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Last Updated: September 7th, 2009 by Travis Edwards (Bankroll Sports Contributor)

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NFL FootballFootball enthusiast have gotten their taste of action with the college ranks kick starting the new season this past week. Now, we look forward to the opening week in professional football that will start this Thursday Night when Tennessee travels to Pittsburgh. If the college excitement over the past 7 days indicates what may be in store for the NFL’s opening weekend, there is sure to be a lot of excitement and surprises. We have already broken down conference previews, Super Bowl odds, and other types of betting strategies to take with you throughout the season. Currently, we will turn our focus to the opening week action as there are many Week 1 specials by all major bookmakers like Betus.com and more. Take a look at some of these interesting props to aid in cashing in big this weekend. Also, be sure to check here at bankrollsports.com where you can get the experts picks for Week 1 of the NFL.

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Free NFL Prop Bet #1 – Will the Detroit Lions win a game before their bye week?

Yes: +120
No: -160

Detroit Lions winless season last year has drawn attention from nearly every bookmaker with odds on their first victory. The Lions bye week on Week 7 after they have played: the Saints, Vikings, Redskins, Bears, Steelers, and Packers. Those first 6 games are not exactly the type of opponent to end a winless streak against. However, the odds are inviting to take a chance the Lions will score a victory in that time period. Matthew Stafford has been named the starting quarterback so the Lions will put the overall number 1 pick to the test right away. Excluding Matt Ryan from this conversation, normally it takes young quarterbacks time to develop or at least later in the year. Not only is this Jim Schwartz first year at head coach, but this is a whole different team than in 2008. Sure, they are still under talented but the effort level will change rest assured. Still, the first few games look very difficult with only Washington as maybe being the only vulnerable target. The Lions youngsters they have brought in to change the culture will need a few weeks to get the ball rolling and we expect that to happen after the break. After all, coming back from the bye week the Lions will take on Seattle, St. Louis, Cleveland, and Cincinnati over the next 6 games. We expect the Lions to get off to a slow start which should be expected, but the schedule towards the end of the year could really rack up some wins and surprise teams if they start playing well.

Free Football Pick – No -160

Free NFL Prop Bet #2 – Super Bowl XLIV Early Line

AFC: -3 points (-115)
NFC: +3 points (-115)

Sure we may not now what the future holds since nearly every football season has its ups and downs along with surprises. However, we can forecast some of the likely scenarios that could take place in 2009. Judging by all the team’s talent levels and in-depth reviews, the AFC will be one wild animal to bring down this season. In the AFC we have: the return of Tom Brady and the Patriots offense, the defending Super Bowl Champions, and possibly even more contenders in Baltimore and Indianapolis. Add to the fact that the NFC could likely see a down year in talent (Giants, Cowboys, Cardinals, Panthers) and the odds are very achievable for the AFC to conquer their 6th Lombardi Trophy in the past 7 years. The Steelers will return the best defense in the NFL and New England appears to be again the most dangerous offense in the league. Not to mention the Colts won 9 straight games to end the regular season, and also the Ravens could surprise and there are too many weapons on the AFC to pass up this betting opportunity.

Free Football Pick – AFC – 3points
– NFL Specials

Free NFL Prop Bet #3

Steelers, Falcons, Eagles, and Vikings all win: +425
Steelers, Dolphins, Jets, and Colts all win: +1200
Steelers/Colts both win 1st half, and Broncos win: +300

If you like parlay type betting action this may be prop bet of your preference. All of these bets are seemingly long shots, but make up for it with their profitable odds. After taking some time to review these options, only one seems to have a legitimate chance to actually hit. Notice you see the Steelers in all these bets. Do not let that alarm you because they should not have much trouble with the Titans considering Tennessee should not be near as good as they were last year. However, we really like the first bet with the Falcons, Eagles, and Vikings all winning. Minnesota will play the helpless Cleveland Browns in what has to be near a guarantee. If the Vikings can beat the Browns, how do they expect to challenge in the NFC North? On the other hand, the Vikings could actually be one of the better teams in the NFC now that they will have some consistency with Farve behind center and the team will ride on the legs of Adrian Peterson. Expect the Vikings to roll. The Falcons get Miami at home in the Georgia Dome and enter year 2 of the Matt Ryan era. Atlanta will be 4 point favorites against the Dolphins led by QB Chad Pennington. If Matt Ryan can just continue to accomplish what he did in year 1 the Falcons should be fine and we could only imagine what is in store for Atlanta if he improves. This should be a good game, but Atlanta may have the edge. In the final match-up in this bet, Philadelphia travels to Carolina. The Panthers were among the best in the NFC at 12-4 last year, but with QB Jake Delhomme collapse in the playoffs thrown up red flags. The Panthers must have Delhomme play well to contend. However, they will likely get the best defense in the NFC and an offense that is getting more dangerous by the day. Ever since McNabb was benched last season, the offense has been impressive. Add Michael Vick to the venue and it seems like there may be too many weapons for the Panthers defense who already took a step back last year.

Free Football Pick – Steelers, Falcons, Eagles, and Vikings all win +425

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