every year. This is the season that Head Coach Ron Rivera has to finish above .500 in, or he is going to be sent packing. QB Cam Newton has a lot of pressure on his shoulders right now as well to succeed in this, his third year with the club.

Chicago Bears 2013 NFL Season Win Totals: 8.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – QB Jay Cutler is out of excuses now. He’s got an elite receiver in WR Brandon Marshall, and he is rid of former coach Lovie Smith. Head Coach Marc Trestman is a quarterback guru, and he is surely going to be running a wide open offense this season in the Windy City. If Cutler can’t succeed now, he’s never going to.

Cincinnati Bengals Projected Season Win Total: 8.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – The Bengals are our favorite team this year in the AFC North. Baltimore has hit the reset button and is building around QB Joe Flacco. The Steelers have sent a lot of their older players packing. Meanwhile, Cincinnati is buzzing with QB Andy Dalton and WR AJ Green as the leaders of what is turning into a pretty darn good offense. The Bengals might be set for a third straight playoff appearance this season.

Cleveland Browns NFL Team Win Total: 6 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – The oddsmakers probably have this one pegged, though we wouldn’t be all that surprised if the Browns ultimately figured out how to inch near the .500 mark this season. This defense was one of the most underappreciated in all of football in 2012, and adding LB Paul Kruger and LB/DE Barkevious Mingo is only going to help matters out.

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2013 Dallas Cowboys NFL Season Win Totals: 8.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – Dallas is playing in the most wide open division in the game this year, as there are a ton of questions in the NFC East. The good news is that no one is going to be caught sleeping on the Redskins any longer with RG3 at the helm. It’s a make or break season for Head Coach Jason Garrett, who will probably be fired by Thanksgiving if the team isn’t competing.

Denver Broncos 2013 NFL Season Win Totals: 11.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – QB Peyton Manning has himself a heck of an offense around him this year. WR Eric Decker, WR Demaryius Thomas, and WR Wes Welker could all be 1,000-yard receivers when it is all said and done with. The problem, if there is one, is that the defense could turn out to be a bit suspect. Still, this is a really high number, as Denver would be asked to win 12 games this year to go past its season win total.

Detroit Lions Projected Season Win Total: 8 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – Will the real Detroit Lions please stand up? The Lions of two seasons ago made the playoffs and really looked like they were going to take a jump up to the next level as one of the competing teams in the NFL. The Lions of last year though, looked a heck of a lot like the Dolphins that we are used to seeing on a regular basis.

Green Bay Packers NFL Season Win Total Preview: 10.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – The Packers had the highest over/under in the game last year at a whopping 12, and they ended up falling short of that number by a game. The season win total is a bit more modest this time at 10.5, and we think that the rest of the NFC North is probably just a bit down from where it ended up last season. QB Aaron Rodgers and the Pack very well could be underrated.

Houston Texans 2013 NFL Season Win Total: 10.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – The schedule is hellacious at the end of the year for Houston, so if you’re betting the over, you’d better hope that this is a team that is at least 9-3 through its first 12 games of the season. The Texans have a history of punting a few games down the stretch that they have no business punting, and that has kept them from byes in each of the last two seasons. This is only about the regular season though, and we really like the way that this team looks.

Indianapolis Colts 2013 NFL Season Win Totals: 8.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – Last year, we had egg on our face. The Colts were only projected to win 5.5 games, and we made fun of it, thinking that it was way too high. Whoops. Indy proved us wrong, and the oddsmakers have bumped the number up to 8.5 as a result this season, one of the most dramatic jumps that any team has taken in the league. Can QB Andrew Luck avoid the sophomore slump? If he can, it’s tough to think that the Colts are going to win fewer than nine games, especially with four games coming against the Titans and Jags.

Jacksonville Jaguars Projected Season Win Total: 5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – RB Maurice Jones-Drew was nowhere to be found for most of last season, and this year, he might be over the hill. The Jags didn’t get a new quarterback, and the Blaine Gabbert/Chad Henne experiment isn’t going to work for long. The only thing that we’ll say nice about Jacksonville is that the schedule sets up nicely. That’s all that is going to keep this club anywhere near this necessary six-win mark to get to the over.

Kansas City Chiefs NFL Season Win Total Preview: 7.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – KC was the worst team in football last season, but the whole franchise has hit the reset button. QB Matt Cassel is out. QB Alex Smith is in. Head Coach Romeo Crennel is out. Head Coach Andy Reid is in. The AFC West still stinks outside of Denver, and the wins are going to be there for the taking against some of the shoddy teams that finished in last place in the AFC divisions last season. Many think that this is the surprise team of 2013.

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2013 Miami Dolphins NFL Season Win Totals: 8 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – The Dolphins a playoff team? When you really think about it, outside of Houston, New England, and Denver, who else is guaranteed a playoff spot in 2013? Not really anyone. The Dolphins spent a lot of money in the offseason, and they are going to do what they can to try to get into the second season this year and out of that realm as one of the average teams in the league.

Minnesota Vikings 2013 NFL Season Win Totals: 7.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – Another oops on our part from last year. The Vikings had an over/under of just six wins, and we thought there was no chance that they were going to get to seven wins. They got to 10, they reached the playoffs, and yet their season win total only inched up to 7.5. Vegas was built off of people betting the over on props like this one. We don’t see RB Adrian Peterson running for 2,000+ yards again this year, and as long as that turns out to be the case, this isn’t a .500 team.

New England Patriots Projected Season Win Total: 11.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – The Patriots have had an odd offseason. They are going to start the season with virtually every single viable option from last year’s passing game no longer on the club for one reason or another. TE Rob Gronkowski isn’t healthy, and we don’t know when that is going to change. Still, is there anyone doubting the Brady Bunch right now? He’s still QB Tom Brady, and he still has Head Coach Bill Belichick at his disposal. We have to think that New England is at least going to threaten this 11.5-win mark.

New Orleans Saints NFL Season Win Total Preview: 9 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – The Saints were lost last season without Head Coach Sean Payton. Now, Payton is back, and he should be bringing the aggressive style back to the Bayou. QB Drew Brees had a good statistical season last year, but he just didn’t seem as effective in the clutch late in games. Expect more out of New Orleans this year.

New York Giants NFL Season Win Totals: 9 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – It almost seems like a guarantee that the Giants are going to finish somewhere between eight and 10 wins this season, and seemingly every season. This one has got some added pressure to it, knowing that the G-Men are essentially hosting the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium. QB Eli Manning could get the job done.

New York Jets 2013 NFL Season Win Totals: 6.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – See ya, Rex. At least Head Coach Rex Ryan was able to get rid of QB Tim Tebow in the offseason, but the bad news is that he wasn’t able to get rid of the buttfumbler himself, QB Mark Sanchez. We really think that the team should just start QB Geno Smith right now, as that might give New York the best chance to win. Don’t forget that the Jets still have the talent to have an elite level defense, too.

Oakland Raiders Projected Season Win Total: 5.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – Oakland’s over/under was seven wins last year. When the laughter stops, we’ll continue. Is QB Matt Flynn going to be the answer to the Raiders’ woes? Somehow, we just don’t believe that this franchise is really ever going in the right direction.

Philadelphia Eagles NFL Season Win Total Preview: 7.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – This is the biggest wild card team of the bunch this year. The Eagles have some talented pieces, though they are a bit less talented without WR Jeremy Maclin in the fold after his ACL injury. QB Michael Vick could be a perfect quarterback for Head Coach Chip Kelly’s system. Will Kelly be able to make magic in the NFL the same way that he did for all those years at Oregon? Eventually, the answer is clearly going to be yes, but in Year 1, that might be a little tough.

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Season Win Totals: 9 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – The Pittsburgh offensive line is still so-so at best, and the team around QB Ben Roethlisberger just doesn’t look all that great. So why is Pittsburgh’s over/under nine wins this year? We think that a lot more of it has to do with the fact that they are the Steelers, so of course, they should be winning at least nine games every season. In actuality, we think this is a 7-9 team this year.

San Diego Chargers 2013 NFL Season Win Totals: 7.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – We had the Bolts pegged last year as an under team for our season win totals, and we think that they are going to be behind the times once again in this one. Head Coach Mike McCoy might be able to bring this team to a competitive level again, but the bottom line is that this is no longer a team that is going to be able to say that it did less with more than anyone else in football. The bottom line is that most of the talent on this team is now old talent.

San Francisco 49ers Projected Season Win Total: 11.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – When you’ve got two games against the Seahawks and your schedule starts with Green Bay, Seattle, Indy, St. Louis, and Houston, not to mention the fact that you have four East Coast trips lined up from October through December, it’s tough to want to bet over on your season win total. The Niners might be the best team in football, but they aren’t getting to 12 wins with this horrendous schedule.

Seattle Seahawks NFL Season Win Total Preview: 10.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – A lot of the problems that the 49ers have, the Seahawks have as well. They do dodge some of the top teams that San Francisco has to play though, and that might make all the difference in the world. Seattle went a perfect 8-0 last year at home, and if QB Russell Wilson is for real, we aren’t putting it past the Seahawks to do it once again in 2013.

2013 St. Louis Rams NFL Season Win Totals: 7.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – The Rams really had a tremendous season last year relatively speaking. Head Coach Jeff Fisher has them going in the right direction. The issue that this team has is that it just isn’t set at the quarterback position. Time has to be running out on QB Sam Bradford, and if he doesn’t prove that he was worthy of being the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft all those years ago, he is going to have to be replaced and replaced very soon.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2013 NFL Season Win Totals: 7.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – Tampa Bay proved to be competitive last season under rookie Head Coach Greg Schiano, and a few additions along the way on the defensive side of the ball might carry this team to the playoffs. In the end though, we know that QB Josh Freeman is going to be under the gun from the get go, and with rookie QB Mike Glennon and his big arm sitting on the sidelines and the team still featuring a ton of cap money to spend in the future, Freeman had better watch his back.

Tennessee Titans Projected Season Win Total: 6.5 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – QB Jake Locker just isn’t that good. He’s a bust who is always injured, but the team is hanging onto him due to the fact that there really aren’t many great options. This receiving corps might be one of the most underrated in football, but you’ve got to have a quarterback that can get the ball out quickly and an offensive line that can protect to make receivers mean anything. The schedule isn’t so bad in the AFC South, though.

Washington Redskins NFL Season Win Total Preview: 8 @ GT Bets Sportsbook – The Redskins made the playoffs last season under rookie QB Robert Griffin III, but he tore his ACL in the playoff game and is clearly in question for the start of the season. Still, we think that this defense is going to carry this team to at least a .500 mark this year. This win total should be at least a half game higher in our eyes than it is, even if Griffin does have some issues. We have confidence in QB Kirk Cousins as well.

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