NFL Prop Picks: Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants Predictions 9/5

Last Updated: August 17th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist)
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Full Cowboys @ Giants NFL Prop Sheet Listed Below

The New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys are set to get started with the 2012 NFL season, and as a part of our analysis of the Week 1 betting lines, we are taking a look at some of the best NFL props on the board for the first game of the season.

Romo and ManningTotal Sacks Over/Under 4.5: On one glance, this prop should be really easy, right? After all, Jason Pierre-Paul should be good for a sack, as should DeMarcus Ware, and there are sure to be others that can get in on the action. Neither offensive line is all that great in pass coverage either, plus there was a game in which there were eight sacks between these teams just last year. Easy over, right? Not so fast. Over the course of the last six regular season games played between these two teams, three of the games featured no more than two sacks, and five of the six had four sacks or fewer. This is an easy one to get suckered into, but we aren’t buying it one bit. Dallas/New York Under 4.5 Sacks (+105)

Ahmad Bradshaw Over/Under 2.5 Receptions: Once upon a time, Bradshaw made for a good check down option for QB Eli Manning when he was under pressure. What we are seeing as time goes by though, is that Manning is getting more confident in his arm, and he is able to make throws down the field in the face of adversity. Parlay in there the fact that Bradshaw could be spending some more time on the bench with RB David Wilson cutting into his PT, and the feeling that we have is that there are just going to be fewer opportunities for the New York starting tailback to get the ball in his hands. We would be surprised to see him get three targets, let alone catch three balls. Bradshaw Under 2.5 Receptions (+100)

Tony Romo Over/Under 280.5 Passing Yards: This one is pretty cut and dry for us. Last year, Romo averaged just 261.5 passing yards per game, and he has never averaged more than 280 yards per game in a single season. He is going up against a New York defense that has held down its last six foes, one of which was QB Aaron Rodgers and one of which was QB Tom Brady to just 14.0 points per game. Romo also has averaged just 248.8 passing yards per game in his career against the G-Men, though it should be noted that one of those games was cut short because of a collarbone injury that he suffered. Take that game out, and the number is still 271.3 yards per game. Still, significantly more often than not, Romo is going to fail to reach this passing plateau, and we plan on taking full advantage of it. Romo Under 280.5 Passing Yards

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants NFL Props @ 5Dimes Sportsbook (as of 9/5/12):
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Score in First 6 ½ Minutes -140
No Score in First 6 ½ Minutes +110

Cowboys Score First +110
Giants Score First -140

First Score a Touchdown -170
First Score Not a Touchdown +140

Longest TD Over 44.5 Yards -115
Longest TD Under 44.5 Yards -115

Longest Field Goal Over 43.5 Yards -130
Longest Field Goal Under 43.5 Yards +100

Total Sacks Over 4.5 -135
Total Sacks Under 4.5 +105

Tony Romo Over 22.5 Completions -140
Tony Romo Under 22.5 Completions +110

Tony Romo Over 280.5 Passing Yards -115
Tony Romo Under 280.5 Passing Yards -115

Tony Romo Over 1.5 TD Passes -145
Tony Romo Under 1.5 TD Passes +115

Tony Romo Throws an INT -160
Tony Romo Doesn’t Throw an INT +130

DeMarco Murray Over 76.5 Rushing Yards -115
DeMarco Murray Under 76.5 Rushing Yards -115

DeMarco Murray Scores a TD +140
DeMarco Murray Doesn’t Score a TD -180

Felix Jones Over 3.5 Yards on First Rush -125
Felix Jones Under 3.5 Yards on First Rush -105

Dez Bryant Over 11.5 Yards on First Reception -110
Dez Bryan Under 11.5 Yards on First Reception -120

Eli Manning Over 23.5 Completions -115
Eli Manning Under 23.5 Completions -115

Eli Manning Over 297.5 Passing Yards -115
Eli Manning Under 297.5 Passing Yards -115

Eli Manning Over 1.5 TD Passes -180
Eli Manning Under 1.5 TD Passes +140

Eli Manning Throws an INT -185
Eli Manning Doesn’t Throw an INT +145

Ahmad Bradshaw Rushing Yards Over 65.5 -115
Ahmad Bradshaw Rushing Yards Under 65.5 -115

Ahmad Bradshaw Scores a TD +110
Ahmad Bradshaw Doesn’t Score a TD -140

Ahmad Bradshaw Over 2.5 Receptions -130
Ahmad Bradshaw Under 2.5 Receptions +100

Victor Cruz Over 5.5 Receptions +100
Victor Cruz Under 5.5 Receptions -130

Victor Cruz Over 90.5 Receiving Yards -115
Victor Cruz Under 90.5 Receiving Yards -115

Victor Cruz Scores a TD +115
Victor Cruz Doesn’t Score a TD -145

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