Best Superbowl Ads 2013: Super Bowl Commercials & Big Game Ads

Last Updated: February 3rd, 2013 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist)
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Kate Upton Super Bowl CommercialThe 2013 Super Bowl commercials haven’t even debuted on television yet, but here at Bankroll Sports, we are already chiming in on some of the commercials that will be seen on Sunday, February 3rd. Check out some of the best of this year’s Super Bowl commercials and the top Super Bowl 47 ads on TV!

2013 Super Bowl Commercial: Volkswagon “Be Happy” Commercial

Don’t worry, be happy! How could you be anything but happy after watching the commercial that VW put together this year? Probably the funniest commercial of the Super Bowl with a Minnesotan speaking with a Jamaican accent.

2013 Super Bowl Commercial (Danica Patrick Flight)

This Commercial from the Super Bowl really was a dud. Get ready for takeoff! (And don’t forget to put a website with your big idea!) Thank goodness for Bar Refaeli…

2013 Super Bowl Commercial (Bar Refaeli Kiss)

Of course, Bar Refaeli’s appearance in this Super Bowl commercial is about the only thing that makes this one exciting to us. But at least GoDaddy gets a B just for having Refaeli locking libs with a dweeb, though that’s about all of the substance that this commercial has.

2013 Clydesdale Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial

We’ve seen the Clydesdales before on Super Bowl commercials, and these are generally some funnier commercials. This one though, touches our sentimental side, knowing that a horse and his trainer are connected at the hip and don’t forget about each other, even after three years.

2013 Toyota Superbowl Commercial – Your Wish is My Command!

Be careful what you “witch” for with this one! Obviously Mr. Henderson never saw Aladdin. The Genie specifically said no wishing for more wishes!

Audi 2013 Super Bowl Commercial – Prom

We can’t even imagine what it would be like to go to the Prom without a date. Guess an Audi helps build some confidence if you don’t… Helps get you a black eye, too.

Taco Bell Viva Young Super Bowl Commercial

We’re not much for this one, but the first time that you see the Taco Bell commercial, you have to laugh a bit at the dudes out of the old folks home getting their party on like it’s 1930.

Fiat Topless Super Bowl Commercial

Well… It’s not the most exciting “topless” commercial that we’ve ever seen in the Super Bowl, but hey, at least that bug had the right idea. Why both stinging the girl when you can just cut her top instead? Oh, and what this has to do with a Fiat? We’ve got no idea.

Kia Hotbot 2013 Super Bowl Commercial

Another dork guy and more hot chicks? C’mon Kia Forte, you can do better than this! A couple of robot chicks beat the crud out of a dork dude who comes up to the car and kicks the tires. C- at best, but at least it might be worth a chuckle… once.

Kia Sorrento 2013 Super Bowl Commercial

Clearly the funnier of the Super Bowl commercials for Kia. Welcome to Babylandia, where babies are nine months away from just be plucked into the backseats of SUVs!

2013 Jeep Big Game Ad

Poor dude does just about everything involving manual labor imaginable over the course of the day, and ultimately gets slugged by his wife for sleeping in the bed when she gets home from a day of shopping. Of course, what the hell this commercial has to do with a Jeep is beyond us, because the only thing that the Jeep does over the course of this commercial is get repaired. Not exactly the best marketing.

Big Game Commercial: Hyundai

Ok, so a Hyundai outruns a bunch of other vehicles that are chasing after him for some unknown reason, and he ultimately outdoes them all because they run out of gas and he doesn’t. Wee. Thanks for nothing with this one, Hyundai.

Samsung Next Big Thing Super Bowl Ad

Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd are pretty darn funny in this one, and the cameo by LeBron was the icing on the cake. “You’ve got LeBron, you’ve already got the next big thing! You don’t need anybody else!” We might not need any other commercial. In a year where the commercials slacked in our eyes, this was one of the funniest.

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