New York Jets Preview: 2012 Tim Tebow Prop Bets

Last Updated: March 24th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist)
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To say that Tim Tebow is a polarizing character is a bit of an understatement. He will be making his debut with the New York Jets on Monday, and he is going to inevitably be used in a ton of packages this year for the boys from the Big Apple. Check out our 2012 New York Jets predictions, complete with a look at how Tebow fits with the Jets. These are our 2012 Tim Tebow props!

Full List of Tim Tebow Jets Prop Bets Below!

Will Tim Tebow start at least one game for the Jets in 2012?
Betting this prop is going to be a bit of a crapshoot. We tend to think that if something happens to Mark Sanchez in terms of an injury, it would be Greg McElroy that ends up getting the nod as the starter and not Tebow, though we know that the pressure and the temptation to get No. 15 in the game is going to be there for Head Coach Rex Ryan. The Denver Broncos melted under the pressure of the fans last year to put Tebow in, and it turns out that they were probably right to want to see their former first round draft pick in action. That being said, Ryan isn’t the type of man that is going to give into the media or the fans all that easily, as he beats to the tune of his own drummer. We tend to think that Tebow is going to at least start all 16 games on the bench this year for the Jets, though we are aware that even starting off the game as a Wildcat quarterback just once would ruin our bet as well.

Tim Tebow rushing TDs in 2012 Over/Under 4
Sanchez has had some problems over the course of his career in the red zone, and we have to think that that means Tebow is going to come in and try to pound the ball into the end zone when the Jets are down close this year. We’ve seen good ol’ No. 15 do it before, and we surely will see it again. Ryan and the Jets still have to have nightmares about Tebow running into the end zone against them after a long drive that beat them in Denver late in the season, and that is likely going to be exactly what the coaching staff tries to get done with Tebow this year. Four is a generously low number for his rushing TDs this year, knowing that he is probably a better power back than Shonn Greene is.

Tim Tebow passing TDs in 2012 Over/Under 1
One? Really? Just one? We at least see it as a possibility that Tebow is going to be a starter at some point this year, and we could see a number of games in which he comes off of the bench to try to give the team a spark. Offensive Coordinator Tony Sparano isn’t an idiot, and he knows what it is going to take to run this Wildcat to perfection. Tebow is going to have no choice but to throw the football out of this formation. Whether it be a bit of a razzle-dazzle play, or whether it is a jump pass, or even just a flat out drop back and throw, we have to think that Tebow is going to get at least one TD pass on the campaign, and that number might be a heck of a lot more when it is said and done with.

Full List of 2012 Tim Tebow/New York Jets Props @ Bovada Sportsbook (as of 3/24/12):
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Will Tim Tebow start at least one game at QB for the Jets in the 2012 regular season?
Yes -150
No +110

Tim Tebow – Total Rushing TDs in the 2012 Regular Season
Over 4 -115
Under 4 -115

Tim Tebow – Total Passing TDs in the 2012 Regular Season
Over 1 -130
Under 1 Even

Will either Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez catch a pass in the 2012 regular season?
Yes -140
No +110

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