Top 10 Super Bowl Ads: Best 2012 Superbowl Commercials

Last Updated: February 6th, 2012 by Adam Markowitz (Bankroll Sports Columnist)
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2012 Super Bowl Volkswagon Commercial

We were huge fans of the Volkswagon 2012 Super Bowl commercial, as we really thought that the VW dog was one of the highlights of an otherwise sometimes gloomy set of commercials.

2012 Superbowl Audi Twilight Commercial

Okay, so maybe the Twilight theme was a little odd for a Super Bowl commercial this year, but the truth of the matter is that it worked. We’re still not so sure what Audi has to do with Twilight, but hey, it worked and was good enough to get in our list of the Top 10 2012 Super Bowl ads.

2012 Coke Superstition Superbowl Ad

Get used to seeing the Coca-Cola bears on the list of the 10 best Super Bowl ads. Coke’s use of these bears was just great, as we can all relate to this one, who believed in all sorts of superstitions when watching his team. C’mon… admit it. You know that you’ve been there, too.

2012 M&M LMFAO Super Bowl Advertisement

LMFAO was a dud in our eyes in the Super Bowl halftime show, but we were a fan of their commercial seen early in the game. It wasn’t the best commercial of the bunch, but M&M definitely got its point across with a Super Bowl commercial that had to leave you chuckling like it did for us.

2012 Super Bowl Volkswagon Commercial Teaser

VW is back again on our list of the Top 10 2012 Super Bowl commercials with its rendition of dogs barking a popular tune from Star Wars. Again, props to Volkswagon for coming up with a great theme for their Superbowl commercials, which were clearly a huge hit.

2012 Super Bowl Commercial For Chevy

Think that anyone has told this kid yet that his present for graduating had nothing to do with the awesome yellow car in the background? Because of the joy of the graduate, we have to include the Chevrolet commercial at the Super Bowl as one of the best of the bunch.

2012 Toyota Superbowl Commercial

Reinventing the Toyota Camry wasn’t the only thing that the Japanese car makers were advertising during the Super Bowl. Apparently, the theme of this year’s Super Bowl was “sex sells,” as there were a number of companies that took that road in their Super Bowl ads this year. We’re not complaining.

2012 Fiat 500 Sexy Italian Super Bowl Commercial

We were a bit off guard over the course of this whole commercial until the very end, as we weren’t really all that sure what a hot Italian chick was advertising. Props to Fiat for its Super Bowl ad, though we tend to think that few are going to remember what the ad was about, and instead will be left thinking about the hot girl in the dress.

2012 Coke “The Catch” Super Bowl Advertisement

Mario Manningham and David Tyree are both known for their remarkable catches that helped the Giants win their last two Super Bowls, but those two have absolutely nothing on the Coke bear. Check out this catch over the course of a full commercial, though we aren’t so sure that the best part of all of this wasn’t the wreckage that he left behind him while making the snare.

Sexy Super Bowl Commercial

Sorry to the rest of the companies that tried their best to sell sex during their Super Bowl ads. Once again, is the head of the class. Danica Patrick once again was used as the star of the show, but brought in any and every sexy woman that they could find for this one, and in the end, it was clearly our top choice for the best Super Bowl ad in 2012.

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